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Homeland Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

"Semper I"

Carrie Mathison is still watching Nicholas Brody who is getting out of the shower. He closes the bathroom mirror and sees a man standing there. He turns around there is no man. Carrie writes down "more paranoid delusions?" on her note pad. Brody is putting his uniform on.

Brody goes and speaks to the troops. He tells them friendly fire isn't. In an ambush shoot for the knees. Never lie, never leave a man behind and if you pick it, it will not heal.

Brody has made the man in uniform very happy (still don't know his name).  They say he is liked every where he goes, being offered book deals and being tweeted about. The major in uniform and a woman named Lizzie leave David's office. Saul Berenson is outside waiting. Saul tells David he thinks they have found out how Abu Nazir is financing his attack.

Carrie is briefing other agents on one of the Prince's aides, Latif Bin Walid. She shows them a picture of him entering the pawn shop. They believe he is carrying Lynne's necklace in a bag as he enters and that is how they are transferring money. They have 5 of these shops under surveillance. They don't want to pick anyone up and spook Abu Nazir. It has been three weeks since Lynne Reed was killed.

They are going to look into all the people that went into the 5 shops using face recognition and what ever it takes to track these people down. One of the people on her screen is the man who paid cash for the house.

The FISA warrant expires tomorrow. Saul tells Carrie if you expect me to extend it don't. Saul says she hasn't produced a single lead. Carrie, maybe he is a sleeper. Saul, you are arguing against yourself. We can't watch him forever. He tells her first chance you get you are to remove the cameras and microphones from Sgt Brody's house. She'll leave them and say she didn't have a chance.

Brody has been recruiting at schools. He and Mike are in the car in front of Brody's house. Brody invites Mike to dinner. He turns him down, Brody asks him why he keeps turning him down. If he didn't know any better he would say he was avoiding him. Mike says he was just trying to give him time with his family. Brody, I appreciate that and the way you took care of the family while I was gone. Especially Jessica. Mike, you'd have done the same for me. Brody, you know what? I'm not sure I would have. Brody says he'll see him tomorrow and gets out of the car.

Brody goes in the house. Jessica and Chris are in the back yard watching a deer, he says he's beautiful 8pt. Brody says he's beautiful until he tramples those tulips you planted. Brody asks about dinner and goes to get more propane. He walks into the garage and locks the door. He turns around and imagines Jessica there in her bra and panties asking him if the kids are asleep.

He gets a silver basin and washes his hands. He remembers leaving for the war and telling Jessica good bye. He unlocks a little box and removes a gun, that is wrapped in a cloth and is in pieces.

The next morning, Brody looks out the window all the tulips are trampled. Oh yeah that deers dead. He goes and asks Jessica if she's seen the flowers. She says yes. She will put out some soap flakes. Brody asks what they are. She tells them they smell like humans. If that doesn't work they can build a fence. Brody, there's an idea. Maybe Mike can do it. He's pretty handy. They go out to the car. I don't know where they are going.

Virgil is at Carrie's telling her we only have an hour and a half. Saul said he'd have my head on a stick. They leave to go pull the surveillance equipment.

The Brody's are at church. Lizzie the woman from David's office is in the church crowd.

Virgil is uninstalling equipment. Carrie is going through Brody's things. She goes out to the garage. She picks up the prayer mat which is laying on top of the lock box and lays it back down. She see's the basin in the sink. Virgil comes in and says we need to go. I don't think she realizes she picked up a prayer mat.

The guy who was wearing a uniform at David's office whose name I still don't know comes up to Brody in the church and introduces Lizzy as Elizabeth Gaines one of the Vice President's closest advisor's.

Mike is outside telling Jessica about his conversation with Brody in the car. Jessica says we should have told him from the beginning. Now it's a big lie. I just wish the three of us could be together without it being so awkward.

Lizzy invites Brody to lunch next week.

Back at the office they are going through the data on the people that have gone into the pawn shop. David talks to one of the analysts about him wanting to be in operations. He ends up asking him to spy on Carrie. He says she mentions Abu Nazir in a briefing, then she gets a photo of him when he hasn't been spotted in seven years. He thinks she is running something on the side.

Back home Jessica asks Brody about the woman he was talking too and tells him she invited Mike over for dinner tomorrow. He knows everyone that will be there. Brody says the more the merrier.

Carrie is sitting outside of the house in her car watching. The analyst calls and asks her where she is. She just tells him she has some stuff to take care of.

Jessica goes in and asks Dana if she said anything to her father about Mike. Dana says no. Jessica sits down on Dana's bed. Dana asks if they are going to get a divorce. Jessica says no. Dana, you should tell Chris then cause he thinks you guys are totally going to ruin his life or something.

The analyst is now in the car with Carrie he tells her he keeps hearing her and Estes had a thing once. After asking him if it's any of his business. She tells him they had a moment. It's ancient history. He says he was on the wrong side of that bet. He doesn't see a lot of love lost between the two. Carrie, it didn't end well. Guy, does it ever?

The guy they are watching comes out. He is a professor. It's the guy who paid cash for the house. Carrie says I thought he lived in Truxton Circle. He's not headed there.

At the professors house the wife get's a phone call. The guy on the other end of the phone says where is he. The wife says it's after 4 he should be on his way here. Tell him the traffic is bad on the beltway. He should use an alternate route. Tell him now. The guy hangs up. She runs upstairs opens a window and hangs an American flag outside the window just as the guy is about to pull in the driveway. He keeps going.

Carrie and the analyst are at a bar telling David they tailed him all afternoon. He's at his apartment now. A second team is outside his apartment. He is a professor of mechanical engineering.  They say he is Muslim but not a Koran thumper. He checks out. David says if they don't get anything tonight move on.

The analyst leaves. David tells Carrie to stay and visit. She questions his motives. He says he thinks he's gotten in the habit of being angry. Carrie are we talking Bagdad or pre-Bagdad? David says both. They talk and she apologizes. They had an affair his wife found out and left him. She is married to a Jewish doctor now.

Jessica and Brody are having their party. Brody is playing with a gun. Mike arrives with a date named Demmi. Mike goes to look for Brody. He goes out to the garage.

They show Jessica talking to one of the other wives about going back to work full time. Then there are two shots fired. Everyone goes running outside. Jessica and Mike find Brody standing in the back yard. Jessica asks Brody if he is alright. He says it looks like the soap flakes didn't work. He killed the deer. Mike tells Brody to give him the gun. Chris comes outside and Dana takes him in. Jessica tells Mike to tell everyone to go home and to keep Chris in the house. Brody, do what she says Mike.

What do you think the problem is? What do you think I'm going to do? Jessica, I don't think you are going to do anything. Brody, I'm going to get a shovel and clean this beast before the flies get to it. Jessica, hollers not to walk away from her. Brody, he was eating all your flowers. What's the big deal? Jessica, you fired a weapon in front of our friends. Your son. Brody, there is nothing wrong with me. Jessica, you barely sleep, you scare your kids, you turn your back on your friends, you can't even sleep with your wife. We need help Brody. Brody, I see what this is. Time for me to get my head shrunk. Go to psych services. Jessica, I don't care who you talk to as long as you talk to somebody.  Brody, what if I say no. Jessica, then I can't do this anymore. She goes in the house.

Carrie goes back to her apartment. All of the monitors are gone. She starts cleaning up then goes and looks at a bulletin board of pictures she has.

The professor's wife, there is no point in imagining the worst. Professor, I'm not imagining. They followed me to this house. Wife, they followed you past this house. I promise no one knows we are living here, they would be tearing this house apart. Not driving by outside. Our instructions were to sit tight. She tells him it's important that he do what he always does. We knew this wouldn't be easy. He leaves for work.

Carrie at the office. Still working on the leads. Saul comes in and she asks if they can put a tail on Brody. Just for twelve hours. He says no. She feels like she is missing something. He tells her Brody is in her rear view now. She is moving in another direction. Understood? She says yes.

Carrie goes and sits restlessly in her dark apartment. She leaves. Probably to go watch Brody.

Jessica is sitting outside watching a thunderstorm. She asks Brody to join her. He tells her there is a veteran support group at the church. He thought he would stop in. Jessica thanks him. He says don't thank me yet. He doesn't think he can stomach it for more than five minutes.

Yep there she is. Carrie is sitting outside watching. She follows him to the church. Carrie sneaks in the church and is standing outside the room. She decides to go in. Brody recognizes her. She says please I'm not supposed to be here. He follows her outside. She apologizes and says I had no idea you were in this group. He says I'm not it's my first time here. He asks her name again. He tells her it's fine with him if she stays. She tells him no one can know what she does. Brody, your secret is safe with me. Carrie says she is better anyway. Brody says he's not going in if she doesn't go back in. How about we hold our own private meeting out here. Carrie, that's tempting.

Brody asks her where she served at again. Bagdad? Carrie, yes. Brody, how come it's so hard to talk about it to anyone that wasn't there. Carrie, I have a better question. How come it's so hard to talk to anyone at all. It starts raining. She says I really am going and heads for her car. Brody, don't leave me here all alone. Carrie, screaming across the parking lot. You'll be fine. No one expects you to say anything until the second or third meeting anyway. Brody, that's assuming I get to the second or third meeting.

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