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Grey's Anatomy Recap November 3, 2011

"Heart Shaped Box"

Meredith Grey and Derek are in bed talking about going to meet the judge in 36 hours. They have a crib set up in the bedroom.

Avery and Lexie meet in the hall she missed him this morning. Mark is on the elevator when Lexie gets on. Things are still awkward between her and Avery. Mark Sloan is pumped about doing a cross facial nerve graph.

Meredith is trying to talk to Bailey about islet cell data that she says they have bigger things to worry about.

Arizona Robbins just walked up to Alex and took two of his surgeries away.  When he asked why she tells him they have a prospective pediatric fellow coming in today. Everybody wants this girl so Arizona is trying to impress her.

Derek Sheppard has a patient with three aneurysms. Derek is trying to talk to the patient that she is busy working.   He finally gets her attention and tells her one of the aneurysms has sprung a leak. The patient is trying to finish writing a book she's worried she will die and the book will be unfinished. She says she can't do that to her readers.

Miranda Bailey is telling Meredith that this patient is very important to her.  No one is to touch the patient but her.  Bailey, I will not lose another O'Malley under this roof. Meredith walks in the room it's George's mom.

Teddy Altman asks Christina for her wish list.Christina tells her it's not finished yet. Teddy, you do get that this is supposed be fun. Henry is in the gallery watching. They remove a donor heart from a patient and put it in a box and attach tubes to it so it's still beating. The doctor retrieving the heart, Dr. Parks gets a call that his patient arrested and they weren't able to save him.

Christina Yang has to monitor the heart in the box. She's not thrilled.

Owen Hunt tells Derek, I can't approve this. Derek says I'm not asking your approval. I'm giving you a heads up as a courtesy.

Derek went and found a bunch of patients whose doctors refused to operate on them and he is going to tell them he will do their surgeries. Lexie hands Derek Justine Campbells AMA form. The patient with three aneurysms.  Derek tells her to tear those up and get her to say yes and she can help on one of the surgeries.

Avery is talking to April about Lexie. He tells her to tell him he's paranoid. He wants April to reschedule his surgery.  She tells him she is not going to reschedule his surgeries just because he's having girl problems. Alex comes in and asks about Polly Preston. April says she is Chief Resident at the Brigham and her role model. Avery gives Alex his nerve graph.

Lexie goes in to see Justine whose headache is getting worse. Lexie, I'm sure if you call your publisher they would extend the deadline. Justine, it's not about that it's about the readers who have been following this series for ten years. Justine tells Lexie you really want to help me? How fast can you type?

Richard goes in with Christina Yang. He can't believe it's a heart in a box. Christina shows him her list. He tells her it's 300 pages of common procedures. What is she doing? Christina, she let a starving person loose in the grocery store. I want to do everything. Richard, it's the key. Christina, to what? Richard, it's the key, use it to open your mind. Christina, what are you talking about? Richard, I'm just talking about a heart in a box. A heart in a box. Hot diggity.

Callie and Arizona come around the corner and run into George's mom. She calls her momma O'Malley and introduces Arizona as Dr. Robbins. She doesn't tell her Arizona is her wife.

Avery tells Mark he has a paper due, that's why he can't do the surgery today.

Callie goes and apologizes to Arizona, because Arizona keeps calling her Dr. Torres. She said she just didn't know how to tell George's mom she's into girls now and she is her wife. Arizona says she wasn't mad she was joking. Callie tells her she is bad at jokes. Arizona, coming out to your friends and family is one thing. I'd be mad if you hid me from them. Coming out to your dead ex husband's super catholic mom. No big deal to me.

April asks who George is. They start talking about him. Alex starts cutting him down. Christina turns around and says to Alex remember when you gave him syphilis? LMAO Christina, remember the heart in the elevator? I should put that on my list. Avery, I heard about that, that sounded bad ass. Christina, George made you look like a chimp. Christina, wait everybody shut up. Wait. A heart in a box, heart in an elevator. Webber is a genius.

Lexie is helping Justine finish her book.

Meredith tells Bailey George's mom needs surgery. Bailey, great you just proved that she had a botched surgery in another hospital that she went to because we let her down in the past. I don't know why you are celebrating. Just prep her for surgery or is that too much to ask. Bailey is acting strange. I'm not sure if it's because she's scared she'll lose George's mom or if something else is going on.

Teddy and Henry are walking down the hall he is telling her how incredible she is. She takes him in the on call room.

Meredith is explaining the procedure to George's mother. When she is finished she asks if she has any questions. She says I saw a ring on Callie's finger. Did she get remarried? Meredith, she did a few months ago. George's mom asks if she is happy. She says she had all boys she misses having a daughter and George's friends.

Avery is in the gallery watching Sloan's surgery. Sloan hollers up at him to scrub in and come down there. Avery says he would just be in the way. Richard who is sitting behind Avery leans forward and tells him he is lost. He needs to see the heart in a box. Avery says he has seen it. Richard, you may have looked at it, but you haven't seen it.

Mark is worried about Avery, he can't figure out why he is avoiding him. He's never liked teaching and he likes teaching him. Owen walks in and Derek tells him Mark is afraid Avery is going to break up with him. Derek tells Mark if you love someone set them free if they come back... Mark, I want to punch you.

Henry tells Teddy he wants to go to medical school. She says wow but looks confused.

Justine and Lexie are arguing over how the book ends and Justine starts having a seizure. Lexie screams call Sheppard I think her aneurysm blew.

Bailey and Meredith are in the scrub room. Meredith tells Bailey Mrs. O'Malley thinks she is doing the surgery. Meredith, you showed me how. Bailey, I showed you a lot of things. Now I'm rethinking it. Meredith starts talking about needing to convince the judge she is a good person tomorrow. She starts talking about wearing her blue dress but it shows too much cleavage and has a button missing. She was going to wear her grey slacks but they have a hole in the butt. She's frustrated but she knows how to do her job. She is not useless here. Bailey says fine do the surgery and walks out.

Christina is listing surgeries to the heart in a box. Avery comes in and sits down. She starts talking to Avery about how most organs are removed and put on ice and how this heart is warm and alive and has never stopped beating. It's a fricking miracle. She says she looks at her list and if the surgery on her list isn't at least half as cool as heart in the box then it's not worth my time. She lets you know what is important. That's what heart in a box does.

Henry and Teddy are talking about him going to school. Teddy tells him she doesn't want to spend ten years following around a medical student. Henry, no you just want me to follow you around looking cute. Henry, I was going to die, now I have a life expectency beyond three months. Excuse me if I don't want to waste it.

Meredith and Bailey are finishing surgery. Bailey starts shaking her head and talking about how you raise your kids and teach them to do what's right, teaching them to stand up and do what's right. But watching them destroy themselves to do what is right is maddening. You are maddening. He was my favorite George O'Malley. Meredith, I know he was the good one. Bailey, wear a sweater set. People have preconceived notions about surgeons. They thinks we are cold, if it were me I'd wear a sweater set. Meredith, thank you.

Lexie goes into the change room and Avery tells her there is a thing between her and Mark and it's not going away. He has a thing in plastics which isn't going away. So he has to walk away from her for him. Lexie, so you are picking Mark? Avery, I've spent way too much time sabotaging my career. Ya, I'm picking Mark. Can you tell me I shouldn't? Lexie doesn't answer. Avery walks out.

Christina finished her list. She hands it to Richard who tells her it is a fine list. He made a list too.

Lexie is questioning Justine to make sure she is okay after the surgery. They are still arguing about which man the girl gets in the book. Lexie starts crying.

Callie is with George's mom when she wakes up from surgery. Callie tells George's mom she likes girls and that she got married to Dr. Robbins that she met this morning. She got in a car accident and almost died and she has a baby. I'm screwing all this up. I know this is a lot. I understand. If this is too much I understand my own mother practically disowned me. George's mom starts to cry. You have a baby? Callie, I do. George's mom, got any pictures? Callie, you want to see them? George's mom, are you kidding? Now they are both crying. I'm crying. Awww. That was great.

Derek walks into the room with all the xrays on the wall. He sees Owen staring at one of them. He says that man just booked a flight from Witchita if you want to tell him no I'll give you his number you can tell him yourself. Owen I'm not worried about the hospital mortality rate. I'm worried about you. You've had a lot of loses this year. Derek, I was going to be the guy who cured Alzheimer's. Now I'm blacklisted by the FDA so I don't have to worry about that anymore. I get to choose what I worry about and I choose them. Owen, that's pretty damn arrogant don't you think. Derek, I have a reputation for arrogance.

Alex is at the bar. Polly comes up and sits down near Alex. She calls someone and tells them today was a bust. She kept going on about this guy who helped these kids in Africa. Alex is listening to the conversation, he stopped chewing his food when he heard this. Polly, I'm like have you seen my three articles? Apparently this guy craps puppies. Alex is smiling now.

Avery and Mark make up.

Christina and Meredith are now at the table with Alex. Alex says George wasn't a creep. If he was around he would kick all of our asses. He would have slapped Chief Resident right out of Aprils hands. I just don't like thinking about him because then I think about Izzie and then I get all sad and sappy and totally miss a chance to nail hot drunk chicks who think I'm awesome. George is gone and Izzy is dead and we are all different.

Teddy gets home and Henry is standing at the sink with his back to her. Teddy says I guess that was our first fight. Henry is coughing, he turns around and has blood all over his hand and running out of his mouth.

Wow the previews for next week. Kind of looks like Meredith doesn't get the baby, breaks up with Derek and something happens to her? I sure hope that doesn't happen. There were some rumors a while back that she was leaving the show. 

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