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Homeland Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

"Blind Spot"

Some men with guns are sneaking into a home in the middle east, a man and woman are sleeping. One bad guy puts a hand over the man’s mouth and takes him away at gunpoint while the other man takes a laptop. They leave with the husband. The wife continues sleeping and a little boy watches them go away.

Nicolas Brody is in his garage praying.

The two bad guys have put a hood over the man's head they have taken hostage. They’re taking him on what appears to be a private airplane.

Carrie Mathison goes to her sister’s house where her father is watching a baseball game and cussing at the TV.

Danny calls Carrie and tells her the one surviving terrorist from the compound in Afghanistan where they rescued Brody was scooped up and taken out. That must be the man they just put on the plane.

Saul is at the airport meeting his wife, Mira.

Carrie is at her sister’s house. Her sister isn’t there. She gets called back to the office, so she goes in and takes pills from the sister’s medicine cabinet. As Carrie leaves her dad says F the CIA. She says it in unison with him. It seems to be a thing with them.

Saul gets a call at the airport. It’s Danny telling him David wants everybody back at the office. Mira, says that didn’t take long. I’ll take a cab. He tells her he loves her. She kisses his cheek and leaves.

Afzal Hamid is a 34 year-old Syrian. According to Pakistani intelligence he is a member of midlevel Islamic People’s Liberation Army. This is Abu Nazir’s group. So they think he may have knowledge of the plan to attack America. David wants Saul, Carrie and Brody to interrogate him at a safe house. Of course Carrie doesn’t want this to happen. Saul tells Carrie to go and tell David Brody is a traitor. She has no proof so she can’t do this. Saul tells her we can observe Brody up close.

Brody is out for a run. He runs up the road and Mike is standing there next to his car. Brody says this can’t be good. Mike tells him Langley needs to see him it’s urgent. He needs to be ready in 40 minutes. Brody ask why they didn’t call him. Mike says they don’t like phone calls.

Brody goes home to shave, shower and tell Jessica what’s going on. His son asks him to go watch his karate tomorrow. He is getting a blue belt. Brody says he wouldn’t miss it for the world. You know he is going to miss it.

I guess the private plane belongs to the CIA. Our tax dollars at work. They’re in an Airport hangar. They take the hooded man off of the plane and put him in the back of a van. Saul and David are standing there watching.

A car has picked Brody up from his house. Brody says they’re going north but not to Langley. No blindfold or nothing? The man he is with says we trust you.

Brody arrives in a room with cameras and a big ole light. Carrie introduces herself and says we met in the briefing a couple weeks ago. She does not bring up the meeting in the parking lot the other night. Brody just smiles and plays along. He still doesn’t know why he’s there. There is a monitor in the room Brody can see the prisoner on it now. Carrie asks him if he knows that man. Brody says mother f’ng shit. Brody has a memory of the man peeing on his face. Gross! He says he knows him. He was his guard. Carrie asks if he knows his name. Brody says they called him Affie. Carry tells him his name is Afzal Hamid. He is the sole survivor of the attack on the safe house where he was rescued.

Saul goes into the room with the prisoner says something to him in Arabic and kisses both sides of his cheek. Afzal and Saul are sitting at a table neither are speaking. Brody says these are the first stages of interrogation he wants to know why he’s there. Carrie, one to confirm his identity which you just did. And two to provide us with information to unsettle him, to prove we have complete control. She asks if he is comfortable with that? Brody, sure. One question, will he be tortured? Carrie, we don’t do that here. Kind of sounded like they might do it somewhere else.

Carrie puts a microphone on Brody and tells him to tap it twice to let Saul know he is ready. Saul asks the prisoner if he speaks English. Brody says they all spoke a little English. Saul starts questioning Afzal about his interrogation of Brody. Saul, what did you do to him? Carrie, do you have a detail we can use? Brody, he had a stick wrapped in barbed wire he beat me with and he pissed on me. Saul, you beat him and urinated on him. So you are a religious man and a torturer. What are you catholic? Do you think your wife and son are alive? Finally you see a little reaction from Afzal. So far he has answered nothing. Saul, it’s not just your wife and son who are wondering where you are there’s one man in particular. Abu Nazir. Saul puts Abu’s picture in front of Afzal. He tells him a story about a man getting blown up in a car bomb. Blown into so many little pieces they had to use DNA to identify him. I'm thinking he's heard that story before. He gives him a pad of paper, a crayon and a glass of water. He tells him when he’s ready to write down the name and addresses, and if he loves his wife and kids he would hurry.

Carrie tells Brody Afzal’s wait and kid are safe he can go home now. Party wants to go in the room with him just for a couple minutes. Brody, I just want to look the prick in the eye and let him know the tables are turned. Carrie tells him she can’t, to go home and forget about this and don’t tell anyone.

David comes onto one of the monitors and tells both Carrie and Saul good work. To keep him informed.

Carrie is upset. She says now we could really use the cameras at Brody’s house now.

Brody is back home and Jessica is trying to get him to tell her what happened today. He will not tell her.

Back in the interrogation room they’re turning the lights on and off and playing heavy metal music. Afzal drinks the cup of water. There is a fan blowing on him, he is shaking like he is cold.

Saul is at home. He kisses Mira on the cheek. She is sleeping in the bed.

Afzal writes eight names on the pad. He tells them he doesn’t know anything. Saul tells him say goodbye to your family. He writes an email address in Pakistan. They ask what he does with the e-mail address. He says he forwards an e-mail sent to him to someone else. Carrie, did Abu Nazir ever meet with Sargent Brody? Afzal, first my family then we talk.

Brody shows up in uniform to talk to David. He says he believes he’s earned a moment face to face with his torturer. Since David has no clue that Brody may have been turned he agrees to do it.

Carrie is speaking to one of the analysts who sent an e-mail to the e-mail address they got from Afzal. He is telling her he doesn’t know where it is it’s been bouncing all over the world when his computer chimes. He says I’d say you owe me dinner, possibly even sex. The e-mail address traced to the engineering department at Breyden University. The Professor Raqim Faisel. Remember the man and wife that bought the house with cash? Him. The professor has not been in school day. Carrie calls Virgil and tells him to find him.

Brody walks into the interrogation room. Afzal looks a little surprised to see him. He’s eating dinner Brody takes it away. Brody tells Afzal you beat me but you didn’t break me you should have killed me when you had the chance. Because here we are. I’m a sergeant in the United States Marine Corps shit bird. How did you think this was going to end? Afzal Spits in his face. The two men start fighting David and another man come in and break it up. Brody turns around and tells David thank you sir it means a lot. Afzal Start saying something in Arabic. I have no clue what he said.

Virgil is in professor Faisel’s office. The professor is not there. Virgil is pretending to be some kind of safety inspector.

Brody arrives home and his son is in his karate outfit with his blue belt on. Mike is in the kitchen getting ice cream. Brody apologizes and Chris tells him that’s OK Mike took me.

Mike asks Brody about the meeting. Brody says he can’t tell him. Brody encourages Mike to leave so he does. You just know Brody knows Mike and Jessica slept together.

Carrie and Virgil are in the surveillance van watching the professors house. The phone rings it’s Saul. He tells Carrie Afzal is dead. He committed suicide. Somehow he got a razor blade fragment. He slit his wrist. I’ll bet Brody slipped him the razor. Saul, he must of had it on his person and we missed it. Carrie, missed it? The man has been through a dozen body searches. Saul, its tiny he could’ve had it concealed. Carrie, somebody passed it to him. Carrie,  who ever gave Afzal the razor blade also warned the professor. Carrie wants permission to go in the professors house. Saul gives it to her, Carrie, Virgil,Virgil’s brother and a couple of other guys go inside the house. Carrie tells Saul the professor is gone. Saul has laid down the phone and is saying a prayer in Arabic I believe.

Brody is sitting on his bed staring.

Saul get’s home. His wife is upset with him. He offers to cut back on work. Mira says that is not fair for me to ask. What she needs is to not make her life all about him. She needs to make her life about her passion. The doorbell rings. It’s Carrie. She has a laptop with the recording of Brody going into visit Afzal. I guess they didn’t know the visit took place. When Brody had the fight with Afzal it was off the camera’s view. Saul, just so you know the working theroy is he smuggled the razor in, in the sole of his shoe. Carrie, you and I let this happen. We need to take this up the chain before we are counting bodies. Saul, nothing has changed. Carrie, I am going to Estes with or without your approval. Saul, take some boxes with you you’re going to need them when you clean out your desk. She calls him a nasty word and leaves.

Carrie goes back to the office and starts cleaning pictures off of her bulletin board she starts crying and goes to her sister’s house and tells Maggie she thinks she just quit her job. She says she’s done she’s had it up to here. Maggie, does Saul know? Carrie, Saul is part of the problem. Maggie tells her to stop it’s just the heat of the moment. You aren’t quitting anything. She tells her she is sleeping there tonight. The girls hear them and wake up. They want to sleep with Carrie. She agrees.

Brody apologizes to his son again and prays with him before bed.

Carrie can’t sleep. She get’s out of the bed and one of the girls Josie asks if she is worried about the bad guys. She tells Carrie to come live with them they will protect her. Carrie says that’s her job. She goes and sits on the hallway step.

So I'm wondering if Brody slipped Afzal the razor just because he hated the man and he was pretty sure he would commit suicide, or if he did it because he is part of the group, or if Saul slipped him the razor?

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