Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Young & Restless Tuesday Recap, September 7, 2010

Victoria tells Victor and Nikki, that she is happy she is pregnant and that Billy proposed. Billy tells Victor Well 3 out of 4 ain't bad right grandpa! LOL Very Funny buy not sure what he is referring to. Victor's getting mad, Nikki is trying to keep peace. Billy decides they should get married tomorrow, Victoria agrees. Victor leaves mad. Billy decides they should go to Vegas so they don't have to wait. Billy canceled the Vegas tickets said they even waived the cancellation fee. Not in the real world, would never happen. 

Nina sees picture of her son who doesn't look at all like Ronan. Paul tells Nina to be patient. Paul calls Christine to see what she really knows about Ronan Malloy. Christine vouched for Ronan 110%.

Chance doesn't believe Ronan is his brother, Chloe tells him how she figured it out. Chance still doesn't believe it. Chance makes Chloe promise not to tell anyone, until  he can figure out what Ronan is up too.  Ronan is unlocking his apartment door. Chance walks up and says hello brother.  Ronan tells Chance now you know the whole story, you know as much as I do.  But we don't know what Ronan told Chance. Chloe arrives. Chance and Chloe leave, Chance tells her Ronan admitted there is a big meeting tomorrow and he is going to be there. Ronan calls Sid and tells him everything is set up. Question is Will Ronan kill Chance, or did he make a plan with him when the two of them talked? 

Ronan tells Owen & Sid, Chance will be dead by tomorrow night. Ronan breaks into Owen's office, Heather shows up. Heather tells Owen it feels like Owen is the only one she can trust. Ronan doesn't tell her Owen is in on it, but convinces her to leave, tells her it will be over in 24 hours. Heather runs into Owen and Sid, says she had been drinking and it was a mistake to call him.

Chloe asks Chance how do you know Ronan isn't setting you up again. Chance, I don't but tomorrow night this all ends. Owen tells Sid if Ronan doesn't go through with it to kill them both.

Abby plots with Vance. Abby, I don't want my dad to get in trouble. I just want him to acknowledge I'm an adult and treat me like one. Vance, Abby the thing is you can't have one without the other.

Ashley is mad at Jack about Abby suing Victor. Ashley tells Jack that Victor is threatening to dismantle Abby's trust. Victor shows up tells Jack and Ashley that Billy and Victoria are engaged and pregnant. Jack and Victor are mad  Ashley says leave em be. Victor says the law is against them, they can't get married until a week from now. Which will give me time to stop them. Nikki calls Judge Anderson and gets the waiting period waived so they can get married at home. Ohhhhhhhhh, Victor's not going to be happy.

There will be a new Noah September 21. Luke Kleintank. He is a cutie pie. 

Did anyone pay attention to the school teacher last week? The woman playing the part was the Susan Olsen the Ex Cindy Brady.  I didn't notice I was too busy watching Jana.

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