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Big Brother 13 Episode 3 July 13, 2011

The last show we left with Keith and Porsche up for nomination.

Keith is upset because Porsche is going up to HOH. What does he expect? Just because you chose her doesn't mean she wanted to be your partner. And you both just got nominated, the first people in the house, she wants to know why I'm sure. I would. Porsche is up in the HOH crying. OMG It's a game. They want her to throw the POV contest now. I kind of understand her concern about not wanting to throw the POV competition, because often it doesn't turn out well for pawns in this game.

Now Keith says he is going to throw the POV. What is wrong with these people? Keith want's to get Porsche Briggs out of the house. If he wins POV he can pull himself off the block and still get Porsche out. Why throw the contest and stay on the block, that's just stupid. Now he says Porsche is going to vote with the veterans if she stays. That's true. And he thinks Kahlia is going to turn because she suggested he go talk to the veterans. All the more reason not to throw POV. I don't think he understands how this game is played.

Evel Dick Donato is called to the DR. Hours later Evel Dick hasn't returned. Rachel is called to the DR, so the house guests know Evel Dick isn't in there.  I guess they called Rachel instead of Daniele, because she is HOH. Rachel comes back out and reads a note to the house guests, telling them Evel Dick had to leave the game due to a personal matter. Since Daniele no longer has a partner she will get the first golden key.

Daniele is crying and having a melt down. Jordan comes up to HOH and tells them when Keith went into the storage room he was smiling. Brendon is going to go down and start trouble with Keith. I think he wants to kick his butt. The veterans are now down to five people. All of the veterans are saying they have no chance now and Jeff Schroeder says let's knuckle up like Rocky, we'll take it down. You gotta love Jeff. Who knew Jeff was such a cheerleader? LOL Rah Rah!

OMG! What is wrong with Keith. Something horrible might have happened to Evel Dick and all he can think about is making his move on Danni. I am glad I don't go to his church. Something is wrong with that boy.

I think Keith is smoking crack. This guy just isn't right.

I love the look on Daniele's face when Brendon Villegas says it's not rocket science but if it was I'd be good with that too. I think she threw up in her mouth a little.

Adam is dressed like a cop. Everyone else is dressed in unitards and capes. Well I guess if Keith says he's throwing the competition and the veterans have convinced Porsche to throw the competition. That means one of the veterans will win POV.

Rachel and Brendon win. No surprise there. They only had to compete against Jeff and Jordan who weren't on the block.

Food items for the have nots this week:
  1. Gum Drops and Grits
  2. Jelly Beans and Jerky
  3. Rock Candy and Radishes
I must be weird I like all of those things. I'll have to think about what to vote for. I wish I knew who was a have not before I decide. Giving them grits is kind of like giving them more slop. I think Jelly Beans and Jerky is probably a little kinder than Rock Candy and Radishes. All of them are kind of hard on the teeth though.

When Brendon and Rachel start planning or trying to describe a game I swear they make my head hurt. It's like they are speaking a foreign language.

So that was what? Threaten all the house guests either you vote with us or we'll put you up? That should make a lot of friends. Now Rachel is talking to Keith about using the POV. If they take Keith and Porsche off the block, Porsche loses her golden key and I think she's dumb enough to got tell everyone she had a deal with them and they broke it. Right now she's one vote for the veteran's for probably the next four weeks if she gets a key. I think they'd be smarter to keep her around for the vote.

Rachel and Brendon are all high and mighty this week. Next week Rachel will be crying again.

Porsche and Keith are both nuts. Porsche for trusting the veterans and Keith for not even trying to take himself off the block in the POV.

Am I missing something here? What are Keith and Porsche thinking?

If you haven't already heard what happened to Evel Dick. I put what Evel Dick himself said about leaving the show in an After Dark Recap. It's not any of the rumors you may have heard, like he was arrested or his brother was killed in a car accident. None of that is true. If you want to wait and see, CBS is supposed to address it Sunday. I don't know why they are waiting until Sunday.  So if you want to wait until then don't look. LOL

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