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Deadliest Catch Season 8 Episode 12 Recap

"Collision Course"

Three weeks into the season and everyone is fighting the ice. The Captains are trying to retrieve their gear.

On the Kodiak. They are trying to retrieve gear and getting nailed with green water. They are pulling up pots of 400. Captain Bill said he has had more water come over the rail in the last two strings than he has the last two or three seasons. Those are some impressive waves. A big wave came over so high it went over the stacked pots. Captain Bill decides to shut fishing down until daylight.

On the Time Bandit. Captain Andy says it's extreme out. It's blowing NE 50 and 10 degrees out. The guys are deicing the boat. Eddie Uwekoolani, Sr is retiring at the end of this year. He says he is too old for it. He is 46 and has been on the Time Bandit 14 years. Eddie is trying to pass on 26 years of crabbing wisdom to Eddie Jr. Eddie is bent over doing something on the deck and a piece of ice nails him right across the middle of the back. He said it kind of knocked the wind out of him. It's like getting hit in the back with a piece of steel.

The Time Bandit finally gets to their pots. They start pulling them up with very little crab inside. Then Eddie Sr gets hit with a big chunk of ice. He turns around, walks away from the crab table and collapses on deck crying out in pain. I'm not sure if they said he got hit in the head or the hip. They straighten out one of his legs and then try and help him inside. They end up carrying him in. Captain Andy is screaming at them over the hailer asking why they walk under the cranes. They get Eddie Sr's rain gear off and tell him to take it easy. Eddie Jr says the ice has it out for the Uwekoolani's. Captain Andy said Eddie almost got his hip dislocated. Eddie Sr goes into the galley and and lays on the seat at the table, rubbing his hip with tears in his eyes because the pain is so bad. I hate to say it, but I think someone needs to get Eddie some ice for his hip.

On the Seabrooke. Captain Scott says he just spent $250,000 on repairs. He can't screw this up. They pull up a pot 3/4 full. Kado says the grass is definitely greener on the Seabrooke. The pots keep coming up full. Now Captain Scott has to decide whether or not to set back. I'm thinking he's going to go for it. Yep, he does. He says go big or go  home. You're always bold until you see the ice.

On the Ramblin' Rose. Elliott has retrieved half of his pots. He is pulling up pots with very little crab. Now he is talking about trying to get his baby's momma back. After twelve hours of lousy fishing, Elliott tells the crew to come in for a rest. He puts Candiolo Oleano (Sorry not sure on the spelling of that) on wheel watch. Everyone goes to bed. Candiolo turns on the radio and promptly falls asleep. He wakes up just as they are heading into a pack of ice. Geez didn't the camera man see Titantic? That's crazy he didn't wake him up before they go ramming into the ice pack. They looked to be moving at a pretty good clip too, they weren't going slow into the pack. Candiolo wakes up and sees they are heading into a bunch of broken up ice.  He jumps out of his chair and hollers for Elliott who gets in the chair and stops the boat. The hull is only 1/4 of an inch thick. Elliott sends the guys down to check for leaks. Elliott decides it's just a break off of flow and decides to go through it. They make it through the ice. If Elliott addressed the crew member falling asleep at the wheel, they didn't show it. 

On the Northwestern. Captain Sig's crew has been grinding for twenty hours straight. The sun is coming up. Captain Sig tells the crew they have nine miles until the next string to go eat. Edgar Hansen is giving Jake Anderson some constructive criticism. It's hard to hear him but something about Jake A not helping with the log books and stuff and the other crew members not liking it. Jake A is not happy about it and starts going on about all the stuff he does for the boat when they are at home. Jake goes into the galley and addresses the rest of the crew about it. Matt Bradley tells him he would like to say good job. Then he starts going off on Matt about how he goes off and gets high and expects to get his job back while the rest of them are there compensating for him fighting to stay there. He says some of us want to move on and move forward. Captain  Sig says all the ruckus down there, it sounds like Jake is finally stepping up. The louder the better. Jake A tells Matt that just hurts my feelings dude. Captain Sig comes into the galley and says all he hears is freaking out and screaming. Jake A tells him they are complaining because he didn't do the dishes for three days or something I just went. Captain Sig, well then why don't you do the dishes?  Edgar says he's too busy doing log books. Matt says Jake is getting ready to get married, he just bought a house which is more than he can say for himself. Matt would like to see him do something different.

On the Seabrooke. They are pulling up full pots from the set back. 835 crabs the last pot. So far he hasn't seen any ice. He has three more pots to grab. Then he sees big ole chunks of ice up in front of them. Time for the buoy hunt. He doesn't want to leave even three pots. They head into the ice. Captain Scott says this ice would peel some boats open like a pop can.  They have found two pots. A sea lion is sun bathing on the ice. They find the last pot. They are topping off their tanks and heading in. Captain Scott said they loaded the boat in 240 pots. The quickest he's ever done it before was 356 pots.  He sets the pots again and heads in to unload.

On the Ramblin' Rose. They have pulled all of their pots up. He is headed in. He says the season is coming to a screeching halt before it even gets started. He calls home.and asks his wife to be his Valentine. She tells him she is seeing someone else. He asks is she is sleeping with him or letting the kids around him. He asks how he is being weird about it. He says if it's a friend of his he is going to be pretty unhappy.

Crab Count

Northwestern 498,200
Wizard 485,000
Time Bandit 298,600
Kodiak 273,145
Seabrooke 162,000
Ramblin' Rose 90,420

On the Kodiak. They are having a waffle challenge. One of the guys has challenged Crosby to eat 28 waffles in an hour for $100. Gross! He throws them up.

On the Northwestern Captain Sig has been at the wheel for forty hours straight. The guys are pulling up a pot. Captain Sig feel asleep at the wheel leaving the boat in gear. He apologizes to the crew and asks Edgar to come drive for ten pots. Edgar says they get to kill three birds with one stone. He gets some time behind the wheel, Sig gets some sleep and he gets to see what Jake Anderson is made of.

Edgar puts Jake A on the crane. Jake tells Edgar he knows he's watching and it makes him nervous. Edgar says he has watched Jake grow into a man. He should know what to do when problems arise. Right? Edgar leaves the chair and heads downstairs. I smell trouble. LOL Edgar goes downstairs and shuts the crane off and heads back upstairs. He says the first thing they are going to do is go Edgar, Edgar. What is Jake Anderson going to do? Edgar watches on the monitor and says Jake is in the engine room. He didn't even say anything. Edgar calls down and tells the guys don't tell Jake A, but I just turned the crane motor off. Jake A is in the wrong side of the engine room trying to locate the problem. He goes back on deck and back downstairs.  He found the problem. Edgar hollers downstairs and says whats going on? I see you running around the engine room like a little monkey. Jake A starts laughing and says you sneaky little.. Edgar laughs, what did you find? Jake A you turned the hydraulic pump off. Edgar, you know what I found? You didn't relay any information to me that something was wrong. Poor Jake, he can't win. Jake says you should just be proud. Edgar says I give you a two on a scale of one to ten. Matt Bradley says if it would have been a real emergency he might have notified the Captain, within three working days.

On the Time Bandit. Captain Andy is almost finished pulling gear. They are starting to see small chunks of ice. Eddie Sr is back on deck.

The Wizard is also headed to Dutch. Captain Keith says he'd rather be the guy that is smart, not screwed.

The Seabrooke is completing their off load with a floating processor because St. Paul is frozen over. 162,000 with 1.67 pound average. The biggest they have seen so far this season. Two days of fishing for $300,000. Pretty damn good. They are headed back out. Captain Scott wants a million dollars worth of crab.

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