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Deadliest Catch Season 8 Episode 10

"Rise and Fall"

Edgar Hansen is feeling his aches and pains again. This time it's his neck. He says you have to make a choice sometime or the boats going to make it for you.

The fleet receives news that the ice is moving down. They have northerly winds and the ice is going to be an issue. Mike Rowe says the decisions the Captains make now will affect their entire seasons.

The Wizard is pulling pots. They were pulling pots of 400-450, now they are pulling 250-300 and the numbers are dropping. Captain Keith Colburn is going to move north past the rock pile towards the ice. They have a new green horn, Roger Schloshnick? Captain Keith tells Lynn Guitard and Roger they have to step up due to Monte's bum shoulder and Lenny Lenkanoff's hand injury. Captain Keith puts Lynn on the hook. Why isn't Gary Soper assigning positions if he is the deck boss? Roger is getting the pots ready. Captain Keith says Roger is the first green horn in ten years he hasn't had to tell here's the bin, when we start to get a little low let me know. He thinks Roger is a keeper. I wonder who hired Roger, Monte or Keith.

Captain Keith hollers down and tells Lynn he needs to bring his A game at the rail. Captain Keith wants to get the gear on quick and get out of there before the ice comes down. Lynn throws and misses. He throws again and gets it on the second toss. But when he throws for another pot he misses again. Captain Keith says he needs to step up. This is Lynn's fifth year on the boat.

Captain Bill is hoping for a big Opie season like with Kings. Their first pot comes up empty. They pull up some pots with crab but they are small pots.  Jason Rainwater is running the hydraulics. Zach says Jason is the most likely one to hurt someone. He is the most erratic on the hydros. Mike Vanderfelt is trying to help Jason. I don't think Jason appreciates the help. Captain Bill says he thinks Jason has been on one other boat. If he was half as good as he says he is he'd have a hot shot deckhand. Jason and Mike argue back and forth. Mike tells Jason he has a brick in his head, Jason tells Mike he is going swimming. They go to commercial, come back and they are still fighting. I think they need some Midol or chocolate on the Kodiak. That is one cranky crew. Captain Bill tells them to settle down and be professional, do their job. Finally Captain Bill shuts fishing down. He orders the guys off deck. The guys are in the galley and he tells Jason he has a way of getting under people's skin. Jason says I'm not perfect but he isn't either. The bickering starts again. OMG! They are like little kids. They need slapped upside the head, a time out or something.

Captain Bill informs them insurance wise if any blows are thrown on the boat, they both have to go. If that happens it messes with everyone's income and they aren't going to F with his income. Captain Bill gives them contracts to sign that say if they fight they will lose their job and forfeiture of the 1% per their contract. He says if they can't deal with it be a man and quit when they get to town. They sign the contracts and then Jason starts in again on how Mike can never say he is wrong.

On the Time Bandit Captain Andy says there will be no relief of pressure until they are headed back to Dutch Harbor with a full load. Captain Johnathan says it's cold as hell out there, its mind over matter. You don't mind and we don't matter. The crew is still hand coiling. They have been grinding all night, but they have been pulling in good pots. That always helps.

Captain Johnathan wants to get in on the action. He heads out on deck. Captain Andy tells him to be careful or he will have to pull him off deck. He says Johnathan has had health problems over the last year. He said he needs to do his cardio and keep his back straight. Captain Johnathan is throwing the hook. Ut-oh! Last time he threw the hook there was blood. He's not keeping his feet down; he's scaring me with that line. He throws the buoy back and hits Scotty in the head. LOL Captain John is coiling way faster than the other guys. Captain John decides to celebrate by catching some air and aggravates an old back injury. Wow! Now I'm thinking that mechanical bull got John's cardio in for the day, but besides being bruised, having a punctured lung and broken ribs, I'll bet that didn't help his back any. Poor John. Captain Andy says John seems to be having some issues. Captain John comes into the wheelhouse and tells Andy he hurt his back. John says when you get inactive and old it's really bad on you. He just didn't want to hurt his back anymore. He wants his back to get better. Me too John.

Back on the Wizard. Captain Keith is still trying to get the pots on deck to head north. Lynn is missing half the throws. Captain Keith says he can't go fast because he can't trust Lynn to get the pots. Roger on the other hand is stepping it up. Roger says the bait situation is really tight, so he has to stay with it. Not over bait or under bait, just enough to catch the fish and keep the Captain happy. Captain Keith hears this and yells down to Roger he'll be an all-star if he keeps doing stuff like that. Thank you. Wow it's refreshing to hear a compliment from Captain Keith. Do you think someone put some Prozac or something in his coffee? LOL Captain Keith says Roger has been kicking ass since he stepped on this boat. He's what I've been looking for, for a long time. Roger is like an energizer bunny running around on deck. Meanwhile, Lynn Guitard has missed again. Captain Keith yells down at some point Lynn I need to be able to drive the boat. Right now you are driving the boat. Captain Keith tells the guys to take a break. They should put Freddie on the hook. Gary Soper says he tries hard, he means well, he has been a long time in the making. Myself, I'm about ready to give up on the little guy. Roger takes his gloves off, his hands are swollen but he says he can muscle through it.

Captain Keith has a talk with Lynn. He tells him the whole boat is depending on him throwing the hook right now. You're off the hook. Captain Keith says he needs to show confidence. The next string they pull he wants Lynn to stack it. Lynn says all right. Captain Keith leaves. Lynn says I've got to figure it out.

The Northwestern is fishing on crowded grounds to avoid the ice. He hasn't fished there in a while. They pull up a full pot, much better than he expected. They set back. The pots are stuffed. Edgar is hurting. Matt is looking good. I'm glad to see him there and doing well. Captain Sig says its good fishing, its great fishing, its fantastic fishing, its phenomenal fishing, its f'ng awesome fishing. LMAO Ya think he's happy? For nine hours they pull pots full of crab. Captain Sig goes to check the tanks. It might be a personal best, 143 pots for 120,000 pounds. Jake Anderson says that's $240,000 worth of product in about a little over 24 hours. Captain Sig says it was easy. We got an extra guy what a difference. Edgar says if you got an extra guy you should get rid of one. Why don't you let me run the boat for a string or two? Sig says you might as well as good as its going. It's not like you're going to hurt anything. We got an extra guy, do it. It's the perfect time to do it. Jake Anderson says I got it down here dude. That's one thing I have always admired on the Northwestern is how long the crew has been together and the experience they have on deck. Captain Sig says you are now the official Deck Boss while he is picking gear, then you're it. So you can argue with him all you want I'm out of it. Hum, I wonder if Sig will go take a nap while Edgar is driving. LOL I'm thinking no. Jake Anderson tells Edgar we'll take care of you. Edgar, no I'll take care of you, hopefully.

On the Ramblin' Rose has brought books with him so he can read to his son. He tries to call him and can't get through, he lost service. They pull their first pot. They have crab but it's not a lot. Elliott, everyone says they want to be a crabber, be careful what you wish for.

Back on the Wizard Captain Keith is watching his stack shift. Lynn has not tied the stack right. Lynn is in the forepeak telling someone he didn't get a couple of the pots tied tight. Captain Keith comes down and says Lynn come here. Keith tells Lynn that stack you put on is rail to rail. That's a nightmare I can't afford any longer. Captain Keith tells him he's off the stack.  Someone I'm pretty sure the new guy Roger says Lynn should know better. He should be a full share deckhand by now. He should be running stuff out there. As the boat rolls, the pots shift from side to side. Captain Keith says someone could get crushed. How many times are you going to let someone put other people at risk before you just stop doing it? Roger is still going strong on deck. Captain Keith says he has a good head, strong back and a good attitude. That's three attributes he's struggled to find when he's hired greenhorns. Captain Keith calls Roger to the wheel house. He tells Roger he's likes what he's seeing. Roger says he's trying his hardest Keith. I don't think Roger is really a greenhorn, he may be on this boat, but I'm thinking he's got some experience from somewhere. Captain Keith tells Roger without giving you too much of a compliment I'm pretty impressed. You've done a good job, you're hustling, I haven't seen you get behind on anything they've asked you to do. Wow that's two compliments in one show. After 6 days he gives Roger a half a percent raise.

Crab Count

Northwestern 120,000
Wizard 112,500
Time Bandit 102,500
Kodiak 25,000
Ramblin' Rose 21,000
Seabrooke 0

Captain Sig lets Edgar take the wheel. He says it was at Edgar's request which is what he's been waiting on all along. Wait has that not been what Edgar has been telling him the last couple of years? That's what I was hearing. Edgar tells the guys to keep their eyes open he doesn't want anyone getting hurt on his head. Captain Sig says he isn't planning on going anywhere but you never know. Captain Sig sits in the other chair and says he feels like he is in a high chair. Edgar is looking for the next pot. Captain Sig spots it. The pots are still coming up full. Edgar is trying to write down numbers about the pot and drifts off course. The weather is picking up. Edgar is worried about getting into the waves right. He says it's going to take more than one string to take over completely. Baby steps. Captain Sig just looks at him. LMAO

It's kind of weird watching the show and seeing Olympus and not Coors. I guess the Seabrooke is getting her engine repaired. Missed you Captain Scott.

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  1. Yes, Kodiak is in need of both Midol and chocolate! (a lot of chocolate) Maybe, Keith could do an intervention on the boat to assist Bill with his whining crew. Keith is doing a good job using his indoor voice, while correcting his own crew. He is really showing his well-medicated side. (I think you are so right about the Prozac in his coffee.)


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