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Big Brother After Dark Recap July 11, 2011

Before I watched tonight's show. I watched Evel Dick Donato's video statement regarding his leaving the show. He said it is true he and Daniele have not spoken in three years except for once at his mothers. The encounter was brief and extremely awkward. He has left her voicemails, but got no response.

Dick Donato said he wanted to be the first person to win Big Brother twice. He would not have left if it could have been avoided. He was called into the diary room, he said they actually came into the diary room to tell him rather than speak to him over the PA. There was an emergency with someone close to him, he said he had no second thoughts about leaving, he just left. CBS has even contacted him several times to make sure he and everything is okay.

Evel Dick said the news hit him sideways and knocked him on his a$$. He didn't know anything about it in advance so it couldn't be avoided. He said somethings just give you perspective about what's really important in life and one of these things is not a TV show. Sometimes people need you and if you are true to them you do everything you can. This person has been there for him, so he wanted to be there for them. He's going to respect their privacy, it's a private matter and that's all he is going to say about it.

Evel Dick Donato said he will never regret his decision, it was the right one for him.Well you gotta respect that. I'm glad he was able to be there for his friend. I certainly hope is friend is okay. Maybe they will figure out a way to bring him back in the house through Pandora's Box or something.

I'm also unclear about the fourth key now, I was doing the math after watching the CBS episode. With Evel Dick gone, whoever gets the last key really isn't going to benefit from it. They will reach ten players the same week the fourth golden key is won. Maybe they will change the rules on Sunday.

Jordan Lloyd and Jeff Schroeder are playing pool.

Cassi Colvin, Lawon Exum, Dominic Briones, Adam Poch and Keith Henderson are at the hot tub. They are talking about playing Words with friends on their phone. I've heard of this on Twitter but never played it. It seems to be a popular game. They say it is like scrabble on the phone. LOL Adam and Dominic wake up and play when their phone beeps. Dominic also likes Fruit Ninja. Adam plays Tetris.

Adam Poch has lost over 100 pounds. Go Adam! That's more than I weigh. LOL He used to have a long ponytail. He demonstrates head banging with a ponytail. Rocking out. He weighs about 220 now. When he went to finals last year, they told him if he got on the show he wanted to look good laying out by the pool and working out. So when he went home he told everyone he had went to a sleep study that taught him to eat and sleep better. He started working out and losing weight. He was a 44 waist is now a 36. His goal was 225.

Daniele Donato and Jeff Schroeder are in the kitchen. Jeff is eating ice cream. Daniele is fixing a salad. Daniele, Have you heard all Rachel's ideas for her wedding. Poor Brendon, he just wants to die right now.

Daniele is telling Jeff how funny she thinks Rachel is and that Rachel doesn't realize it. ?? I don't know about that.

Jeff what would be great is if they put me up then Rachel and Brandon won the veto and then they would have to send one of their own people home. Daniele, There's always a chance at everything.

Daniele, You know they are each trying to get us out of here. You know he wants to be the guy that got you out. I'm pretty sure they are talking about Adam. He's obviously going to play both sides. Jeff, I told him when I was shaving. I'm like what's the advantage to having you on our side. He's like well what do you mean to vote or something? Jeff, So you are safe on both sides, you don't have any enemies. He goes well I'm giving you guys info. I'm like what that I'm going up I already know that. Daniele, Right no kidding. If he bows out, which I don't see him doing. I see him wanting HOH. But whatever say he does. I don't see Kalia or Shelly putting us up. Lawon. Daniele, Lawon won't win. Then that leaves Dominic and Cassie. Those are the only two I'm worried about. That's what I said Jeff, those are two I think can win if the veterans are gone.

Jeff, I think that they think they have the votes nailed down. Daniele, Dominic wants Keith out. Jeff, Why would they want him out? Daniele, I don't know. Nobody likes him. Nobody trusts him. Daniele is pouring a glass of milk. Jeff, We're out of milk and you are going to drink a glass. You're a f'ng A hole. Daniele, They're gonna get more. Jeff, I hope so. Daniele, There's like 5 more things. Daniele, Now I feel guilty drinking the milk.

Jeff, So you're in the jury house no matter what. Daniele, I guess so. Jeff, I'd rather have that than have a target on my back every week. Daniele, It just depends on how other things play out. There's gonna be another twist though no question. Jeff, Yeah but am I going to last for it. The twist is going to come when we split up. So I have to fight for three weeks. Daniele, If we get Dominic out next week then who else wants it other than Cassi. You are fighting against one other person. You have to think about numbers like that. Obviously the veto will be different, but when the numbers dwindle like that it's kind of in your favor. Cause Lawon's not going to want it. Jeff, It's like stupid competitions like this though that Lawon wins. They just don't even know what they are doing they just happen to pick the right one. Daniele, I just think he really doesn't want it. I think this golden key twist is stupid. Jeff, It's hard and there's so many of them, four weeks. Daniele, Not only that but if these people go to jury it changes a lot, not in a good way for anyone.

They are talking about previous season's of Big Brother at the hot tub.

For the next HOH Rachel, Brendon, and Daniele can't play. So that only leaves Jeff and Jordan of the veterans to compete. That's why Jeff is concerned. I hadn't thought about that.  

Dominic is planning on winning because Jeff and Jordan are the only veterans playing.

Oh no Rachel is slapping and playing Big Booty with herself. They are trying to figure out what game to play.

Jeff is taking his beer outside and not playing games. Kalia Booker, Lawon Exum, and Cassi Colvin are outside on the couch with Jeff and Jordan.

Most of the house guests are playing beer games in the kitchen. If I wasn't afraid I would miss something important, I would just fast forward it. They can't be drunk, they only had two beers each.

I don't know where Shelly Moore has been, she just came into the kitchen and then left again.

Kalia wants to stay in the house long enough to earn enough money for a boob lift.

Jeff plays hockey, Shelly and Kalia roller skate

The game has ended Rachel says good entertaining Showtime. NOT.

Jeff and Jordan are in the hot tub. Dominic has his feet in.

Cassi and Lawon are in the hammock. Lawon, Did you see him come talk to me today. He was like do I still have your vote. I was like you f'd me man. He was like I know I'm sorry. I said I gave you my word. He's like I know. Shelly told me one thing is you handled it with respect and that will keep you in the game. Cassi, Next time he gets put on the block he's going home. Lawon, I think right now the house is going to be split. I would love for it to be a tie breaker. We got to think about how we want to play the game. When I say we I mean you, me and Dom.

Brendon, Rachel and Daniel are on a lawn chair in the yard. Daniele, Getting the chance to play POV and winning it is less likely than everything else. Rachel, And then Brendon I'm going to be the target. Brendon, Which is stupid on their part. Daniele, Yeah but if you want to stay it would be really easy to convince people not too. Daniele, You just say Rachel can't think with Brendon here, he's the logical one.

Lawon, You can't trust them to vote. Cassi, This is the thing if he ever got the power I'd just tell him. I think even with everything that has happened. He still feels safer with us than he does with them. I would have no qualms with, if he got HOH. I would just tell him if he puts any of us you got no votes. Lawon, My vote could sway either way and he knows it.

Cassi, He's got to feel like an idiot right now. Lawon, I just have to weigh how can I trust him. Money changed him like this man. Money ain't even here yet, it's like week one. You should have heard what he said. Cassi, Was he like name calling? Lawon, Yes. That's what I said. Cassi, Think about it like this that is something he is going to have to live with forever. Lawon, Who's to say what he has said to them. They were saying we can tell what type of character you are. Everyone likes you.

Cassi, Keeping him can help us down the road to get a really strong couple out of here. As soon as he gets out of that safety zone nobody has forgotten what he's done. Nobody trusts him on all sides. Also if him and Rachel would approach us we can just say we gave our word early on and didn't feel comfortable going back on it. Lawon, Well they know I gave my word. Cassi, I was talking to her earlier she is not going to put him up. Lawon, Who? Cassi, Porsche. Lawon, I have four days to think about it. As far as the Regulators em em. My worry is did he tell them? Cassi, No I don't think so. That's the thing even though he has called us all out individually and you publicly. He knows all he's got is us. He ruined any possibility with them. He's got to know that or he's an absolute fool. Even if he did work with them he would be the first one to go once he numbers are down.  It's one thing if he was genuinely sorry. I don't see that with him. Even him playing pool with us and stuff. It's so hard for me to look at him and laugh and enjoy his company anymore. Lawon, It's a double edged sword because I gave him my word, but he f'd up my word. But I still kept mine. But I will never give it again. The first week.

Cassi, You know what's weird I always thought he would be the first one to go out of the group. Lawon, Really? Cassi, Absolutely. Out of the second was Dominic. You and Adam were gold. I trust Dom now. I know that at some point he will try and get me out, and that's okay. Lawon, I'm fine with that. Cassi, It's just getting us there.

Brendon, It's really not fair to us. Daniele, I really want to know what Stein, James and my brother are thinking. Brendon, They would be livid. Every person who has played this game at least one time.

Dominic has joined Lawon and Cassi is gone. Dominic, And who ever doesn't win no hard feelings. Whoever goes home. Lawon, I couldn't play that game with Keith, even if I decide to let him stay. My hands would still be clean because I gave him my word. But I'm not playing no games with him anymore. Dominic, You can't. Lawon, Even if you guys did I wouldn't be mad at you. Dominic, I just want to use him as long as possible.

Kalia just walked up to Dominic and Lawon. General chitchat.

Rachel, Brendon and I didn't care because it was going to be a three three vote. Brendon, we really didn't care because we were coming into this game with a target on our back period.  We knew that was going to happen. That was my hesitation. Daniele, But that was all of us. You have no idea, you think you are the only ones that hesitated to come back. I called James I was like I don't know what to do. I feel like I got the short end of it. I come here and I'm forced to play with my dad. We didn't get to talk about it. You guys got to talk about it. I didn't get to talk about it all. You have to play with this guy that you despise and you don't want to talk to. Rachel, It's not like it's an All Star season. Daniele, Exactly. Brendon, I think if we were playing an All Star season it would be different. Daniele, Of course. I said the same thing a million times before. Brendon, Our social game doesn't matter because no matter what we say no one believes you. Daniele, And it doesn't matter what you say or how much they like you you are a huge threat. Brendon, That's what I'm saying we are just coming in here for thrills and excitement.

Daniele, And it didn't help that we each came in one by one. I said all that. Brendon, They had an hour to sit there and bond. Daniele, You guys came in and then they came in and we didn't come in forever afterwards. I was getting pissed. They told me an hour and a half. I was pacing around the room saying this is not fair. This is not fair. I don't care this is not fair they are getting bonding time and I am just sitting here are you kidding me. DOG, Daniele you are not allowed to talk about production.

Rachel and Porsche are in the kitchen talking but they are banging stuff around so I couldn't hear the first part of the conversation. Porsche, I only told one person and I think he's working with them and blah blah blah. Rachel, With us? Porsche, Yeah. Rachel, There is no them against us first of all. Porsche, And Cassi is so funny she's like we have to have the balls to get rid of them. Do you have the balls if you win HOH to get rid of them. Porsche, I'm like it would be a while before I get HOH and right now I don't have any grudges against anybody and by that time you guys could be a bigger threat. Rachel, Do you know for sure that she said that? Porsche, Yeah she said it to me and Lawon and Dominic was in the room. Rachel, When did she say that? Recently? Porsche, Yeah today before we all fell asleep. Rachel, She's such a skeevy. Porsche, Well personally I like to know what people are doing.

Rachel is having a coke float after having beer. YUCK Porsche, For sure they are scheming and Dominic is 100% with them. Porsche, Adam said he is going to vote with the majority. He likes me he just doesn't like Kalia. He said Cassi and Dominic are schemers. I'm pretty sure he said that to see if it would get back to them. Rachel, wait who was in the room when Cassi said that? Porsche, Just Lawon and Dominic. Rachel, Cause I don't think Shelly feels that same way. Porsche, No. I think Shelly really likes me. But he told Shelly and Adam he really doesn't want to be here anymore. I'm pretty sure he is just doing it for sympathy. Rachel, Oh obviously. Porsche, I'm like you have five days to manipulate people you manipulated me.

Dominic, I'm just stoked the three of us are on for another week. The stress is off us. Lawon, I'm just ready to be playing singles. Dominic, Are you? I am and I'm not. Cassi, Yeah, me too. Cassi, I'm looking forward to playing singles cause I'm going to put you two up. Cassi, Okay you will not have my vote in jury house. Cassi, You weren't mad at me earlier were you? Lawon, No. Cassi, Honestly I just wanted you to see both sides of your decisions. Honestly I would respect you if you said you can't do it. Dominic, You were fired up the other day, I thought you said for sure you weren't going to do it. Lawon, I really would have messed him up outside the house. But that's the old me. Dominic, That's the you I want to see a little bit of. Lawon, That's what everybody says. Cassi, What you? Lawon, Dawon. Dawon's the thug.

Cassi, What I can't wait for is when we can get out of here back to civilization and let our hair down. I'm fun when I drink. I'm the first one signing up for Karaoke. Dominic, I'm pumped when I won't have a mic on me and can say what I want to say. Lawon, Trust me when we get out of here you are going to say that boy is crazy as sh$t. Cassi, You are crazy now. Lawon, You ain't seen sh$t. Dominic, Don't you guys feel like you have to hold back? Lawon, I hold back a lot. I've had some things slip. Dominic, I know my families watching.

Lawon, The gratification I'm going to get is when he looks back on that tape and sees what type of man I am.

Rachel talking to Jordan. Cassi, said that we all have to have the balls to put them up. She didn't say who, but obviously it's one of the four of us. Obviously Cassi is full of sh$t. She's gotta be the next one to go. We've known this all day but that just super proves it. I mean she was over in the hammock talking to Lawon. Jordan, Do you think Dominic is a bigger threat than Cassie? Rachel, No way. Because get rid of Cassi, who is Dominic going to have? He follows her around like the puppy. Jordan, Do you think you can beat, what if Dominic is better than Cassie? Rachel, No way cause once Keith's gone this week, next week we have to get rid of Cassie. Then Dominic will be lost. They decide to go upstairs and talk.

If Cassi's here she's gonna be I'm your friend and let's talk about Country Music. Rachel is trying to imitate Cassi's voice. And then she's going to come to me and talk about how much fun we can have. She's already acting weird because the POV's been used. You don't think so? Jordan, I don't know cause I've ever only talked to her in a group. Rachel, She's not a quite girl. She's one of those girls that's always plotting.

Jordan, I told Jeff do you think Dominic want to get rid of me because I won and they are closer to you. If I go make sure that Daniele and Jeff are partners that all ya'll stay together. Rachel, The only way for them to get one of the four of us up is if they back door us. That's not true. If you guys go up we can pull you off if we win the POV. We have a good change of winning the POV. They'll probably put you up and say you won before. Jordan, Jeff thinks they will put him up first. Rachel, 100%. But they don't have the votes to get rid of Jeff.  Worse case scenario you guys pick and we do what you say. There's no way. I 100% guarantee they will go for Jeff before you. I'm not sure if they will go for me over Brendon. Jordan, I think so. Me and Brendon are more the same and you and Jeff are the same. Rachel, What should I do to change that? Jordan, Jeff had a plan you'll just  have to talk to him tonight.

Lawon, If one of them leave they are going to be gunning. Shoots and ladders. Dominic, Gunning? Lawon, I mean competitive wise. Dominic, They are going to have to strike a deal at that point. Lawon, Right. Dominic, That's the key is to back them in the corner far enough where they are ready to make a deal. Danni is already ready. But I wouldn't say anything. Cassi, Yeah but that scares me. Dominic, She scares you? Cassi, I love the sh/t out of her, but Dominic, She's still with them. She's going to have to strike a deal, she's going to  have too.

Cassi, That's their only choice. Lawon, Why wouldn't you put me up. Cassi and Dominic Why would we? Even if we knew we were keeping you for the vote. Why waste an HOH elimination on Kalia? That's dumb. Dominic, There is not a shot in hell that would make me put you up. Lawon, cause they know you would roll with me. Dominic, Whether they know we would roll with you or not. It's stupid. Cassi, If we keep those two any longer, they are going to pick us off and we aren't going to have the numbers anymore. So it's not gonna matter who we, they are going to have the majority. Cassi, Cause if one of those couples go up down the road, then that's three guaranteed votes cause you got the other couple and Daniele. Porsche would vote their way. That's four so we would have to have five. So it's got to happen in the next couple of weeks or they got the numbers.

Lawon, I keep telling myself it's not personal. Dominic, Are you having problems putting them up? Lawon, I just think its tit for tat and I don't want to play it like that. Dominic, You don't want to play it like that? Lawon, I want to play it a sleekly way, like oh that's how they got out? Each week it's going to be tit for tat. Of course they are going to put one of us up. We get up we are going to put one of them up. Dominic, And you don't want to play like that? Cassi, How do you know that? Lawon, I don't know. That's what I'm thinking too. Cassi, Unfortunately it ain't our choice that's just how it is. Lawon, I know. Cassi, They are together. And I even made the comment and they are like yes we will protect each other. They told me to my face. Brendon did confirm that. Until we get down to the end we are going to protect each other. I said fair enough. Lawon, just laughing.

Kalia is laying with Daniele in the lounge. Kalia, He asked me yesterday if I was going to vote for him. Daniele, Who? Kalia, Keith. And I was just like I'm going to just go with the house. I really don't know.

Rachel walks up and asks if they want a snack. Daniele, OMG fatty. Rachel, I am kind of fat. Daniele, I kind of do want a snack. Rachel asks Kalia if she want's anything. Kalia just looks at her. Rachel says no? Kalia says I would love a lot of things. Rachel, Do you want a slop snack? Kalia, No. Rachel, I'm horrible, kill me now. Stab me in the neck. That's the second time she has done that to Kalia tonight. Rachel leaves. Kalia, I told him someone started making noise I couldn't hear what she said. Daniele, He hasn't approached me at all. Kalia, He said that you were the only one of the vets that he was going to talk too. Kalia, I was like have you talked to any of them. He's like no I know they don't want me here. I'm like you don't know that. You haven't even tried.

Rachel comes back up with sweatshirts.

Rachel is now telling Daniele what Cassi said about having balls to put them up.  Daniele, Well Duh. Rachel, But Cassi said that. Daniele, There was no question in my mind. Rachel, but she made a deal with us that she was gonna. Daniele, Well that's Big Brother. Dominic comes in and interrupts the conversation. Daniele leaves Shelly comes in the kitchen Rachel asks her will you come talk to me for a minute. Shelly, Sure. They go up to HOH. Shelly, I'm in big trouble now..

Rachel, I'm not talking game anyway. I just want to tell you that someone told me that Cassi was talking to Dominic, Lawon, Porsche, and Adam. And she said. Shelly, I'm worried about her I have to tell the truth. Something else happened today that I saw. Rachel, Oh Keith was in there too. Shelly, When we came back from meeting with you guys and we went back and our room and I don't know if she was talking game or what, but she was talking to Lawon and she said you have to vote out  Porsche. Rachel, Cause they want to keep Keith. We know. Shelly, And then she said we've gotta have people that will get those guys out. I was like wait a minute. I freaked out and I'm like, I didn't say a word.

Here's what I thought she was trying to do and I hate to say this about my partner but I felt like she was trying to say keep those people in so they can vote them out so she doesn't have too. I think what she was saying was we each have to be able to vote them out if we get HOH or this isn't going to work.  And then I was like, that may be what you want them to do but why are you telling them to do it. That's what concerns me. She's over on the hammock with them and stuff. Because the next thing will be me and I don't want that to happen. I don't know maybe they would vote for me if she is ringing them up.

Rachel, It doesn't matter because we have the votes too. Shelly, I hope so. I wondered if that was happening. Rachel, If we all stay in this game we have the votes. So this person that told me that said Cassi said specifically, you guys have to have the balls to put them up. I don't know who she was talking specifically about Jeff and Jordan or me and Brendon. But today when she was sitting with us she was like down. Shelly, She appears down. I think that she is in the back of my mind the way that she plays it so that she doesn't have to put you guys up and she can play them and she looks good all the way to that point. Rachel, So she can play both sides. So she's a super floater. I wouldn't call someone doing all this planning a super floater.

Shelly, But then when we were sitting here she kept bringing up, she couldn't understand how to get to the seven without but I think she's trying to get the other guys to do the dirty work. Rachel, I think so too. Shelly, That makes me upset because I'm on that team. Rachel, I think in a way. Shelly, But I won't get into that discussion and you'll see it, cause I did not say a word. Rachel, She reminds me of like how Erica played in All Stars when they were like you got to vote out Daniele and she was Daniele's best friend. And then that same week she was like I got to put you up as a replacement nominee.

Rachel, I just wanted to tell you she said that. I'm not allowed to talk game according to I couldn't understand what she said, she did air quotes, I even tried to read her lips, I don't think she was saying Brendon. Shelly, I completely understand and I want you guys to know God I hope she doesn't keep doing that because then it's going to get to the point where we are going to go up. Then I don't want to go cause I got you guys backs. Cause I do. Rachel, Well we have, this next competition is going to he huge. Rachel, Your 100% right. You're not going to tell us one thing and go do something else right? Shelly, Absolutely 100%. Rachel,  And we 100% love you and have your back. There's a lot of 100% ing going on this year. Big Brother is never 100%.

Shelly, I mean that I have no problem putting up my own side, because I think there is plenty of them to put up. Several of them play a fairly immature game. Rachel, Oh immature, they don't even play a good game. Shelly, It's so obvious and so sixth grade. Rachel, Oh yeah. Shelly, When they get into those discussions I leave, cause I don't ever want anyone to say I was in the middle of that. I just get up and go. I'll come clean dishes and get out of the way. Now that's a floater.  I saw that today when I was in there. Lawon, said he's putting up Keith regardless. He's voting out Keith. Rachel, I don't know because there are four or five more days that he is going to change his vote no matter what. Shelly, He's given her his word. Rachel, that he's going too? Stay or out. Shelly, Out. Rachel, Wait Cassi wants to keep Porsche or Cassi wants to keep Keith? Shelly, Cassi wants to keep Keith which is fine. Cause I think he is strong, but I don't think he is a good player. Cause mentally he doesn't quite understand everything that is going on. Rachel, I agree. Lawon, Will not vote out Keith and that will be the one. And I'm thinking to myself why would you put a mark on yourself not to go with the house. The show ended.

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