Friday, July 15, 2011

Big Brother 13 Episode 4 July 14, 2011

Someone's going home! Wonder who? I'm thinking Keith Henderson.

Jeff, Let's knuckle up like Rocky! I love that!

I wish I could just reach through the TV and slap Rachel. Ewwww.

Yeah, Porsche is loyal like a puppy dog.

Please stop with the Big Booty! I can't take anymore.

The drum circle. It was better than Big Booty.

Bookie? Rachel's pet name for Brandon. To each their own I guess. Please this is not the Rachel and Brendon show. Stop already.

Even watching Big Brother After Dark, I'm not sure how this vote is going to go down.

Keith Henderson has played this game weirder than anybody I've ever seen. He didn't even say keep me I'm strong. Nothing. Porsche, Wait I got distracted by the dress. I thought she was wearing lingerie at first. There wasn't much pleading there from either side.

The voting:

Dominic - Porsche
Brendon - Keith
Jordan - Keith
Cassi - Porsche
Lawon - Porsche
Jeff - Keith
Daniele - Keith
Adam - Porsche
Kalia - Keith
Shelly - Keith

It's 6-4. Keith is out. Two of the newbies flipped their vote. There should be some drama in the house tonight.

HOH Competition coming up. Brendon and Rachel can't play. Yea!!!

Wow the competition looks very much like the practice game, except the water and sand weren't added.

Rachel Reilly can't play as outgoing HOH, Porsche Briggs and Daniele Donato have golden keys so they won't play.

Dominic Briones- 6
Adam Poch- Eliminated
Cassi Colvin- Eliminated
Shelly Moore- Eliminated
Lawon Exum- Eliminated
Kalia Booker - 6
Jordan Lloyd - 3 takes the lead
Jeff Schroeder - Eliminated He gave that away.
Brendon Villegas -  Eliminated. I don't think he should have got to play since he was partners with Rachel.

Jordan wins. She was doing really good when they were practicing. I'm happy for Jeff and Jordan but that means, Rachel and Brendon probably won't be going home next week either. Shaking my head.

Poor Jordan, first Evel Dick Donato says there are no other winners in the house. Now Julie Chen says this is her first HOH. Yes, I know both were thrown so she could have it, but still.

I am loving blogging this. Now we have a record of who won what when and who voted for who.

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