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Deadliest Catch Season 8 Episode 11 Recap

"No Exit"

This episode starts off with the ice trying to pin the Northwestern into the dock in St. Paul.

The Time Bandit is wrapping their gear with tarps and saran wrap to try and protect it from the ice. Captain Johnathan's back is still bothering him from when he was catching air on deck in last weeks episode so he has decided to stay in Dutch and see the Chiropractor. Captain Andy will have to weather the storm without Captain Johnathan.

On the Kodiak Captain Bill is out with pancake ice everywhere trying to retrieve his 45 pots. He gives the crew somewhat of a pep talk. They have to fight with the ice to get their pots back. They pull a pot up right next to the boat with crab in it. Jason Rainwater is still fighting with the crew.

On the Wizard Captain Keith is pulling into a frozen St. Paul harbor. He wants to get in unload his crab and get out. He is afraid the harbor will freeze them in.

Captain Sig sees The Wizard coming in and breaking up some of the ice, so hopefully it will help them get out.

Captain Keith stops dead in the water before he reaches the dock. He is going to try and turn the boat to break up the ice so he can get to the dock. After eight hours they finally get to the dock.

Ten hours later the Northwestern finishes unloading. They now have to get out of the harbor. Captain Sig has a couple hundred thousand dollars of gear he needs to fetch. Captain Sig is going to tie the bow down and use the dock for leverage to pivot the stern to try and get to open water. The line holding them to the dock snaps but they break free and get out into the harbor. They get out.

The Seabrooke is in Dutch Harbor 16 days behind the rest of the fleet. He has three new deckhands; Kado, Dewey Warren and Kyle Bab. There are guys in the engine room still working on the engine. They are finally fixed up, loaded up and ready to roll.

Captain Andy is thirteen minutes from his gear. He has half a million dollars on the line right now. Travis says there hasn't been any ice to be seen. They start pulling gear. They have their coiler fixed. They have nice full pots. They get all 80 pots. They can see the ice pack coming as they finish up.

Captain Sig is in open water headed for his pots. Jake Harris is sleeping while the rest of the crew is eating. The rest of the crew is throwing what looks like pieces of bread at him. They wake him up and head out on deck. They start to pull up nice full pots. Edgar Hansen calls up to Captain Sig. He wants to file a missing persons report. The age and description; 26 about 90 pounds looks real tired, they aren't sure if he fell overboard or what. Captain Sig is going to send a team to scour the boat to see if there are any missing bodies sleeping in a corner or huddled someplace. Jake Harris is in getting his gear on. Captain Sig isn't sure what is going on with Jake Harris. Matt Bradley says Jake is just doing enough to get by.  Captain Sig thinks as the new guy Jake Harris should be putting the extra effort in. He says if your head isn't in the game this could turn into a long prison sentence. They continue pulling pots with 7 and 800 crab.

The crew goes into eat in between strings. Everyone is eating except for Jake who is in another room by himself. He misses being with his brother out at sea. He misses the Cornelia Marie.

The Seabrooke is setting pots. Captain Scott says this will be a slow set with all the new guys. Kyle is on the crane. He drops a pot back on the stack. Luckily no one was under it.

Crab Count

Wizard 401,125
Northwestern 320,000
Time Bandit 172,000
Kodiak 145,600
Ramblin' Rose 78,000
Seabrooke 0

The Northwestern gets a little bird in their galley. Edgar Hansen catches it and sets it free on deck.

Back in St. Paul the Wizard is finished unloaded and is surrounded by ice. Captain Keith goes back and forth to break up the ice and get the boat turned to get out of the harbor. Captain Keith says he is almost at full ahead and they are at a dead stop. Captain Keith tells Lenny to let him know if they get close to the dock. Lenny tells him five feet and they are touching. Captain Keith does not hear him and he pops a buoy up next to the dock. He and Lenny argue over whether Lenny said anything or not. Captain Keith goes down and tells Lenny he needs him to project towards the loud hailer and goes back up to the wheelhouse. Lenny says he doesn't want to argue. Captain Keith is trapped in the ice and is running out of options. He decides to use his knuckle crane to try and bust up the ice. He finally breaks through and is able to get out.

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