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Big Brother After Dark Recap July 16, 2011

Kalia Booker and Lawon Exum are in the bedroom. Kalia is telling Lawon that Cassi Colvin said she would put up Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd. Kalia says Dominic is not the master mind down here. Lawon says You, Shelly and I are the only college educated people of the newbies.

Kalia says I think we need to try and get HOH next week. She thinks Cassi is the only on that would put them up. But she is all for chilling and coasting.

Kalia, Cassi has been upstairs all day and that's exactly what she was gripping about Porsche doing with Rachel. Kalia does not like Cassi. She doesn't trust her.

Jeff Schroeder, Adam Poch, Porsche Briggs and Shelly Moore are outside on the couch.

Dominic Briones is working out. He lays down on the weight bench and is lifting the bar with no weights on it.

Rachel, Cassi and Jordan are in the HOH discussing zits.

Daniele Donato, Jeff Schroeder and Brendon Villegas are talking in their Mario voices. They are getting ready to play with the bean bag toss again.

Shelly Moore is doing dishes.

Dominic has added weight to the bars now. Daniele is spotting him. LOL

Shelly is doing dishes talking to Cassi. The dish banging makes it a little hard to hear. Shelly, I just don't get that. I don't know if I missed something? Cassi, Right now she is ? She is so.. People like that.. Cassi, I know Porsche said something to Jordan, whether it's true or not? Shelly, They said this morning that everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie. Cassi, You said that or someone else. Shelly, Jeff and Jordan. Cassi, Yeah. Shelly, Jeff said last night ever since we came in power everything I say is funny where before it wasn't. Cassi, Wow. Shelly, He doesn't like him very much. Cassi, I'm at the point now where I'm just being polite to everyone. But me and you and lets go Shelly, We got our pony lets ride it. Get through you and I. As soon as we get to singles cut throat baby. Cassi, I just keep telling myself settle down. Shelly, Don't get caught up in the hoopla. Cassi, I wasn't over that it's just me spouting off when I feel disrespected. Shelly, I just get out of the way. I know who I am. I just don't want to be in the room when things go completely south because then it will be she saw it and I gotta be a witness.

Shelly, Be honest or not. Cassi, To be dishonest. Shelly, Lawon? Well he's proven it. I think he's shady. I think he's fun. But anybody that keeps repeating what he repeats fourteen million times about I'm honest. You don't just say you are honest fifteen times if you're honest. Has he figured out about his partner? Does he know? Cassi, Jordan told me, cause I said something about Adam, we offered him a deal for him for voting with us. She said I understand you had your reasons for wanting Porsche gone, but we had our reasons for wanting Keith gone. Cassi, I said I get that. I knew you were going to vote Keith out.

Shelly, So he didn't take the deal? Cassi, No she just told me flat out he didn't take the deal. That's why they are both up there. So I'm sitting there thinking Lawon. Shelly, That's what they told me. I feel bad because Dominic completely distrusts him, but they have told him he is safe. Cassi, Who? Shelly, Adam. So that means they decided to nominate Dominic Briones and Adam Poch. Cassi, Cause Adam's less of a threat. He's big and. So Dominic is going home. Shelly, I think. Cassi, It sucks. Shelly, It does for him, cause he's like cool. Cassi, As it turns out he's the legit one when it was always him I was more hesitant. Shelly, I think it's cause he has a thing for you. I'll bet Adam is willing to do anything now. And he's all stressed out.

Cassi, They did it. As far as the newbies they broke it all up. Week two and it is all broken up. I mean bravo to them, they did it. Shelly, It's never as easy as it looks on TV. Cassi, They came in with that trust with one another, we didn't have that. Shelly, Their experience is what held them together not their feelings for one another. Common experience is enough sometimes when you are in an absolutely green situation. That's probably why they told me Lawon lied.

Cassi, No I feel terrible because I've been sh$tty to Adam, cause I can't be fake and I assumed it was him. I haven't said anything but when he walks into a room I haven't said anything or I leave. Shelly,  It could be, let's be devils advocate, it could be just make sure you don't vote for it. Cassi, What do you mean? Shelly, Because you feel bad and stuff so you would keep him and vote Dominic. Cassi, Even still I wouldn't say Dominic cause I know he didn't do it. Shelly, Oh right. Is Dom all freaked out or is he cool. Cassi, He feels pretty defeated. Shelly, They aren't asking you to do anything against me? Cassi, No. Shelly, I just want to make sure we don't get played. Shelly, They think they are dealing with idiots. They feel like there are a lot of piping off dorks in here.

Cassi, Isn't it funny how before I was hoping a veteran wouldn't put me up. Now I feel safe with them. Porsche would put me up. Adam would put me up. Porsche and Rachel are like mini me's of each other and she has just latched onto that which is bluck. Cassi, But regardless of Rachel's feelings for me, I think the other three they would talk some sense into her. I feel safe in that sense. Shelly, Jordan plead up she won't even put us up as a pawn.

Cassi is going to have a fit when she finds out Shelly is the one that flipped not Lawon.

There is a big bowl of Jelly Beans in the kitchen. Someone said they had a competition earlier in the day. I don't know who the have nots are. I'm thinking America voted for Jelly Beans and Jerky. I know I went to vote and the voting was closed already.

Shelly, It's all good until we hit ten. That just makes her head go... She doesn't understand I work with people that do that stuff all the time. Dominic came in. Shelly, We were just saying we are going to cheer you up. Dominic, How are you going to do that? Shelly, I'm going to leave that to Cassi, I'm just the supporting cast.

Jordan, I don't like hurting peoples feelings. He's like all mopey. Brendon, You can be in the care bear alliance with Rachel. Brendon has bandages on both his knees. That must have been a rough competition. Jordan, I just feel bad. I know if it was me they would be all cheery and happy. She was saying something about Adam. I was like Adam isn't working with us. I don't know how she took it. I only know what my team was voting and what we were discussing. I mean he's not working with us. Rachel, Don't trust Cassi. You know what I mean she hasn't talked to you in two weeks and now you are HOH. Jordan, I know Rachel, I know what you are saying just be careful. They have their feet in the hot tub.

Jordan goes in the house to pee. Cassi goes over to the hot tub and sits down. Porsche comes over.

Jordan is in the kitchen with Shelly. Jordan, No she just ask me. Dominic comes in through the kitchen. Jordan tells Shelly I'll tell you later.

Jordan goes outside and says he tore it up in there. Someone says actually it's not Adam, process of elimination. Adam is walking out the door. Jordan screams I do got to pee. Don't tell him I said that. Does he get embarrassed about that stuff? Rachel, No I don't think you can get embarrassed in this house. How could you not laugh. I got to pee though. Why doesn't she go to the HOH?

I thought Cassi was from Texas. She is wearing a Clemson shirt. 

DOG, Adam please reattach your microphone. Adam, It's attached. I'm not even talking. Hello, check check.

I still don't know why they are calling Dominic PT. Lawon is up from his from his nap and outside now. Cassi, How you feeling buddy? Lawon, Great. Daniele, Why you feel great? Lawon, Cause I got my handsome snap. Daniele, Where'd you get it? Lawon, Snapped back in the bed. Brendon, You got a little pep in your step. Lawon, Got a little pep in my step. Cassi, You feeling a little lighter? Lawon, I feel great. Jordan, I walked in the bathroom. Daniele, He just laughed he knows. Lawon, I know baby I had to let all of that out. Cassi, Did you have your mic on when you went in there. Lawon, No I never do. Jordan is dying laughing. Jordan, I was going in. You must have went right in there. I was going to the door and then I heard it. I was like this. She raises her shirt up to her nose. I was laughing so hard. Lawon, I had to let that extra person out baby. Jordan, Don't worry I do it all the time. I always flush the toilet so the sound people can't hear it. Lawon, I take this off and I'm good. (His microphone) Everybody does it. Snap. Adam, They wrote a book about that "Everybody Poops". Rachel, They wrote a book about that. They are discussing the book now.

Shelly is still cleaning the kitchen.

Shelly and Brendon are in the HOH. Shelly, That was her pride. I'm sure it hurt, but I don't think it was ?  It was just in considerate. So everything looks suspicious to me. Unbelievable. Then you hear Dominic yell from the HOH bathroom. Hey HOH I'll come back. Shelly and Brendon leave. Brendon, No it's okay take your time. I don't know who was crying or what that was about.

As Shelly and Brendon are coming down the stairs she is talking about she just got up there and she took the thermacare box to read. Brendon, Did you? Shelly, The bible wasn't up there. Brendon, Where did she put it? Shelly, I have no idea. Brendon, I used to read all the shampoos, everything. Shelly, I've read everything in the house. These people need to drink more water. I don't get it. I've never been a bathroom reader.

Brendon hollers outside to Rachel, Where did you put the book? Rachel, It's in the Big Brother bag next to our clothes. Adam, Oh that was your bible? Rachel, Well, yeah. Adam, It is now? Rachel, Well it was from the hotel. I never understood stealing a bible.

Rachel, Is quizzing Adam Poch about Big Brother trivia. I think Adam is playing stupid.

Daniele Donato and Kalia Booker are in the hammock whispering.  All I can understand so far is Cassi went up to the HOH crying and swore something on her dad and that she would not put them up.

Kalia, I said to Lawon if Cassi won HOH I have a feeling she would put us up because it would be an easy way for her to send me home. And she thinks Lawon would stay. Daniele, Cassi told Lawon that? Kalia, No I told Lawon that. But Cassi doesn't realize I have the votes to stay. Daniele, But would you want her to put you up or would you rather she put up Jeff and Jordan or Rachel and Brendon? Kalia, Obviously I would rather her put them up instead. Daniele, Cause what if she won it next week and she got Brendon or Jeff out. Kalia, Shakes head yes. When she was up there yesterday she swore on her father that she voted Keith out. Cause somebody else voted it wasn't just me. We don't know who it was.

DOG, Daniele please move your microphone higher. Daniele, Where do you want it on my neck. Kalia, Cassi was in the parlor room with Brendon like an hour and a half or two hours. Which is going to piss me off because she's doing it so obvious and Jordan says she doesn't believe any of it and I don't understand why. Daniele, You can get in with him more easily than I can and get him talking. But it's like you freaking idot, I'm trying to help you. And he doesn't listen. I had a talk with him right before dinner and I was like Dominic you really need to get your head in the game because your girl is going to sell your a$$ up the river.

Kalia, I was like you deserve to win this game, I think you can play a better game than you are playing. Especially if you weren't all up in Cassi's a$$. Look at it. You were with Cassie and Keith all the time. Keith is gone look who's next. I was like don't think Cassi isn't playing you just as much. Don't think that isn't part of her game. You can do so much more and don't think there aren't people in this house you can trust. Don't think I'm as stupid as I pretend. Like I try and not remember stuff or like I'm not paying attention since the minute I walked through this door. I was like how would you feel if me you and Daniele looked out for each other. I was like Daniele, He wants Cassi in this house so bad. Kalia, But he keeps on telling everyone else in the house he has a crush on you. Cassi walked over to the hammock. Dominic said something from over at the weights. Kalia says shut up nobody likes you including Paul. Cassi, Who's Paul? Kalia, That's the name he gave the hammock.

There was ketchup, mustard, chocolate and beans involved in the competition. Cassi also said her knees are sore.

DOG, Kalia please stop singing. Cassi, She doesn't even know when she is doing it. DOG, Kalia please go to the DR.

Jordan and Jeff in the HOH. Jordan, Cassi was up here and we were talking about all this girl stuff and like the video she did and her modeling. I guess she told them she was a model now. Then Rachel. Jeff, She gets really nervous. Jordan, Cassi went inside and she was like don't trust her. She's just talking to you now because your HOH. I like talking to Cassi cause like I guess. If Cassi repeats it you'll have to ask her about it. I guess Rachel said something a little smart when Shelly was talking to Cassi about something. It wasn't anything big or important. That's why Cassi came up here. She's like I can't listen to that anymore. It's just like little things that are uncalled for. I was like just ignore it. Now that I'm talking to Cassi, I feel like they are all staring at me. Like what if they are getting all paranoid and think I'm flipping or something.

Jeff, Rachel gets paranoid over the littlest thing. And all the time I see them talking. Like even before that. I'm like what is wrong? Brendon's like I have to tell her not to do this or that because she gets all worked up. I'm like who cares you can't talk to people. Jordan, I am. I know I am. Cassi just wanted to come up here and say thanks for talking to me earlier. I was like yeah no problem. I don't want to feel two faced or something. Like with Cassi I really like talking to her cause it's like getting away from everything. Like when I was listening to Tim McGraw she was like that's going to make me feel like I'm at home. That's like happy music. Then Rachel and Daniele come up there like strike for Cassi. I don't want to tick anyone off.

Jordan, Now the only thing is Cassi was asking me, well when I said it I meant this week cause I didn't want Cassi to think Adam is on our side. I said I only know the votes of my team. I don't know how anyone else voted. I guess she went downstairs and told Shelly she was like I guess she doesn't think it's Adam she thinks it's Lawon now. I guess it's because of what I said. But I meant for this week. Cause I meant like he's not on our side just so Dominic doesn't know. Cause I think she was trying to get, in away ask me if I knew who voted.  Jeff, Well she said to me downstairs I just talked to Shelly, I feel like such an a$$ cause I thought it was Adam who flipped the vote the whole time. I'm like what does that mean? Jordan, When I was walking by Shelly goes watch what you say cause Cassi thinks it's Lawon now. But when I was talking I didn't say Adam flipped, I just said Adam isn't with us. Cause Adam isn't but I guess she took it the other way cause I didn't tell her. Jeff, Well she got from you that Adam didn't vote that way cause she was like I feel like an as$ because I thought it was Adam. Jordan, So I started talking about other stuff because I felt like she was trying to find out. Jeff, Well watch what you say. Jordan, I know. Jeff, Well don't you realize the things that come out of your mouth when you say them? Don't stir sh$t up. Because now she thinks Adam didn't flip. I was like did Shelly tell her that? Jordan, No it was me and her up here talking. Jeff, Well don't talk like that. Don't say anything. Do I have to pull a Brendon and Rachel? Don't talk unless I'm around. Jordan, Okay. Jeff, Talk to everybody. Just think. Everything's fine. Just don't tell anybody anything.

Jordan, Well I did tell her I fell bad for Dominic I saw him sitting outside. She said no he understands he knew he was going up. I guess Dominic was like they kind of told me I was going up. She was like.  I told her I really feel bad. I really like Dominic I just feel bad I can't trust Dominic. And she was like he did say you guys tried to talk to him twice. And the second time he was like lets see after the HOH. And he did tell Cassi it's my fault I should have reached out to them.

Jeff, Cassi is like f everybody. Me, you, Jordan and Shelly. I just walked away. Commercial

Jeff, Where'd she get that? Jordan, It wasn't for sure. I told her I was like Adam is, cause she was talking about Adam, I was like Adam is not with us. Because Adam isn't with us this week. I didn't say Adam didn't vote that way. I swear to God I didn't say that. Jeff, Well maybe who knows. Cause when Shelly came to me. I was like what? Cause I would have been worried about it. Jeff, I just don't want them going down like her spreading to Dominic hey guess what Adam didn't flip the vote and all that. Jordan, Well they still wouldn't know who it is. Jeff, I just don't want them to find out it's Shelly. Jordan, They think it's Lawon and Kalia. Jeff, That's fine too. Cause then they suspect everybody that's what I want them to do. Jordan, Cause she's like I know for sure it's Kalia but I haven't said anything.

Jordan, If you are outside try and say something to Rachel and them so they don't try and trick her. Jeff, Who? Jordan, Cassi and them. Like if she's trying to get information or something. Jeff, Oh they know, we know not to say anything like that. That was mean Jeff.

Jeff, I hope now the veto stays the same. Jordan, We need to tell Shelly to throw it too. I told Adam you know you gotta ease up on that veto. Jordan, I brought him upstairs. Jeff, He's like I know I talked to Jordan. What did you tell him. Jordan, I told him, I said are you just acting? He said no. He put his glasses down. He was acting weird then I told him you know were going to keep you safe. He's like oh I know. He said you have my word after this key thing is over I'll keep you safe, you have my word. Jordan, Yeah cause we're keeping you here till your 40th birthday.  He started laughing. I go you have to throw this veto. Jeff, I just told him you know you can't win it cause we can't switch these votes. Jordan, Yeah cause Dominic for sure will be on war. Jeff, I know. Jordan, We need to talk to Shelly and tell her she needs to throw it. Jeff, Yeah but we don't even know who the other person is. I don't think she if going to throw it. I don't even care if she wins it. Then they just don't use it.  Jordan, Cause their team will leave it. Jeff, I hope they do. Cause they don't know what we are doing. Or we could just win it and then we don't have to worry about anything.

Jordan, Even when I told Cassi he was coming after her she didn't say anything. Jeff, Because he was. Jordan, Well this is good because she thinks it's Lawon and Kalia. She'll definitely go after them now. Jeff, That's great we'll get rid of Dominic. Then she'll win and get rid of Kali and Lawon, and then she can't play. Then we get Daniele back. Then we'll be like dude we want to save you. Jordan, Daniele seems like the type that would stab you in the back. Jeff, Cause she hasn't started playing yet. Of course she's going to play to win. Jordan, I think she would turn against Brendon and Rachel cause I think they kind of get on her nerves. I think they will go after them before us. Jeff, They just can't win the veto. Jordan, I think people will go after them. Even today they won. They just work good together. This is their third one. They are just really good partners. He was just slinging her around.

Jordan laughs out of now where. Jeff, What's wrong. Jordan, Nothing, Rachel can't speak without Brendon there.

Jeff told Jordan she should talk to everybody to keep the target off their back.

Shelly, I feel bad but not that bad. Porsche, That would be interesting. Shelly, I feel bad for Lawon because he didn't do it. Porsche, They would probably cop him a deal or something.

Rachel, Would she really get in trouble for that. Shelly, She's been told more than anything that. Porsche, Did they say Kalia stop singing or Kalia stop that? Shelly, Both but mostly stop singing. Porsche, Like physically stop singing? She's such an airhead. You're in the house with them. You all hear the same messages. Shelly takes the laundry in.

Porsche, So when I was in the hammock with Dominic he was like do you know who voted for you? Who do you think voted for you? Rachel, I think Adam. Porsche, He asked me that too. I said for sure no. Rachel, Hey Kalia. Kalia's hair is curly today, usually it's straight.

DOG, Your not allowed to talk about your DR sessions with other house guests. Porsche, Rachel

Daniele, What are we doing for entertainment tonight. Jeff, I was going to take a shower. How's that a group activity? Kalia, Take a bath that would be even more exciting. Jeff, That's a lot of work. Brendon, Yeah. Jeff, I don't like taking a bath in my bathing suit. Brendon, Yeah. Someone, Just don't wear one. Daniele, You can wear Brendon's Speedo. Brendon, I didn't bring it with me. Daniele, Oh. Kalia, That's really close for comfort. Jeff, Maybe I could just use the Speedo from my costume.

Brendon, Day 5 Franklin is still missing. I've got now answers, I've received no word. Big Brother has stolen my best friend. I mean Rachel is my best friend. Kalia, What about Rachel? Brendon, Rachel is my best friend. But Franklin is my animal best friend. We made our demands they have yet to be met. I have asked all of my cast members to not do DR sessions until Franklin is returned. None of them have honored that. So apparently I'm on this mission myself. It's been pretty hard. I just don't know where to go from here. If Franklin is returned I won't hold anyone accountable. But he's been five days out of the water now. So he's at least 500% smaller now. If you (fake crying) see him. I know any one has seen him please return him. 7715 I think. What were you going I'm not interesting anymore. (The camera moved) DOG, Brendon stop that. I couldn't see what he was doing cause the camera wasn't on him anymore.

Shelly's eating Jerky. Adam, My day started with bacon and ended with jerky. Shelly, This is the new bacon man. Adam, I'm thinking of making some frickles. He's going to fry pickles coated in slop. Adam's asking if BBQ sauce and hot sauce are on the list. DOG, You're not allowed to talk about your DR session with other house guests. Adam screams we're not! Rachel, No it's not you. Shelly, I'm always afraid they are going to call us into the living room.

So Adam is on slop. I don't know about Shelly for sure. Everyone's had their hand in the bowl of Jelly Beans. I hope they washed their hand.

Shelly and Cassi in the kitchen. Cassi, actually thinks that, and then Brendon was saying in his Mario voice, I hurt my shoulder big brother but it's fine now cause I'm playing the bean toss. And she's (Kalia) like do they really think that? And I go yes, I don't know maybe they do maybe they don't. Shelly, Any logical human beings knows. Cassi, but did you notice that? Shelly, yeah and she's out there laying in the hammock. The hammock is the most unstable thing you can be in. Cassi, Supposedly hit and throwing with that arm. Shelly, Whatever she got out of being a have not. Smarter than us. What does having a hurt arm got to do with not being a have not. I can see maybe needing a softer bed. But why exempt her from slop and shower? Cassi, She could have done that with out all the BS. Cause they had already decided Dominc and Adam were going up and because they hate me you and I were going up. I think they made that decision all along. Shelly, I heart beef jerky.

Cassi, I hope tomorrow isn't going to be a physical challenge. It's going to be difficult hungry and no sleep. Shelly, I'm not going to sleep my arm keeps getting needles in it all the time. So now Shelly want's off slop? Cassi, You should of talked to the lady while she was here. Shelly, I ain't talking to those people. Cassi, Maybe she could recommend where it's coming from so we could put something on it or rub it. Lawon walks in the kitchen. Man I was hoping you guys were have nots and they were switching you out because of you partner. I'm just kidding you. Lawon, I would have took one for the team. I hate ya'll on slop.

Lawon, I just gotta remember it's a game. I just get to emotional, I over analyze. Shelly, The doctors are in. Lawon, I'm in it to win it. I know who I can trust and who I can't trust you know what I mean. Cassi, I feel less and less that way every day. Lawon, You do? If I ask you something you promise to tell me the truth? Cassi, I'm not going to lie I heard some things today. Do I still feel like in my heart I should. Yes But am I going to let that affect our friendship? No cause ultimately I won't know until we get out of here. So I'm not going to walk around and give you the cold shoulder or anything. My gut tells me that I do. Shelly, Why don't I let you guys talk.

Cassi, What's up? Lawon, I don't know you tell me. Cassi, Like what you thought was Adam and Kalia isn't. And you know, Lawon's lying to anybody and everybody. I said I do not believe that. I said he's one of the closest people in the house to me. I said believe it or not. I didn't ask for specifics from anybody. I just told em I would make up my own mind. At the same time this is a game, so I wouldn't blame you for playing the game. So when you asked me do I trust you? I said I don't know because outside of here I do trust you and want to be your friend. but in here we do got to play a game. So that's what I'm trying to realize now that I have to separate that. Lawon, That's what I'm dealing with. I am. That's why I said I over analyze, cause I know people are going to lie. I do.

Cassi, Do you think I lied? Lawon, At one point I did. Cassi, When? What? You can tell me. Lawon, At one point I did because I felt like you was taking me for granted as far as you and Dom talk a lot. Maybe that's the jealous part of me because I want you for myself. I do. And when I see you talking to him I think you are talking about me. Cassi, I promise you once we get out of you'll see I've never said anything bad about you to anyone. Today was the first time that anything has even remotely negative came out of my mouth, and it wasn't even negative. I was talking to Shelly earlier and I said I was hearing a lot of stuff about Lawon today. He is the last person in this house anything like that would be said. Lawon, I know I've said that to Shelly, I'm jealous, I know that me and you can play the game together good. But I have my doubts I do. Cassi, Fair enough.

Lawon, I know outside the house you and me would be the bomb. Cassi, Right now I just gotta keep being me. Everybody's running up to Jordan saying they can't trust me and I've probably done the least  as far as trusting goes in this house, cause I've been honest with everyone. So I'm just like F*** it. I'm just going to be me and keep doing what I'm doing. Ya'll want to not trust me and throw me out fine. Watch the footage in three months. Cause I'm not kissing anyone's butt. I'm not making excuses with anyone cause I haven't done anything to be ashamed of. I'm going to walk out the door and be good with myself. I've not lied to anyone in this house. I'm not putting this back on you I'm just saying as far as these girls go because don't like me for whatever reason because I'm not catty and don't play into their BS. So for that reason they've all gone to Jordan and said get her out we don't trust her she's done this and she's done that when the truth is I've done nothing.  The people in this house I've had issues with I've been honest to their face about. It's just been me hanging out.

Lawon, I feel like. Cassi, To be honest with you I feel closer to you than anyone. Because with Dom it's like that flirty stuff. With you I know you just like me for me. Lawon, I do. I knew coming to this game. I knew people would try and lie about me because everybody likes me. That's neither here nor there. It's hard for me. Cassi, I feel ya.

Jordan is telling Shelly about what happened with Cassi, basically the same thing she told Jeff about Cassi and what she told Jeff.

Shelly, How close is Porsche with you guys? Cause she came up to me. Jordan, No don't you ever say anything to her. Shelly, I don't trust her. I just want you to know she came up to me and said I just want you to know you're safe with us. We all trust you. Shelly, I'm not with you. I was just thinking that in my head. Jordan, Her it's like one ear and out the other. Shelly, I don't say anything to her it was just funny because she made it a point to come up and tell me. I just want you to know your safe with us, everybody likes me so you're okay. I'm like you got one fricken golden key and you're the queen. She'd better be the first one out after the key. Jordan, For sure. That's what Jeff said. Shelly, She's so irritating. She idolizes Rachel. Jordan, I don't know. Shelly, She's got baggage that we don't know about it I think. So you just gotta lay off. I'm not going make her feel worse. She's told me a lot. I know where some of it comes from. She's had a tough life.

Jordan, I'm scared if Dominic wins that veto tomorrow and he takes himself off. I'm scared he's coming after me. Because I put him up. Shelly, I told Cassi if I win that veto tomorrow I'm not using it and if we don't agree we can't use it. Jordan, That's even better. Shelly, I'm not taking him off. I told her you will play a lot better if he is not here. Jordan, I feel bad. Shelly, You are the only one in this house that can put someone up they not hate you, cause you're totally classy and everyone loves you.  Shelly, Everybody wants you and Jeff to the end. Jordan's just not saying anything. Shelly, It's going to get nasty towards the end when Brendon and Rachel have to go up. That's when it's going to get nasty cause they are just that way. Jordan, Yeah. Shelly, So we gotta be strong by then and once it get's to that point I won't have any problem putting them up. Jordan, I don't think anybody will. Shelly, Look at the games. Jordan, It's like I was telling Cassi, We just want to get pass that to jury and then I told Cassi game on.

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