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Deadliest Catch Season 7 Episode 14 The Island

"The Island"

Let's see who we have this week.  I'm still waiting on the cigarette prank. I sure hope they show it.

Interesting preview clips. I can't stand it the anticipation is killing me!

Wow Is that Mike Rowe narrating? It doesn't sound like him. The voice is a lot deeper. Either he's sick, someone is playing with his voice in audio or that's not Mike Rowe. Weird!

The Wizard is at St. Paul Harbor off loading. The narrator says they are five hours into the off load. Wow I never thought about it taking that long. 

Captain Keith Colburn says the off loaders are getting sea sick in the tank it's so nasty out there. Narrator, A twenty foot swell is reeking havoc at the dock.

Captain Keith yells to Mouse, Do something to get that line taken care of so we don't have to have somebody underneath that crab. Then you hear a popping noise. One of the lines holding the boat to the dock is really frayed. Captain Keith yells, Wait hold on. Lines seem to be popping all over. Gary Soper, We're having a big surge here and it's tearing up all of our tie up lines. Captain Keith, If we lose to many lines we won't be able to tie the boat up and that will be the end of the off load. Wouldn't you think they would have more lines available at the dock. Someone could throw them to the boat. 

Captain Keith Colburn, I'm going to push it ahead but we've got to get all these lines tightened up. Some of these lines we are using are good on a great day, but on days like today, they are like dental floss trying to tie these things up. I gotta get this under control right now, we have 200,000 pounds still in the belly of this boat. Narrator, If the crab on board die Keith will lose $800,000.

Captain Keith up in the wheelhouse, Monty "Mouse" Colburn can you hear me? Anybody have this thing in their hand? He throws down the microphone and says gosh darn it! (LOL That's not really what he said) He goes back and picks up the mic again and screams, somebody put the f'ng radio in their hands. He screams out to Mouse again. Come up and talk to me please, this is like the blind leading the blind up here. I see one guy doing nothing, two guys doing nothing. We're doing nothing.

Captain Keith, Mouse lets get the processor to break out a big line. I know they got some. That's what I said. Mouse, So you want to see if they have any other line over here. Captain Keith, I guarantee you they have another big line in one of those totes. The Wizards lines are literally hanging by a thread. Mouse, Keep putting it in gear and leaving it in gear and we'll get the slack. Captain Keith screaming, Don't tell me what to do Mouse. Narrator, Now instead of fixing the lines that are too thin, Keith borrows the six inch line from the processor. That thing is huge! Mouse says perfect. Keith is hollering at the guys as they hook up the boat. They finally have the boat secure.

Mouse, Now that things are under control, I've gotta go change. I'm soaking wet. Captain Keith, It's going to be a long day. About six lines have parted so far, at least. I guarantee you if we don't keep on top of it we are going to be right back where we were, which is chasing lines that are broken. I hate this harbor.

70 miles from St Paul harbor. The Northwestern has an off load in one day. The deckhands have been grinding for twenty four hours. Captain Sig Hansen, This is it. We are on the home stretch.

Kevin Blakely, Definitely dandy crab two thumbs up. Captain Sig Hansen, We are on the home stretch, stay focused, don't take it for granted, it's the last lap, and we gotta do this before tomorrow night. Jake Anderson, We are really behind schedule so he is really cramming 'em down our throats. We want to get at least a 100 pots. He really wants 150, but we are going to try and do 100 today. Narrator, With the clock ticking, Sig needs the guys at the top of their game.

Captain Sig, We are trying to race through the pots as fast as we can. With Matt on the hook if he doesn't hit the first time. We're done. Matt Bradley, It ain't that big a deal, it's just fishing.  LOL Captain Sig, When Matt lolly gags around and doesn't get it, I lose it. Matt Bradley,  throws and misses. Captain Sig screams out the window, come on!. I don't know why they put the guy on the hook, cause he can't throw the bleep'ing hook. Captain Sig, We can't bleep around with this. Matt Bradley throws the hook and misses again.

Jake Anderson in the forepeak, Now I know how Edgar Hansen felt. Narrator, Matt's misses, slows the pace to a crawl. Captain Sig, We can't do this anymore. Matt Bradley, We're catching crab, I don't care. Captain Sig, I get angry when I see things like this. Matt Bradley, I know one thing for sure I ain't like Jake. The loud hailer ain't going to get me. Captain Sig, I can't put the bags in your lap! Matt Bradley, I've been hearing that squawk box for fifteen years. Captain Sig, Don't bleep up! The pot comes up pretty low. Matt Bradley throws the hook. Matt Bradley, Oh my god. Sig says that's it! Matt Bradley is looking over the side of the boat he says now I lost visual on it. Something happened, I'm not sure what. Captain Sig, Can I go to back up or not? Matt, The trailer was right here. Captain Sig throws his hands up. It is always Matt.

Jake Anderson, I think he got it in the prop, so we're probably going to cut the line and lose a pot. It's a lot of stress. Captain Sig, I'm sick of it. He throws the microphone. Those are some sturdy microphones. I wonder how often they break them throwing 'em. I'll bet the deckhands would like them to break. Captain Sig, Okay I'm going to go and just get it in the wheel here. Matt Bradley, Hey, hey, it just popped out. Captain Sig, Where is it? Matt Bradley yells, Port side right at the crane base. Nick Mavar, It chopped up the trailer line but the diver is still there. Which is hooked up to the pot, so that's good. Narrator, Sig uses even more precious time to circle back and haul the pot. Matt Bradley, Alright I can't miss anymore. Please God be with me. He throws and gets the pot. Yea! Captain Sig, Why does it gotta be so bleeped up? Narrator, but after one hour and a half dozen misses.. Captain Sig, Okay Jake this is all you man. Narrator, Matt Bradley is replaced at the rail.

Jake Anderson throws the hook and gets the pot. Captain Sig, That was a very professional throw. I enjoyed that thoroughly. LOL Wow a compliment from Captain Sig Hansen to Jake Anderson. We don't see that very often. Jake Anderson, Gotta love to throw the hook. This is my bread and butter right here. The pots coming up don't look very full at all. Captain Sig, Things are starting to smooth out. Jake is throwing the hook he is really aggressive he gets the bag in the block. Now we can just concentrate on trying to keep our steady pace, getting the pots on and get out of here. You can tell Matt's a little out of practice. There is a definite difference. But it makes me happy cause Jake is the one we gotta build on, you know. Capt Sig says to Jake Anderson, boy you turned into a pro. Jake Anderson, That's what it's about right there. He bumps fists with Kevin Blakely. I'm so glad we get to see Captain Sig compliment Jake Anderson for a change.

435 miles NW of Dutch Harbor is the Seabrooke.  They are pulling four and five hundred per pot. Narrator, But the skipper is in no mood to celebrate. Thanks to his brother Chris "Whipper" Welch. Chris is down in the galley having a bite to eat. Captain Scott Campbell, Jr, Short handed on the deck and lots of crab on the table. Whipper flaked out on me. I was trying to teach him some work ethic thinking give him an opportunity that very few people had. Narrator, Thirty six hours ago.. They show the clips from last week of Chris telling Scott his stomach is killing him. Captain Scott, Last time he pulled this there was nothing wrong with him, a pulled stomach muscle. Apparent pulled stomach muscle lets get this clear. Whether he is going to make a triumphant return I have no idea. I just gotta get calmed down before I go talk to him. Chris "Whipper" Welch is climbing into his rack. I wonder if Whippers' new wife is giving him a stomach ache? Oh that wasn't nice.

Bob Perky, I don't know what's going to happen. Junior will try and charge him up. I'm sure work on his sense of pride and see if that can get him back out here. Captain Scott calls Whipper to the wheelhouse. Bob Perky, A lot of times when guys make up their mind to quit that's it when they are done they're done. Like Bob's son.

Whipper goes into the wheelhouse. Captain Scott, I want to know what's going on. I don't want to hear about your stomach. I want to know what's really going on. Come clean. What is going on? Whipper, That's what is going in. Captain Scott, how in a twelve hour period are you all of a sudden your stomach hurts so bad you felt you can't work? Whipper, Dude, I don't know. Scott, A pulled stomach muscle is not something you can not not work through. Whipper, It wasn't pulled, it was torn. Captain Scott, a torn stomach muscle you can work through. For bleep sake these guys got torn muscles left and right.

Captain Scott, Do you realize what kind of situation you are putting yourself into? How are you going to put food on the table for your family? That's what I want to know? You know what I had to do when I was hurting like you? I had to push through the pain so my family could bleeping survive. You have a family now Whip. Have you thought about that? Whipper, Yes I've thought about that. Captain Scott, Then I would say that would be a good enough indicator to provide for your family and push through a little pain and suck it up. That's part of fishing. What else are you going to do? You are an uneducated man? Wow. Lay on the tough love brother. There is no work for educated people right now. It's a tough deal. I worked through a fricking torn shoulder, a fricking missing digit. You're tough when it comes to physical pain. You've got something mental going on that's making your physical seem worse and you're not coming clean with me Whip. Whipper, I'm dead serious, I'm not even bleeping with you. If I didn't want to be here, I'd of said something. Captain Scott, Okay then what are you going to do? Whipper, Push through it. I plan on going out there. Captain Scott, I'd say that's a pretty good decision Whip. Whipper leaves the wheelhouse.

Captain Scott, All these guys are hurting just as bad as he is. He's just gotta understand he's no different than anybody else. If there's not a bone sticking out. Suck it up and deal with it.  LMBO

Chris "Whipper" Welch, My brother thinks I want to go home. He thinks there is something else going on. Well Whipper the way they showed that phone call to your wife, I'm thinking that too. But at the same time I realize the show could have just cut the phone call in there. Whipper goes back out on deck. Derek Haist, You cleaned up well. Mac White, Welcome back. Captain Scott, I still think he's not coming clean.
But if he goes back on deck and finishes the season. I guess he'll let his bleep drop and became a man, push through the pain.

270 miles from Dutch Harbor in St. Paul Island the Wizard has off loaded it's last brailer. Captain Keith, Didn't get the full price, but the price we got put us at about $800,000. That's the second biggest trip I've ever had on here 424,000 pounds. Now I just gotta find a way to get out of this harbor in the dark. Narrator and as hard as it was at the dock, leaving will be even harder. Captain Keith, a bunch of creepy crawling curlers out there right at the harbor entrance.

Captain Keith tells the crew wrap her tight as fast as you can. It's going to be cold on the way out there. It's going to be nasty. I can't wait to get out of this town. Daniel Maki, It's looking like we are going to get into some pretty big swells and some freezing spray. It's gonna get pretty narly. Captain Keith Colburn, I would the chance of us getting out of here without getting pounded are pretty slim. He shows the break water on a screen. Fans know this harbor is tricky on a good day.  He says there is only 12-18 feet of water under his keel. It sounds like that pass the Time Bandit went through. I can't think of the name of it right now. Captain Keith, Alright shove those lines up under there and come in the house. Narrator, A shift in tides is causing twenty foot swells to surge through the harbor. Keith must thread the 155 ft vessel through a narrow 300 ft passage in only 15 feet of water.

Captain Keith, Where's the break water? Tell me what's happening over there. Someone, Your looking good. Someone else, Awesome. Captain Keith, Okay I'm going to punch it. Yes ma'am we're getting the bleep out of here. Someone, Okay you're looking good, you can come this way. Captain Keith, Are you sure? Someone, Absolutely positive. Captain Keith, Okay I'm going to come that way just a hair. Come on Come on come on. Oh my God I only have about six feet of water under this boat.  I wonder how far down the propellers hang? I'm thinking they would hit bottom before the bottom of the boat. I'll have to take a better look next time I get the chance. Suspenseful music playing. Thinking of you Paul Hepker and J Peter Robinson. Great job! Someone yells all clear. Captain Keith breathes a sigh of relief. There is a whole line of waves out there. Someone was on our side because not one of them broke. St. Paul is always a trick harbor getting in and out. She never gives it up easy. That's what I said too. hehe.

65 miles to the west on the Northwestern. Captain Sig, It's times like this, I'm thinking why the heck didn't I go to college. LOL, for real. Narrator, After hauling gear for two days straight, the men have barely enough energy to shuffle off deck. Captain Sig, That tank is full. The guys however are very tired right now. I'll give the guys a decent nap. The guys are all sitting in the galley rubbing their bloodshot eyes. I'd be going to sleep right there. They can get a good solid rest, recharge their batteries. Narrator, but before the bone weary skipper gets his break he has a seven hour run to his off load. I was just worrying about that. Captain Sig Hansen, The guys are tired and I'm tired but it was worth it in the long run.

Narrator, Two hours into the steam, Captain Sig yawns, Well we finished up grinding through the night here, about to head to the island. Narrator, Sig starts to drift. Captain Sig, We were starting out it was half our boats maybe 80 to 100, something like that so, I don't even know what. Am I talking to you? Sig leans over asleep, wakes right back up. He's driving into the snow. That always freaks me out in a car, messes with your vision. Captain Sig Hansen, While we did manage to get a hold of a picking hook puck um mumbles falls back asleep. Producer, Sig, Sig! You alright? Sig, Bleep I'm tired. Narrator, Unable to stay awake Sig Hansen reaches out for help. He calls down to someone, says I gotta lay down for twenty minutes, I'm dying here. Jake Anderson comes into the wheelhouse. Captain Sig, I'm sorry I kept you awake but. Jake, Oh no that was fine, that was good. Captain Sig, I think we did the right thing. Jake takes the wheel. Jake Anderson, That says a lot when Sig brings me above everybody else. Wow Jake got a compliment and an apology, he's going to get a big head. LOL

180 miles from St Paul Harbor is the Seabrooke. Bob Perky I think, These crab are big, just what we are looking for it doesn't get much better than that. Narrator, the crew is in the home stretch hauling their final fifteen pots before going in to off load. The skippers brother Whip is still complaining about stomach pain. Mac White, How's it going Whip? Whip, It sucks to be me right now. It's getting pretty bad right now. It feels like I'm going to explode.

Captain Scott, Everytime he is gone longer than a month something like this happens. I mean to be bleep at all, but you know I mean, it's not an easy job out there. At times everyone has their breaking point where they try and find an excuse to bail out. Whipper, Every time I take a pee, every time I bend down it's getting bad. Okay, I'm not going there. Captain Scott, Usually guys do it when the fishing is slow, not when the fishing is like this. Narrator, After the final pot of the trip is sorted. Captain Scott, We are headed to town. The crew heads inside.

Whipper is in the wheelhouse. Captain Scott tells him again. I need to know what's going on because your mind is million miles away from the boat right now. Something is going on at home and if you need to go deal with it, then lets get it dealt with, you know. Whipper, the only thing bothering me right now is my body. That's the only thing that is killing me right now.

Captain Scott, Man come on dude, when guys are hurting I know they are hurting. I mean I need to know how severe this issue is at home because I mean you're going to get hurt dude because you're not paying attention to what's going on out there. I mean every pot you're looking at the tank to see if it's full. Your mind is not in the game. You know it and I know it. If you need to take some time off and go deal with the situation just let me know. Whipper, I'm not doing so good body wise. Captain Scott, I know your bodies hurting everybody's hurting out there. Do you need to go home and deal with the situation. Whipper, Yeah I have issues at home I need to take care of and I need to get done. Captain Scott, Alright, then we'll get you on the plane and get you out of here. But like I say you should of come clean with me in the beginning and I could have already had you home. Whipper just looks at him.

Whipper in the forepeak, I've gotta take off after this trip and go be with my family they need me right now, so I gotta go. It will also give me time to deal with this stomach issue and recuperate and get back up here.

Captain Scott, the problem that ticks me off is he didn't come clean and he lied to me from the get go. He should have just came to me, Junior I got an issue, here's what's going on I need to go home. Captain Scott, Errr tell me the truth, don't lie to me.

120 miles to the SE is the Kodiak. Captain Wild Bill Wichrowski this is a rare day on the Bering Sea in January. It is flat calm and sunny. Fishing is great. Captain Bill is on hot fishing. It is a pretty easy to sport a smile on a day like today. He sets back. But even with crab on the table the crew is dragging. A six day flu has beaten them down. Jake Jolibois, I hate doing this when I’m healthy. Add sick to it and I just wanna go lay down. I wish I had sick days man. I’ve accumulated a lot of days at sea with no sick days I think I’m entitled to a couple here.

Captain Bill, This is a nice looking pot here. Narrator, Midway through the string crab come up riddled with barnacles. Adam McCalden, I imagine the cannery is not going to be happy with this crab. Jake Jolibois, If you go to someplace that specializes in year old seafood and you might get crab that look like this. Jesus Ovalles, Where did he come from? He's new. Not as presentable crab as you would want. We want cleaner crab, you can get a better price for it. Deck boss Adam McCalden fails to inform the skipper. The deckhands if the crabs dirty you won’t make any money it. Adam, If it’s dirty, would you want to eat that on your plate. Captain Bill, my cheeks are sore from smiling.

Narrator, When the string ends Adam finely comes clean to Wild Bill. Adam, In the beginning was cleaner, at the end it got real dirty. Captain Bill, Wow. It’s interesting I’m just getting this now. Adam, I’m sorry I’m out of it. I’m not feeling well. Captain Bill, What do you do? Somewhere In the middle of that string the crab turned from clean to tainted. I just ran three and a half miles in the ditch to set on the numbers I was given so that we can harvest this crab. I mean it just. Bill heads down to the galley.

Captain Bill, There’s no sick days here man. Adam, I’m not saying there was. I apologize for having a rough start. I’m fully coherent now. Captain Bill, What did you just tell me? You just told me you didn’t tell me the crab went to bleep because you’re sick. Adam, And I’m sorry that’s all I can say. Captain Bill, You know what, it’s your job dude. Let me know what goes on the rest of the afternoon. I know you’re not feeling good. We’ve all been there. If you are not feeling good let someone else give me the crab count. Let someone else tell me what’s going on. It’s important. There is no room for anything less than the best. I just kind of see the fire has gone out. You know, he’s just another deck hand.

315 miles northwest of Dutch Harbor on the Kodiak. Captain Bill, It’s a little sloppy tonight its dark raining, and crappie. Captain Bill, I thought I was training a predecessor but I’m having doubts on that one. Adam, my job is easy it’s just frustrating. When you work for a guy that many months a year it’s kind of a father son thing. Everybody gets mad at their father. Everybody gets mad at everybody it’s part of the gig. I got a lot on my mind all the time. I've got a lot of people’s lives in my hands here. Captain Bill, it sad it’s like a personal project of mine that I failed at. Maybe I picked the wrong guy. I think I’m going to get Zack on the rail. Let him throw the hook for little bit while the weather is crap. Narrator, Bill turns his attention to his greenhorn son. Go ahead and put Zach on the rail here for a couple pots, we’ll see how he does in the weather. Zack, I’ve done it before just not in weather like this. Captain Bill, You’re up kid. Jake Jolibois, this type of weather here is probably the first time Zack has thrown in a storm. He’s probably nervous. I’ll bet he has butterflies in his stomach. He throws. He gets it the first try. Adam, throwing the hook is like throwing the baseball. Captain Bill, He did good there. Someone, I’ll run circles around you any day. Any one of you. Hi Jake! Jake Jolibois is one of my new twitter friends. @JakeJolibois

Captain Bill, Actually throwing the hook is the most exciting and important job on the boat. If you have a guy you can trust and not have to watch him it makes all the difference in the world. Zack You’re getting it in the block a heck of a lot better buddy. Someone, Everybody knows he’s the captain’s son, everybody knows it. Zach, I’m getting it. I just wish it would come naturally that would have to worry about. I’m sure my dad had to work at it too. Captain Bill, I’m really pleased to see him picking up. It's a cast system down there. The  further up you are, the more you make, the more status you have. The less crap you got to eat. I would think if he is anything like I thought he was he’d want to climb as fast as he could. With the last pot hauled Captain Bill calls them in and tells them to get a bite to eat.

The guys head in and Adam heads up to the wheelhouse. Adam, Every time I do something every time I make a move it’s completely wrong. I feel baffled even trying, when I’m trying all I wanna do is make you proud and just do the right thing. I’ve been stressed out between you and me and it’s been really hard for me to learn anything. It seems like I’m regressing rather than progressing down there. Captain Bill and you ask why I’m dragging my feet on bringing you up here and showing you. It’s because of that.

Captain Bill, This season started out with a lot of neglect on things that needed done on overseeing the operation. Adam I’m trying to find a happy medium I wanna do more downstairs, I wanna do more up here. Captain Bill, There has been plans since king crab to start showing you how to run gear. It’s going to take a while to get back to where you were. Adam, the better I’ve been and the harder I tried, the more negative you’ve been to me. Captain Bill, If I didn’t care about you we wouldn’t have had any of these conversations. It would’ve been end of king crab take your stuff and move on. Adam, You should probably move me on then. Maybe that would’ve been best. I think everyone needs to get over the flu and sleep. Captain Bill looks at him like he’s crazy. Adam, I don’t know. I’m just going to drop it. Adam leaves the wheelhouse. Captain Bill, Wow. I’ve put a lot of heart and time and soul into that kid. He was a train wreck when he come on here. He had a drive when he got here. I said I’ll teach you how to run boats. It’s going to be a rocky road. We’ll see how the next couple of days go. But I’m really disappointed today.

The Crab Count

Time Bandit
Cornelia Marie
Ramlin' Rose

425 miles Northwest of Dutch Harbor. Bob Perky, I’d never gone home because of my wife. There are times I thought about it. The times she threatened to leave me, I used to fish ten months a year back then. You know just trying to make a buck. Whipper, I feel like I’m letting the guys down, I kinda am but when you got family you gotta take care of them. I got to go they all understand. Captain Scott, I don’t know what he is thinking I just don’t get it. Seabrooke curse man. How come the old timers can deal with it and the young bucks can’t? What’s the deal Bob? Just threw a cloud over the whole operation. Junior, Yep huge cloud. Russell Fergus, Beautiful beautiful Saint Paul. Another new guy. The Seabrook needs to hustle Whipper on a flight unload the crab and rush back out again. Derek Haist, dropping off poor Whipper here, kind of a bummer seeing him go but he’s gotta go. Mac White, Here let me help you. Everyone says their goodbyes. Captain Scott, He feels that’s what he needs to do. Hopefully he’s making the right decision. I just think he should have stuck it out until the end.

Narrator, eight hours later just outside the Harbor. Jake Anderson, What do you think about me taking it in? Sig, What the harbor? Jake, Yeah. Jake Anderson, Is ready for a new test on his climb to the Captain’s chair. Sig, Well there’s only one way to learn to and that’s to do it. That's at the east end so you gotta go all the way around. Matt Bradley, This has got to be one of the worst harbors to come into. At least he has the weather working for him. Someone, I wouldn’t do it. Matt, Nope.

Sig, First you have to get this adjusted to where you want it. Do you know where you’re going right now? Jake says something. Sig, No. Jake, I just wanna stay out of the shallows right now. Sig, Once you start you go you can’t turn around. Nick, Maybe this will go to his head or maybe this will make him better. We’ll see. Matt Bradley, No it’s going to make him not want to be on deck even more, which is what I really hope for. He does not need to be me. He doesn’t need to be Edgar. He doesn’t need to spend his life on the deck of a crab boat to be somebody.

Sig, Look at your radar. An easterly is going to want to push you to the dock, and you’re over steering everything. Star board. See your over steering with that. That takes three seconds to catch up with that. He is pointing to the computer screens. So by the time it catches up your to much. Go left port port. You are heading right for the point. Adjust your boat do it now port port. There. There you go. Matt Bradley, Looking good Jake coming in nice. Jake, I’m gonna swing in. Sig, You have to hug both docks. You want to just stay right in there and sneak by them. Matt Bradley, well at least we have the wind direction going for us this time. Last time we were tied up like a battleship, see all the broken lines. This time we have the wind holding us to the dock, which will be a good thing. Sig, A little to starboard, kick it in gear and just try to creep up. Someone, another ten feet buddy. Sig, Stop with the thrusters, straighten out your boat. Tie it off. Now just let the wind settle you. Kevin Blakely, The kid did wonderful bringing it in. Matt Bradley, tied up and all the paints still there, I’d say we did all right. Not too shabby Anderson. Jake has a well earned smoke. Sig, Not to shabby. Jake, You did it all. I couldn’t have done it without you. Sig, Tell me about it. Sig leaves the wheelhouse. Jake, it was actually very very nerve racking. I’m moving forward though I just don’t see it. Every day reminds me of first grade. Awww Our little Jakey is growing up. Congratulations Jake! I would have been a nervous wreck too. That's millions of dollars in his hands with the boat and the crab even more. Yikes!

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