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Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew Season 5 Episode 3 "Awakening Emotions"

"Awakening Emotions"

So let's see what happens with Bai Ling.

Bai Ling is up on the roof. She is walking crouched over on the roof. Shelly Sprague goes up after her. She's telling Bai this is no joke. Will Smith and Dr Drew are also there, below. Shelly gets Bai Ling to go down the ladder.

She is in a room with Dr. Drew. She asks what happened? That's what I want to know. Why did she take down her name plate? Dr. Drew, You ended up on the roof somehow. Bai we can't have that happening to you. We're responsible for you. We have to protect you. We're concerned. Remember when I recommended that medication to you. I still think that would be a good idea. Bai, I'm just uncomfortable. I'm just I don't know why. Dr. Drew asks nurse Sashu Kusina to talk to Bai about what the medication does, how it works and what the benefits might be.

Dr. Drew is concerned about Bai Ling. If she keeps refusing to take her meds Dr. Drew might have to transfer her to a facility with a higher level of care. He needs to go get on someone's case about leaving a ladder near the roof. 

Sashu Kusina asks Bai if it was okay for her to go on the roof? Not everybody goes on the roof. I don't go on the roof. Bai, I'm not trying to break anything it just happened. I just difficult, difficult. Sashu, Dr. Drew prescribed something for you that might help you. Bai, I like you, I trust you, but you say things to try and hurt me. Be gentle to me. This girl seems to want babied and get special treatment for everything. Something odd is up here. Sashu, Maybe just give the meds a try for two days. You take alcohol to make yourself not shy. What's the difference here. Bai, Oh yeah good why would I take medicine that's like a substitute for alcohol. That's not good. Sashu, The pill that was prescribed for you was not addicting. Bai, Finally agrees to take the medication.

Shelly says all the boys are up? Over achievers. Jeremy Jackson is filling what may be his filtered water machine with bottled water.

We are on Day 5 and Dr. Drew says the patients withdrawal symptoms are starting to subside. They are all in group. Sean Young says she is feeling sad because she feels like she is going to have to say good bye to an old friend. She has fear and remorse, but doesn't think she has the skills or tools to allow this. She said you really have to want this.

There isn't a recipe. People heal by connecting with one another. Bob Forrest, People are going to be connected to one another and then people are going to use. Here you go you care about this person they don't want to get sober, they tell you they don't want to get sober. You tell them I'll pay for you to go to treatment. Usually treatment is kind of nice. Laughing.

Amy Fisher, How come we don't have anything nice like that. No really, this is like one step above prison. We have prison food, prison bed, it's like jail.  Michael Lohan is getting very upset. He says this is nothing like jail was for me honey. Maybe you were in some cushy place. Amy, Why are you getting so mad? Steven Adler, This is just ridiculous. Amy Fisher, When I say jail we're not allowed to leave. That's not really true, she can leave if she wants. But somehow I knew Amy would relate this to jail. Dr. Drew interrupts he wants Steven Adler to speak. Dr. Drew says you represent something to him. Steven Adler, I just want her to admit it. Amy Fisher, I hope it's good. Steven Adler, I know who she represents. Dr. Drew, I don't know, may he speak up about it without you getting upset? Amy, Go ahead try.

Steven, I can't believe that you shot someone in the head and you went to a jail nicer than this? Dr. Drew, Why does that bother you? Steven, Because no jail is this nice. Amy, So I'm supposed to say I like it. Ok fine. What they think is not at the crux of my problems. Dr. Drew, Amy this is not about you. It's about him.

Michael is still upset. Bai, Says he's to nice. Michael Lohan, No I don't want to hear that anymore, I'm too nice. Dr. Drew, Let him go. Michael, Nothing for nothing, none of you could stand the things you go through in jail when you complain about the little things. Dr. Drew, I know I couldn't tolerate it. It makes me want to vomit when I hear stuff.  Michael, You know what it's like when you get fifteen minutes on the phone with someone you love and they get in an argument with you and hang up the phone. Nothing like being in jail and seeing someone in your family getting hurt or turmoil you can't do anything about. There's nothing like people putting glass in your food. Pedophiles putting pictures of your daughter up in a locker and you go and rip it down and you get put in the hole for violating someones space. Nothing like someone putting pictures of your wife up and putting slut or whore and drawing pictures of a beep in her mouth. And not being able to do anything cause you'll get time added to your sentence.

Dr. Drew, Is that how you ended up in the hole? Michael, Are you kidding me? You have no idea. I climbed a tree in the yard one day just to get shot. Dr. Drew, Why? Michael, I was fed up. Dr. Drew, You wanted to kill yourself? Michael just shrugged his shoulders.

Bob Forrest, Jail is an awful, awful, awful thing. We are really just animals. We're not human beings anymore. Sounds like Bob has done some time. And when you shared, that's the most powerful thing since you been here. Let me ask all the jail people. If you had never drank and used drugs would you have ended up in jail?  Steven and Dwight shake their head no. Michael excuses himself because he feels sick. He gets up and goes to the bathroom and vomits.

They end group.

Dr. Drew says Michael Lohan has been holding the stress of what happened to him in jail all this time and today when he talked about it his body could barely handle it. I wish they would show more of the group sessions. I'll bet there are some interesting things said in there.

Michael comes out of the bathroom. Dr. Drew and Bob Forrest  are there. Dr. Drew, How you feeling now? Michael, My stomach is still turning. Dr. Drew takes his pulse. Bob Forrest, Were you reliving prison? Dr. Drew, Do you want something? I can give you something if you still feel like you're going to vomit. Dr. Drew gives him an anti nausea drug. Dr. Drew suspects he's just starting to scratch the surface with Michael and much more will be revealed.

Dr. Drew says Sean Young shared some powerful feeling in group today. It's important that she learn to process her feelings.

Sean Young goes in to talk to Dr. Drew. He tells her she looks good today. How are you feeling? Sean, There is a certain feeling I feel just being here. Like what a loser, humiliated by the reputation in the business. I feel like I've made a lot of mistakes that have been damaging to my career. I've been assassinated you know, I'm going to keep getting hit on the chin by this really rough industry that indicted me. Dr. Drew, Do you think that's just your thinking because you are depressed. Sean, Well certainly, but I think there is some evidence to back up the claim. Dr. Drew, I'm not saying it's a complete fantasy, I'm just saying the thinking about it the intensity, the constant negative thinking. Sean, That's what the drinking does. I drink and I get happy.

Dr. Drew there are other solutions. We want you to have your feelings, but there are healthy ways to regulate them. Sean I don't want to have these feelings. Dr. Drew, but if you don't have them you are going to go back to the old stuff. Things will not change. Dr. Drew, It's not fun I know. Sean, It's a bit of a mountain of pain. I don't actually have that much confidence left. I just feel tortured. Dr. Drew, We are not intending to increase the torture, we intending to help it. Sean, What your saying is it's not effective to deal with your problems by using alcohol. Dr. Drew looks like he's biting his tongue to keep from saying Duh. Sean, It doesn't sound like I'm going to get any relief from that pain. It's like I make an agreement to feel okay with all this pain. I'm not really that okay with it. Dr. Drew, I'm not interested in revivifying it. I'm interested in dosing it up in ways that are tolerable. Sean, What does dosing up mean? Dr. Drew, Like we are doing right now. Taking bits of pieces of it feeling and going away. Little bits in front of people. Like right now. Sean, I'm not dead. Dr. Drew, You're not dead, you didn't drink.

Still Day 5, a new patient is coming in. Shelly Sprague tells Amy Fisher she's getting a room mate. Amy, If she's not a neat freak when she gets here, she will be when she leaves. Shelly, Fantastic.

Jessica "Sugar" Kiper has arrived. She was on Survivor twice. They sent her home because she wanted to hurt herself. She was drunk and was going to take a lot of pills. Jessica, I woke up with IV's in my arm and they were flying me to Australia from Samoa. That compacted with other things that have gone on in her life. It went downhill from there. She started drinking more. She has probably never gone a single day without smoking weed.

Dr. Drew questions Jessica about her drug use. Marijuana about an 1/8 a day. Since age 15. Cocaine she says she had a problem for a little bit but was hearing voices and thought she should quit. Dr. Drew, Were you smoking crack? She said no. Ketamine has tried. Not sure about PCP. Ecstasy-yes,  Acid? No I've only done acid like twenty times. I think that would be yes then.  Painkillers? Yes a Vicodin today. Benzoes? sleeping pills, Valium, Xanax? Jessica, I like valium, I like Xanax I need Xanax. Dr. Drew, How much do you drink in an average day. Jessica, two to six I don't know. Dr. Drew, Do you black out? Jessica, Yes. Dr. Drew, Consequences? Jessica, Waking up next to people. Driving around with Champagne in a coffee cup is not normal I don't think. Dr. Drew, Do you get shakes in the morning? She says no but she feels jumpy. Dr. Drew, That's got to be tiring. Any sexual abuse? Jessica, I was raped, but that wasn't family or anything.  Dr. Drew, How old were you when that happened? Jessica, Fifteen. Dr. Drew, was there anything weird going on when you were a child? Jessica, If that happened then it's blacked out. Dr. Drew, well what made you wonder that? Jessica, Just because the way I am and stuff.

Dr. Drew, It takes a while to heal. You don't have to put on the happy face for us all the time. I'm sure you are going to get pissed and irritable. This is a safe environment to feel that way. He tells her there will be a 7-10 day withdrawal period and there can be some paranoia with that, so let him know and they can give her something for that. It's not a fun withdraw.

Dr. Drew, Jessica is a severe, severe addict, with the amount of alcohol and pot that she's been consuming her withdrawal is going to be intense and protracted. We are in for a long haul with Jessica.

The morning of Day 6. Dr. Drew has arranged for the patients to go to Equine Therapy. The patients are out on the patio and Sean Young is telling Steven Adler how she fell off of a horse when she was filming the first Batman movie, she broke her arm so she couldn't do the movie. Steven Adler asked if she just jumped off it. Sean, No Michael Keaton took his horse out of the rink and mine took off after him. It went really really fast and took a sharp turn and I fell off. Steven Adler, That sucks so bad. Horses are big and tall, that's a long fall.

They are at the horse farm now. Wyatt Webb is there he is a recovering speed freak and alcoholic. The horses name is El Doro. Wyatt shows them how to clean the horses shoe. He says its not so much about getting the crap out of shoe as it is getting it out of our thought process. That is what recovery is about. If the horse doesn't cooperate with you, you will get triggered. Triggered will make you feel like a little boy or little girl. Jessica, So we just think about something when we were little. Wyatt, You don't have to life will bring it up for you.

Jessica goes up to the horse.Wyatt asks her how long she's been clean, she says twenty five hours. He says it's remarkable you are standing here. And she looks good. She tries to lift the horses leg. The horse isn't lifting his leg. She says now I'm twelve. Wyatt says he got ya. He tells her to go and ask the horse what she wants. To look in the horses eye and tell me what it reminds you of. Jessica is tearing up. She says it reminds her of something she takes care of. Wyatt, We often do what we most need. Jessica, I need to be nurtured? Wyatt, Yes ma'am. One of the ways you can nurture yourself is to stop swallowing that poison. He tells her to try again. She does and lifts the horses leg. It made Sean Young cry.

Wyatt Webb calls her up and says tell me what you are feeling. Sean, It made me afraid. Wyatt, Are the tears coming from a sad or painful place or somewhere else. Sean, A bunch of places. My career was deeply effected by an accident I had falling off of a horse. Wyatt, Have you had any rolls since? Sean, Yes. Did it take away from your ability to act? Sean, No. Wyatt, Who ended up taking the roll? Sean, Kim Bassinger. Wyatt, How is she doing these days? It looks like that roll didn't make her career did it? Sean, Shakes her head yes. Wyatt, Try to back off of those shaming remarks that you are making to yourself and go it's just another damn opportunity. He has her breathe into present moment time.

Sean is afraid to try and lift the horses leg. She is afraid her fear is going to set the horse off. She lifts the horses leg and cleans his foot. Then she says okay I'm ready to ride him and laughs. Sean, Wyatt revealed to me that so much of what you hang on to doesn't have any basis in the present moment. It's like you are in the dark and then you shine the light on it and then it's easy for you to see it, but it was there all along. Actually, I kind of hate that when someone says something like he said how's Kim Bassinger these days, and it's all just so clear and you feel like an idiot cause you didn't see it yourself.

Day 7, Morning meditation. Everyone is out on the patio. Shelly says good morning I am an alcoholic. Jeremy, I'm Jeremy I'm an alcoholic. Dwight, I'm Dwight I'm an alcoholic and an addict. Steven, I'm Steven I'm an alcoholic and an addict. Shelly, Amy? I'm just listening right now. Steven, What? Amy, That's it I don't have anything to contribute right now. Shelly, You don't? Michael, Come on Amy identify. Amy, Tired. Michael, Not alcoholic or drug addict. Amy, That's it just tired. Shelly, The principals behind the steps are honesty, hope, faith. Steven, What was that first one. Shelly, Honesty. Steven, What I'm sorry. Shelly, Honesty. Steven, What was that? Shelly, Honesty. Steven, Okay thank you. Shelly, Hope, faith, acceptance, forgiveness. Amy does that make sense to you? Amy, Yes. Shelly, That's why they work. Steven, You should be able to identify yourself as what you are, cause you wouldn't be here if there was nothing wrong. Shelly, Okay lets talk about it. Steven, Shelly there is strength in numbers we are all together here to work together. Bai, She has to do it her own way. Steven, Stop it, stop it woman. I don't like this crap is interfering with what I am doing.

Shelly talking from the office. I've seen this look in Steven's eye before. When he gets like this there is nothing I can say. I can't get through to him. He's spiraling out of control and I don't know if I can stop him.

Shelly on the patio, Steven hold on. Steven, If she doesn't have a problem she shouldn't be in here. Amy, But that's why I'm not talking anymore. Shelly, Okay your frustrated. What are you frustrated about? Steven, She won't admit she has a problem. If she didn't have a problem she shouldn't be here. It's just a waste of time. Shelly, No it's not a waste of time. Steven. You sat here for three years and didn't tell the truth. Steven, It took twenty years. Shelly, Amy is brand new to this environment, she is not even admitting she is an alcoholic or an addict at this point. Steven, Then why is she here in rehab then? Amy, I can't stay here I'm going to have to leave. Michael to Amy, Don't you say that to me.

Shelly, Amy does relate to the material we are talking about and she is not ready to identify. Steven, Then she shouldn't be in this stage. This is a different stage. Shelly, What does it matter to you? Steven, It matters a lot, look how upset I am. Shelly, Why are you upset? Steven, I don't like this it's wasting your time, Dr.s and Bob's time, our time. Shelly, okay but you are not the Doctor and you are not in charge. Steven, I'm not the doctor. But I don't have to be the doctor to know that being honest is what it takes. I guarantee you the things she's done, I've done, except for shooting somebody in the head. Shelly, Steven! Steven I need you to leave group. You are not listening to me. Steven, I will leave, I will leave. He goes off to the other side of the patio.

Amy, For some reason he just hates me and I never did anything to him. Shelly, Amy I had a lot of anxiety when I first went to meetings. I had to stand in a door near the back. Amy, I'm trying (half crying) I'm trying as hard as I can. Shelly, You are doing good. You are doing alright.

Steven comes back. Don't lie to her. Don't say she's doing alright. If she doesn't say anything she's not going to get better. Shelly, Steven I asked you. Shelly is walking off the patio saying Steven come here. Steven, I'm maybe, no I'm not wrong, I'm not wrong. LOL He isn't wrong, he's just ahead of the game. Shelly, Opens the door, I asked you to leave group because you are being abusive, so go leave group. Amy is now crying. It hurts so bad. Shelly, goes over and says come here Amy, it's okay. She is hugging Amy as she cries. You are okay. It's okay. Amy, I can't stay here, I have to leave.

Oh!!! Dr. Drew said a dirty word in the preview. I don't think I remember hearing him cuss before. He must really be mad.

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