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Deadliest Catch After The Catch Episode 5 2011

“High Tide”

In Oahu at The Shack the Captains gather for their last episode this season of After The Catch. Dawn Tiki is singing. I just noticed at the beginning of the show where they show the boots. The guys are wearing their jackets. It shouldn't be cold in Hawaii, certainly not the cold like they are used to.

Captains Keith Colburn, Andy Hillstrand, John Hillstrand and Sig Hansen are at the table. Mike Rowe asks were you feeling redemption out there. Captain Sig, there is always redemption where there is a good there is a bad. Mike Rowe says to Jonathan I thought you were the philosopher. Captain Andy, he’s a psychologist. Mike Rowe, Certainly if we’re going to talk about redemption then we have to bring the boys in. Because Jake and Josh Harris have had their hands full, they still have their hands full.

They show clips of Jake, Josh and Captain Tony Lara. Captain Tony Lara is at the table. Mike Rowe. You kinda walked in on an interesting situation midseason. Captain Tony, I’ve been involved with these boys for a long time so it wasn’t walking in blind, I’ve known these guys since they were this big, so. I know the boat. Mike Rowe, what is your history on the boat I don’t know? Captain Tony, I got on there in January, 1991. Captain Phil Harris got on there in 1990, so he was on there one season before I got on. Phil and Ralph may have owned the boat or Cornelia, but I owned boat. I wish it wouldn’t have been because of the situation that happened. I called Cornelia about one hour after Derrick did, and it didn’t work out, that’s fortunate. It’s lucky he made the phone call first or I would’ve been wearing the Darth Vader helmet. They all laughed. Mike Rowe did a Darth Vader imitation.

Mike Rowe, It was a totally different vibe watching you guys this season. Josh Harris, He was more in tune with teaching us the way dad did. We’ve had other Captain’s but he was more in tune with what we were used to. You were there to build it. You did all the electrical work you did so much stuff to it. Jake Harris, You couldn’t ask for a better guy for the job.

Captain Andy Hillstrand, There you go as far as management of boats. You went through a bad thing. You manged yourself as a owner found a guy you could work with and teach you. Jake Harris, That's exactly what he did. Mike Rowe, You guys had your share of misses. When it's not going well the climate is still very different. Captain Tony, It's Opie fishing. Mike Rowe, It's not supposed to go well. Captain Tony, Well you know you have good days and bad days, you know you grind away at it. Captain Sig, It doesn't seem like they ever held it against you. Captain Tony, No, they knew better.

Josh Harris, There is something you don't know. There is a respect that gets built. He came in we earned his respect, but he also earned ours. It was hey lets work together and we built a relationship. Mike Rowe, What about teaching? Do you think as a Captain part of your job is to instruct? Captain Tony, Well if you want it done your way you gotta tell them how to do it. You gotta pass the knowledge on. You can learn from a greenhorn. You can listen to anybody's suggestion. If a new guy gets on the boat, they don't learn by osmosis you gotta tell them what to do. Josh Harris, If you don't mind my interjecting. His big thing was lead by example.

Captain Keith Colburn, Well after your first season were you guys wondering if you guys were having doubts whether you even wanted to take on the task of being. Josh Harris, We didn't have any options. It's all we know how to do. We're not the best at it by any means yet, but we gotta learn from someone that knows what they are talking about. Jake Harris, When you got someone sitting in the seat that you go all respect for it totally turns the table from someone you question. He totally showed us how it was done. Landed on those little ba$tards. It was the season that we needed after what we went through. Too cute Jake.

They show a clip of Freddie Maughtai drinking cod blood.

They come back from clip and Freddie Maughtai is at the table. Mike Rowe says it's gotta be good to see the boys again. Freddie, They are my brothers my family, ain't nobody can take that away from me. Josh Harris, It is cool to learn about the Samoan culture. He taught me about that it's pretty cool. Captain Keith, His dedication is like so pure, you don't see it here. Jake Harris, I have to have a reminder written right here. He points to a tattoo on his wrist that says smile. Freddie has that naturally that. Freddie brushes at his shoulders. Then waves his hand in front of his face. Captain Keith, You gotta explain what is this. Freddie, We are bada$$, we can't see ya. You get in my way run over. Everyone laughs.

Captain Andy Hillstrand, Dude with that blood on your face, nobody was going to get in your way. That was like watch the heck out. Captain Keith, That's what I like about the island guy. I got something here for you. I'm going to give this to you. In Polynesia they have these little tiki's I'm going to pass it on to you. It's about as good a luck as you can get. Freddie, Thank you boss. I sure hope Captain Keith has another one of those in his pocket. He don't need to be giving any luck away as superstitious as he is.

Mike Fourtner and Travis Loflan have joined the table. Captain Tony Lara, Jake and Josh Harris left. Mike Rowe, Why does it always seem like it's high tide on the Time Bandit? Captain Sig, They are always high. Travis Loflan, There is something about stepping foot on the Time Bandit and the fraternity of men that you spend time with that it is the fun boat. The job is the same. The mentality is the same. Mike Rowe, We don't need any crab, pass the high explosives. Travis, It's not that there is a lot more involved in it. Captain Keith, I think it's more of a militaristic structured type of boat to a group of guys that really get along. I wouldn't think of the Wizard as militaristic. If anything the Time Bandit is more militaristic with the guns on board. The only thing I've seen militaristic on the Wizard is Captain Keith confining people to quarters.

Captain Johnathan Hillstrand. If you wake up in a bad mood and go out on deck, everybody's gonna go bleep get rid of that bad attitude. Travis, it's the same way on his boat, but here's the deal. Keith when I'm hauling gear for you when we've got over 400,000 pounds and 1.6 or 1.7 to put up. I understand your mentality and I respect that. I've done that for a long long time. This year worked out that I'm working for these guys. Captain Johnathan, You catch half the crab make the same amount of money and have fun doing it. Captain Andy, There is no right or wrong is what he is telling you. Everyone works their a$$ off for money. But you can have a heck of time if you work on the Time Bandit.

They go to clip of when the Time Bandit lost it's anchor. It was Travis' idea to tie the buoy to the anchor.

They show the clip of the Time Bandit pranking the Northwestern. Johnathan I apologize. Captain Sig, Don't apologize, paybacks a bit.. Captain Andy just remember what season that happened on. So don't play it on Opie. Captain Johnathan, He said he doesn't care where he is going to get me, it could be at your house, so I had to move. Captain Sig, When you least expect it. Mike Rowe, Cause there's just no way that squares up with anything that is supposed to be there. Captain Sig, Exactly cause when you see little lights you think is that a giant barge, is that a giant tug boat going through here, is it a chopper, you don't know. I couldn't see it on the radar cause I have clutter on the radar so I literally thought I was going to get T-boned by this giant freighter. Mike Fourtner, We lit a lot of those things too. Captain Johnathan, They were going by at about twenty knots, right at him and he's like what is this. Can you imagine if Sig would have been up for twenty four hours like on tonight's show. No sleep and seeing those lights, he really would have freaked.

Mike Rowe, Without giving anything away, have you decided on what you are going to do? Captain Sig, I have some ideas. I'm thinking the best prank Sig could do to Johnathan is nothing. Now that he's told him he has some ideas, it could be at his house or anywhere. Just keep him sweating and jumping and on the look out. Love ya Johnathan. LOL

Mike Rowe, You got to admit it as TV shows go, we're faking it pretty good. They go to clip of Captain Andy spear fishing. LOL he's in a camouflage scuba suit. Oh no he killed a little fishy. Captain Andy, After three hours we to pull her out of the water. There is a lady at the table with them now that went fishing with Johnathan. They caught a whole string of fish. Her name is Kimi Werner. Captain Andy, She holds like seven state records? Kimi, I have probably over a dozen state records and a national championship. Mike Rowe, Kimi nobody likes a show off. Mike Fourtner is asking her about the national championship that was in Rhode Island.

Kimi brought the boys a fish called Koli. Back in the Hawaiian days only Royalty could eat them. The longest time she held her breath was four minutes and 45 seconds. Captain Andy explains that she really only holds her breath for like a minute or two minutes at the bottom because otherwise it takes her to long to recover at the top. Kimi says you just want to lay there on the bottom long enough to peak their curiosity so they come check you out. Someone says then you kill them. They all laugh.

Captain Andy, She literally went from hello nice to meet you, she got in the water and it was game on. Her favorite depth to hunt in at 80 feet. In one breath. Captain Andy, She had me in the kiddy pond. Captain Keith, What is your record depth. Kimi, 159 feet, but that wasn't hunting. Just going down and coming back up. Captain Sig, Can we take you crab fishing? You could go down and find the crab.

Captain Andy, What amazed me about her was I was blowing bubbles everywhere, you know follow your bubbles up, cause I scuba dive. She wasn't blowing any bubbles and she lays there and like she says I finally started holding on to the rock like she told me after the 95th time, but the fish actually start coming towards you. You feel bad for the first fish you kill. The second one is like bleep you, bleep. Cause it's just amazing  holding your breath cause you can feel your heart beating like she says. The fish she brought is "The Catch" that her an Andy caught.

Mike Rowe asks her what the name of the fish was that she said they couldn't shoot in the beginning of the clip. It's the "humuhumunuknukapuapua'a" Someone asked if it had a little curly tail on it. Kimi, no but it does have a pig snout. Captain Andy did we ever see one of those there? Kimi, We saw some that were related to it, but we didn't see the actual one. Captain Andy, She had me so freaked out about it. Cause she said if you shoot the state fish you can't come back to Hawaii. I wonder if that's what Captain Bill did. Captain Johnathan tries to pronounce the fishes name. Andy says you talk like this all the time after twenty shots John. Captain Andy pronounces it and Mike Rowe says that's Hillstrand for where did I leave my car.

Mike Rowe want's everybody to hold their breath until they come back from commercial. Someone says smokers.

They come back, Mike Fourtner, Travis and Kimi are gone. Jake Anderson is at the table. They were showing the clips of when Jake was running the hydros and banging the pots all over the place. Jake Anderson says hold on I thought it was high tide here. They are all laughing at him.

Captain Keith, It seems like it is a lot easier than it is looks because when you bring the pot over the rail the timing, boom boom, boom boom like that it looks easy. He turns to Jake, Is it easy? Jake You start rushing it you know and we are in a hurray. I thought I'll just sneak it over and set it right down. Captain Keith laughing sneak it over. Captain Sig, You can't just put a guy on there for twelve hours and expect him to be a pro. You got to do it in pieces. In my opinion. Mike Rowe, And on your boat does anyone else's opinion matter? Sig, Not usually. LOL Mike Rowe, It just seem really, yeah in my opinion.

Mike Rowe, How's the Captains license coming along? Jake puts a folder up on the table and says this is it. WOW GO JAKE! Everyones clapping. He got it done Friday before he came here. The guys are looking through the folder. Captain Andy says where's the actual stamped license? Jake, You gotta wait for it. I just got all my stuff. Captain Sig, What I want to know is that a resume for a job on another vessel or? Captain Andy is saying we're looking for a new guy. Captain Sig, Don't you mess with me. Jake Anderson This is what it comes down to, I wanted you to know that now I'm ready to learn. Getting this shows I have taken every free day, every. Captain Sig, Nobody can say that he has not tried I'm so proud of you. Aw Sig you causing me to cry.

Captain Keith when you fish all year and take every free moment to do this. Safety training, bridge resource management, FCCW, radar, fire fighting. Captain Sig, This means a lot to an insurance company, or to a boat owner for liability. But bottom line is you don't really need that to be a good captain. You need the background and the time at sea. You don't have to be a licensed Captain on a lot of these boats. Captain Andy, You have to have a drivers license to drive a car, but that doesn't mean you are a good driver. But as you get going you are. Captain Keith, but it does mean a lot. Captain Sig, but you still gotta learn to run a crane dude. Jake, You'll see. Captain Keith as you go through these classes, you learn set and drift closest point of approach, you start to learn these things that I didn't know that I wasn't being taught. I had a incredible master that was my captain but you learn more. Captain Johnathan, There's a lot of stuff you don't even need to know. Jake, it's like getting your drivers license times a hundred.

They show the clip of Jake pulling the Northwestern into the harbor at St. Paul. Captain Andy, We were thrown into it you want a boat you little beep. Here you go. I'll be getting the boat back. Captain Johnathan, He said you guys will fail and it will be my boat in a year. We took the bank loan over in a year and proved him wrong. Andy, but it's good you got some help.

Mike Rowe, The good news is some really good things happened to Jake this year. The bad news is I can't tell you what they are right now because you haven't seen it yet. You'll see it in a coming episode of catch.

Wild Bill is in the house! Mike Rowe, We were talking about St. Paul and it occurred to me I don't know anything about it. Captain Johnathan, It's 4x8 miles. It's in the middle of the ocean and the sand is slowy disappearing. They show the clip of the Wizard at the dock in St. Paul we just seen in the last episode.

The Captains say it's a blessing and a curse. Because it's close and handy, but a bear to get into. Captain Johnathan and Andy have friends there. Captain Sig says you have to time the waves and surf to get in there, and then there is a sharp turn. Captain Johnathan says there are ship wrecks all around the island. It's littered with ships. Mike Rowe ask Jake Anderson, what you can do on the island. Jake says I don't drink but I know there is a bar there. Everybody likes to go there for super bowl if they can. Mike Rowe asks about the population. Captain Bill thinks its about 150 in the winter. The Coast Guard has a station there. They say the island has saved a lot of lives. Hiding behind it during storms.

Captain Andy is singing A Fishing Man's Life. They show a clip of the different boats pulling in crab all excited. Captain Johnathan, It's so like heaven and hell, it's this close. Mike Rowe, I talk to a lot of people and it's their favorite part of the show, when you guys are killing it. Captain Andy It's our favorite part too. I just noticed Captain Scott at the table, Jake has left. Captain Johnathan, Famous words of Phil Harris. You gotta earn it. We earned it this year Phil. He's looking at us.

Mike Rowe, What was your best moment of the season this year? Captain Bill, Getting on a plane. Captain Scott, Same thing finishing up and knowing that you are going to see your family.  That's the biggest high. Captain Keith, My best moment was probably right after my worst moment. When I got agitated with the camera man was after ten or twelve days of pure hell. There's some days you are just happy to be back at the dock and in one piece. Captain Bill, Agitated? Mike Rowe, Agitated's a good word. We'll dive back into the anger management thing next year. Mike Rowe, besides playing your song in front of every one, what was your best moment? At the end when Eddie Boy hugged his dad and he made it through the season. Captain Johnathan, When Mike Fourtner had to shave his eyebrow. Then they shaved his other eyebrow and drew in black eyebrows so we could tell if he was mad or not. He was the biggest scariest cross dressing dude you ever seen. Mike Rowe, It's easy to say now that he's gone. Captain Sig, Worst part was Edgar the heart and soul was gone. The best moment was the guys stuck together as a team and just knowing we can do it without Edgar, but we still saw that we need.

They had a Phil Harris Memorial Out Rigger Canoe Race. I thought there was one captain per canoe with about 5 other guys in it racing, but then I seen Junior in  the same boat as Wild Bill. They are paddling past surfers. LOL The surfers were probably saying what the heck? They were paddling fools. They hit land and go running to tag something.  I 'm not sure who won. I think Scott's team. I see all the Captains except Elliott and Lara. They are saying that is for you buddy. Captain John says I'll see you  in about ten minutes. It's the big one it's coming. Mike Rowe asked who won? Captain Bill we did. Captain Andy, There's a technicality though. Captain Bill, He had a bum knee and you said one of the captains and one other guy. Captain Sig, Why don't we just take the money and go drink it right now and not worry about it. Mike Rowe, whoa whoa, there was a wager? Someone throws a 100 on the table, someone else says I'm a little short the check in the mail. Captain Bill says will you take a cell phone and puts it out on the table. It rings. It's me Bill answer it. hehe. They are saluting with umbrella drinks.

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  1. Cant believe he actually got his captains license. Wondering if he paid someone off. Joking aside, good for him. Finally he is getting to the important things in life.


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