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Big Brother After Dark Recap July 23, 2011

Porsche Briggs and Rachel Reilly are playing a game on the bed. They have taken a rice crispy box and cut about twelve holes in it. They put shot glasses in the holes and are dropping jelly beans into the shot glasses. I'm not clear what the purpose of this game is. The noise is annoying.

Porsche Briggs is telling Rachel Reilly how she has no one in the game to play with. She was talking to Lawon earlier. He was saying how he really trusts his partner. Rachel, you don’t feel like you have that have? Porsche, more with you than anyone else, but you have your alliance of veterans. It’s boring to me. I would like to see you and Brendon win, because you have the wedding to pay for. That would be cool. Shelly Moore started her own business so I feel like she’s doing OK.

Down in the purple room. Brendon Villegas, Jordan Lloyd, Jeff Schroeder, Adam Poch, Daniele Donato and Kalia Booker are there. DOG, Brendon please come to the diary room. Kalia, are you allowed to decline a diary room? Jordan, Chima used to do that. Jeff, refusing diary can lead to other things. Jordan Lloyd, Parker used to do that all the time in nine. Jeff, I have got to watch this season nine, everybody’s always talking about it. Jordan, no you don’t it’s terrible. Daniele, it’s like when you’re comparing bad stuff to bad stuff. Jordan, was it that bad? Jeff, they get bad press in here for being a bad season that’s all I hear nine nine nine. Adam, because of the similarities, nine started off as couples. Adam Poch, the winner is in jail, Matt he was close to the end right he’s in jail, Natalie faked her pee test because she was pregnant. Kalia Booker, what? Jordan, no she wasn’t.

They cut away then came back. Adam Poch is saying something about a diary room and a pregnant nurse. Kalia Booker, I was like wait this house getting way out of control. She had a good season. Adam, crazy James did gay porn. Kalia, but they knew that, didn’t they know that on the show? Jordan, that’s not James Ryan? Adam, no. Kalia, Chelsea dated him in real life. Jordan, she was on season nine? Adam, she was teamed with crazy James. They had apparently done some funny business. Jeff, how do you not Google somebody and find out they did porn? Kalia, remember that guy on real world?

Shelly Moore is in the kitchen cleaning.

Porsche Briggs, like Jordan was saying how her and Kalia are little gossip bodies. They are working together. It’s too close of a bond so I can’t get in there. So I’ve been trying to figure out how it’s going to work out as far as what alliances I can get in. Rachel, Kalia and Jordan are definitely working together. Obviously and Shelly. Porsche, which makes me nervous for you guys. Eventually Jeff is going to realize he can’t beat Brendon. And when it comes to get Brendon is going to have to go. Rachel, do you think Jeff would try and put Brendon up? Duh! Porsche, eventually he is going to have to. No matter which way you work it whether it’s him telling a newbie to put him up or if he has to do it because of lack of people. It’s eventually gonna happen, but it’s going to happen to everybody.

I’m just looking at how it’s going to be divided. I’m thinking it’s going to be you and Brendon sides and Jeff and Jordan sides because you guys are the two strong couples. Even when you guys are working together the sub alliances are going to make a difference. Rachel, so whose side would you want to work with? Porsche, obviously you guys side. Call me crazy but I’ve only seen four or five seasons. Rachel, what advice did anyone give you before coming in the show? Porsche, win a lot, save all your stuff so you can sell it on Ebay.

Rachel starts talking about the competition the other day and the comment she made to Jeff. Ever since then Jordan has not really wanted to be on my side. She liked Cassi and it was just weird. I just really don’t know what they’re thinking. Porsche, that’s the bad part because really you don’t know them anymore than anyone else in the house. They’re here to compete for the same prize you are, Jordan has already won so she knows ways to get it done. Jeff is a super competitive athlete that is gonna fight tooth and nail to win.

Rachel Reilly, what Brendon I’ve really want to win money. Whether it’s a luxury competition or whatever. We’re here because I want a wedding like every little girl wants a wedding. I haven’t had a job in a year. So I wanna win money. I wish I would’ve taken advantage last year. Porsche, I would be okay with winning prizes. Rachel, but this summer Brendon and I have been butting heads a lot. Its driving me crazy. Porsche, yeah it’s kind of noticeable, and he is getting along with everyone in the house so that makes me nervous for you, because they can put you out because of it.

Porsche doesn’t think she is a target. She thinks Brendon and Rachel would be a target before her. I don’t know about there are a lot of people don’t like you Porsche.

Rachel, Jordan hasn’t talked to me today since the luxury competition. She thinks I’m mad at her. I never said I was. She just thinks I’m mad at her.

Jordan won the luxury competition. It sounds like she won a trip and told Kalia and Shelly she would take them with her. So now Porsche and Rachel think that Jordan will get their votes in the jury house because of that.

Jeff Schroeder, isn’t that weird you call it ice cream but if it has ice on it you throw it away.

There are no have nots today, so there is a shortage of beds.There is a lot of discussion going on about who is sleeping where. Kalia Booker doesn't want to give up her bed.  Dominic Briones is going to sleep in the have not room. Shelly Moore was going to also, but that might have changed.

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