Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Coast Guard Called To The Wizard - Deadliest Catch

For those of you who haven't heard yet...

The US Coast Guard was called to The Wizard on November 7, 2011. The Coast Guard Call

The man speaking on the audio speaks like the Captain, talking about his crew member but I didn't think it really sounded like Captain Keith Colburn. Some parts sounded like him but for the most part I thought it sounded like someone younger. Maybe it's just the difference between the sound on the radio and the TV. I'm pretty sure we will see when the show airs.

All reports so far indicate whoever was lifted off is okay. As you will see and hear on the Coast Guard page. It was a 28 year old male lifted off for dehydration, shock and possibly convulsions.

A nurse practitioner at the Cold Bay Clinic reported that the individual was conscious and it wasn't seasickness, which was my first thought when hearing dehydration. My second thought was maybe they are spreading the flu around like the Kodiak did last year. That will dehydrate you quick as well.

The male was stabilized and transported to Providence Hospital in Anchorage. 

I checked last years crew members trying to find the 28 year old. No one fits. The closest are Lynn Guitard 26 and Nick Maurer 27. Nick will be 28 in December, it might have been him, but I don't know. I hope whoever it is gets well soon. I hate to see any of the boys sick or hurt.

And to top it off they are having some kind of epic hurricane/cyclone event in Alaska. On Tuesday, the National Weather Service warned that it could be one of the worst storms on record for the state of Alaska. I found this image of the storm by NOAA. It looks pretty nasty.

The Time Bandit Boys and The Kodiak have finished their King Crab Season. The Wizard and Seabrooke are still fishing. The Cornelia Marie is in the yards and I believe the Northwestern is finished.

The first reports of the storm were mostly talking about western Alaska and where the storm was showing on the radar I thought the boys were pretty safe. But now seeing this I'm worried. That's nasty looking.

Then I started worrying about the boats tied up at the dock. I mean if the boats stay in Dutch until Opies instead of coming home... Being a boat parked at a dock during a hurricane isn't usually good because the boats bang into the pier/dock and damage both the dock and the boat. So I took a look at Dutch and the weather looks pretty good there right now.

Thanks to Dutch Harbor Web Cam Provided by Coastal Transportation

The boats appear to have left town. At least at this location, there are more there.  LOL I love the pink skies they get there. Just beautiful.

Hopefully all the guys whether on the show or not, that are out there fishing and providing for us stay safe in the storm and come home in one piece.

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  1. I saw last night that the person hauled off the Wizard, was someone that wanted to quit after 14 hours of setting gear. This person was a UFC Fighter. So it had to be a green horn and even though the reports say a nurse practitioner said it wasn't sea sickness, I still think it was.

    I mean seriously. We know how this goes. LOL


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