Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Atlanta Child Killer Still Claims He's Innocent Over Thirty Years Later

Ok, so I go to watch Larry King, and it's Soledad O'brien instead of Larry King, which is okay I like Soledad.

She's interviewing Wayne Williams. Do ya'll remember him? He was arrested many years ago for killing young black kids in Atlanta from 1979-1981. I was a young kid at the time myself, not a black child, but I lived in a nearby state and I remember being scared, because some crazy person was killing kids.

He was convicted only of two of the adult murders, but suspected of  23-30 others. Most of the kids killed were between the ages of 12-14, but was one as young as 9, and 4 were over 21. Wayne Williams was a 23 year old black man himself. I found that kind of odd.

He claimed then and evidently is still trying to say he is innocent.

  1. He flunked 3 polygraphs, which granted aren't admissible, but still come on!
  2. Someone that saw him helped a sketch artist draw a picture that looked like him.
  3. They found dog hair on one of the boys that was consistent with Williams family dog.
  4. They found fibers consistent with his father's car which he drove on another body.
  5. They found rare carpet fibers consistent with the carpet in his house, he was still living with Mommy and Daddy evidently.
  6. When the police searched his home, they took a piece of a blanket that was under his bed, this matched fibers on another body. When the police went back for the blanket it was gone.
  7. His alibi for one of the murders was his mother, I don't know if he was alibied for any of the others.
Of course they didn't have the DNA back then that they have now, but they must not have had any to prove he was innocent, cause they could have retested it now.  There was one thing tested that proved there was a 98% possibility it was him. That didn't help his case.

Now, my question is and I really wish Soledad had asked him this. Why did the murders stop when he was arrested?  I don't believe someone that sick could have just stopped killing because the police caught the wrong man  What? Oh they arrested Wayne, so I'll stop killing now and they won't come looking for me.

I don't think so. I think they got the right man.

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