Wednesday, September 8, 2010

All My Children Recap, Tuesday September 7, 2010

David stumbles into the party falls over railing into the middle of the room.

Ryan is out in the hall with a big gash on his face.

Everyone fussing over David, called 911, now hollering for Jake and Frankie. Angie can see to tell what's going on. Jake's doing a half hearted CPR. Says he's gone. Jake tells Greenlee anything could have happened he has a lot of face and head trauma. Jessie declares the party a crime scene.

Kendall finds Ryan in a daze in the hallway. Ryan doesn't know what happened to him. Says he must of hit his head or something. Ryan says everything is a blank. Kendall looks in David's room and tells Ryan we need to get out of here right now. Ryan wants to go to party, Kendall tells him no, tells him he needs to trust her, they walk away just as a police officer arrives at David's room. Kendall cleans Ryan up at his apartment.

Krystal worries about how Marissa is going to handle this. Marissa gets a sweet phone message from David. She deletes it. Saw that coming.

Colby and Asher try and figure out what they are going to say. Colby doesn't want to get Ryan in trouble. Asher says then don't. Colby is telling Damon what happened.

Angie says she thought she would never hear the words David is dead. Angie has some serious boobage going on in that dress she's wearing.

Iris tells Liza its her job to prosecute to the fullest extent.

Greenlee cries over David. I keep waiting for him to move and come back from the dead.

Caleb protects Krystal from Natalia. Tells Natalia either arrest us or we're out of here! He and Krystal walk away. That was kinda hot! They go to Krystal's restaurant, find Marissa there and tell her about David. Well Marissa has the crying part down.

Greenlee tells Jesse she argued with David earlier, but was with Kendall when he fell. Liza asks Jesse whats the plan here? Jesse says whatever it is, I'm pretty sure its none of your damn business. LOL She tells him she's the new DA. Jesse says it could take you a year to go through all the suspects. Jesse is being uncooperative, Liza yells at him. Damn it, we have to work together whether you like it or not! Liza thinks Angie is at the top of the list of suspects. Liza says the public wants answers, Jesse, the public wanted him dead. He finally yells at Liza She is blind! everyone hears.

Tad's happy David is dead, Angie reminds him he was a father.

Kendall calls Greenlee as they are rolling David away, she tells her about Ryan. Greenlee says she'll be right there. Greenlee has flashbacks of David when he was being nice. Greenlee tells the police officer she is following her husband to hospital and leaves. Greenlee arrives at Ryan's, sees Ryan and tells Kendall it was good she got him out of there. Then tells them David is dead. Ryan asks how? Greenlee says he was in a fight, a violent one, she thinks he died from it.  Ryan looks down at his bruised knuckles.

Jake going to hospital to make sure everything is handled. That could mean a lot of things.

Well the rumors were that Davids contract was up at AMC, then they said they were in negotiation guess negotiations aren't going well??? I'll miss Vincent Irizarry as David if he is really dead. As of Sept 4, according to Vincent's facebook page they are still in negotiations, and this show I'm sure was recorded way before then. So we'll have to wait and see.

Beginning Sept 30 Rick Pasqualone will play the recurring role of  Charles Michaelson.

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