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Private Practice September 29, 2011

"God Laughs"

Finally we get to see what happens with Pete. I'm thinking either heart attack or stroke.

The show starts with Addison talking to a shrink.

Pete Wilder is on the floor trying to reach his phone with Lucas watching him.

Addison Montgomery and Sam Bennett are in the bed. Sam gets a call to go to the hospital.

Amelia Sheppard is on the bar dancing which makes another girl mad. The other girl pours a drink on her shoes, making Amelia mad and she falls of the bar cutting her wrist. Yep, she's still drinking.

Violet Turner is at the airport. Her flight to New York has been delayed. She checks her phone then turns it off. As she is sitting there she over hears another couple sitting in the airport discussing whether or not they can fix their marriage. The husband is assuring the wife they can.

Back at the hospital Sam is using the paddles on someone trying to resuscitate them. Charlotte King comes in and asks how long has he been down? Sam says 45 minutes. Charlotte says its time to call it. Sam says no and keeps working on him. He finally stops and calls it. They show the patient it's not Pete.

Pete is still at home trying to reach his phone.

Sam is telling Charlotte he is thinking about heading home when he sees Addison there in scrubs. She has a mother ready to deliver triplets in early labor. Cooper Freedman is there he says they already have twins so I'm going to retire on that family. Sam says he is done for the night so he is going to head home. Charlotte tells him Pete never showed up for his shift so he can stay and keep Addison company all night as long as he stops pretending the two of them aren't back together, because he can't sell it and the two of them are making her uncomfortable. LOL Leave it to Charlotte to tell it like it is.

Cooper, what happened to Pete now? Addison, he's probably upset because Violet went back to New York. Cooper, what? Addison, yeah I saw her at the airport. Sam, what where you doing at the airport? Addison, I was saying good bye to Nay. Lie! Cooper, Violet left without saying anything? Charlotte, to you. I'm sure she had some things to say to Pete. Addison, which is probably why he was upset. Charlotte, he could have been upset here. There's enough people here to cheer him up. Sam, Pete's hard to cheer up. He can get really dark. Cooper, maybe I should get him out for a drink or give him some time and take Lucas out for ice cream or something. Charlotte, either way have a ball. I'll be here with Sam and Addison.

Back at the airport, the man who was talking to his wife leaves her to go get them something to drink. The wife starts crying. Violet gives her a tissue and starts talking to her. The lady is a lawyer whose husband put her through law school. Turns out they got in a fight and the man hit her.

Cooper is at Pete's door with beer under his arm knocking on the door. No one is answering of course. He hears Lucas. He hollers at Pete I really don't want to see your ass again but I'm coming in anyway. LOL He goes in and finds Pete on the floor. He calls 911, starts doing CPR and is trying to find Lucas who is hiding under the table.

Amelia has called Sheldon for a ride home. She tells him she fell down and cut herself she didn't think she should drive. Sheldon, you fell down or the bar tender took your keys? Amelia, tomatoe tomato same thing. Sheldon, you're drunk. Amelia, not quite. I was on my way to being drunk when all this bleeding interrupted me. Sheldon, what happened to AA?  Amelia, my problem is with drugs not alcohol. Sheldon, you are a drug addict just because it comes in liquid form doesn't mean it's not a drug. Addicts using drugs have consequences. For example, you need stitches in your hand, your Hopkins trained neurosurgeon hand. That is a potentially. Amelia, kisses him. He backs her up and says Amelia. She says relax I'm not trying to get you to sleep with me. I just wanted you to shut up so you can give me a ride to the hospital and I don't bleed to death in the street. Can you do that? Sheldon, yes. I'll lecture you more later. Amelia, I figured.

Violet and the woman at the airport are talking. The woman swears it was the first time and she knows it cliche but it really was partly her fault, because she texted someone while they were fighting. He lost it.

Cooper, Pete and Lucas arrive at the hospital. Pete is coding. Cooper is intubating him, Sam says clear and shocks Pete. Cooper wasn't clear and goes flying. They rush Pete to the cath lab.

Amelia is at the hospital getting ready to suture herself up. Sheldon thinks she should just go down to the ER. She doesn't want to because interns do sutures in the ER and interns suck and she doesn't want to run into Charlotte and have her quote the big book of AA to her.

Cooper tells Addison who is holding Lucas that Pete is headed to the cath lab and he got shocked. Addison tells him about the first time she got shocked. Cooper say he has to figure out a way to get in touch with Violet.

The ladies husband is headed back. Violet tells her go to the ladies room she'll be there in a minute. The lady goes to the ladies room, her husband asks Violet if she is okay. Violet says I don't know.

Charlotte and Sam are in the cath lab with Pete and they notice the right side of his face is paralyzed. Charlotte, either his heart stopped long enough that there is brain damage or there is a bleed.  Charlotte tells them to page neuro. Sam wants Amelia. Alarms start going off. Sam says the catheter dissected his coronary artery. They rush him to surgery with Charlotte on top of him on the gurney doing CPR.

Amelia is finished doing her stitches. She says I need a drink want to go? Her pager goes off. Sheldon, you're on call? You were drinking while you were on call? Amelia, no I'm not on call but they are paging me anyway. They round the corner and run into Cooper and Addison. They fill her in.

Violet goes to the bathroom the woman tells her David is not a violent man. Violet, but yet you left him to go somewhere safe. Violet tries to give the lady advice and she ends up telling her it's none of her business and leaving.

Charlotte comes out and tells them Pete might have had a CVA. Man I was thinking heart attack or stroke, not both. Amelia goes to talk to Sam. Charlotte asks Sheldon what happened to Amelia's hand? He says it needed some stitches, it's fine. Pete needs a quadruple by pass, Amelia looks and determines he has a bleed. Sam wants to fix him first and then let Amelia work. Amelia says there isn't time he can't wait. You work on your end and I'll work on mine. She starts asking for instruments, and Charlotte comes in and tells her to stop.

Cooper, Sheldon and Addison are sitting in the waiting room. Cooper tells Sheldon he wants to switch seats. Sheldon is sitting in the seat where Cooper sat during the Katie/Violet thing and that turned out okay so he thinks he should sit in Sheldon's seat. Sheldon says I sat in this seat when Dell died. Cooper all the more reason. Surgeons, race car drivers and fisherman all superstitious.  Addison, I wasn't here either of those times I was operating. Cooper, fine you stay there. Him and Sheldon switch seats.  She takes Lucas to get something to eat. Cooper is looking at his phone, he says this says her plane hasn't left, she must still be at the airport. He gets up and leaves.

Charlotte is telling Amelia she can't operate another surgeon is ten minutes out. Amelia says he doesn't have ten mintues. Sam wants to know what's going on. Charlotte says she cut her hand. I can't believe Sheldon and Charlotte are both covering up Amelia's drinking. They are both doctors they should know better. Amelia assures her everything is fine. She starts operating.

Back at the airport, the plane has been okayed for take off. Violet still in the lounge tries to tell the woman not to leave with her husband and gives her her card. Another woman comes up and tells her there is an emergency phone call from Dr. Freedman. Violet says oh god and runs off to the hospital.

Charlotte is talking to Cooper not sure she made the right decision with Amelia. Cooper if she had any doubt she would have said something. Charlotte, she never has any doubt that's what worries me. Cooper, it was Pete you didn't have a choice. Cooper, what if one of us dies? Charlotte, are you seriously asking me about that right now? The conversation gets around to would you want me to get married again. Cooper tells Charlotte he would want her to be happy, to get married again.Charlotte tells Cooper she would want him to be miserable for everyday the rest of his life. Violet calls.

They are taking Pete off the heart lung machine. His heart starts beating then he crashes again. Cooper comes in to see how he's doing, Sam tells him to scrub in. Now Sam is instructing Cooper on how to do open heart massage and Violet is standing outside the OR looking in.

Sam tells Violet, Pete is going to be in and out of consciousness but his grafts are holding and he is going to be okay. Yea!! Pete's gonna live. Cooper, in a couple of weeks when you get around to making those thank you baskets, Sam only saved his life once. I saved it twice. Sam, this is true. Violet, what am I supposed to say to him now?  She starts blaming herself on the accident, Sam assures her she could not have stopped this. He tells her don't be worried if Pete is a little euphoric, his hormones are still a little scrambled from the anesthesia and the bypass. Cooper, you mean Pete is in there acting like Mr. Rogers with a zipper scar?

Violet goes in to see Pete. He is stoned and keeps telling her she's beautiful. It's kind of bizarre Mr. Homeopathic needs a quadruple by pass.

Amelia tells Charlotte it's good about Pete. Then thanks her for saying she was worried about her hand. Charlotte, you are not welcome. Amelia, okay. Charlotte, what I mean is I will not enable you and protect you ever again. It's a one time deal. Until you get your sobriety in hand. Amelia, I am not a drunk, I have never been a drunk. Charlotte, the fact that you are trying to draw a distinction between the two tells me you are in trouble. Because you know better. Amelia, I am fine. Charlotte, no you are not, your privileges are still suspended, next time someone pages you don't answer. Charlotte walks off. Amelia turns around and Sheldon is standing there. Amelia, I swear to God. Sheldon, I was just going to offer you a ride home. Amelia, I'd appreciate that. 

Violet leaves Pete's room and Cooper is standing. He tells her he couldn't be mad at her before but now she's seen Pete and he is going to be fine so he lays into her for running from her problems. He tells her she can't deal with losing her license by getting on a plane and leaving town. For those of you who don't know or don't remember. Violet lost her license because she was attacked by one her patients. She wrote a book about the attack and even though she didn't put the name of the patient in the book, the patient sued her and the medical review board determined she broke patient confidentiality. 

Addison back talking to the shrink. She is talking to him about wanting a baby again. Sam still doesn't want a baby. She had an appointment with a fertility patient. But she says there is just one thing that is potentially complicated. People plan and god laughs.

Flash back to her Drs. appointment. She is laying on the exam table the doctor walks in and the doctor, Jake Reilly is Benjamin Bratt the secret lover. He got called back for an emergency so he's not in Fuji.  He tells her he has no problem leaving things in the past and being her doctor. He tells her trust me I'm going to give you a baby.

Back at the shrinks office. Addison, so how do I deal with that?

On the preview for next week Benjamin Bratt, Dr. Jake Reilly is applying for a job at the practice. This should be good.

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