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Grey's Anatomy September 29, 2011 Recap

"Take the Lead"

I wonder if Christina went through with the abortion?

The show starts out with Chief Webber saying the 5th year residents today start rotating in as lead surgeons. Mark Sloan, we've got a lot of standing around to do today. Callie, We've alerted the morgue. Chief Webber only help when you absolutely have to. Bailey, before you help them swim let them sink a little.

The Chief then resigns in the morning staff meeting, and tells the doctors Owen Hunt is the new Chief of Surgery.  Everyone wants to know what happened. Derrick asks if it was the board that forced him to resign? Teddy says yea for Owen. Bailey sits silent not looking too happy.

Christina asks Meredith about Zola. No news yet. Alex comes and asks about Zola. The group of fifth years are headed to the surgery schedule board. They arrive to find out which OR they will be doing their surgeries in. Christina Yang is scheduled to do a mitral valve replacement in OR 3. She's excited, says she loves OR 3. Alex Karev is scheduled for a bowel resection. YUCK! Meredith Grey is scheduled to clip an aneurysm. Avery Jackson is going to repair a cleft lip.

April Kepner informs all the fifth years they have to start teaching a skills lab today. You know they are not excited about this and they are still not wearing dark blue. That's really bugging me.

April tells them the schedule is on the board in her office. They all go into her office and pretty much take it over. Alex is excited there is a sofa there to sleep on. LOL Meredith, we got a fridge? Jackson dumps over a plant. They are all acting like it's their office and April isn't saying anything.

April is showing them the board telling them they each have one skill lab a month to teach. Christina informs April she can't teach a skills lab today she has a mitral valve. April tells her to switch with one of these guys. They all have excuses why they can't.

Meredith, how about this? Whoever has the worst outcome today does all the skill labs for the month. April, that's disgusting that's terrible. NO, no wagering on patients. They get a text that Webber resigned and Owen Hunt is now Chief of Surgery. Christina is surprised. She had no clue that was happening.

Derrick Sheppard is packing up his clinical trial stuff. A doctor in Arizona was given his study, he has been black listed. Dr. Webber says so was he. Derrick, and now you are going to let them fire you. Richard, I fired myself. Derrick, it's one thing to take the blame for Meredith, but why are you doing this to yourself? Richard, I came to ask about your little girl.

Christina talking to Meredith. How does he not tell me he is Chief of Surgery? Meredith, is it because you. Christina, didn't have his baby? Meredith, has he said anything? Christina, no we haven't talked about it. Meredith, at all? Christina, is that bad? That's bad right?

Owen walks up to them. Christina asks if it's true. Owen explains Richard called him last night and she was already asleep and this morning she was already gone. They decide they should celebrate but Christina can't because her surgery is seven hours long. Owen leaves. Meredith says yeah that was bad. The conversation was very awkward and tense between them.

Karev tells April he needs an intern to assist in his surgery. April tells him good luck finding one. Alex, isn't that your job? April, no my job is making up the schedule you screwed up. Arizona walks up and starts giving Karev a hard time for taking the bowel resection instead of another surgery. She tells him he's looking for the easy A and going to low ball himself out of the fellowship and walks off. April, is that what you are doing or is it about that stupid bet. Richard Webber comes up Karev tells him April doesn't have the surgery covered. What an A$$. April tells Richard she will get it covered even if she has to do it herself and gives Karev the evil eye.

Meredith is explaining the aneurysm surgery to her patient. Derrick is standing outside the door. When she is all done explaining the patient asks her about her success rate and  how many of these she has done. She tells him this will be her first one. He says he really wished she had lied about that. Derrick then comes in and reassures the patient and tells him he will be there the whole time.

They leave the room. Meredith thanks him for that. They question each other about whether or not the social worker has called. She still has not. Meredith says she will call. Derrick says no they have called too much.
Meredith asks what if we don't get Zola back? What are we going to do? Do you want to stay together? Derrick says lets just focus on the surgery.

Christina Yang is doing rounds with her interns. Teddy Altman is standing in the corner. Christina, did anyone touch her stomach. No one answers. Christina, no one touched the patient? Are you guys the slow class? LOL Teddy is in the corner rubbing her head. Christina explains to the interns how to examine the patient. She says she is all about the basics, not skipping steps. Teddy smiles. Christina tells the interns to take the patient for a CT and try not to get lost.

Jackson Avery is with a baby that needs a cleft lip surgery. He explains the surgery to the mom and tells her he will be even more handsome than he is right now. As Avery leaves Arizona is standing in the doorway she tells him excellent, you explained the surgery, you eased her fears, Mark Sloan is going to do the surgery though. Avery, how's that? Arizona, you are great, you're the Gunther but you are planning a straight line repair and I'd rather do a millard rotation so we don't risk the lip shortening over time. She'd rather have Sloan do it because he is an artist. Avery, but it's my surgery.  Arizona, sorry maybe next time. Ok I get Arizona protecting the kid but how is Avery ever going to learn if she doesn't let him do the surgeries.

Alex Karev and April Kepner go in to visit the patient. The patient and his son are joking around. April starts to tell Alex about him and he says very rudely just give me the bullet, okay. April does. She needs to pull him out in the hall and go all Bailey on his a$$. 

Arizona, Bailey and Teddy are in the doctors lounge discussing the Chief and whether they should just pretend they don't know what happened. Arizona, why did he cover for her? What's his deal with her? Richard walks in all smiles and says good morning ladies. They are all hey and acting like they weren't just talking about him. He goes to put his sandwich in the refrigerator after asking if there is a special shelf or anything, and tells his sandwich "I will see you this afternoon". He tells the ladies to have an excellent afternoon and leaves. Richard is all like he took a bottle of happy pills. I haven't figured out if he is really happy. He no longer has the stress of the Chief's job, he can spend more time with his wife and do more surgeries now so maybe he really is happy. Oh and his wife got the drug instead of the placebo thanks to Meredith. So why wouldn't he be happy?

Richard leaves. I keep trying to call him the Chief, so if I slip up sorry. Teddy says he's trying to hard. Bailey throws her hands up in the air and leaves.

April in the hall with Owen and Callie Torres. April has a bottle of scotch someone sent Owen. She tells Callie she has to move her surgery to tomorrow because she has to teach a skills lab, and assist Karev on a bowel repair. Chief Hunt (That just is going to take some getting used to) you should be delegating that stuff. April, I tried no one would cover it. Hunt, don't try. Order them. Leadership is not about making friends. April, well then I'm doing it right. Callie, that was very Chiefy.

Bailey walks up. Dr. Hunt may I have my call schedule please? Hunt, sorry? Bailey, my call schedule, which I usually get at the staff meeting but I didn't because you said you'd distribute them, but you haven't so I have to come find you. And you're not very easy to find. Not unlike my call schedule. So may I have may call schedule please? Hunt, of course just as soon. Bailey cutting him off , Thank you. Bailey walks off without her schedule. Callie, that was way less Chiefy there. Hunt, What did I do? Callie, nothing she was Webber's right hand man she'd hate anyone in that position. Yeah, I know it's not about making friends, but you really want Bailey as your enemy?

Christina is telling Teddy she was right about the mitral valve patient she is showing signs of appendicitis, the morons missed it. She's turfing her to general surgery for the appy. Teddy, why don't you do the appy? Christina, where do I start? Because it's general surgery and I'm in Cardio. It's a first surgery, because I'm fifth year. Teddy, this is great she has a heart condition we have to monitor anyway, and because she has COPD she has to have an open appy and we don't want some moron doing it. And you get a procedure. Christina, but it's a very basic procedure. Teddy, but you love the basics and you're all about the fundamentals.

April is with Alex's patient. The son is asking about after care. She explains to him it depends on what Dr. Karev finds in the surgery, there could be a couple of different outcomes. The son asks if Alex is cool cause he seems a little douchy. LMAO April explains that Alex can be a little douchy but he is a very good surgery.

Richard Webber comes in. Meredith apologizes to him. He says he saw she was going to do her first aneurysm and wanted to say good luck. Meredith is trying to figure out which clip to use. Richard tells her she can't until she gets in there and sees it. Richard assures her she will do fine and then asks if her and Derrick are all right? Because if she can't communicate with her attending she has no business being in the OR. Meredith tells him they are okay.

Alex is in the skills lab working on a pigs bowel. Christina goes in and says she has to do an open appendectomy. Alex, does a pig even have an appendix. Christina, lets find out. Meredith, comes in. Who wants an aneurysm? Christina, I'm about to have one. I have to remember how to do an open appendectomy. I haven't thought about one in three years. Meredith, does any one want to trade? Alex, huh uh, clipping one of those things is like defusing a bomb one wrong move and those things explode. Meredith, I'm worried about Derrick exploding. Jackson arrives. Can I  have your pig? Alex, no. Jackson, How about just the head? Meredith, I have to clip an aneurysm. Jackson, good luck MacGyver. April walks in. Everyone in unison. Does a pig have an appendix? Christina, I thought you were teaching my skills lab? April, I am I just left them to practice whip stitches. It's a shame George isn't there. I'll bet he wouldn't have forgotten a step in removing an appendix since that's the surgery he got the nickname 007. I still miss George. Alex has them close the door so he can see if the colon glows in the dark. It glows bright yellow. He has repaired the pig correctly. Christina has to find a book on how to do an appy. Then says skills lab and runs out the door.

April asks Alex to talk to the patient he has some questions. Alex, it's not my job you talk to him. I don't understand his problem, I would think Alex would be trying to make friends with people since they were all mad at him about Meredith.

Christina goes into the skills lab. All of the interns are sitting there. She says show of hands, who knows the steps of an appendectomy? Okay this could be bad, but at the same time could be brilliant.

Hunt, is giving Bailey her schedule. He tells her I know you have taken over Dr Webber's Islet Cell Trial and I wanted to offer you some protected time for your research. I've reduced your OR time, lightened your teaching load. Made sure you get that time that you need. Hunt, how does that sound? Bailey, are you telling me I don't manage my time well? Hunt, no. I just wanted to make sure your research got the time. Bailey cutting him off, oh your telling me how to use my time? Hunt, not at all. Just forget. Bailey, now I don't get the time? LMAO, I love Bailey! Hunt, no you do. You can just do what. Bailey walks off.

April is erasing her surgery, a meniscus repair from the board. Callie walks up and says no just leave it, I'll do it myself. April, oh great now I lose a procedure. Callie, being Chief Resident sucks. I did it once. April, how'd you do it? How did you get them to listen to you. Callie, I didn't. I sucked. Look it's not about making friends but it is about getting them on your side. You want to be the one they come to not the one they run from. Kind of like your little contest. Getting them to compete for good outcomes. April, I know it's awful right? Callie, no it's a good idea, they thrive on competition and either way it's good for the patient. That was a good idea. April, okay. Callie, it wasn't your idea was it? April, no. Callie, well don't give up, you'll be great. Or maybe you won't. I never was.

Jackson is showing Arizona the millard rotation he has done on a pig. Arizona tells him it's perfect. Jackson says he's ready he can do it. Arizona, You are right. You go Gunther.

Christina is quizzing the interns on doing an appy. No one has told her how to complete the operation, she has one girl in tears. Might be quicker to look it up in a book. 

Christina is going through her procedure out loud in the hallway with Meredith. Hunt comes up she tells him her mitral valve turned into an appy. He wisher her luck and goes on. He turns around and says does that mean you will be home tonight? I mean an appy is what two hours tops? Christina, Right that is true. Do you want me to pick something up? Hunt, or I can. Meredith is standing against the wall rolling her eyes at the two of them. Hunt, Chinese? Christina, fine or whatever. Hunt, no you choose. Meredith, Do Chinese, Chinese is great. Hunt, good. Good luck. You too Grey. Owen leaves. Meredith, You two need to talk about this. You are like bad roommates. Christina, how do I bring it up? Does he even want me to bring it up? What is there to talk about? It's done. I can't undo it. It's done. Meredith, but it's not. Christina, we have surgery. Meredith, don't screw it up.

April is scrubbing in with Alex trying to tell him some personal information about the patient. He doesn't understand why she is telling him this. She tells him talking to patients is his job. They are more than an easy A or a bet you can win. It's your job. Alex, no it's not. Not anymore. My job is to open him up and fix him. If I can't do no one else will. It's on me. I can spend time talking to him or I can spend that time figuring out what I'm going to do when I open him up. What do you want me to do? April, you are really nervous. That's why you didn't want to work on a kid today. You'll be fine. She tells him that he is ready.

Richard Webber comes in and starts telling him how he is thoroughly enjoying this book. Hopefully he can finish it today because as long as he is reading Alex is not screwing up. Richard, will I finish this book today? Alex, yes sir.

Alex and Meredith are scrubbing in. Meredith tells Derrick she thinks he should do the surgery today because they are not a team right now. He starts quizzing her what to do. She answers all the questions. He tells her she is ready. Let's go.

Alex goes into the surgery and wants to stand where April is standing. She tells him you are the lead surgeon you stand on that side. He goes to the other side. April says you practiced it the other way didn't you? He starts the surgery.

Christina and Teddy are doing the appy. Teddy is quizzing Christina's every move. Teddy says neat.

Jackson is standing over his patient. Arizona Robbins, You have a kid and you worry a lot about screwing them up. I was just thinking you are totally determining the course of this kids life. You will determine whether this kid gets made fun of for his looks or if he cries at his school picture every year. Today you will decide who he will go to prom with or who he will marry. If he gets married at all. If he dies alone unattractive, alone and unloved. Jackson, is just staring into space. Arizona, Do you want me to call Sloan. Man, that was just evil. Talk about putting the pressure on.

Back to Meredith's surgery, she has chosen the clip she wants to use. Derrick tells her no use a different one. She says no. He tells her put the clip down sternly.

Christina, is still explaining every move to Teddy. Christina stops operating. Teddy tells her you can get as pissed as you want. Christina, shhhh. She can't remember what comes next.

Alex has repaired the bowel. He is running the bowel. He pulls out a big black section and says crap. I don't think he meant that literally. hehe.

Christina is trying to remember what to do next still. Teddy, why would I have you replace a mitral valve if you can't even. Christina, please shut up.

Alex, I can't tell if any of this is viable. They put in the glow in the dark stuff and turn off the lights. I don't see the bowel glowing yellow like the pigs did, just one piece of it.

Meredith is still arguing with Derrick. She tells him she is looking right at it, he has to trust her. She is using a 7 mm clip, he wants her to use a 5. He says he's done it hundreds of times to use a smaller clip. She places the clip she wanted and it holds.

April, Alex there's not enough. Alex says shut up. They turn the lights back on.

Christina, can't remember the next step. Teddy, you might remember this the next time you are screaming at an intern for fundamentals. Take your time it will come back. Christina, no honestly I can stand here all day it won't. Oh my god, you don't know either. Teddy, don't try and make this about me. Christina, okay then tell me what to do. Teddy, you should know what to do. Christina, so should you. Teddy, well it's been even longer since I've done one. Christina, well I need your help. Teddy, you need to be helping her right now. The scrub nurse, you probably want to ligate at the proximal edge, apply a straight clamp and lay down a purse string suture at the base. Christina, of course. Teddy, thank you. See! That is why I love nurses. They rock and know so much more than they are given credit for.

They show Mark Sloan finishing the surgery on the baby. No shame, no shame at all. You are still the goober. Jackson, Gunther.

Alex Karev, if I close him, I leave him to die. He's throwing out different options looking at the Richard. He can't come up with an option he has enough bowel for. He turns around and asks the Richard what do I do? Do I close him up and let him go? Richard puts his glasses back on and starts reading again. Alex says close him up.

Jackson Avery watches as the baby's mother thanks Sloan and gives him a hug.

Teddy Altman and Christina leaving the OR. Teddy, can we make a deal? Christina, we must never speak of this. Teddy, deal. The nurse looks at them, kind of smirks and shakes her head.

April asks Alex if he want's her to talk to the patient. He says no. She says he won't be able to understand that you did everything you could. But I do and you should too. He goes to tell the patients son.

Meredith is closing up her patient. Everyone starts clapping except Derrick who in the end does clap.

Christina to Meredith. I don't want to go home. Do we really have to talk about it. Meredith, yes you do. Meredith, maybe I'll come over later. Christina, that would be great. Meredith, no it won't because it would mean my marriage is over.

April Kepner is pouring what looks like Jack Daniels for all the 5th year residents. Alex comes in. Jackson, so all right who lost the bet? Meredith, not me my bomb was diffused perfectly. Christina, my appy was flawless. Jackson, except it was finished by a nurse. Christina, who told you that? Jackson, Karev's guy didn't even wake up. Septic shock. Christina, you blew a bowel resection? That's like misspelling your own name. April, guys. Jackson, sorry Karev enjoy that skills lab. April, can I just point out that Jackson never even touched his patient. Sloan did the whole procedure. Jackson, what does between you and me mean. April, so it seems to me he loses by forfeit. Christina, loser. Meredith, forfeit. Jackson, I don't think that that's. April, want a rematch we can go again tomorrow? Christina and the next day. Meredith, and the next day.

Owen Hunt to Dr. Miranda Bailey. Can I please. I learned in the Army that you are only as good as the people around you. You are one of the best people on this team. I just want to make sure I have you on my side. Bailey, have I done something wrong? Hunt, no. Bailey, is there something in my job performance that prompts you to ask me this. Hunt, no. Bailey, or do you just need me to like you? Hunt, it's not that. Bailey, are you sure? Hunt scoffs, and says carry on Dr. Bailey.

Dr. Bailey walks over to the elevator where Richard is standing. Richard, if you want someone to be mad at. Be mad at me. Bailey, I'm not mad at you. Richard, yes you are. Bailey, everyone knows who to be mad at. Richard, the only thing Meredith did to me was to give my wife a little more time. And I'm damn sure going to spend it with her. I'm happy Bailey and I'd like you to be  happy for me too. Bailey, I'll try. You are going to have to give me a while. Richard, I'll wait.

Christina and Hunt finishing their Chinese food. Christina, I'll get the dishes. Hunt, you know I've been feeling terrible. Christina, ok. Hunt, no I mean it. Christina, I know. Do you want to talk about it? Hunt gets up runs to the bathroom and vomits. He screams out, did you have the spring roll? Christina looks at her plate.

Meredith to Derrick. We should not have been in that OR together. We are not a team and before we get Zola back we need to figure out if we can be one. Now is the time to say how you feel. Derrick, I can't. I'm going to say things that are. Meredith, oh Derrick just say it. Whatever it is I can accept the consequences. Derrick, you have never accepted a consequence in your life. Ouch!  Since you switched those files you haven't suffered one bit. Those around you lost their jobs and reputations. Meredith, I lost Zola. Derrick screaming, so did I. Because you do things. Without a thought you just dive in never giving a damn how deep the water is or who you are going to land on. Drowning reference, sounds like he still hasn't forgiven her for that either. 

Meredith Grey, I know I messed up but this happened before Zola was even in the picture. Don't you think I've changed? Derrick, I don't think you can change. You stole a baby Meredith. Meredith, I told you why I did that. What do you want me to say? I'm sorry. Derrick, I need you to be sorry. Meredith, of course I am sorry. Derrick, you did it again today in the OR. Meredith, What? I had a successful surgery today. Derrick, you refused to listen to me. Meredith, I didn't listen to you because I didn't need to listen to you. I knew what I was doing and I was right. You just couldn't trust me. Derrick, why should I ever trust you? Why should I trust you? You ended my trial, you set back my career, you nearly ended your own, you destroyed Richards. I have no reason to trust you.

Meredith, then why are you with me? Derrick, screaming because of that. He points to the now framed post it note. Because I meant that. I promised I wouldn't run. I promised I would love you. Meredith, even when you hate me? Derrick, even when I hate you. I am trying Meredith. I am trying. But you make it so damn hard. Meredith, I understand. I don't want you to keep the promise not if you don't want to. Not if you can't trust me with you daughter. Derrick, I trust you with my daughter. Meredith, well you just said. Derrick, that's not what I said. I know you took her to protect her. I know you altered the trial for Adele and Richard. You stood in front of a bullet for me. I know why you do all of it. That's what I love about you. Meredith, and what you hate about me. Derrick, yeah.  He lays down on the bed.

Meredith looks at him, she looks at the empty crib, and says so you can't trust me at work. Derrick, no I can't. Meredith, well that's easy then. So we just don't work together. Derrick, what are you saying? Meredith, I'm off your service. That's my consequence. If we want to stay together with or without Zola we just can't work together. 

Christina Yang and Owen Hunt both on the bathroom floor. Christina, I told you never to order from that place. Their floors are disqusting. Hunt, but then you always say you like their spring rolls. Christina, laughing don't say it. Hunt is putting a cold rag on her head. He tells her he's not going to kiss her. He want's to go to bed. She wants to stay there on the floor.

My they are getting so grown up. What do you think Meredith will do now? Will they bring in another Neuro surgeon or will Meredith change specialties. She's always been about Neuro like Christina has been about Cardio. 

And where was Lexie this week?

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