Friday, September 10, 2010

Survivor Starts Next Wednesday

Ok, so all the Survivor fans, probably already know that. LOL

I am so disappointed in the changes that Survivor has made to the show since it started, that I haven't watched a full season in a very long time.

I'm going to give this season a try again. I will blog my opinion about the show, maybe some Hollywood producer will see my disappointments and change some things back. Or maybe I will be pleasantly surprised to see the show has already made the changes.

I must say I'm pretty fed up with all the reality shows. I know they say they are cheaper to produce but come on Hollywood, New York you know you have the money. When I hear some "Snookie" is getting $30,000 an episode, I mean really that doesn't sound cheap to me. I could live on $30,000 a year. I prefer to live on more than that. But I'm just saying.

I'm a big CSI fan and I loved William Peterson (Grissom) but he left the show making like $600,000 an episode. Ray Ramano left his show making approx 1.8 million an episode. I don't begrudge anyone making a living, but really you could feed a country with 1.8 million. Put a cap on these actors salaries and give us real programming back!   Find the happy medium here producers, whoever is in charge. It's not rocket science.

Jeff Probst said he started Survivor because the human interaction and behavior intrigued him. I guess in that sense I am the same, because the three reality shows I watch or have watched more than once have a lot to do with emotional manipulation and are pretty much centered around human behavior. I will/have watched: Big Brother, Dr. Drew's Celebrity Rehab and Survivor.

Course, I also love watching shows on psycho's and serial killers. I just can't figure them out. They intrigue me. And no I'm neither a psycho or a serial killer nor do I want to be.

Maybe with the upcoming season we will get some new decent shows to watch, a couple look like they might have potential, like The Event, Outlaw, and Hawaii Five-0. I hope we get something that works out cause we lost some good ones last year when we lost 24, Doll House and Law & Order.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

What is OpenID ?

OpenID is rapidly gaining use on the web, over 50,000 websites accept OpenID for login. You probably have one or more OpenID's and didn't even know it.

OpenID's allow you to securely log into a new site with an existing username from another site so you don't have to keep setting up new accounts every time you find a new site.

Several large organizations either issue or accept OpenIDs, including Google, Facebook, Yahoo!, Microsoft, AOL, MySpace, Sears, Universal Music Group, France Telecom, Novell, Sun, Telecom Italia, and many more.

This is how you sign in for some of the more popular accounts.

Blogger = 

Google = or Go to your google profile, look at the bottom of the page. It says your profile url is :

Yahoo =

Myspace =

Wordpress =


Flicker = Sign in with your Yahoo button or use your photostream url.

Orange =  Sign in with Orange button or enter

LiveJournal =

For those looking for Facebook, it appears they accept OpenID, but I do not see where they are issuing one yet. If they start I will update this.

You may choose to associate information with your OpenID that can be shared with the websites you visit, such as a name or email address. With OpenID, you control how much of that information is shared with the websites you visit. Your password is only given to your identity provider, and that provider then confirms your identity to the websites you visit. Other than your provider, no website ever sees your password, so you don’t need to worry about an unscrupulous or insecure website compromising your identity.

Young & Restless Recap Wednesday September 8, 2010

Victoria and Billy plan for Wedding.

Nick is giving Phyllis a hard time about her blog. Nick's says he's worried about what Summer will think. Right! I like Phyllis's blog, but I hope this narration thing doesn't keep going on. It reminds me of Desperate Housewives and I could never watch that show because the narrator made me crazy. 

Meggie is making Nikki another smoothie.

Daniel tells Jana just because her and Kevin are getting a divorce doesn't mean they can't be friends.

Victoria tells Nick and Phyllis she's getting married and pregnant. Nick not happy about Billy but he is happy about the baby.  Phyllis is happy. Summer going to be flower girl.

Billy invites Jack to wedding. Jack, its like being invited to a shark feeding with you as bait. Billy asks Jack to be best man, Jack says he has a meeting and its just like Billy to expect everyone to drop everything for him. Jerk, Billy never gets any love.

Victor says not going to wedding.

Billy goes to Catherine's to announce the wedding. Chloe asks if he's getting real married or like drunk fake married. Jill throws her hands up to her face and says oh no she's pregnant! Philip offers to help, Billy asks him to go to Gloworm to check the food. Chloe pours a drink.Chloe tells Billy he is never going to be like his dad. OW!

Victoria runs into Daniel and Jana. They offer to help. Jana will help with the dress Daniel will be photographer. She's so happy said her own family won't even help her. Jana will also stand up with her since Nick refused.  JT walks in and hears about wedding. JT wants to know if she is going to do this every two or three months? Is it always going to be Billy or someone else? Victoria says she would like for Reed to be there. She is a little surprised when Mac takes her side. Mac gives JT and Victoria crap about their actions effecting Reed.

Ashley going to wedding, gives Jack crap and says Billy would be there for him.

Nikki tells Victor he is trying to control Victoria and she is tired of him trying to control everybody. Victor, I'm a rich man you get it? Nikki, I don't care! Victor, you don't? What are you saying your not going to marry me or what? Here we go again. Nikki, How many times do you have to go down this road before you realize it always ends in someone being hurt. Victoria enters, tells Victor, Nothing Billy ever does will hurt me as much as you are hurting me right now. Nikki, I hope you have a good time here all by yourself. Nikki and Victoria leave. Meggie enters.

Nina tells Chance that Paul talked to Cricket and she refuses to believe Ronan is a dirty cop. The guy set you up, what is it going to take for her to believe he is scum. Chance tells her quit worrying, call Paul go on a date.

Chloe to Chance you are going to this showdown thing aren't you, that's what all these good byes are about. How 'bout you don't go. Chloe, you know they are going to try and kill you. Chance, I have every intention of coming home. Chance makes apologies to Chloe again and says he really did love her. Chloe cries for Chance not to go.

Victoria waiting on Jana with the dresses. Wonders if Victor will show up at last minute. Rafe shows up. Billy says to Phillip its funny you hardly know me at all, and Rafe knows me way to well. Billy goes in house.

Phillip says to Rafe you bring a date or you going to watch the fireworks along. Rafe, solo boyfriends out of town. Philip looks happy. I'm smelling a love connection. Rafe, how about you? Phillip, Haven't met my boyfriend yet, but its a wedding you know, you never know who your going to meet. Raft looks intrigued. Okay so if Rafe knows Billy so well, how come he didn't know his brother was gay?

Victoria goes to a door somewhere in the house tries to get out the door is stuck. She tells Billy call the fire dept call someone. Then he tells her he is holding the door. Victoria, Is this a can't see the bride thing. Billy, its a look down and see what's in your hand thing. Victoria, a doorknob? Billy, its a present, its a regifted present. Victoria, what kind of moron would by a door knob for a present. Billy, actually its a really pretty girl. We were stuck in a bathroom one time and I think she gave it to me to thank me for me giving her something else. Victoria, you know this was all starting out so sweet. Victoria wants to know if anyone showed up. He tells her who is there. Phyllis just arrived. More narration from Phyllis's blog, about a fairy tale wedding, no law suits, and people they trust never letting them down, but the good people of Genoa City have other plans for the bride and groom. Their hopes for a peaceful afternoon are about to be shattered, because in their world father always knows best. Everyone else arriving, Jack has decided to show up.

Victor,On phone asking someone if everything set for the wedding. I wonder if Victor is talking to Jack?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

General Hospital Tuesday Recap, September 7, 2010

Robin finds Emma's puppy boiling in the beaker. Runs to get Emma. Emma is in the nursery. Fine.

Patrick tells Lisa he is not operating with her, he doesn't trust her as a person. Patrick agrees to do surgery. Steve comes in and says patient is going to wait on surgery. Lisa says they are all ready to go. Patrick says its a good idea to wait.

Carly continues talk with Dante, but doesn't tell him anything. Carly says Sonny might be better off in prison than with Brenda. Jason has Bernie check with the contacts in Rome to see if Sonny has made contact with anyone. Spinelli comes in says he's going to access security footage on Baker street. I called that one. Dante comes back, wants Spinelli to access social networks. Dante, figures since we are all on the same side on this one we can all work together.

Sonny is outside with Brenda, two guys are getting her to sign an autographs. Sonny is standing there with all his dimples. The two guys pull guns on Brenda. Sonny pulls his and tells them to drop it, Brenda runs to Sonny. Another couple comes out of the hotel in front of the guys, Sonny and Brenda take off.

Spinelli runs into Maxie at the hospital. Maxie tells him he was the best non husband she could ever ask for.

Ali tells Michael he's not a convict he's a hero. Ali tries to take Michaels shirt off and wants him to go swimming he refuses. After Ali leaves, Christina says you looked like you were going to be sick when she tried to take your shirt off, that's kinda how I feel when a guy touches me. Carly arrives Micheal tells her he doesn't want to go back to Madison or PC High.

Matt and Maxie discuss her feeling for Spinelli.Maxie if over Spinelli, but said it was awkward talking to him.

Wowzaa, Robin punches Lisa square in the face. Wow! Robin put her whole little body into that. Robin, Stay away from my daughter you psycho bitch!  You twisted psychotic freak, what kinda of monster targets an innocent little girl? (Patrick trying to hold Robin back) First you screw my husband and then you target my daughter. Do you even know how sick you are? I dare you, I dare you to touch my daughter. I will kill you before you lay a finger on her. Lisa of course has no idea what Robin is talking about playing all innocent. Lisa, Someone is sick but its not me, she looks at Patrick and says I was in the scrub room with you the whole time wasn't I? Patrick, we were scrubbing up the last twenty minutes but I have no idea where she was before that. Robin tells Patrick about the beaker. Lisa blames Robin going back and forth. Robin says she wishes she had broken every bone in her body when she hit her with the car. Steve interrupts and tells Robin she is going to have to leave and puts her on suspension.

Lucky and Maxie go to Robin's lab. Maxie says you have to arrest Lisa. Lucky, we have to eliminate Robin first. Lucky says there is a difference between what I think and what I can prove. Mack arrives and orders full sweep of lab. Lucky says if we find anything she'll just say she has been in her before for work. We gotta do something Robin is unraveling fast.

Murphy meets Suzanne. Guess he's not dead. Murphy, the two guys were trying to put me in the van and the guys gun went off. I came around here and Brenda was holding hands with some guy who was holding a gun on two other men. Suzanne was she struggling? Murphy, No, she and this man went running off together. Murphy is calling Interpol. Suzanne said bad idea, you say she went with this guy willingly, if we call Interpol she is just going to be pissed as hell.

Brenda and Sonny in a room. Sonny I paid the desk clerk extra to forget what we look like. So whose these guys after you. Brenda, some criminals, I can't believe your standing here in front of me. Sonny, Looks like I finally got the timing right. Brenda tells Sonny about ASEC and  talking to Robin in Africa. Sonny gives her a hard time about being late all the time. Brenda tells him Balkin guy is after her, she thinks its because of the work she does. I think its because of Sonny or something else. Sonny, why are you out here alone? Brenda, you know I don't like guards. Sonny, what if I hadn't been there? Brenda, you were. Sonny and Brenda reminisce. They start to kiss... Shows over.

Robin is moving her and Emma into Macks. They are not safe at home.

Someone is watching a video of Sonny shooting Johnny.

One Life To Live Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Roxie lets Natalie into John's apartment, tells her she just visited Skylar in Pentonville. Roxie's cleaning John's room thinks the baby should be named after her. Reminds Natalie she was the one that made her write the letter to have John meet her at midnight. Roxie, Glad you didn't do anything stupid. Natalie, actually I did do something stupid that night. John returns and fills in Natalie. John tells Natalie he doesn't get it, lying never works. John, tells Natalie if something is bothering you, I wanna hear about it. Natalie, I guess I should tell you then.

Rex and Gigi go on a picnic. Rex has his silver brief case. It's loaded with school supplies for Gigi, but she can't have the case. LOL Gigi's filling out her grant paperwork. Rex, wants to go for a swim, Gigi tells him to go, while she finishes grant. He runs into Kelly in his swimsuit. She says what is it with you and clothes or lack there of. LOL She's on a bridge with Melinda's ashes. She dumps the ashes over.

Destiny hears Greg calling Eli, but doesn't know who he's calling. Love Destiny's hat. They are at diner, Destiny see's Layla and Christian tells them Tea died. Now Greg found out Eli died. Greg said he knew him from Matthews case. Christian tells Layla she has to take the job in Paris. Both are trying to delay their jobs for the other.

Jack goes to see Dani, tells her he's very sorry about her mom and gives her a hug. Awwwwwwwww Who knew Jack had it in him? Jack says he liked Tea better than Eli, Todd tells him he won't have to worry about Eli anymore. Dani says Eli is kind of her uncle. Dani finds out Eli is dead. She thinks he was a nice guy. Todd tells Dani all the people Eli killed. She decides she's not going to trust anybody whose going to leave you and aren't even who they say they are.

Blair arrives home, says she's been a bride, a widower, and a murder its good to be home. Blair is going to take a shower for a year and a half. LOL John tells Kelly what happened. Guess Blair decided not to stay in the shower that long. Now she's thanking Kelly. Kelly wants to know what Eli said. Blair tells her Melinda apparently saw a picture of Blair and Eli in the paper and showed it to Rodney who recognized him as Bennett Thompson, Melinda called Blair to warn her and Eli answered the phone, so he flew there and killed her. ???? I thought Eli said before he dated Melinda, I think they screwed that one up. Blair is going to check on Dani, Kelly tells her Tea died.

Jessica and Broddy go to doctor. Vivian the Dr brings Jessica in alone and tells her she's made arrangements for the Rh shot, she'll do it while Brody isn't around.  Brody getting all excited about ultrasound. Jessica appears to be freaking out on the inside. Brody starts talking about how he didn't have any family then he thought he had Shane and lost him, but this baby no one can ever take that from him. Jessica, I can't do this anymore.I can't keep on lying. I love you more than anything else in the world. Your gonna hate me when I tell you this. There's a chance this baby might not be yours.

Blair goes to see Dani, heartbreaking. Blair asks Todd what do you need, he says Tea. Blair, we were both widowed in same week. Todd, Married him huh? Blair and then I shot him. Dani is going home with Blair. Todd is left alone. Greg arrives at Todd's and says I need to tell you something about Tea.

All My Children Recap, Tuesday September 7, 2010

David stumbles into the party falls over railing into the middle of the room.

Ryan is out in the hall with a big gash on his face.

Everyone fussing over David, called 911, now hollering for Jake and Frankie. Angie can see to tell what's going on. Jake's doing a half hearted CPR. Says he's gone. Jake tells Greenlee anything could have happened he has a lot of face and head trauma. Jessie declares the party a crime scene.

Kendall finds Ryan in a daze in the hallway. Ryan doesn't know what happened to him. Says he must of hit his head or something. Ryan says everything is a blank. Kendall looks in David's room and tells Ryan we need to get out of here right now. Ryan wants to go to party, Kendall tells him no, tells him he needs to trust her, they walk away just as a police officer arrives at David's room. Kendall cleans Ryan up at his apartment.

Krystal worries about how Marissa is going to handle this. Marissa gets a sweet phone message from David. She deletes it. Saw that coming.

Colby and Asher try and figure out what they are going to say. Colby doesn't want to get Ryan in trouble. Asher says then don't. Colby is telling Damon what happened.

Angie says she thought she would never hear the words David is dead. Angie has some serious boobage going on in that dress she's wearing.

Iris tells Liza its her job to prosecute to the fullest extent.

Greenlee cries over David. I keep waiting for him to move and come back from the dead.

Caleb protects Krystal from Natalia. Tells Natalia either arrest us or we're out of here! He and Krystal walk away. That was kinda hot! They go to Krystal's restaurant, find Marissa there and tell her about David. Well Marissa has the crying part down.

Greenlee tells Jesse she argued with David earlier, but was with Kendall when he fell. Liza asks Jesse whats the plan here? Jesse says whatever it is, I'm pretty sure its none of your damn business. LOL She tells him she's the new DA. Jesse says it could take you a year to go through all the suspects. Jesse is being uncooperative, Liza yells at him. Damn it, we have to work together whether you like it or not! Liza thinks Angie is at the top of the list of suspects. Liza says the public wants answers, Jesse, the public wanted him dead. He finally yells at Liza She is blind! everyone hears.

Tad's happy David is dead, Angie reminds him he was a father.

Kendall calls Greenlee as they are rolling David away, she tells her about Ryan. Greenlee says she'll be right there. Greenlee has flashbacks of David when he was being nice. Greenlee tells the police officer she is following her husband to hospital and leaves. Greenlee arrives at Ryan's, sees Ryan and tells Kendall it was good she got him out of there. Then tells them David is dead. Ryan asks how? Greenlee says he was in a fight, a violent one, she thinks he died from it.  Ryan looks down at his bruised knuckles.

Jake going to hospital to make sure everything is handled. That could mean a lot of things.

Well the rumors were that Davids contract was up at AMC, then they said they were in negotiation guess negotiations aren't going well??? I'll miss Vincent Irizarry as David if he is really dead. As of Sept 4, according to Vincent's facebook page they are still in negotiations, and this show I'm sure was recorded way before then. So we'll have to wait and see.

Beginning Sept 30 Rick Pasqualone will play the recurring role of  Charles Michaelson.

Young & Restless Tuesday Recap, September 7, 2010

Victoria tells Victor and Nikki, that she is happy she is pregnant and that Billy proposed. Billy tells Victor Well 3 out of 4 ain't bad right grandpa! LOL Very Funny buy not sure what he is referring to. Victor's getting mad, Nikki is trying to keep peace. Billy decides they should get married tomorrow, Victoria agrees. Victor leaves mad. Billy decides they should go to Vegas so they don't have to wait. Billy canceled the Vegas tickets said they even waived the cancellation fee. Not in the real world, would never happen. 

Nina sees picture of her son who doesn't look at all like Ronan. Paul tells Nina to be patient. Paul calls Christine to see what she really knows about Ronan Malloy. Christine vouched for Ronan 110%.

Chance doesn't believe Ronan is his brother, Chloe tells him how she figured it out. Chance still doesn't believe it. Chance makes Chloe promise not to tell anyone, until  he can figure out what Ronan is up too.  Ronan is unlocking his apartment door. Chance walks up and says hello brother.  Ronan tells Chance now you know the whole story, you know as much as I do.  But we don't know what Ronan told Chance. Chloe arrives. Chance and Chloe leave, Chance tells her Ronan admitted there is a big meeting tomorrow and he is going to be there. Ronan calls Sid and tells him everything is set up. Question is Will Ronan kill Chance, or did he make a plan with him when the two of them talked? 

Ronan tells Owen & Sid, Chance will be dead by tomorrow night. Ronan breaks into Owen's office, Heather shows up. Heather tells Owen it feels like Owen is the only one she can trust. Ronan doesn't tell her Owen is in on it, but convinces her to leave, tells her it will be over in 24 hours. Heather runs into Owen and Sid, says she had been drinking and it was a mistake to call him.

Chloe asks Chance how do you know Ronan isn't setting you up again. Chance, I don't but tomorrow night this all ends. Owen tells Sid if Ronan doesn't go through with it to kill them both.

Abby plots with Vance. Abby, I don't want my dad to get in trouble. I just want him to acknowledge I'm an adult and treat me like one. Vance, Abby the thing is you can't have one without the other.

Ashley is mad at Jack about Abby suing Victor. Ashley tells Jack that Victor is threatening to dismantle Abby's trust. Victor shows up tells Jack and Ashley that Billy and Victoria are engaged and pregnant. Jack and Victor are mad  Ashley says leave em be. Victor says the law is against them, they can't get married until a week from now. Which will give me time to stop them. Nikki calls Judge Anderson and gets the waiting period waived so they can get married at home. Ohhhhhhhhh, Victor's not going to be happy.

There will be a new Noah September 21. Luke Kleintank. He is a cutie pie. 

Did anyone pay attention to the school teacher last week? The woman playing the part was the Susan Olsen the Ex Cindy Brady.  I didn't notice I was too busy watching Jana.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Atlanta Child Killer Still Claims He's Innocent Over Thirty Years Later

Ok, so I go to watch Larry King, and it's Soledad O'brien instead of Larry King, which is okay I like Soledad.

She's interviewing Wayne Williams. Do ya'll remember him? He was arrested many years ago for killing young black kids in Atlanta from 1979-1981. I was a young kid at the time myself, not a black child, but I lived in a nearby state and I remember being scared, because some crazy person was killing kids.

He was convicted only of two of the adult murders, but suspected of  23-30 others. Most of the kids killed were between the ages of 12-14, but was one as young as 9, and 4 were over 21. Wayne Williams was a 23 year old black man himself. I found that kind of odd.

He claimed then and evidently is still trying to say he is innocent.

  1. He flunked 3 polygraphs, which granted aren't admissible, but still come on!
  2. Someone that saw him helped a sketch artist draw a picture that looked like him.
  3. They found dog hair on one of the boys that was consistent with Williams family dog.
  4. They found fibers consistent with his father's car which he drove on another body.
  5. They found rare carpet fibers consistent with the carpet in his house, he was still living with Mommy and Daddy evidently.
  6. When the police searched his home, they took a piece of a blanket that was under his bed, this matched fibers on another body. When the police went back for the blanket it was gone.
  7. His alibi for one of the murders was his mother, I don't know if he was alibied for any of the others.
Of course they didn't have the DNA back then that they have now, but they must not have had any to prove he was innocent, cause they could have retested it now.  There was one thing tested that proved there was a 98% possibility it was him. That didn't help his case.

Now, my question is and I really wish Soledad had asked him this. Why did the murders stop when he was arrested?  I don't believe someone that sick could have just stopped killing because the police caught the wrong man  What? Oh they arrested Wayne, so I'll stop killing now and they won't come looking for me.

I don't think so. I think they got the right man.

                           Kindle Edition $9.99

Monday, September 6, 2010

Just Started Watching the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon

I just love this telethon. I record it every year, so I don't miss any of it. Not only is it for a good cause but its a great show.

Barry Manilow is looking good.

Oh just saw Billy Gilman, he is such a cutie. I love his Dare to Dream CD he's like a baby Sinatra.

Haven't seen Brandon Barash yet, (Johnny from General Hospital) but I know from all his tweets he's been there all night. I believe there is a battle going on to shave or not shave Brandon's chest. Donate for your choice.

I really wish Brandon and Billy would do a duet.

Oh,  Nigel from So You Think You Can Dance is hosting this year, taking over for Jerry.  This should be fun.

Someone named Train on now. Haven't ever heard of him, but I like him.

Will check back in later. Don't forget to donate. MDA.Org