Thursday, October 27, 2011

Calling All Deadliest Catch Time Bandit Fans!

Okay y'all we have a mission! 

As some of you may already know the Time Bandit Captains have their own brand of Vodka and Bloody Mary Mix called Time Bandit Spirits. They also have Rum coming! I'm excited about the Rum! LOL Captain Andy told me it wasn't ready yet but he would let me know when it is. I'll let you know when I know.

All three; the Rum, the Vodka and the Bloody Mary Mix come in really cool collectible bottles with pictures of the Time Bandit Captains on them. Visit Time Bandit Spirits to see the bottles and order the Bloody Mary Mix which is available now from Time Bandit Spirits or TimeBandit.TV where you'll find all your other Time Bandit Gear.

So this is our mission.

The bottles are only available in a few states but not everywhere yet. We need to get Time Bandit Spirits in the liquor stores everywhere, so everyone can get these incredible bottles. Oh yeah, and the liquor too.

The best way to do this is to keep asking your local liquor store for Time Bandit Spirits. Every time you go to a liquor store ask for Time Bandit Spirits. If they don't have it ask the liquor store if they will order it. The liquor stores can order the bottles for you by going and clicking the distributor tab. The liquor can only be ordered by liquor stores, so don't bombard the website trying to get them to send the liquor to your house. It ain't gonna happen. LOL Ask your local liquor store to order it for you. I have also put a link in the upper right hand corner of the blog for easy reference.

It's all about supply and demand baby.  The more people asking for Time Bandit Spirits the quicker it will get on liquor store shelves. Remember be polite, but keep pestering the liquor stores to order it.

The bottles are going to make great collectibles even if you don't drink. And remember Christmas is right around the corner. What a great gift these would make for family and friends.

Let's show our Hillstrand Captains some love and get these bottles on the shelves and us some liquor. Hehehe

Oh and don't forget! Follow @Capt_Andy on Twitter. Johnathan is still ahead in the contest. We've got to catch up. Come on! Where are all the Andy Housewives? Captain Andy is almost at 30,000 followers. Let's get him to 30,000 before he's finished with King Crabbing. We can do it!

Still love you Johnathan! Hugs!

UPDATE: Nov 27, 2011: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Well partly anyway. We got Capt Andy to 30,000 followers and I got Time Bandit Vodka and Bloody Mary Mix! Yes in deedy! I did! Now to get everyone else some spirits and Capt Andy to 100,000 followers before Capt Johnathan. LOL I have a plan!

Update: Dec 5, 2011: If you want to be able to buy Time Bandit Vodka in your local liquor store, email and tell him where you shop. He'll do everything he can to get it stocked in your local outlet.

We are getting there! LOL

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  1. I hope the bottles show Johnathan with his 80's mullet, ripped shirts to show his faded ink, and of course his gold crab necklace.
    He has a style that's all his own!!!!!!!
    And he is proud of it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nope! What am I going to do with you? You just aren't a Captain John fan are you? :)

  3. That's not exactly true! I do admire people with a style like they got dressed in the dark or just haven't looked in the mirror lately. (As in the last 20 yrs.) I also enjoy your column very much!!!! I'm sure JH doesn't give a hoot about my opinion.

  4. LOL, Have you looked at the bottles? I really like them. Can't wait to get one. I'm trying to hold out for the rum but I might have to break down and get a Bloody Mary Mix just for the bottle.

    And thank you, I enjoy chatting with you even if we don't always agree. LOL

  5. UPDATE: The boys are finished fishing King Crab. They are on their way home. Capt Andy needs 73 more followers to reach 30,0000 on Twitter so come on everyone follow @Capt_Andy and ask your followers to follow him.

    Part two of the mission. I've been working with Winn Dixie & Walgreen's Liquor stores to try and get Time Bandit Spirits. So if you live near one of these stores please go in and ask them to get Time Bandit Vodka.

    If you don't live near one of these liquor stores please remember to ask your liquor supplier to get it for you.

  6. Glad to here everyone is safe and sound!!!!
    No, Haven't checked out the bottles yet. I bet the rum will taste REALLY good. Do you know if there is a tribute bottle in honor of Capt. Phil? I REALLY miss him. I can't even imagine how those who knew him feel. His blue eyes said it all!!!!

  7. As far as I know these are the first three bottles.

    Maybe if they take off they will do a bottle tribute to Capt Phil. I don't know if there would be copyright issues or anything, probably are. But maybe they could work something out with Jake and Josh. That would be cool. I'll bet a lot of people would buy them. :)

  8. We did it! We got Captain Andy to 30,000! Now to pass Captain Johnathan!

    Love ya Johnathan. LOL

  9. Ok @misspris68 and @nmglider2008 would like to request a "northwestern fan page link"!

  10. I'll think about it. LOL


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