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Big Brother After Dark Recap July 14, 2011

I'm almost caught up. Well at least for a couple of hours until tonight's show. 

Cassi Colvin and Daniele Donato are in the purple room. Cassi, Campaigning separately to do your deal or what ever, but it's just kinda turning into a sh$t storm. To walk up to him and start the conversation by saying he is campaigning against her. He's like well we have to campaign. I'm not campaigning against you I'm campaigning for myself.

I ain't going to lie I don't care for Keith either, I'm indifferent to both of them. I just thought that was kind of sh$tty. And I guess she said when she gets HOH she is putting me and Shelly up. You know game wise which makes no sense to put Shelly or I the only girl duo that hasn't won or done anything. Daniele, It's not like she is in a place of power right now any way. Cassi, Oh yeah, I'm not afraid of her. It's just the thought of spending the next three weeks I just don't like her. I think she's an idiot. In the real world this wouldn't happen. Daniele, Yeah cause you could just walk away.  I'd just say you're a dumb a$$ and walk away.

Cassi Colvin, She's just not somebody I would associate with as a friend. But in here she keeps coming up to me all the time and wanting to talk things out. Daniele Donato, You're like just leave me alone. Cassi, She came up to me on my way to bed. I said listen agree to disagree we don't have to like each other. Then I hear all this stuff. I'm like don't be a fake b$tch. Daniele, That's the annoying part, is when people are fake about it. Cassi, I told her the other night honestly I don't trust you, I could be wrong but I won't know until I get out of here and watch the footage back. Daniele, Yeah, yeah. Cassi, As of right now my gut and the things I've heard. She's like who's saying that. I'm like it doesn't matter. Just like I wouldn't ask you whose campaigning against you cause it doesn't matter. I said anything I've said about you has never been a personal attack on you. It's just the way I  feel about some of the things you've done and I've said that to your face.

Cassi, I said day one you ran up to HOH and you've been attached to Rachel at the hip. That's fine she's HOH and you want to get to know everybody and befriend the HOH it's part of the game. It has nothing to do with old and new you just didn't speak to anyone else. Me and Shelly just don't care for her. It's just been one thing after another. Shelly can't stand her as far as she can throw her. Daniele, Yeah. Cassi, I don't either. Every day it just gnaws on me cause I'm stuck in this house with a little twit. Earlier I was just in one of those moods, and I told Shelly I just need to go to my room and then just talk and hang. Daniele, And everybody just kept coming in. Cassi, Keith was like what do you want me to do. I just said pack your stuff and take it in the other room. Daniele, That was always the hardest part for me too. I'm not like if I don't like you, I'm not going to pretend I like you. And it's so hard to hold that and fake that. You know when you need to get away and you can't get away, it's a bit much.

Cassi, I feel that way with this season. Usually you see little groups that kind of stick together but here everybody kind of floats around, which is good, but then at the same time there is no where to go. Like Shelly and I not even to talk game, just to sit and talk BS, Adam walks up mind if I join? I started to feel a little crazy today. Daniele, A little claustrophobic? Cassi, Yeah like I.

Shelly stuck her head in the door to say hi. Shelly Moore says Danni still owes me. Daniele, I told her I wanted to talk to her. Just to vent. Cassi, Oh yeah, she's a good listener. That's what we were starting to do earlier when Keith came in and interrupted.

Cassi, What have you been feeling like today? Daniele, I don't know. I guess it just sucks coming in here and like hanging out. I mean like even with you and Shelly everybody has a partner. It just sucks, it's kind of like lonely sometimes. Like with my brothers birthday and stuff.

Kalia Booker is in storage cleaning out rotten vegetables. Jordan comes in. She says something to Kalia about they don't know. Maybe she should do it by clicks or something. Kalia, The obvious choice is all of us then all of you guys. Dominic first. Although Cassi was talking to Brendon for a while in the purple room today. Jordan, Probably just to cover her tracks. Kalia, Yeah. Jordan, They are going to come after us. Kalia, Like I said I don't know if Cassi would listen to me but I know Dominic would. Jordan, I don't trust any of them. We have to get HOH.

Cassi, I knew that was the nature of it coming in here. Daniele, Talking game or talking period. Cassi, Both, talking game, talking life, talking sh$t. All of it. I got really thick skin, but coming in here I asked myself do I really want to put myself in a position to deal with that BS. Outside of here it's real simple I got my friends, I don't even run around with acquaintances.

Adam Poch to Lawon Exon, He said you are either with or against, and then he said I know we got people talking and I know I'm the target. Then we go outside last night with Cassi and Dom. And Cassi and Dom are leading the charge we gotta get them out. I know paranoia sucks. Lawon, You think Cassi and Dom are with them? Adam, I don't know. It might just be paranoia, but my gut has done me right through the years. I just have a feeling they are coming after me cause I wouldn't commit to them. Lawon, They came to you? Adam, They came to me first. Lawon, Who came to you? Adam, Dick. And then when he left.

Keith comes in. Adam, Keith tell him what you told me about Jeff. Keith, Jeff came down here to confront Dominic. You said you were going to put me on the block. Dominic, I never said that. Jeff, Yes you did. Dominic, Who told you that? Keith is eating and talking again. Dominic started back pedaling. What do I need to do to keep myself safe if you become HOH? Jeff said you are safe. If I get HOH you are going up but you aren't my target. Adam, Before he even told me that I started feeling it. Keith, before that the other day Cassi, she made the same deal. And you know what she tried to tell me. I think Adam is the one plotting. I'm like yeah right. Adam, I might be tripping. Lawon, Like I told you I'm going to do what I got to do. Keith, I believe you are going to keep your word. I think the two most guilty people are the two staying quite and pointing their finger at everyone else. And that's Cassi and Dom. Lawon leaves. Keith, Cassi is trying to make me think it was you. Are you sure Adam's not the one? Keith, I'm sure. Adam, Like I said I had a bad feeling before you even told me. I have a bad feeling that I'm the next target, because I know the game better than anybody. This guy reminds me of Ronnie. They want to get rid of the strong players. Keith, Me first then you. Cause they know that they not going to be able to come to us with that garbage.

Cassi, Apparently and I say apparently a lot because in this house you never know who's lying and who's telling the truth. Porsche said that her plan was to, something like ya'll didn't want to upset Shelly and I or hurt our feelings or something. So her plan is to get HOH put Shelly and I up and everyone would vote to send me home over Shelly because Shelly cleans and is weak. Daniele, Porsche said this? When does she think she is going to become HOH. That's what I was just thinking. Cassi, In a month whenever golden key week ends. Daniele, She's going to be walking around on her high horse already. Cassi, She already is. Daniele, I hardly ever talk to her. Like of everybody in the house I talk to her the least out of everybody. Daniele, That's really weird and stupid and doesn't even make sense. Cassi, That's what I said. Why would anyone at this point put Shelly and I up out of everyone. I keep reminding myself it's temporary. I'm going to get out of here one of these days and go to the pool hall with my buddies and get drunk.

Keith, Porsche, Rachel and Lawon sitting on the couch. All you can hear is Keith chewing.

Rachel Reilly, She won't talk to me. Like she is just trying to talk to Daniele, I don't know what she is saying to Daniele. Well Rachel you were just staring her in the face in the kitchen. You could have talked to her instead you walked away. I mean even if it was just to say how are you today. Brendon Villegas, She realizes now. Rachel, That she can't sway me? Brendon, No that now she realizes that she is in trouble. Cause she's like now oh shoot, like now there's an HOH competition and she's all nervous because she was seeing how good we are all doing. Please how good you were doing. Your competition gave it to you. And on top of that now you can organize the line up. So rather than going out and practice. Rachel, She's like moping around the house. She's like "sigh". I can't handle it.

Brendon, Also distance yourself from Porsche. That girl follows you everywhere. It's so annoying. Rachel, It's not annoying at all. Two peas in a pod.  Brendon, You and her look like Cassi and Dominic and what do they think about them. Rachel, I know but. Brendon, We need to distance ourselves. Rachel, I can't help it Porsche is the only person besides Jordan and Daniele that Brendon, Go work out with Jordan. Even if it's you, Jordan and her. It's not as bad as you and her. You walk around the entire house together all the time. Rachel laughs. Brendon, It's the worst game play ever. Rachel, I'm not trying to be a bad game player. If it was me and Janelle in the house I would be doing the same thing. Brendon yells, but she's not Janelle! You're missing it Brendon Rachel thinks she's Janelle. Rachel, Don't yell at me baby. Are you kidding me right now.

Brendon Villegas, She's destroying our game. Rachel, How is she destroying our game? Brendon, She's blabbing all over the house that you gave her the golden key.  Did she not say that? Did we not know that she said that to Keith? Rachel, There's no reason for you to yell at me over this. Brendon, I wish you could see this. Rachel, I see it Brendon. Brendon, Then why don't you stop it. Rachel, Because I like her. Brendon, I got that you like her, but just don't. Rachel, Because she doesn't talk about how upset she is or how annoying she is.

Brendon, Does Daniele do that? Rachel, Well today all she's complaining about the food and complaining about this and complaining about that. Brendon, Yeah today is a Rachel, I love Daniele I'm not talking bad about her at all. Brendon, You cannot be hanging around her by yourself.

Rachel, But Cassi is following Daniele around like a puppy. Brendon, Sit out there where it's you and everybody else. Rachel, And Cassi stares at me and smiles. And then I know she doesn't want to talk to me about stuff because she knows she can't sway me. Brendon, I know, I'm just asking you. Rachel, Shelly gave him her word and shook on it with him. Brendon, Who told you that? Rachel, That's what Daniele told me. And I don't doubt it. You think I'm not good with people, you think I'm stupid. Brendon, No I'm not sold on anybody in this house.

We are in the position we are in because we got dealt a sh$ty hand of cards, because we were on top and we got screwed. Rachel, We weren't even on top we were still down by numbers. We were just. Brendon, No we were on top going into the HOH competition. Rachel, I know Brendon. Brendon, Five strong players.

Rachel, I agree. Please don't yell at me. Chill out. Brendon, I'm just frustrated. Rachel, Frustrated at what? I'm discussing things with you. Brendon, I'm not yelling at you. I'm getting frustrated with Porsche. Rachel, We are all in the same situation. Jeff and Jordan are in the same alliance. Daniele can't play but she's in our alliance. Cassi is driving me absolutely insane. I want to go say something.

Brendon, But your saying she went and shook on it whatever. I told her to tell them that she was going to vote for Keith. Rachel, I know you did. That's what I said to Daniele, I said but she told us she did that. And she was like I don't Rach she told him she gave him her "word". I'm like she gave us her word and Brendon told her to say that. Brendon, It doesn't matter because between Kalia and Shelly one of them is going to give us their vote. Their dumb to keep Keith in this game. At least Kalia is. She knows that. That she is at the bottom of their totem pole. So worse case scenario you vote Keith he's gone. Then we call out Shelly like wow.

Rachel Reilly, That's what I told Daniele, I'm really nervous about this voting. I'm nervous about Shelly. And she's just like your paranoid. I'm nervous about Shelly and this next voting will tell us. Brendon, We need to figure out how to stack this correctly. Because I don't want to make a mistake thinking we are doing the right thing. How does this work? Do they knock each other out? Are we supposed to stack all of the people we want out in the beginning? They start discussing what type of competition it might be and who they would knock out first. Brendon, We need to talk to someone who has watched every season. Rachel, That's me. Talk to me. You remember everything? Rachel, Mostly I watched every season and I re watched them again before we came on this season. If they are living together why wouldn't he know that? They continue discussing competitions. Brendon starts picking his nose in the middle of the conversation. Rachel, stops talking and starts whining why do you act like this sometimes. Then she starts trying to describe the competitions again.

Rachel says whoever you want to shake needs to go first. So Dominic, Cassey, then Shelly or Lawon. Shelly needs to go in the middle because she's I don't know she's seems like she's all for us, then I don't know she's so hard to read. Cause she could totally. Brendon, You're right. I don't know you guys keep putting so much doubt in my head I don't know who to trust anymore. Rachel, Me either the only person I trust is. Brendon, I listen to my gut instinct and my gut is usually right. And now when you come back and say this person, this person and I second guess myself. I usually end up screwing myself. This happened last year. Rachel, Who did we second guess. Brendon, Baby are you kidding me. Rachel, Andrew? Brendon, NO! I told you about Brittney, I told you about Andrew. You second guessed everything. Rachel, Well the whole thing with Brittney was me being naive and emotional. But I'm not playing emotion with the whole Shelly card. Brendon, Then we ask Shelly before tomorrow morning like hey.

Rachel, Cassi does not like me. Like she may enjoy talking to me. Brendon, No duh. She's just like every other girl she will get you out as soon as she can. Rachel, But she likes Daniele. Are we jealous much? Brendon, yeah. Rachel, But I just don't know if she likes Daniele because she has a golden key. Brendon, It's not about liking somebody, it's about using them. Rachel, She doesn't like me or Jordan. I noticed this last night, no two nights ago. When Cassi was playing she was like trying to talk to Jeff like she was Jeff's friend. Then I noticed her doing the same thing to you. My first instinct was to be like. Brendon, When I don't remember that. Rachel, Like two nights ago. Brendon, She annoys me. Rachel, She annoys me too. That's fine. Brendon, Why are you getting upset? Come in the shower with me. My foods getting cold. Rachel, I can tell as a girl how girls act. Brendon, Well duh, if you think Cassi is real about anything she says or does. Like your in every body's mind. It's not rocket science. Rachel, Are you listening to anything I'm saying. You are so frustrating. Brendon, I don't understand what you are trying to get out of this Cassi thing. Rachel, I'm just telling you. I'm just venting to you Brendon. You're my fiance, you're the only person I can trust 100%. Brendon turns the shower on so he can't hear her.

Rachel, She absolutely driving me insane. Porsche, She gravitates towards Daniele. Rachel, And she's so obvious about it. Porsche, I know like I'm in good with them. So watch out. Rachel, In good with who? Daniele? She doesn't talk to me or Jordan ever. She like smiles at me and answers questions. Porsche, Shelly asked me how I would feel if I got the golden key. I said if I'm still here it's a blessing. Porsche goes outside.

Jordan Lloyd comes in the kitchen. Rachel, Does Cassie ever talk to you? Jordan, No, why? Rachel, Me either she is driving me insane. Jordan, Want to go upstairs? Rachel, Sure.

Jordan, The reason why they are being like that is because they are back tracking. They are like oh crap. Jordan, So what did she say to you? Rachel, Nothing she doesn't talk to me anymore at all. And it's driving me crazy because she like stares at me for a minute then acts all weird. But then she pulls Daniele aside and is like can I talk to you? Jordan, What did Daniele say? Rachel, I don't know I didn't talk to her yet. But I told Daniele, seriously Cassi  is driving me insane. Everything that comes out of her mouth is negative and about Porsche. Anything good, she doesn't have anything good come out of her mouth, she's just driving me crazy. Like I don't even know what to say. I told Brendon well ago.

She tried to talk to Jeff and then to Brendon. This girl if she talks to my fiance more than she talks to me, that's a problem. Jordan just laughs. Rachel, You know what I mean? Jordan, Maybe she feels more comfortable around guys. Rachel, That's what she says. But I think that's probably true. Jordan, I think she probably does. I talked to her last night because of Porsche. Porsche is all over the place, but I mean we didn't talk. Rachel, She's been talking so much crap about Porsche and she didn't take that group picture with us today. Did you notice that? Jordan, Yeah. Rachel, When I went downstairs I asked why didn't you want to take the picture with everyone. She's like I just don't want to be near that girl. I'm just over it. Porsche is causing so much drama. Jordan, I think it's more just tension because now we have to win and you can feel it.

Jordan, Dominic told Jeff tonight we need to talk. So he's gonna try to make a deal or something. Maybe Cassi's trying to talk more. Rachel, Do you think they are trying to get me and Brendon out? Jordan, Oh they're coming after either one. Rachel, I'm saying. Cassie is talking to Daniele and Dominic is talking to Jeff. I'm scared they are trying to get us out. Jordan, No you and Brendon are so even if they did you could win the veto, we could take each other off. Rachel, but what if they try and back door us. Jordan, I know that's the only thing. I've had a nervous stomach over it. Rachel, That's why I'm saying Cassi is driving me insane because she is so like obviously I know she is coming after me. Jordan, You don't know what she's thinking? Rachel, I don't know what she is thinking. I just think she is trying to come after me. Bottom line she is trying to become friends with Daniele. Jordan, You mean like get rid of you and work with the guys all the way through.

Jordan, Didn't Jeff say he was coming up here. He PO's me sometimes because he always just takes his dear sweet time. Jordan goes out to the landing and asks Jeff if he is coming up. They banter back and forth, then Jeff tells her she's been hanging around with Rachel too much. You're bossy. He tells Brendon get your girlfriend away from mine. Brendon, No she's not my girlfriend. Kalia, She's his fiance.

Jordan goes back in the HOH room and Rachel picks up right where she left off. OMG Rachel, Yeah like I think she's just that type of girl. And I don't think it hast to do with I feel more comfortable around guys. She says that she has a lot of girl friends. So I don't think that's it. She want's to be that girl that guys can relate too that she can just work with. Jordan, So you think she is going to try and get rid of both of us. Yeah cause your guys would work with her if she did that. Rachel, I think she will try and get rid of us and work with Daniele. Jordan, I did say that to Jeff that like if it were the final six. Her and Daniele would team up and I think they would be a good team. Cause you got Brendon and I got Jeff. Rachel, And I would be okay with that if she wasn't so fishy in the beginning. Jordan, So what are you saying you want her out next week? What's Daniele thinking? Rachel, Cassi she thinks Cassi is trouble for sure. But that's not what I'm saying. I was just venting because you are my friend. Jordan, I think she is a nice girl I would hang out with her outside. Rachel, No she's totally nice. She's really nice. What?? That's not what you've been saying for the last hour. Everyone here is really nice. She's driving me crazy because she is being so weird. I can't put my finger on it. It's freaking me out because Daniele as like Shelly gave Keith her word Cut off by commercial.

Rachel, I was like if Shelly votes with us I feel like we can trust her. Jeff, Who said that? Rachel, Daniele. Jeff, Who told Daniele that? Rachel, I don't know. Jeff, Don't believe everything you hear in this house. Rachel, I know. I was telling Jordan that Cassi is driving me insane because I can just tell what's she's doing right now, and she's not good at it. Everything she says is bad about Porsche. Jeff, So what? LOL We have the numbers so it doesn't matter what they think. And if we don't were right in the butt hole.

Brendon comes in. Rachel, What do you think about the order? Jeff, That's awesome you get to pick the order. Jordan, I think you should do, don't do Shelly and Kalia in the back with us you gotta mix it up or it's going to be obvious. I think you should do Lawon first. Jeff, No he's going to F up. Put someone there Adam will be real nervous. Put Dominic or Adam. Brendon, Put Dominic first cause Adam will just be nervous. Jeff, I'd say put Dominic then Adam cause Adam's going to be nervous anyway. Brendon, Wait but we gotta figure out how this is going to work. They continue to discuss the game and the line up.

Daniele to Dominic, So if you were HOH who would you be going after. Honestly It depends on who is talking to me. You can run and tell them this all want. Daniele, I'm not going too. I know you think I tell them everything. Dominic, Why wouldn't I target the two couples? and then take two stupid people and just run them. Take two people and just run the show. Daniele, Take two people and do what? Dominic, Take two people whoever I'm comfortable with. Daniele, You just said take two stupid people. Dominic, No no why wouldn't I try and break the couples up right. Daniele, because maybe keeping one of them would be to your benefit. Dominic, How? Daniele, Just thinking all sides of the puzzle, obviously I see where you're coming from. But you have to weigh both sides. Daniele, Why am I campaigning to you to keep them when you are not HOH? Dominic, I'm not saying. Daniele, That's what you are trying to do. You have to do whatever you are comfortable with. Dominic, I'm just asking you as a player. Like saying one way or the other.

Daniele, Say you are on one couples side say you wanted one more than the other. If you are on the side of one couple keeping both of them around you have two automatic votes in the jury. Dominic, That's true but I don't trust the fact that those couples are not going to split up between each other. Daniele, HUH? Dominic, I don't trust the fact that Brendon and Rachel aren't going to never leave Jeff and Jordan's side. The four of them are going to play together. Daniele, So if you get all four of them in jury you get four votes. It's kind of a big deal too. Dominic, That's true. I'm not looking that far to deal with jury yet. You should be. Daniele, but the four people that have golden keys are in jury. That's kind of a big deal. Dominic, To play that angle to keep one of them and lie to the other one.

Daniele, I understand what you're saying. but at the same time you have to remember. For me it was like the most bitter grapes ever. Likes it's angry people that go in there and hold grudges cause they have nothing else to do. They won't get their last hooray whatever. I can just imagine if you PO Rachel and send Brendon home and send her to jury, I can just see her being like you're not getting my vote. Of course I'm not saying base your whole game on that, that would be stupid. It's just another angle to look at.

I feel bad for Porsche, but I really don't want to hear her. It's the same thing over and over and over. Brendon, Jeff what's you're vote. Rachel, She was normal until she was on the block. Jeff, I'm not being rude by any means. Rachel, Obviously Dick trusted her for a reason. Brendon, I don't care Dick's not here anymore. Rachel, You respect him don't you? Brendon, I respect him enough to give her a chance. Jeff, We did. She's getting one. Brendon, She told Keith. Jeff, I know she can't be trusted 100% for sure. Brendon, I told Rachel she should distance herself. Jeff, No you can talk to her if she talks game just give her what she already knows.

Porsche Briggs has Shelly cornered now. Telling her the same stuff.

Porsche is now playing chess with Kalia. Telling her.

Shelly is trying to convince Keith he is just being paranoid. She's good. He's still not seeing what she is saying.

Cassi Colvin, I'll be okay with anyone sending me home but her. I would be so choked if it's her. Shelly Moore, You know that's jealousy don't you? Cassi, It's just hard for me to relate cause I've never felt that way. Shelly, Because you have enough self confidence you are you. People that are insecure do that. Cassi, I guess with her being young and obviously such an idiot in my eyes. It still stings a little, cause I'm like why don't you like me. Shelly, You have to remember. Somethings you just can't compete in and it's frustrating and then that doesn't work. She's not getting any attention from the boys. That bothers her. I can't tell you how many times she's told me how good looking she is. She's like every body's jealous of me cause I'm good looking. I just go. She throws her hands up. Cassi, What? Shelly, You go back and you listen. It's been said at least twice. I agree Shelly I thought it was weird too. Cassi, Wow, incredible. Shelly, Who says that in real life? Jeff Schroeder comes and sits down on the couch. Shelly, Jeff does all the time. Jeff, Says what? Shelly, How good looking you are. Cassi, How good looking you are. Shelly How incredibly hot you are. Shelly, You go through each day and you make sure everybody knows by saying it. Jeff, That's me, that's how I roll.

Jordan Lloyd and Kalia Booker are in the HOH bathroom talking but the tub water is running so its hard to hear. Sounds like Kalia told Porsche she would vote for her but if she ever tells anybody...

People are still practicing the golf game except Brendon and Rachel who don't want people to see them practice and see how good they are.

They are discussing poop again. Who's constipated and who has pooped. TMI

Keith Henderson is in the kitchen talking to Daniele. He thinks he's so cute and he's not.

Cassi, I think it's just the change in my diet. Because I got on what I eat because of my stomach problems. I think it's a shock to my system just changing it up. Brendon, What do you normally eat? Shelly, Before she throws up? Cassi, You're mean Shelly! Shelly, You know I'm playing with you. She knows I'm playing. Cassi, I'm getting it from everywhere tonight. I had IBS real bad in high school. She spent in the hospital. That's why she doesn't eat red meat. She eats chicken to keep the weight on.

Now they are talking about having colonoscopies and watching the bugs and parasites in your body coming out. They said you feel great afterwards because you carry around five or ten pounds waste and all the toxins are out of your body.

They are talking about live competitions and Julie Chen's voice. Shelly, Is she in here? Jeff, No the voice is.
Brendon, No she's not in here she is right out there. Shelly, Oh God. Brendon, You hear her voice and it's just echoing all over here. It's very ominous. Shelly, God Like. Brendon, Julie Chen is all knowing. Jeff, And very affirmative. Shelly, That's omnipotent. Jeff, Yeah idiot. Shelly, Not ominous Cassi, Ominous is doubtful isn't it? Shelly, Ominous is doubtful. Omnipotent is God like and wise. Jeff, This is stupid. Brendon, No ominous and omnipotent is all knowing. Ominous is all present. Jeff, Idiots. Laughs. Cassi, I think he's wrong. Shelly, We are going to have to look that one up or get some help. Cassi, We are going to Google that when we get out of here. Brendon, Google that yeah. Cassi, You thought ominous was doubtful too didn't you. Omnipotent is like all knowing. Ominous is like present everywhere. I'm pretty sure Keith, Ominous is a transformer. Shelly, I really need to sneak in a phone to Google that one. I want to know.

I looked it up using Merriam-Webster just to confirm:

Ominous - being or exhibiting an omen; foreboding or foreshadowing evil.
Omnipotent  - Almighty; having virtually unlimited authority or influence.


Ominous - Menacing; threatening: ominous black clouds; ominous rumblings of discontent; Of or being an omen, especially an evil one. I don't think that sounds like Julie Chen. She's not evil and scary.
Omnipotent - Unlimited power or authority

So take that Mr. Neanderthal. Shelly Moore got you!

Jeff, I don't think anyone inside can help either. Brendon, There is also omniscient I believe. Jeff, There's also omni.

Shelly it's twelve o'clock. No it's not it's 12:46, so now they think they are off Showtime. Lawon Exum, I ain't staying up late tonight. I'm going to be on live TV tomorrow. I've got to really look good. Now they are trying to figure out if they can use the hot shower. ?? Don't know what's wrong with the shower. There are no have nots right now.

They've been calling Dominic Briones PT for a day or two now. I'm not sure where that is from.

Kalia Booker is in the bathroom telling Porsche again she had better not tell anyone she voted for her, because there could be repercussions.

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