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Grey's Anatomy Recap October 6, 2011

"What is it about men?"

This should be interesting to say the least. This whole episode is from the mens point of view.

Meredith tries to talk to Derrick about the surgery he has done. He tells her he is not going to do this where she is sad about every surgery. She is just trying to have a conversation. Derrick tells her have a conversation about something else. So things are still not well in the Grey household.

Richard Webber is leaving a premade lunch in the refrigerator for Adele, with a note on it telling her when to eat it.

April Kepner comes down to the kitchen of Meredith's house. I don't remember her living there. Alex Karev and Jackson Avery are having breakfast. She has her dirty laundry. She starts going off on Alex about him putting his dirty clothes in her laundry. She says that is okay because if he didn't he wouldn't have any clean clothes. She will wash his dirty under pants but she is not okay with washing his skank of the week underpants. LOL Jackson saves him and says they are Lexie's. April leaves. Jackson throws them at Alex who says they are Lauren's - 3rd floor Radiology.

Callie Torres and Arizona Robbins are going to a conference leaving Mark Sloan with Sophia.

Owen Hunt appears to be setting up his new office.

Derrick is at the new house building a deck.

Through out the show the men are talking in the background. Male brains confront things differently than female brains. Women are hard wired to communicate with language. Detailed, empathy. Men not so much. It doesn't mean that we are any less capable of emotion. We can talk about our feelings. It's just that most of the time we'd really rather not.  I'm not touching that one. We'd be here all week. LOL

Alex is attempting to finish his paper on his project with the African children.

Richard Webber is trolling for surgeries. Alex is late for surgery with Derrick Sheppard. Richard tells him just tell Derrick you had an appointment with Mayfield in 22 and it ran long.  Okay who is Mayfield? I have no idea. Shrink? Code for getting laid? That's probably not a good excuse for being late. Men's room maybe? Gotta be code for something.

Alex goes into surgery 20 minutes late, Derrick starts ripping him a new one, Alex uses the Mayfield excuse and Derrick chills and lets Alex finish the surgery. Derrick tells the anesthesiologist Dr. Warren (Bailey's Ex boyfriend) that Alex is trying to log as many non peds hours as possible.

Mark, Richard and Derrick are watching Owen set up his new office. Mark, look at him acting like he runs the place. Richard, he does. Mark, he's not going to make it. You can see it, he has fear in his eyes. Derrick, he is a decorated military officer. Mark, I'm just saying when he belly flops I'm here for the hospital.

Owen Hunt comes out and asks if he can help them with anything. Then tells them there was a big accident at the convention center. There was a stampede at a comic convention.

Richard is all excited. They all head to the ER. Richard is fighting the residents for patients. He ends up with a sexy zombie nurse. LOL

Alex has a little guy who wants to be a hobbit. He said there were 15 tardis's from Dr. Who. Everyone was trying to get causing the stampede. He has broken toes and think's April is cute. Alex asks him "you have nerd chum for Kepner?"

Richard is trying to figure out why his zombie nurse's wounds aren't bleeding. Come to find out the wounds are fake and so is the blood. LOL I guess he couldn't tell cause he had rubber gloves on?

Another patient has his ear ripped off. His roommate is there with him, he appears uninjured and has a tardis. Turns out the patient without an ear also can't feel his feet. Avery starts to tell the patient they can reconstruct an ear for him. Mark Sloan interrupts him and explains the process to the patient himself. Then asks Avery when he is finished if he has anything to add. Avery just says no. Derrick says he needs an MRI right away.

Eli (Bailey's new boyfriend) is telling Dr Sheppard that Dr Warren's resident punctured his patients dura during a routine epidural this am. Dr. Warren, there is nothing routine about an epidural and you have no right to yell at my resident. Derrick tells them alright we are done walk away because they are both screaming at each other.

Eli leaves Derrick talks to Dr Warren. Derrick, I get why you are mad at the guy, but if you are going to fight about Bailey do it on your own time. Dr Warren, fight about Bailey? Wait, no? Bailey's with him? Derrick, I should go. Dr Warren, like they went to dinner once or twice? Derrick, you really don't want to know. Dr Warren, Sheppard. Derrick, Don't go into the conference room on eight or nine without knocking. Dr Warren, oh come on. Derrick, you asked. Dr Warren, does she talk about him? Derrick, yes, she said his hands have a kind of tenderness, uh some kind of magic. Dr Warrren, you're an ass. Derrick, Don't yell at my nurses even the men. Derrick walks off. Dr Warren, sure just drop a bomb and walk away.

Owen is in some room eating lunch and doing paperwork. Every time someone goes by with their patient he looks up and around to see what is going on. Richard comes in and says he used to each his lunch in here too, kind of breaks up the day and makes you feel like you're in the middle of the action. He says he's cutting through to the skills lab and asks Owen for his grapes.

The man who couldn't feel his feet has a crushed C6. Alex is scrubbing in to operate on him. He tells Derrick what he thinks they should do and then asks if this could count as two neuro surgeries? Derrick gets mad because Karev is just trying to log non ped surgery hours. Derrick throws him out of the surgery and off of his service.

Alex goes in and tells Jackson what happened. He is in the skills lab with Richard. Richard, his wife was his resident and now he's got you, that's a tough act to follow. Alex, sorry chief. Richard, I'm not the chief. Jackson, I'm practicing micro surgery techniques. Alex grabs a grape and puts it in his mouth. Avery, not for snacking. Alex spits it back out. Richard is stitching a grape.

Richard, you two need to find a way to start feeling the joy again. There is going to come a time when you wish you were a fifth year again, just to get back in the OR and get your hands dirty. Operate on a grape just so you don't get rusty. Alex, you are in the OR all the time. Richard, to supervise, to do the really complicated part. Not to open or close. Avery, is this a technique I could use in an ear reconstruction. Richard, yes it is pull up a chair. Alex, please Sloan won't let him touch an instrument. He barely lets him finish a sentence. Avery, at least he lets me in the OR. Richard asks Alex if he wants a grape? He says thanks but he has to finish his paper or Robbins is kicking him to the curb.

Derrick goes into Owens office. His desk is now covered in paperwork and he is having a drink. Derrick, finish your drink and lets get out of here.

Derrick has Owen pounding nails on the deck. Owen, your contractor doesn't mind that you are building this deck yourself. Derrick, I wouldn't say that but he does work for me. Derrick, I either have this or I kill my resident. He tells Owen about Alex. Owen, he's not Meredith. Derrick, no he's not.

Owen, when you quit as chief I thought you were out of your mind. Is it me or is everyone waiting for me to fall on my face? Derrick, oh no we all got money on it. I've got you down for a $100, that you make it 6 months so buck up! Owen, I've been walking on egg shells at home for weeks. I used to work off steam, at work now that has become a nightmare too.

Mark is changing Sophia's diaper on the couch telling her about surgery. The phone rings he picks it up and says we are fine, just like we were twenty minutes ago and the twenty minutes before that. Are you going to keep calling because it got old hours ago? He turns around to get an outfit and when he turns back around Sophia is gone. He says oh god. He gets on the floor. Sophia is on the floor happy as can be making a raspberry and smiling. You hear someone on the phone say Mark are you there? He says guess who just rolled over for the first time.

Mark is at the hospital he has Sophia in her carrier on a gurney. Alex is coming down the hall with Owen's chair. Mark screams at him. Alex says Hunt told me I could take his chair. Mark tells him Sophia fell off the sofa last night she hasn't cried since. She didn't cry then either. Alex tells him to take her to pediatrics. Mark says he can't because they will call Arizona. Alex, I got a paper to write. Mark, you drop what you are doing right now or I will end you. Alex takes the carrier off the gurney and puts it in the chair he was pushing. He examines Sophia and says she is fine.

Owen is in his office giving all the furniture away. Bailey walks in the door. Owen, I know as much as you want me too, I am not resigning. I'm just giving away a few things I feel I don't need to be chief. You can say what you want about how I'm going to need my office or my desk. I say your wrong. My office can be where ever I am. Bailey never saying a word reaches over and takes his lamp gives him an evil eye and walks out.

The guy who lost his ear. His roommate went back to the convention center and found his ear in the trash. The roommate/patient is only worried about the tardis. The roommate (the patient) starts screaming oh my god you sold it didn't you. He sits up in the bed and then starts screaming. This is the guy with the broke back. Not good.

The guy with the broke toes that has a crush on April is back in  the ER making up symptoms so Alex will have to admit him and he can see April. Alex isn't buying it. A very large man is being brought into the ER with his head bandaged. He is screaming at a lady in wheel chair who says he threw a bottle at her. Alex tells the hobbit man with the crush on April, how about I just give you her number you can call her and get your freak on. The man says oh no I could never do that. He tells Alex I'm having chest pain. You have to admit me now.

Derrick, Mark and Avery are in discussing the surgery on the guy with the broken back and amputated ear. Of course Derrick thinks his surgery should be done first. Mark says it's already been twenty hours if they don't reattach the ear soon it will be too late. Avery suggests while they have the mans back open that they insert the ear into the abdomen to preserve it. Mark and Derrick think that's a good idea.

Owen is running around with a tablet saying his office is where ever he is. Derrick tells him the contractor called and the lumber for the deck is in. Owen, I'm there but I get the power saw.

Alex is in the ER with hobbit man hooking him up to an EKG. Hobbit man is watching April who is working with the very very large man who is getting out of control. Hobbitman asks Alex if he thinks April is okay. The large man says he is leaving and pushes the nurse down in the floor. April screams call security. Alex heads over ordering 5 of Haliperidol on his way over. The man is fighting everyone pushing Alex, sending April to the floor, punching the security guard. Hobbit man is saying we are gentle folk who crave adventure, we become heros. The irritated patient is leaving. Someone yells stop him. The hobbit man is standing in front of him on crutches. He tells him you need to calm down now and stop. The man throws him to the ground and starts kicking him.

Owen is coming around the corner telling a nurse book OR 2 for a possible concussion and a broken jaw. The nurse, we have a patient with a broken jaw? Owen, we are about too. He walks in and slugs the out of control patient who finally goes down.

Mark, Derrick, Richard and Owen are going down the hall questioning Owen about punching the guy. Owen, yes I punched the guy. He was endangering the safety of my nurses, my residents and other patients. Mark, you know you are chief and not the sheriff right?

Hobbit man is now in surgery with a busted spleen, Alex has called Richard because Richard said he wanted to get his hands dirty. Alex fills Richard in on the patient and tries to leave the OR telling Richard he doesn't need trauma hours he needs to finish his paper. Richard won't let him leave. LOL Richard has them put on his tunes and spins Alex like they are dancing.

Derrick, Mark and Avery are in surgery on back/ear guy. Derrick invites Dr. Warren out to work on the deck. Mark tells Avery move over and I'll show you how to do a subcutaneous pocket. Avery, you showed me that twice last week. Mark, now I'm going to show you again. Since Derrick has no resident he lets Avery do a neuro procedure on the patient. Mark asks how is he going to see what I'm doing from way over there? Derrick, as long as his hands are free. Derrick tells Avery he has excellent control and asks him if he has ever considered Neuro?

Alex to Mark at the scrub sink. I was hoping you'd let me create the pocket myself next time. Mark, Sheppard let you touch a vertebrae now you are ready to recreate a face all by yourself? Avery, no I just want a chance to practice your surgical trick. Mark, you are not ready. That's why you are working on fruit. When you are done maiming fruit then maybe we can talk about it.

Avery to Derrick. This may be out of line but is there anyway I can come over to your place and hammer something. Derrick, I like your initiative Avery.

Out at the house. Owen is upset because a wise ass in legal told him he needs to apologize to the drunk that tore up his ER. Dr. Warren is upset because Bailey told him she wasn't ready for a relationship and now she is in one. Avery, thanks Derrick he says he know Mark is his friend and he doesn't want to overstep. Not that he ever gets a chance to overstep with him. Hammering harder as he talks. Cause he has him on training wheels, which is fine until he gets home and his girl friend asks him how his day went and he finds out she has done more surgeries than him. And the answer is great sweetheart. I just spent nine hours standing around watching your ex operate. Owen walks over and hands him the power saw. LOL

Richard and Alex in the surgery. Alex just wants to finish his paper. Richard tells him it will all fall away, the papers, research, the tests. Alex, uh-huh. Richard, Adele does that uh-huh's me. Every night Adele gives me a lot of uh-huh's. I know it's because half the time she can't remember where I work and it makes her nervous when I tell her I'm cutting people open. So Adele thinks he's a serial killer or something? That's scary. Alzheimer's stinks to put it politely.  The patient's alarms start going off. Alex repairs the patient, smiling now. Richard asks feeling the joy yet? Alex, I'm feeling it sir.

Alex goes up to Avery and asks him if he wants to go to the lab, Webber is going to show him his signature stitch. Avery says he can't he has to do a skills lab with Bailey and April. Alex tells him grow a pair bitch boy. Bailey, tells Avery lets go. Avery says he forgot he has an appointment with Mayfield in 22. April, oh! that's fine right Dr. Bailey? Dr. Bailey, some things I just don't need to know. April and Bailey leave. Derrick walks up and asks Avery if they are still on for the AVM tomorrow. Avery says yes.

Alex goes into the skills lab he has finished his paper, 19 pages. Richard says hand it over. Alex it's not ready yet. Richard takes it. Alex tells him to give it back. Richard, you going to fight the chief? Alex, you are not the chief. Richard, once your the president, your always Mr. president.

Avery comes in and says Sheppard wants him in surgery but he's supposed to be in surgery with Sloan at the same time. How am I supposed to choose? Richard, who do you want to work with more? Avery, I want plastics, but I would like to operate. Richard, you are choosing between two world class surgeons. This is not a problem it is a privilege. Alex, yeah feel the joy. Richard, look at you! Alex, hey how did you get out of skills lab with Bailey? Avery, Mayfield excuse. Richard looking very surprised, you used the Mayfield excuse on Bailey? Avery, yes sir. Richard laughing continuously, you with Bailey. Avery, Right. Richard is still laughing, you want a grape? I'm dying to know what this Mayfield thing is. 

Mark is back to Alex with Sophia. Mark tells Alex he must of missed something because it's been over 24 hours and she still hasn't cried. Alex, the reason she hasn't cried is because she likes you. You are a good dad. She's happy. Do you want to see her cry? Alex reaches over and pinches her. Sophia starts crying. Alex leaves the room.

Dr Warren is watching Bailey and Eli. Derrick walks up Dr Warren asks do they look happy. Derrick, yes they do. I guess I'll be seeing you at the deck tonight.

Hobbit man is telling Alex I'm an idiot as Alex wheels him down the hall. Alex, so you got stepped on by a giant, it's still cool and I'm not the only one who thinks so. Alex wheels him up to April and whispers remember all you have to do is say hi and let her do the rest. April turns around and thanks him and tells him how brave he was. He says I was a hobbit. April, Oh, okay. I'm not really familiar with hobbits but thank you and walks away. Alex, whatever happened to just saying hi?

The girl who came into the ER with giant man, the one that had been hit in the head with a bottle is now sitting next to hobbit man going off about how someone couldn't know what a hobbit is.  Hobbit man just says hi.

Avery is helping Mark to reattach the ear finally. He tells Mark he may need to scrub out of the rhinoplasty a little early tomorrow so he can assist Sheppard with his AVM. He tells Mark that is big for him because Sheppard is going to let him take the lead. Mark, you were with Sheppard last night? Where? Avery, mumbles at his deck. Mark, you are right that is a big opportunity so I would like you to take the lead right now and sew this guys ear back on yourself. Avery, says thank you. Mark says don't screw it up.

Owen goes in to the giant's room. He starts shutting the blinds and introducing himself as the guy who repaired his jaw and also broke his jaw. He says it's wired shut right now so I will do all of the talking. They want me to apologize to you. I want to make something quite clear. I feel good about what I did. I reviewed the security tape and I easily prevented half a dozen people from being injured by you. You assaulted a girl with a beer bottle, you attacked hospital staff, you put a man on the critical list. You were violent and abusive in front of dozens of witnesses and I will stand up in any court of law and say just that. I do not apologize for things I feel good about and I feel good about this. He reaches up and grabs the man by the jaw. OW! You want to sue, you sue. He walks over to the door and as he's opening the door and leaving he says good luck with your recovery and leaves the giant laying there in pain.

Alex and Avery are going down the hall. Alex says take a look. There is a sign on the wall. Dr. Mayfield E.D. Specialist. You told Bailey you had erectile dysfunction. Avery, you told Sheppard. Richard comes up and hands Alex his paper back telling him it's an excellent first draft and not to hang out by Mayfield's people will get the wrong idea. Avery runs down the hall pulling his coat up over his head.

Mark is inspecting ear guys ear. He said it was excellent work he should have minimal scaring, when his roommate comes in and tells him he sold the tardis because he is going to need the money to pay medical bills. He got $7500 dollars for it. Ear guy says he got ripped off.

Alex is in the resident changing area looking at his paper. Richard has marked it all up. He says he's going to have to start all over. Avery tells him grab his coat.

Out at the house all of the guys are there. Alex apologizes to Derrick and tells him he lied about Mayfield just to be clear. Everyone is hammering and Mark walks up with Sophia in her carrier pouch on his chest. He accuses Derrick of trying to steal his guy. He tells Avery go get in the car, like Avery is his little kid. Mark, I don't take the time to teach anyone if I can help it, but I'm taking the time with Avery because he's a quick learner and he can do a z plasty better than I could at his level. Avery, I can?

Mark turns around and appears to be walking off. Derrick says hey don't do that. Don't just walk up here and yell at me and walk off. Mark, I'm not Sophia just likes it if I'm moving. Owen comes up and says you guys talk I'll take the baby. Mark screams at Avery again to go get in the car. He tells Derrick friends don't steal from each other. Derrick, it's not stealing if he asks to scrub in on my surgery. Mark, Don't be a jack ass. Avery, if I have to choose I choose plastics. Mark, are you using my boy here to get more surgery? Nobody uses my boy.

Alex and Dr. Warren. Dr. Warren, why are we the only ones with hammers? Alex I'm getting a beer.

Owen is showing Sophia the truck.

Richard is calling Adele to eat the dinner he left in the refrigerator with the note that morning that she didn't eat.

Alex, Avery and Dr. Warren watching Derrick and Mark. Avery, what do you think they are talking about? Dr. Warren, my guess which one of them gets to take you to prom.

Derrick tells Mark you are not getting laid. That's why you have this sudden interest in education. Mark, when Richard asked you who should be the next chief. Did my name come up? Derrick, you just had a baby you don't want to be chief and he didn't ask. Mark, but if he had asked? Derrick, you just had a baby. You know a few weeks ago I knew how the next ten years was going to play out. Work, family and then I lost the trial, the baby, got backlisted by the FDA, Meredith some days I miss her so much I don't know if I'm going to make it. Mark, did you tell Hunt any of this? Derrick, no I did not. Mark, just checking.

Owen heads across the deck holding Sophia out in front of him, kicking a beer bottle over on his way. I think Sophia needs a change. The beer bottle goes rolling down and off the deck. Mark, I'll tell you something else you don't know. How to build a deck. That thing isn't level. Derrick bends down to look at the deck saying I'll need to call my contractor. Bending down also puts his nose closer to Sophia's dirty diaper. He makes a face.

No appearance again from Lexie. Where is she?

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