Wednesday, September 8, 2010

General Hospital Tuesday Recap, September 7, 2010

Robin finds Emma's puppy boiling in the beaker. Runs to get Emma. Emma is in the nursery. Fine.

Patrick tells Lisa he is not operating with her, he doesn't trust her as a person. Patrick agrees to do surgery. Steve comes in and says patient is going to wait on surgery. Lisa says they are all ready to go. Patrick says its a good idea to wait.

Carly continues talk with Dante, but doesn't tell him anything. Carly says Sonny might be better off in prison than with Brenda. Jason has Bernie check with the contacts in Rome to see if Sonny has made contact with anyone. Spinelli comes in says he's going to access security footage on Baker street. I called that one. Dante comes back, wants Spinelli to access social networks. Dante, figures since we are all on the same side on this one we can all work together.

Sonny is outside with Brenda, two guys are getting her to sign an autographs. Sonny is standing there with all his dimples. The two guys pull guns on Brenda. Sonny pulls his and tells them to drop it, Brenda runs to Sonny. Another couple comes out of the hotel in front of the guys, Sonny and Brenda take off.

Spinelli runs into Maxie at the hospital. Maxie tells him he was the best non husband she could ever ask for.

Ali tells Michael he's not a convict he's a hero. Ali tries to take Michaels shirt off and wants him to go swimming he refuses. After Ali leaves, Christina says you looked like you were going to be sick when she tried to take your shirt off, that's kinda how I feel when a guy touches me. Carly arrives Micheal tells her he doesn't want to go back to Madison or PC High.

Matt and Maxie discuss her feeling for Spinelli.Maxie if over Spinelli, but said it was awkward talking to him.

Wowzaa, Robin punches Lisa square in the face. Wow! Robin put her whole little body into that. Robin, Stay away from my daughter you psycho bitch!  You twisted psychotic freak, what kinda of monster targets an innocent little girl? (Patrick trying to hold Robin back) First you screw my husband and then you target my daughter. Do you even know how sick you are? I dare you, I dare you to touch my daughter. I will kill you before you lay a finger on her. Lisa of course has no idea what Robin is talking about playing all innocent. Lisa, Someone is sick but its not me, she looks at Patrick and says I was in the scrub room with you the whole time wasn't I? Patrick, we were scrubbing up the last twenty minutes but I have no idea where she was before that. Robin tells Patrick about the beaker. Lisa blames Robin going back and forth. Robin says she wishes she had broken every bone in her body when she hit her with the car. Steve interrupts and tells Robin she is going to have to leave and puts her on suspension.

Lucky and Maxie go to Robin's lab. Maxie says you have to arrest Lisa. Lucky, we have to eliminate Robin first. Lucky says there is a difference between what I think and what I can prove. Mack arrives and orders full sweep of lab. Lucky says if we find anything she'll just say she has been in her before for work. We gotta do something Robin is unraveling fast.

Murphy meets Suzanne. Guess he's not dead. Murphy, the two guys were trying to put me in the van and the guys gun went off. I came around here and Brenda was holding hands with some guy who was holding a gun on two other men. Suzanne was she struggling? Murphy, No, she and this man went running off together. Murphy is calling Interpol. Suzanne said bad idea, you say she went with this guy willingly, if we call Interpol she is just going to be pissed as hell.

Brenda and Sonny in a room. Sonny I paid the desk clerk extra to forget what we look like. So whose these guys after you. Brenda, some criminals, I can't believe your standing here in front of me. Sonny, Looks like I finally got the timing right. Brenda tells Sonny about ASEC and  talking to Robin in Africa. Sonny gives her a hard time about being late all the time. Brenda tells him Balkin guy is after her, she thinks its because of the work she does. I think its because of Sonny or something else. Sonny, why are you out here alone? Brenda, you know I don't like guards. Sonny, what if I hadn't been there? Brenda, you were. Sonny and Brenda reminisce. They start to kiss... Shows over.

Robin is moving her and Emma into Macks. They are not safe at home.

Someone is watching a video of Sonny shooting Johnny.

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