Thursday, September 9, 2010

Young & Restless Recap Wednesday September 8, 2010

Victoria and Billy plan for Wedding.

Nick is giving Phyllis a hard time about her blog. Nick's says he's worried about what Summer will think. Right! I like Phyllis's blog, but I hope this narration thing doesn't keep going on. It reminds me of Desperate Housewives and I could never watch that show because the narrator made me crazy. 

Meggie is making Nikki another smoothie.

Daniel tells Jana just because her and Kevin are getting a divorce doesn't mean they can't be friends.

Victoria tells Nick and Phyllis she's getting married and pregnant. Nick not happy about Billy but he is happy about the baby.  Phyllis is happy. Summer going to be flower girl.

Billy invites Jack to wedding. Jack, its like being invited to a shark feeding with you as bait. Billy asks Jack to be best man, Jack says he has a meeting and its just like Billy to expect everyone to drop everything for him. Jerk, Billy never gets any love.

Victor says not going to wedding.

Billy goes to Catherine's to announce the wedding. Chloe asks if he's getting real married or like drunk fake married. Jill throws her hands up to her face and says oh no she's pregnant! Philip offers to help, Billy asks him to go to Gloworm to check the food. Chloe pours a drink.Chloe tells Billy he is never going to be like his dad. OW!

Victoria runs into Daniel and Jana. They offer to help. Jana will help with the dress Daniel will be photographer. She's so happy said her own family won't even help her. Jana will also stand up with her since Nick refused.  JT walks in and hears about wedding. JT wants to know if she is going to do this every two or three months? Is it always going to be Billy or someone else? Victoria says she would like for Reed to be there. She is a little surprised when Mac takes her side. Mac gives JT and Victoria crap about their actions effecting Reed.

Ashley going to wedding, gives Jack crap and says Billy would be there for him.

Nikki tells Victor he is trying to control Victoria and she is tired of him trying to control everybody. Victor, I'm a rich man you get it? Nikki, I don't care! Victor, you don't? What are you saying your not going to marry me or what? Here we go again. Nikki, How many times do you have to go down this road before you realize it always ends in someone being hurt. Victoria enters, tells Victor, Nothing Billy ever does will hurt me as much as you are hurting me right now. Nikki, I hope you have a good time here all by yourself. Nikki and Victoria leave. Meggie enters.

Nina tells Chance that Paul talked to Cricket and she refuses to believe Ronan is a dirty cop. The guy set you up, what is it going to take for her to believe he is scum. Chance tells her quit worrying, call Paul go on a date.

Chloe to Chance you are going to this showdown thing aren't you, that's what all these good byes are about. How 'bout you don't go. Chloe, you know they are going to try and kill you. Chance, I have every intention of coming home. Chance makes apologies to Chloe again and says he really did love her. Chloe cries for Chance not to go.

Victoria waiting on Jana with the dresses. Wonders if Victor will show up at last minute. Rafe shows up. Billy says to Phillip its funny you hardly know me at all, and Rafe knows me way to well. Billy goes in house.

Phillip says to Rafe you bring a date or you going to watch the fireworks along. Rafe, solo boyfriends out of town. Philip looks happy. I'm smelling a love connection. Rafe, how about you? Phillip, Haven't met my boyfriend yet, but its a wedding you know, you never know who your going to meet. Raft looks intrigued. Okay so if Rafe knows Billy so well, how come he didn't know his brother was gay?

Victoria goes to a door somewhere in the house tries to get out the door is stuck. She tells Billy call the fire dept call someone. Then he tells her he is holding the door. Victoria, Is this a can't see the bride thing. Billy, its a look down and see what's in your hand thing. Victoria, a doorknob? Billy, its a present, its a regifted present. Victoria, what kind of moron would by a door knob for a present. Billy, actually its a really pretty girl. We were stuck in a bathroom one time and I think she gave it to me to thank me for me giving her something else. Victoria, you know this was all starting out so sweet. Victoria wants to know if anyone showed up. He tells her who is there. Phyllis just arrived. More narration from Phyllis's blog, about a fairy tale wedding, no law suits, and people they trust never letting them down, but the good people of Genoa City have other plans for the bride and groom. Their hopes for a peaceful afternoon are about to be shattered, because in their world father always knows best. Everyone else arriving, Jack has decided to show up.

Victor,On phone asking someone if everything set for the wedding. I wonder if Victor is talking to Jack?

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