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Deadliest Catch After The Catch 2012 Episode 1

The Captains are in Breckenridge Colorado. Boy do they look hot on horses and in cowboy hats. And no I am not talking about the outside temperature.

They meet at a place called the Whale's Tail. The band's name is Leftover Salmon. LOL

Captain's Sig, Keith and Andy are at the table with Mike Rowe. Captain Johnathan is MIA. Captain Andy says they found out he is not a cowboy. Captain Johnathan got on a bull named "Snowflake" he was bucked off and broke 4 ribs. All the Captains are laughing about it. Apparently Captain Keith also rode a bull and stayed on about 1/10th of a second longer than Johnathan. Mike Rowe says he is there so he wins.

Captain Keith says they had the biggest season they ever had, even with all the ice. They discuss the quantity and longevity of the ice. Captain Andy says they saw ice out in 2,000 fathoms. Captain Keith says the ice usually starts to recede in March. This year it didn't recede until May.

Captain Bill joins the table. His pots were drug 27 miles by the ice. Captain Sig explains how the ice drags the pot over the edge and they lose them. Mike asks them at what point does it quit being crab season and become find your gear season. Captain Bill said they had two trips that were fishing the rest were ice related. Captain Sig some guys lost all their gear. If you lose 200 pots that's about 300-350 thousand dollars worth of gear. Captain Bill says you have to go scavenge for gear. Mike Rowe asks at what point do you stop? Captain Sig says you can't stop.

They talk about Captain Keith using his knuckle crane to break the ice which is not standard operating procedures. Captain Keith says he hasn't heard of anyone doing that before. I remember one of the boats doing that before to get out of the dock. They finally got tugs up there to break up the ice to help with the harbors.

They show and discuss Travis Loftland falling over board. Travis joins the table and spills a beer. LOL He says that is the first time he has seen the footage. Travis impaled his chest on a big eye thing, Andy was concerned about crushing him between the boat and the dock. I hadn't even thought about that. Travis talked about his first deck boss Mongo who he watched die from hypothermia. Travis says he was embarrassed and pissed that he did something so stupid.

The discussion turns to Captain Keith's green horns and then to Chris Scambler. Chris joins the table. Apparently Captain Keith had asked Chris if he had seen the show. He told him it's twenty times harder than you think. Chris says he lied to him, its like 75 times harder. Chris has had hard luck with jobs he wanted to learn a trade. Captain Sig says the way Captain Keith spoke to Chris was not brutal, its normal to them. You have to speak to them that way for their own good. Captain Andy said there no HR on our boats. Captain Sig says if there was we wouldn't have a fleet. Chris Scambler doesn't remember much after they took him out of the forepeak. Chris was close to a total body shut down. At one point his heart rate was at 180 and his BP was continuing to drop. Captain Keith said he was getting ready to check out. Freddie Maughtai joins the table. Freddie said he felt like it was his fault, maybe he was too hard on Chris. Captain Sig says if he isn't hard on you you might end up in that helicopter for other reasons. That's his job. Mike Rowe tells Freddie he has 3 seconds if he wants to say you're sorry. Freddie says I'm not sorry. Mike Rowe asks Chris one final question saying he doesn't want to pry, but did Captain Keith touch your pee pee? LMAO Captain Keith says every man has had a moment when he's had to go to the bathroom real bad. There was no way. Mike Rowe interrupts we'll take that as a yes. They never did say what exactly caused Chris to collapse. As they go to commercial Mike Rowe says I'll bet he had to touch the pee pee just a little bit, it would be impossible not too. Oh geez! 

They come back from commercial and Mike asks Captain Keith what Chris says as he walked away. Captain Keith, he said next time someone gives you a hard time about that just remind them that was a crab table I was peeing on. That's what I said! Boil those crab. They are thankful to be laughing about the situation because it was such a close call.

They have a man Hunter Mortenson and his rescue dog Tally showing and talking about how they do rescues in an avalanche. Very cool. 

Elliott and Bill join the table again and they all discuss the weather. Captain Scott, Jr joins the table and talks about losing his engines. Captain Scott talked about doing suicide sets with one engine. He has only had to do that a couple of times in his career.

They have a clip of Captain Johnathan Hillstrand called Horse 101. He shows the horse and says the throttle is right here. He grabs one of the horses ears. He says the other ear is the clutch. He checks to see if the carpet matches the drapes. LMAO He looks at the horses back side. He lifts the horses leg and says he's checking the tire pressure. He says you have to watch out for exhaust and points to the horses rear end. He says the intake can take your fingers off pointing to the horses mouth. He says Swedish people get on this side, he jumps up and lays across the horse not able to get on the back says never mind. I wonder if Captain Sig taught him that? 

They come back and Edgar is at the table. They discuss his coming back. Edgar says watching the show he said his boat needed him. Edgar screams at Captain Keith a lot watching the show.

The Captain's had a Phil Harris Memorial Dog Sled Race on bicycles. I think Edgar won. 

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