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Big Brother 13 Episode 2 July 10, 2011

We have clips from the last show. Rachel Reilly is the current HOH.

The golden key means no competitions and no slop. The no slop is great, I'm not sure that not being able to compete for HOH is a good thing. 

Evel Dick Donato says put up the strong pair, keep the weak ones and as soon as we go to individual we just wipe them out.

Evel Dick tells Jeff and Jordan the returning people have to ban together. We can't win everything, we are going to lose one along the way at least. Jeff Schroeder looks surprised.

It's interesting Daniele and Evel Dick Donato can get along in the house and play Big Brother but they don't speak outside the house. Funny how money will do that.

Porsche Briggs is trying to convince Keith Henderson to team up with the veterans. Keith's not buying it but he tells Porsche yes.

Rachel Reilly actually has a good point. I can't believe I just said that. Whoever wins the golden key won't be playing in competitions so we won't know how they compete, they will probably be a jury vote and they are going to be the person that knows everything in the house.

So the veterans are aligning together.

Jordan Lloyd and Jeff Schroeder are laying in the bed. Jeff's on top of the covers Jordan's underneath them. Jordan fart's. The microphone makes it sound like she blew a hole in the bed. Jordan says that was a good one. I got something baking in the oven.  So Jordan knows what a Dutch Oven is. LOL

Dominic Briones is sharing the library room with Keith Henderson and Lawon Exum. They decide to stick together and to ask Cassi Colvin to join them.

Rachel comes screaming who want's to see my HOH room. Annoying. Evel Dick could care less. LOL

Let the rear kissing begin. Shelly Moore is also annoyed by Rachel's laugh.

Daniele Donato, Evel Dick Donato, Rachel Reilly, and Brendon Villegas are in the HOH room. Daniele says every week one of us has to get HOH. Evel Dick the house is already split, we have to get one of them over on our side. We are short on numbers right off the bat. Daniele, I think that give people a week and people are going to start fighting and not liking their partner and they will be like put me up and let that person go home. Brandon, yeah and we are going to find out a lot about them. Rachel, I think that will happen too. Brandon, Just pit them against each other. Evel Dick, Wow that's a really good idea. In a really not impressed voice. LMBO

Evel Dick in the DR, Thanks for coming to the show finally. Brendon and Rachel really weren't the greatest strategists in their season. They were good at alienating everyone in the house and leaving themselves on an island. Brendon and Rachel, leave the strategizing to me and Daniele.

Rachel in HOH has to redo her makeup. Brendon tells her she doesn't need it. She asks how her teeth look? Brendon, perfect God knows you paid enough for them. Her jaw drops open, she says they are 100% mine. Rachel, they make me more confident. Brendon, You shouldn't have to alter your body to feel more confident. Rachel, Do you think Cassi Colvin has a nose job? I can't tell. She either does Botox or has a nose job I can't tell which one. Brandon, This might come as a shock to you, but at the age of 26 you really don't need Botox. LMBO So Rachel has some Botox going on she wants someone else too also? Does she think it effects game play? What the heck? Rachel sighs. What about 27? Brandon, No. I don't want to fight you on getting work done, especially when we are married.

Rachel in the DR. Brendon hates Botox, lip injections but he never complains about these. Points to her breasts.

Rachel, I enjoy the look of Botox. Brendon, well I enjoy the look of four arms. Rachel, More arms to please me with. Gross!

Dominic Briones is trying to talk Cassi Colvin into joining the group with Lawon Exum, Keith Henderson and Adam Poch. The group consists of one person from each pair.  So they can protect themselves during the vote. Really good idea. Dominic is calling the group the Regulators.

Evel Dick is recruiting Porsche to the veteran side because she is a good competitor based on the banana competition and she will be easy to manipulate later.

Porsche approaches Keith with her plan. Keith goes and tells the Regulators.

Rachel is dressed like a psychedelic cow for the have not competition. The have not's will sleep in the most uncomfortable room in Big Brother history, only eat slop and take cold showers.

The competition is called ?? Cowsmic Journey. maybe. It looks more like a space camp. Keith just looks strange milking those people. I think rolling on the people is probably the best method instead of just bouncing on them like Keith is doing. The orange team loses, which is Cassi Colvin, Shelly Moore, Kaila Booker and Lawon Exum. Isn't milk good for your skin? LOL

I don't think that is the worst have not room ever. I think the one with bugs was worse.

Evel Dick Donato approaches Adam Poch. Adam is suspicious. They are telling the newbies they are safe but they can't put any of the veterans up if they win HOH.

Evel Dick's shirt says "Sarcasm is a body's natural defense against stupid"  I like that.

Porsche Briggs and Keith Henderson are nominated for eviction. HUM.

With the current scenario, Veterans would have 7 votes counting Adam, that leaves the Newbies with 5, but the POV Competition hasn't been played so this could all change.

Wow that was a little tricky doing this recap and not giving away spoilers from Big Brother After Dark. If you are looking for spoilers, read the Big Brother After Dark recaps too. :)

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