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Grey's Anatomy Recap October 27, 2011

"Put Me In Coach"

Seattle Grace now has a ball team? LOL Meredith and Christina Yang are laying out in right field. Meredith tells Christina and Alex they have bugged Janet to death and still know nothing about Zola.

Derek Sheppard is pitching. Mark Sloan is kissing a new girlfriend named Julia Canner. An Ophthalmologist from Seattle Press. Bailey is in center field. Hunt appears to be coach. Lexie is batting. Callie, Teddy and the Chief are behind the fence.

A team from Seattle Press shows up to practice. The coach of the that team starts harassing Owen Hunt about the things that have happened at Seattle Grace and tells him no wonder they put a trauma guy in charge.

Derek Sheppard gets a page, he and Lexie have to leave for a consult. Everyone else goes too.

Teddy Altman and Christina Yang are back at the hospital. Teddy is giving Christina a procedure to do. Christina not sure what it is asks if it's big. Teddy, it will probably take you all morning. It turns out to be an angioplasty. Christina doesn't want to do it because it is a first year procedure, but she does.

April Keptner typed up a batting order and gave it to Owen Hunt. He tells her she would make a very good assistant. She says thank you sir. He says that's not a compliment. He says being Chief Resident has set her back he wants to see her off the sidelines.

They go into a trauma. Harold fell off of a garbage truck and got run over by a car. He has a hand injury Callie calls hamburger. Owen won't let her work on the hand. He tells her it's not the priority right now. She snaps off her gloves and says fine page me when you need me.

Arizona has received a subpoena. They are transferring Zola's care to Seattle Press. She tells Alex Karev who gets upset because they want to transfer Zola. He takes the paper's and says don't worry I got this. I smell trouble.

Derek and Lexie have a young girl with a tumor who is having seizures. Derek tells the mother with the normal procedure he would never be able to get all of the tumor. The mother says one of the other doctors told her even if he got a little of it the symptoms wouldn't be as bad. The girl has had four seizures today.

Derek wants to go in through the top of her head and try and get all of the tumor instead of just part of it going through the front. The procedure has never been done before. The mother thinks its too risky so Derek refers her back to one of the other doctors.

Owen questions Derek about his decision and Derek tells him he had a kid in a crib and they took her away and told him wait and see. He is sick of half measures. He's going to prove to the mother his way will work.

Bailey is telling Henry and Teddy there is a problem with the trial device. Teddy is getting nasty about it. Henry has faith she will figure it out. Henry has to start daily testing again because he might become a diabetic again.

Christina is doing the angioplasty. The patient is very chatty so she sedates him. LOL

Owen Hunt tells Teddy and Henry he may have just lost his pitcher to brain surgery. Teddy says she can pitch. Teddy tells Henry, you were a pro ball player tell him I can pitch. Henry, I've never seen her pitch. Owen, you were a pro ball player? Teddy, doesn't he have to work here to play? Owen, I will hire you right now and fire you after the game. You are now my administrative assistant. Henry, can't I be something cool like a vascular surgeon? Owen, you can be whatever you want as long as you help us beat Seattle Press. Owen puts his arm around Henry and they start walking down the hall leaving Teddy saying I can pitch.

Arizona asks Meredith if she has talked to Karev. She fills her in on Zola and notices Meredith is working on the trial stuff. Meredith tells Arizona she is working with Bailey on this. Arizona, I thought she was pissed at you. Meredith, no we're good.

Alex Karev has gone down to the court house to try and find out about the adoption. He's getting the run around.

April goes and tells Callie she can see the patient with the hamburger hand. Keptner asks to scrub in. Callie goes to see the patient, it doesn't look good. He might lose two fingers. He takes his bag and pulls out a sharp instrument and scares Callie. Turns out the guy makes beautiful wood carving prints. He says he doesn't sell them. He does it to keep sane. He's going to call his wife and tell her what happened. He tells Callie you might want to leave the room. She isn't going to be happy. Callie tells him he can tell his wife she  is somewhat of an artist herself. You know Callie is going to build his hand back. She rocks like that.

Derek is practicing the procedure he wants to do on his patient with Lexie, it's not working.

Meredith goes in to tell Christina Zola's medical records were subpoenaed. Meredith tries to call Janet and finds out she is on vacation. She says I was imagining her fighting the good fight not sitting on a beach somewhere.

Alex back at the court house talks to a lady who has a mole on her face. He tells her he'll fix it for free if she lets him look at Zola's record. He finds out who the judge is on the case. But the judge isn't there. He is having chemo for prostrate cancer. How convenient for Alex. I'm getting a really bad feeling about this.

Meredith has a pregnant lady with a heart problem. Teddy is looking at her.

Meredith asks Teddy why Christina is doing angioplasty. Teddy tells her she needs to do it to learn to respect heart disease. It all starts there in the artery. You have to go back to the beginning to understand the end. Meredith gets an idea.

Henry tells Owen to put Avery at short stop and Bailey in center field because Bailey is a leader and she will know who to get the ball to. Avery is the cut off man. Henry looks at Meredith and says she's tall. Can she catch? Owen says lets find out. He walks out of the room they are in and throws a ball at Meredith and screams catch. Richard walks up behind her and catches the ball. Henry says he's your cut off man.

Meredith tells Richard she needs her mother's journals. She wants to start at the beginning and figure out her mothers thought process for the trial.

Derek is on the roof of the hospital practicing batting. Lexie comes up to find out what she is supposed to tell the patients mother. Owen gets a call so Lexie starts throwing the ball to Derek. He asks if she played ball. She says she was the pitcher. Lexie is critiquing Derek's swing. She tells him he needs to adjust his head and drop his shoulder. This gives Derek the idea of repositioning the patient's head.

Derek tells the mother. She doesn't want her little girl to be a guinea pig. Derek asks her if in all her research she ever found a child with an HH tumor that got better and had a life? The mother agrees to do the surgery.

Bailey, tells Owen and Henry she might not make the game. She has to give 49 other patients the same bad news she gave him. Owen says Derek may be out too. Teddy throws up her hand. Oh! let me pitch. He says okay Altman pitcher, Sloan first. You mean to tell me Owen and Teddy never played ball together in the service? 

Callie comes in to get an authorization for titanium to rebuild her guys hand.

The ball team uniforms are in. They are out of smalls. April is upset she was supposed to get all sizes. Avery and Sloan get their uniforms. Mark says if you look good you play good. They high five. Avery tells Lexie Marks been in such a good mood the last couple of days he's let him do half the procedures and run the burn unit last night.

Callie and April are in surgery. Callie tells April if she wants to be in the OR don't eat or sleep be in the OR. Do what makes your heart sing. Callie gives April what looks like a drill to place a k wire. But before she can do anything the guy starts crashing. Callie screams page cardio.

Bailey bumps into Meredith in the hall. She says what is that? Meredith, it's my moms journal. Bailey, I know what it is. Why do you have it? Meredith, because it's my mom's journal. She turns and walks away.

Christina is in the OR with Callie and April, she says he has a dissection. She tells April to crack his chest. Christina is getting on her gown and gloves. April's whining, but I've never done a dissection. Christina, crack his chest now! April counts down the ribs and cuts. Christina is telling April what to do. Teddy comes in Christina tells Teddy what is going on and that the patient needs a graft. Teddy asks Christina why she didn't just start the graph. Christina, I didn't need to Keptner had it.

Derek has some of the tumor he needs to adjust the head to get more. The girls heart rate starts going crazy. He pulls out the probe. She stabilizes. He puts the probe back in.

Teddy asks Christina why she didn't just start the graph herself. Christina, is this a trick question? Teddy, no I'm asking. Christina, oh come on now I'm in trouble for waiting for you? You would have ripped me a new one if I started it myself. Teddy, two months ago you would have body checked April in order to get in this guys chest. Now you just let her do this surgery. You don't even like Keptner. Christina, this is true. They are all still in surgery. April is standing right there. Christina, yes I could have done it myself but she had it. Teddy, exactly. Christina, I'm done here. Callie, could you girls take it outside some of us have a long way to go here.

Christina and Teddy go out to the scrub area. Christina, I have no idea what you want me to do here. I'm in trouble if I cut, I'm in trouble if I don't cut. I'm a fifth year who does the work of an intern. What do you want? Teddy, I want you to make a list. Christina, Where on a blackboard? I will not do any surgeries with out a safety helmet. Teddy, I want you to make a list of every surgery you ever dreamed of performing. Shoot for the moon and I will try and get you some. That sounds promising. But I still keep thinking about the previews and Teddy telling Christina she is done. Teddy, because we're done. You've graduated. This is your present. LOL I wondered when the you're done was coming. Christina, I don't believe you. You're messing with me. Teddy, today you put the patient before yourself and that is who I wanted to see. Teddy, you're done. Make a list. She walks off. Christina I think still in disbelief starts to smile. Aw, I'm gonna cry. 

Bailey goes into the mouse lab. Meredith is in there. Bailey starts screaming what the hell are you doing in here? Meredith is looking in a microscope she starts saying all excitedly the cells survived. My mom was wrong, it's oxygen. The cells aren't getting enough oxygen. She did the tests with mice. The internal structure of an islet cell in a mouse is completely different than in a human. Her hypothesis was wrong. That's why the islet cells are dying. I marked a page for you. Meredith leaves.

Derek tells his patients mother he got it all. The mother says so no more seizures and she won't freak out anymore? Lexie says well she is a teenager so she might. Derek, but not because of the tumor.

Callie's patient has fingers. He has some more surgeries and a lot of physical therapy but he should regain full mobility of his hand. The man looks at his wife and says see I told you she was an artist.

Alex goes into the chemo room and starts talking to a man the judge. He starts telling the judge he is Zola's doctor and a sick kid like that shouldn't be with a foster family. The judge says this is highly inappropriate. He starts calling for the nurse. Alex says look I'm leaving. All I'm asking you to do is to look at the file. He lays it down and starts to leave. The judge yells at him attempting to influence a judge is a federal offense. Alex kind of nods and walks out.

At the ballgame. Teddy is pitching. Christina is in the outfield with Meredith and a flask. Christina an off pump quintuple cabbage you got a pen? Meredith, what are you doing? Christina, Teddy told me to make a bucket list of surgeries. I kept the faith Mer! Who thought that would pay off. Meredith, taking a drink from the flask, it's not paying off for me. Maybe I cured diabetes though. Christina, your mom would have been proud. They both start laughing hysterically.

Teddy's pitching isn't doing so well. Arizona and Callie are in the outfield. Arizona, what are you doing out here? Callie, I'm the roaming outfielder, I'm roaming. She roams over and steals a kiss from Arizona.  The ball gets hit to the outfield. Callie, Arizona, Meredith and Christina are screaming I got it. Bailey runs up and catches it. Meredith, I had that. Bailey, did you or were you going to let it fall to the ground again. Meredith, What is your problem with me? Bailey, I beg your par-doon. Meredith, I don't want on your stupid trial. I just needed to get it out of my head. Bailey, are you drunk? Christina, she is. We are. Meredith, so what is your problem? Bailey, What is my problem? My problem is you. Owen comes out of the dugout and says what is going on? Everyone can hear Bailey going off. Richard calls timeout.

Marks new girlfriend just got a hit and is standing on first base kissing Mark during the time out. She says this must be humiliating for you. Mark, you are going to look so hot when you get tagged out at home plate. Lexie thinks they should get a room, it's disgusting. Avery, you and me we are happy right?

Bailey and Meredith are still going at it. Meredith, it was between me and the chief and my husband. So mind you're own damn business. You are not the boss of me. Bailey throws her hands in the air. Oh thank god for that. We're lucky to even have a trial. Richard comes up and tells both of them to shut up. He tells Bailey, you have a lot of nerve rubbing Meredith's nose in her mistakes when you can't fix your own.  Like it or not you need her. Christina takes another drink from the flask now hidden in her mitt. Richard, and even your mom made a mistake. You fixed hers now fix your own. Get out of those ridiculous pink scrubs and get back to the work you were born to do. You two are going to figure out a way to work together. But you are not going to do it on this field. You'll do it Monday morning in the lab. Is that clear? Gee he sounds like he is still chief. Meredith says yes. Bailey grunts. Richard screams play ball! Bailey gives Meredith the evil eye.

Seattle Presses coach and batter the one giving Owen a hard time in the beginning knocks one over the fence. Owen leans over to Henry who is catching and says how long are we going to let this go on. It's 12-0. Henry she'll get there, she's just gotta get a better drive. Owen, she's terrible. Henry, yeah she sucks.

Derek has arrived.Owen tells Derek he's going in. Derek says no not me Lexie. Teddy doesn't want to come in. They tell her there's beer. Henry says he's running out of time. Teddy we still got five innings. Henry, no I'm running out of time. Is this really how you want to spend our last few moments together. Give me the ball. I can feel my device failing. Teddy gives him the ball and says I hate you so much. Smiling. Henry says I know.

Owen calls another time out. He tells the team how proud of them he is. Christina says now who's drunk? He's giving them a motivational speech. Mark says my god. Callie, you don't think we have a shot at winning this. Owen, this no. We're screwed. You are all horrible at softball but as doctors you're great and I am proud to lead you. Now we are going down so what do you say we go down fighting.

Lexie starts pitching fastball. Mark's girl friend screams from first. This is your relief pitcher? My grandma's better than that. Lexie turns and throws the ball straight at her chest. LMAO She nails her. Ow! Lexie, What? I thought she was stealing second? The other team's coach starts screaming. She's a surgeon that could have been her hand. I'm calling it. Owen, you forfeit? Other coach, no we killed you. Game over. Owen, forfeit.

Meredith so we may not always be winners but we aren't lazy. They are all sitting on the bleachers drinking. Lexie to Callie, his girlfriend is going to be okay isn't she? Callie, it's her boob. She's in good hands and starts laughing. Avery, are you going to tell me what that was about or what? Lexie, I thought she was stealing second. Avery, no you didn't.

April to Bailey, I think I hear my heart singing. Do you hear that? Bailey, are you drunk? Bailey, I'll give you a ride home. Then she hollers to Meredith be in the lab before rounds. Meredith, I will laughing. Richard to Owen, good job chief you made it through four innings, that's two more than any team I ever fielded.  Christina to Owen, can I do a some kind of transplant? Owen, tonight? No. Christina, good call.

Derek's phone beeping. Meredith to Alex, where were you yesterday? Alex I was doing some stuff. Derek, I just got a message from Janet. I guess the judge got in touch with her we are getting a court date. Alex smiles and takes another drink.

I loved the ballgame ending. Very funny.

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