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Big Brother After Dark Recap July 17, 2011

Well I wonder what the house guests are up to tonight? I wonder if they have figured out who the two votes were yet?

It amazes me how fast the temperament changes in the house. It always has. One day they love someone the next day they want them out.

Jordan Lloyd is pouring a glass of wine and getting a bath ready.

They are dividing up the alcohol downstairs.

Kalia Booker just went upstairs with her towel. Someone is in the HOH shower. Jeff Schroeder comes in. Jeff, How come you got all weird. Jordan, I told her I don't want to sit outside. Kali, I feel the same way. Jordan, Rachel Reilly keeps looking at me like I don't know. Jeff, So you just wanted to relax. So if I don't keep you company I'm not being mean? Jordan, No. Jeff, Okay that's all I care about. Jeff, Are you both getting in there? Are you guys gonna kiss. I know you're stealing my wine. You'd better save me a glass.

They have three beers each.

Brendon Villegas tells Rachel Reilly he is going outside to eat cause he doesn't want to eat in front of her. She is in a towel because she just got out of the shower. She's being all pouty like she does. She says she's just frustrated because they worked hard in the competition yesterday so they could eat food and then I was retarded there's no reason why I should have taken a two week slop. I wasn't on the block and if the nomination's change it wasn't my responsibility to keep them the same. So I'm thinking they had a POV competition today and Rachel Reilly got two weeks on slop?  Wow this should be interesting, Rachel with no alcohol for two weeks. Rachel, I wasn't playing smart. Brendon Villegas, I know hopefully you learned your lesson the hard way right. Wow, I'm telling you right now. I would not take the crap Brendon and Jeff dish out to Rachel and Jordan. Brendon, Don't beat yourself up. Two weeks of slop isn't that bad you did it last year. Easy for you to say Brendon, you have a big plate of food and a glass of wine in your hand.

Jordan Lloyd, Today was a lot of unnecessary drama. Wasn't it? Kalia Booker, Everything just kind of went like wooh, and then we are all sitting there like what? Jordan, And then its so awkward. Jeff Schroeder was like I couldn't even concentrate I was so pissed. I was about to say something. I was like don't worry about it. Kalia Booker, And then like Brendon coming to her rescuing him... I couldn't understand what she said. I was like it's oh my goodness he won the veto it's over lets move on to the next situation or whatever you want to call it. Lawon was being so weird today too. Why is everyone being so odd? Jordan I know. Everybody's paranoid. I wonder if Dominic won the veto?

Kalia, Obviously. Lawon, I know you have Jordan on lock, so we're probably fine right? Kalia, I'm like to be honest with you I don't really know what's going to happen. Jordan, Was like we're together, I went along with ya'll. Jordan, If I didn't like everybody it would be so much easier. If people were being catty or something. I just feel bad.

Jordan Lloyd and Kalia are discussing how Keith was a nice guy his game play just sucked. Jordan, If we would have got him on our side before we would have sent Porsche Briggs out. The reason unfortunately got that was because everybody thought we could trust her because she knew Janelle. What does her knowing Janelle have to do with trust? She turned on herself that night because. She's like what? They all acted like it was a big deal. Who cares if she knows Janelle. Kalia, It obviously didn't help. But if you want to put me and Lawon Exum up I'm fine with that, cause I know I would stay. He'll be easy to get out. I will never ever understand volunteering to put yourself up. Jordan, They told me I'm not allowed to say who I'm going to put up. That's why I was like I don't know.

Adam Poch, Lawon Exum, Dominic Briones, Porsche Briggs, Jeff Schroeder, and Brendon Villegas are outside on the couch discussing hot wings I think.

They are talking about eating like duck eggs with the bird already formed in the egg. Nasty! 

Rachel Reilly is in the kitchen asking where the jelly beans are. She just got pickles and hot sauce out of the fridge. She must be going to fry the pickles, she's putting oil in a frying pan. Nasty.

Rachel, I should have just played smarter. Daniele Donato, He should have yelled at you no don't do that. Rachel, Who Jeff? Daniele, Yes. Cause even Jordan didn't get it initially.  Rachel, I'm really not bummed out about being on slop, cause I really wanted to go on a diet. I've been saying that for a week. I think it's more of the fact that I went on slop and then fell off again if that makes sense. Daniele, You just got ahead of yourself. You just went to quickly.

Rachel Reilly, This stuff is good it tastes like rice. Lawon Exum comes in the kitchen. He says he is going to eat some chicken and veggies later.

Cassi Colvin has come in the kitchen and is asking Rachel what she is doing. She says she wants to try one. Like they are the best of friends. I would think fried pickles wouldn't be so good for someone with IBS.

Rachel Reilly has pickles, hot sauce, milk and slop in a bowl trying to make the fried pickles the same way Porshce Briggs did. Rachel goes outside to ask Porsche. Daniele, Cassi twenty bucks she comes in here to show here. Cassi, I'm not taking that deal. In the door comes Rachel and Cassie.

Cassi Colvin and Dominic Briones are looking at peoples pictures. Dominic is having slop pancakes with powered sugar on it. Dominic to Cassi. What's wrong with you? Cassi, I just don't feel good today. I feel weak and lethargic.

Dominic Briones says to Rachel he is trying to figure out whether to use POV or not. Yep I'm giving it away. There is too much conversation about it to keep it a secret. Rachel, Maybe you can make some deals with yourself. I'm sure you'll figure out the right thing to do. Dominic, It's going to be a tough decision. It shouldn't be, take yourself off the block.

Rachel is burning the pickles.

Rachel, So when this is over are you going to move to LA? Dominic, That's an option. You could date Daniele Donato. That smile is kinda weird. Dominic, Where is this coming from? Rachel, I don't know. I just made it up. Dominic,Completely? I'm just asking. Rachel, Why you want to date her? Dominic, I never said anything I'm just inquiring. Rachel, You guys could have a showmance. Dominic, No I couldn't do a showmance. Rachel, Why? Dominc, Well for one thing I'm still in something. Rachel, Wait, with who? The girl who is moving or not moving or something. Dominic, Yeah. Why is she -- Dominic, I wouldn't want to do that to someone. Plus to be in a showmance you never know if a showmance is real or not. Rachel, Double D. Daneile Donato hollers what from the bathroom. Rachel, Double D that would be your showmance name.

Dominic Briones, Rachel can't stop talking about me Lawon Exum. Dominic, Until you are really outside of this house you never know. Rachel, Well Brendon and I fell in love. Dominic, You are the exception. Rachel, We're getting married. OMG, Kill me now! Make her stop!

Cassi Colvin, Shelly Moore, Brendon Villegas, Lawon Exum, Jeff Schroeder, are on the couch outside. Cassi, No Shelly we are going to do something. Let's play a game. They don't decide anything.

Rachel, Reminds me of why we feel in love in the first place, cause we do do good together as a team. Dominc, You guys do. You guys kick some a$$. Rachel, You do too. Dominic, Yeah but I don't have a team. Rachel, You could. Dominic, I need too. Rachel, Are you looking? Dominic, Very hard. He whispers you already know we need to talk. Rachel whispers you and Daniele and me and Brendon. Dominic, I think it's going to have to be. But like in a secret way. Rachel, You think so? Dominic, Just so it's not obvious. Jeff wants me out. Rachel, We all want you to stay. Dominic, I know. I came to Jeff and I'm like lets cut a deal but he knew that was part of being put up early. But it was obvious I had to target them what else was I going to do? You know what I mean. My side of the house, all them are just stupid.

Dominic Briones,We need to just team up and mow them down. I was thinking of talking to Jeff and Jordan and promise them if I'm safe till couples split, I promise not to put them up. But next HOH is going to be you and Brendon, Jeff and Jordan and me and Adam. There's not that many pairs left. Rachel, What if we put up Lawon and Kalia? Dominic, Lawon's going to go. I don't trust him. Rachel, Me either. Dominic, something about making a deal with Jeff and Jordan. I thought he might have said did you guys make a deal with Jeff and Jordan. But Rachel said why not it's not going to hurt anything. Dominic, Cassi's got to go. Rachel, She needs to. She is trouble. Dominic, She put a big target on my back. Rachel, That's what I was saying the other day, she was the one that told you to try and win this past HOH and then none of them even like tried. Dominic, Yeah they were like you win and we put one of the couples up and they were like we got your back, and then I go out there and it's like. Not only that they all lied to my face. Rachel whispering. Rachel, We competitive obviously. We like you. Rachel is going to be in trouble with Brendon for discussing game without Brendon.

Dominic, I like everyone too but I need to know Jeff isn't targeting me. Rachel, You know why right? Dominic, Because of Cassi? Rachel, No you are interrupting his game. Dominc, I was leading that whole ensemble. Rachel, Were you the one that was in charge? Dominic, Yeah. Rachel, I thought it was all Cassi. Rachel, This whole time you had the wool pulled over my eyes. I just thought you were an innocent PT. Dominic, Laughs. Obviously I was doing a good job. Because all the lies came from me. I can trust you guys. Rachel, You have to trust someone. You can't compete and win every competition. Dominic, I like this though. I like where I'm at now.

Kalia Booker and Jordan are still in the bath tub. Well Kalia is sitting on the side with her feet in. She's telling Jordan how she could have hung on to that banana for ever. They are discussing how nobody wants to win that first competition.

Jordan Lloyd, First impressions when you came in the house.Who did you think you would align with. First was Cassi because I knew her from finals and then Dominic cause I was thinking he's a really cute guy people are going to like him. I ended up with Lawon by default.

Jordan people were like so disrespectful. Kalia, I know Adam has been trying to get on the show since like season 6. You would think they would take advantage.

I don't think Porsche Briggs has changed clothes. She's in the same clothes as yesterday. She has on like this pink sweat suit. 

Rachel has been eating since the show started, now she is mixing something that is chocolate looking. I'm thinking chocolate protein mix. She said it's like pudding, she put it in the freezer. 

Rachel has two additional weeks of slop, so if she is a have not next week that's on top of the two weeks she already has. If she wins HOH she is still on slop but she can eat her basket of goodies. 

They have had some rough competitions this week. Brendon's knees are scared up. People are bruise and they ate something that tore their mouths up because it was so salty.

Kalia Booker and Jordan Lloyd are in the bathtub still. They are going to be shriveled up like prunes.

Rachel and Brendon Villegas are in the hammock whispering. Rachel is telling Brendon Dominic wants to make a deal with Jeff. Brendon says Dominic will give him a run for his money in the challenges. He's pretty sure he can beat Jeff. If I really really really wanted to I could have won today. I could have played harder. Well why didn't you? Rachel, He wasn't far behind you weren't murdering him. Shelly, I have a question for you guys. I have a feeling I'm going up. Am I okay with you two? Brendon, Yes you don't even have to ask that.

Adam Poch is in the hot tub. They still haven't shown his chest so I don't know what's on there yet.

Brendon and Rachel are laying in the hammock. He has pointed out several of her wrong choices in the game. Now he is telling her he won't be able to support both of them on his income and he won't be able to ask for time off work for a long time.

Daniele Donato, Did you hear we aren't allowed to call PT PT anymore because people don't get it. Rachel, Really, part time model. Daniele, Cause when we are talk game and stuff and we say PT people don't know what we are talking about because they didn't introduce it. Well now that they say that it makes perfect sense. It came from the conversation Jeff and Dominic had in the purple room when Jeff asked what do you do the other part time? 

Daniele, Rachel and Brendon are now discussing Dominic and that he want's to make a one week deal with Jeff and Jordan. Daniele, I told him that's fine whatever but remember there are three people in this house that didn't want you up there that wanted to save you. And there's two people that put you up on the block and wanted you to go home since week one. I swear I cannot figure out what Daniele is up too. She seem to be playing everyone. Rachel asks Daniele if she wants to lay down. Then screams PT you want to come lay down. Then says oh they just told us we can't call you that anymore. Daniele Donato, I think you're mom called and complained. He's an FT. I think Rachel is trying to get Daniele and Dominic together because she knows they would then be targeted as a couple even when they go to singles and she knows it messed up Daniele's game before. I don't think Dominic and Daniele are going to do it. 

Daniele, When did you guys talk to him. Brendon, I didn't. Rachel, I did earlier. Daniele, Oh no. Daniele, He just needs to feel our trust. He isn't going to go for the bullying. He thinks logically. So who do you think for next week. They say Lawon is easier. Brendon, But do you think he is going to be harder to get out down the line? Brendon is scared Dominic is going to beat him in the challenges. Daniele, Things are going to start to break it is going to be easier to make him do the dirty work. I'll talk to Kalia Booker and see where she stands. Rachel, I think Lawon will be easier. Daniele, I think I'd rather see Lawon gone because after this it's going to be endurance and Lawon is not going to do good neither is Adam Poch. People are so dumb in this house. Brendon, Dominic was pretty physical today. I just don't Dominic to take one of us out in the competition if he is able to beat me in the physical. What did I just say? Daniele, Plus when it's singles it's going to be a different game. Brendon you have to worry about where you are right now. Rachel, And he was like you can't win every competition, you have to work with somebody. Brendon, Okay. Daniele left.
Brendon, I do trust Daniele. Rachel, She already knows Jeff is doing what's best for him.

Daniele and Jordan Lloyd are talking about being recognized after the show. Jordan says it doesn't happen that much. Daniele talked about being out with her dad and being embarrassed and how people make up facebook pages pretending to be you.

The rest of the night was just general chit chatting and stupid sillyness.

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