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Big Brother After Dark Recap July 12, 2011

General chit chat going on right now.

Rachel Reilly and Lawon Exon just agreed to work out together on Mondays and Fridays.

Kalia Booker is telling Daniele Donato how she misses her boyfriend. Kalia wants Daniele to know if she starts hearing that Kalia wants to go home. She does miss her boyfriend but that is just part of being there.

Adam Poch is telling Dominic Briones they used to call him the pepperoni Jew boy because he delivered pizza and his car always smelled.

Kaliais going to tell people she wants to go home even though it's not true. Her thinking being if the newbies get HOH then they will nominate her and Lawon and the veterans will vote out Lawon. She is still telling Daniele all this. That's an awful risky way to play the game in my opinion.

Adam Poch has finally received his bacon shirts. Production had kept them for some reason. He said he had four. This one says Bacon makes everything better.

Lawon Exum is shaving Keith Henderson's head.

Brendon Villegas is talking to the camera offering a reward for Franklin the turtle.

Jordan Lloyd wore her cheap earrings at home, because she wasn't sure who would be in the house. During her season someone took someone's rosary so she didn't want to take a chance. Her ears are now turning green. Shelly Moore has the same problem. Cassi Colvin, I didn't even think about that because I figured with all the cameras around who would have the audacity. Jordan, Oh they could definitely tell you who took it. Cassi, They said they wouldn't get involved unless it was something of value. Cassi, They said if someone takes a shirt or something you have to work it out amongst yourselves. We're not going to go through hours of footage, but if it was something they witnessed they would tell you.

Cassi, I can't drink like that every night. I'd feel horrible. Shelly, I don't drink a lot either. Cassi, If I'm going to drink I'm going to go out. DOG, Shelly, Cassi, Jordan, You are not allowed to talk about production. DOG was slacking on that. They were already on another subject.

They are having burgers and salad for dinner. They already have alcohol. Evidently twice as much as usual.

Kalia is jumping up and down screaming Oh my god, Oh my god. Lawon just told her they can eat after midnight tomorrow.

Rachel Reilly fell asleep outside and got sunburned.

Adam is discussing bacon again. He went to a bacon cooking class. He's telling them different things you can make with bacon.  Like bacon brittle, bacon ice cream, BLT bloody mary's. He said he met people there that eat more bacon than he does.

Oh no they are going to play big booty again. And then the dice game again.

Shelly, Last night was the first time I got aggravated when he took our dinner. He wanted slop pancakes. Brendon, Don't worry everyone will get an opportunity to eat it. Cassi, I was like there's twenty or fifty buckets of it in there. Shelly, This morning he asked me if I'd make him slop pancakes. I'm like I'm not eating yet. I'm not going to make it a hab' to make pancakes. I'm not sure who they are talking about yet.

Brendon, Jeff and Adam on the couch with them. Brendon, Nobody ever cleaned dishes last year. Cathy was the only one that washed clothes. I washed dishes, Cathy and Andrew washed dishes. Literally, like they said when I left there were ants all over the entire house. Cockroaches. I mean. Cassi, You saw, well you didn't watch, but when it got down to like Lane, Haden, Enzo and Brittney it was. Shelly, It was disgusting. Cassi, yeah. Shelly, They were walking around with cans just trying to stop them. Brendon, Is that disgusting? Rather than clean up they'd rather just spray everywhere.

Shelly, I'd freak out. That's why I clean. But that's my problem. I don't want it dirty. And I don't want to go peepee on peepee. That's why I clean the bathroom. I Clorox off the shower. Kalia, I try and wipe down ? Shelly, I put a box up there so people can spray it, but then I Clorox the bottom and scrub it out. Kalia, That's the good thing about using the have not shower is there is only four people using it. The have side was so yucky and the have not side wasn't nearly as bad. I was like I'm fine over here. Cassi, Really three cause.. they are all talking at once can't understand anyone.

Lawon just came in the kitchen with a face mask shaving cream all over his face.

They are playing big booty again with Rachel as big booty. I can't take it. I have to fast forward.

Jeff Schroeder, Adam Poch, and Shelly Moore went outside for a smoke.

Part of the drinking game is if you mess up you have to propose to someone. Shelly had to propose to Keith, so she say's you may be going home but will you marry me. This caused some awkwardness in the room and Kalia is pointing it out trying to make more of it than it was to Lawon. There was also a discussion between Cassi and Porsche Briggs about Shelly being older and uncomfortable playing these games.

Now they are having a jump circle. They all have something like a bucket or pot and are banging on them. Adam Poch is making morocco's with popcorn kernels.

Daniele Donato is showing Rachel where she hid the bananas in the storage room. Daniele likes a banana everyday and people eat them to fast she said.

Brendon Villegas, Do I have to describe carcinogenic melanoma to you and basal cell melanoma. Rachel, Do you want me to describe how I put on SPF 45 and wear hats. Daniele, Clearly you missed a spot. Rachel, all whiny, you're supposed to take care of me. You're the one who's going to have to pay for it if something happens to me. Daniele, whoa whoa these are the moments I feel bad for you. Brendon, Cut can we replay that? Did that just happen? Rachel, Brendon we are married. Daniele, No you're not. Brendon, No we're not. We are going to be. Rachel, So we might as well be married. Brendon, That has nothing to do with you getting skin cancer. Rachel, No I don't want it. You are supposed to protect me. Brendon, Then why don't you ask me to put sun block on you if you're going to go out and totally miss your back. Rachel, You should be my knight. Daniele, I'm gonna throw up guys, I'm going to go outside. I don't really remember Daniele from her season, but I am liking her more and more. Rachel, Please do. Brendon, Come on drum circle. Rachel rolls her eyes. Oh poor baby she's afraid she won't be the center of attention any more.

Lawon Exum is dancing to the drum circle. Now Rachel is dancing. Lawon went and sat down. Rachel is dancing by herself. DOG, Rachel please reattach your microphone.

Cassi and Lawon are not participating in the drum circle. They have gone in the house. Shelly and Kalia are also in the house now. Shelly said she was leaving before something got broke.

Dominic and Lawon are in the hammock. Dominic, Porsche she's gonna go home. Lawon, You think so? Dominic, I'm not 100% sure, but I have a good feeling. Nobody is going to go against the house. When the majority starts talking about it. Lawon, You think they are going to let him go? Dominic, Let her go. Lawon, I do to.

Dominic, After that we'll go from there. We gotta win. Next weeks big. Lawon, Put it like this if none of us win, we're f'd. Dominic, That's a good way to put it. Lawon, If it's a mental thing I'm good. Dominic, If we don't then that's when everyone is going to go into lock down mode, get crazy. So we gotta get the win.

Dominic, If they win are me, you and Cassi safe? I think we can sway votes. Lawon, Hell yeah. If you think about it me you and Cassi automatically have four votes because of our partners. So if I go up, Cassi and Shelly would vote me. Lawton, Kalia would definitely vote for you. Dominic, So I need one or two more. I could do that I could sway Jeff and Jordan. Same with you. You're good, you got ten. Cassi's in trouble. Not from us. She would have me, you, Adam, Kalia would definitely vote for her. We gotta get either Jeff and Jordan or Rachel and Brendon to vote for her. Lawon, Cause she's a threat now. Dominic, I forgot about that. Keith and Daniele are votes. So we're good. Lawon, Yeah were good. Dominic, I still want the win. You know what I changed my mind I don't want Brendon, I want Rachel. Lawon, That's what I said. Dominic, Brendon's the smart one and he controls her. What show has he been watching? One of the veterans must have told him that. Daniele I think the other night was plotting with the veterans saying make them think Brendon is controlling you so they vote him out to Rachel and Brendon, because they want Rachel to stay if they get put up.

Lawon, It's going to work out sweet, cause I'm telling you they ain't never gonna see us coming. Everyone likes us.

Cassi has joined Lawon and Dominic on the hammock. They are talking about how no one in the house likes Porsche. Jeff hates her. Porsche hates Cassi. Cassi can't stand Porsche.

Rachel and Porsche are on the couch whispering behind pillows. Porsche and Rachel are waving to the camera saying miss you Dick. Then Porsche says he's the only one that knew me. I mean really knew me. Rachel, So you and Janelle are best friends? Or you work together or what? The camera left them. That's just wrong! I'm surprised DOG wasn't saying you can't talk about production.

Daniele is now in the hammock with Cassi, Dominic and Lawon.

Rachel is imitating Julie Chen, then they start talking about how beautiful she is. Jordan and Rachel both said she is the most beautiful person. Rachel is questioning the house guests. Again needs to be center of attention. Kill me now!

Daniele, We need to Porsche and Rachel on slop. I mean if she stays. Keith, Thanks a lot I know where your vote is going.

Maybe tomorrow with the eviction being Thursday there will be more talk about the game. All of the newbies were going to vote out Porsche, but now after whatever Keith did I'm not sure how everyone is voting. There hasn't been a lot of talk about it. The veterans think they have the votes with Jeff, Jordan, Daniele, Shelly, and Adam who they have deals with. That leaves Lawon, Kalia, Dominic, Cassi on the newbie side. So if that holds it would put Keith Henderson out. Adam had deals with both sides so if he votes Porsche out, the tie breaker would go to Rachel who would put Keith out. 

Also with this duo thing going on I don't know if Brendon will get to vote or not. So it's not looking good for Keith right now. I think it would be really funny if Daniele is playing the veterans and she votes Porsche out. I wouldn't be surprised if she did. No one would know it was her, they would probably blame Adam or Shelly. 

But, there are two days left before eviction, anything could happen.

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