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Big Brother After Dark Recap July 22, 2011

Brendon Villegas, Rachel Reilly, and Jordan Lloyd are in the hammock. They’re discussing whether or not they think they can win the next HOH. Brendon says they have four, five if you count Porsche. Jordan, but she’s not gonna be off. Rachel, yes and she will be. Jordan, I don’t trust her either. Brendon, she’s in love with Rachel. Jordan, she’ll do whatever you say. But then again the stuff she says what if we think she will but she flips. Brendon, that’s why I said no matter what you can’t tell anyone. Rachel, I won’t.

Do you think Shelly is good? Jordan, 100%. Rachel, Kalia is good with us. Jordan, Kalia and Shelly are good with us but they don’t know they’re working with us. Maybe they have an idea that but don’t know. Brendon leaves. Jordan, Shelly is like I’m with you guys until final six or seven she doesn’t care. I try and fill Shelly in every once in awhile. I trust Shelly more than any of those other people. She’s really honest. Rachel is telling Jordan that none of the newbies can get HOH next week. Porsche could throw it if she really doesn’t want to be in jury house. But that could be a lie. Jordan promises Rachel she’s with her until the end.

Rachel, I thought Cassi was really nice, but that’s the reason why I was really scared. Maybe I was really stupid, but I saw her getting close to you and Jeff and I knew she was not for me. I was afraid she would turn you guys against me. Jordan, I just really liked talking to her. Rachel, I liked her as a person. You are so lying. People see us as a really strong alliance and if they can break this up. Jordan, I know we just have one more week. I will be so upset if we make it through this week and then if one of us gets sent home and the rest of us go to jury. I swear I would cry. Rachel, so would I. I hope that it’s endurance. Jordan, so do I, and the guys can hang on.

Rachel and Jordan start talking about the fact that the nights are colder now and how they always put water on you during the competitions. Jordan says Russell peed on himself on purpose because he was shivering so badly.

Brendon Villegas is in the kitchen worrying about some traffic ticket he didn’t pay. He’s worried the fine will be a thousand dollars by the time he gets out. Dominic comes in with alcohol and says he’s going to put it in the refrigerator before Porsche sees it.

Rachel and Kalia are standing in the middle of the kitchen whispering to each other. They are looking at the memory wall.

Shelly Moore and Rachel Reilly are in the have not room. The cameras come in the room while Shelly is midsentence. Dominic I don’t know if you guys have talked to him to come do or help. Rachel, he doesn’t, as far as I know, he, I think this is what happened. In the very beginning Keith, Dominic and Cassi, in my opinion, were trying to get everyone to turn against us. Shelly, true. Rachel, I think that Cassi campaigning to keep Keith in the house really worked against her. Shelly, sure. Rachel, I think that was her ultimate demise. I think Dominic working with them has worked against him. Shelly, I agree. Rachel, if he hadn’t of won the POV it was going to be him. Now is he going to switch because he realizes his two biggest Allies are out of the house? I don’t know. Can you ever trust someone when you send their two friends home? I don’t know. Shelly, I don’t know. I think at some point he is going to try and link up with Daniele. Rachel, for sure. But then I don’t know if he will try and turn against us because we sent Cassi and Keith home.

Shelly, I think he would put you guys up. I’m just being honest. He’s a good kid. I am just going to shoot straight. It’s funny because everybody’s afraid of you guys because you’re tough. Saying you would do it and really doing it are two very different things. Because you know when you do that they’re coming after you in a bad way. I do not think Adam has the guts to do it. Rachel, I just don’t know. Shelly, I think he’s scared. I don’t really talk game has him because I don’t know where it goes. I don’t really talk game with anyone other than you guys. But like with Lawon I don’t really know what he says or does or if it is fact or fiction. I know Jordan doesn’t think he’s honest. Rachel, I know he tells everyone he wouldn’t put them up. Who is going to being the first one to make that move? Is it Adam, Dominic, or Lawon? Shelly, it won’t be Kalia.

Shelly Moore, what is Brendon saying to you? Rachel, he doesn’t know either. With this couple’s thing you have to think who is going to have your back? Who is going to compete next week and who is going to win? So if you were to win next week you wouldn’t come after Brendon and I right? Or Jeff and Jordan? Or Daniele? Shelly, absolutely not I have told you guys that from the beginning. Rachel, I believe you and we all trust you. You know in this game I’ve got to ask. You know just because you asked that doesn’t mean she’s going to tell you the truth either.

Shelly, Lawon and Kalia are never going to win a competition. Rachel, you don’t think so? Shelly, she got Mother Teresa wrong. I means seriously. Sometimes I don’t think it matters to her whether she’s here or not. Rachel, sometimes I think she’s just one of those people who just wants to make it to the jury. That’s Lawon’s goal too I think. Nobody else can want to win but you Rachel? I don’t understand why people want to go sit in the jury house for six weeks. Porsche is already telling people she doesn’t want to go to jury.

Shelly, she told me today she thinks’ she is going to be the first one out in singles. She says she is going to work on being more abrasive. I don’t get that. She wants to mess with people’s heads. Rachel, I don’t know what she’s thinking. I don’t know why a she worked so hard to stay here if she wants to go home. Shelly, have you talked to her? Rachel, I’m going to wait until HOH. I know you and Cassi we’re really close, Did Cassi say anything about Dominic? They went to commercial. That’s just wrong.

Shelly, I will women’s singles. Rachel, good I want to meet Josie. Shelly, I just want you guys to know that I am not going to coast through this week. Just tell me what you need. You guys are the COO & CEO I am the VP just come tell me what you need. As far as making sure everyone is on the right page. Rachel, I’m just glad you get to eat. Shelly, I appreciated what you guys did. You could have easily made it go the other way. I mean you guys were in control. You were even in control when Jordan had it. It was obvious. She is blowing so much smoke up her butt it isn’t even funny.

Rachel, a manipulative player in this game is so dangerous because I don’t feel like I can fight that person. Now Shelly is giving her advice on how to be an adult and good on sportsmanship. I’ve had enough of this Rachel show all ready I want to know what the rest of the house is doing.

Rachel has gone to get her HOH key. All of the other houseguests have gotten pillows from the couches and purple room. They are up in the hallway outside of the HOH room sitting on the floor so Rachel can’t see them. They are waiting for Rachel to come out so they can bomb her with pillows. The cameras are showing the backyard where no one is. Then they went to commercial. Again, just wrong.

They come back from commercial and everyone is now downstairs hiding in the kitchen and behind the couches. I’ll bet when they showed the backyard DOG told them they couldn’t throw the pillows from there. There was a mic I think hanging from the ceiling they all kept saying don’t hit. DOG you’re no fun!
Rachel comes running out of the DR who wants to see my HOH room she didn’t see anyone. Then she looked behind her and saw Shelly. Shelly hit her with a pillow then everyone else threw their pillows at her.

The have nots were off of slop at midnight. They started eating and Shelly went down and and told them they messed with the clocks and they shouldn’t be eating yet. Adam went running in the DR. LOL

Shelly and Jordan are on the the couch. Shelly is telling Jordan that Rachel won’t put them up. ROFL Shelly said she told Rachel she needs to wear underwear during the competitions so her butt don’t show. Kalia walks up and says I think she means well but it doesn’t execute well.

Evidently Rachel and Brendon have left nasty stuff on the sheets in the bedroom downstairs too. Jeff and Jordan flipped the mattress. Kalia, Jordan and Shelly are talking about bleaching the sheets. Nasty! They could at least change the sheets so the other people don’t have too.

Shelly Moore we have all told her ten times. I told her you’re fun, you’re happy, just put on a bathing suit that covers everything. Show the world your personality, not your stuff. Until she realizes it herself it is not going to change. If she has enough women telling her that, you would think she would stop and say maybe we can go a week and just be normal people. Kalia, I think she kinda lives, this is just from seeing those few pictures upstairs, in a world where it’s about the boobs, and the body, and the glitz and the sparkle. Look at her mom and sister their spitting images. Shelly, in high school she was beautiful. You look at the picture. Jordan, it doesn’t even look like the same girl. Shelly, I’m not saying she looks bad now, I am just saying something happened to make somebody want to change that much.

Shelly, today you should’ve seen, you guys were asleep, you should’ve seen next to the bed When we were locked in the room. Jordan, you and Cassi we’re laughing. Shelly, we were dying it was just, I don’t know how two people do that without the door closed, without the privacy of their own home, without cameras, without people around, there was ten others of us. Kalia, what were they doing? Shelly, they were all draped all over each other. Leg over the top it was just gross. It’s just insecurities. I just don’t get it. My parents would disown me. Now I understand why her parents won’t sign. Jordan, her mom had to because there is a picture of her mom upstairs. Shelly, good point. Jordan, you can’t be on there if your parents didn’t sign.

Shelly, my parents would absolutely have me by the hair, they’d be done. Kalia and Jordan both speaking at the same time saying their moms would to. Shelly, my mom would fake a death and say her mom’s dead, come home and beat my butt. Kalia, she has to leave now. In the diary room and don’t come back. Shelly, I would be mortified to do it too them. Shelly, she would be mortified. Kalia, I would be truly embarrassed. Jordan, I know.

Brendon, I do like the idea of working with Dominic instead of Adam because I don’t trust Adam at all. From the look on Rachel’s face I would say she doesn’t agree with that. Daniele, I really really like him. Brendon, I really trust you if you think he’s gonna be good at his word. Rachel, I don’t know because this is like honest and earlier today Dominic was talking about he’s flaky with his friends. He makes plans with his friends and then doesn’t show up. I mean think about it. If he would screw over his friends then why wouldn’t he screw me over for half a million dollars.

Daniele, yeah but it is kind of a different circumstance. I know what you're saying but. Rachel, but I don’t know. I could tell from the look on her face she was not liking were that was going on. Brendon, but does he see the bigger picture? The scope of this thing. Does he realize if he comes after any one of us the rest of us will go after him? Does he think he can take us out and then be in good with Jeff and Jordan? And then stay in the game with them.

Daniele, I'm just letting you know from my talks with him. Brendon, when Cassi left today I seen it in his eyes he was broken up. Daniele, he was and not like. Brendon keeps cutting her off. Brendon, I don’t know how, I told Rachel he has some deep connection with Cassi I don’t know what it is. If he divulged some information to Cassi that no one else knows in this house, then maybe that’s why or they had a preexisting relationship coming into the house. Daniele, you’re so paranoid. Brendon, and no I’m not gonna lie. I had my gut instinct last year and I was absolutely right every time. Daniele, but a preexisting relationship? Brendon, I don’t know who is to say anyone doesn’t have a preexisting relationship we don’t know about. Rachel, Daniele might. Daniele, no. Brendon, is it in the rules? Do they have to tell us about it? Daniele, absolutely not. But from my personal opinion I think there is a twist of something else possibly. But I don’t think it’s that. I just think of all the people it would be a twist. I think it’s Adam.

Brendon, out of those two players I am for more threatened by Dominic than Adam. Because I know Dominic can compete on a physical level and he can compete on a mental level. I believe Adam can compete on a mental level but I don’t think he can compete on a physical level. Daniele, I know what you’re saying but it’s still week 3.

Brendon, I know but we’re getting ready to go individuals here. We are the biggest targets in the game so if we leave the wrong person in here. Daniele, so why wouldn’t you want to leave another huge target in here. Rachel, That’s a huge point. Brendon, absolutely. Daniele, especially if that person is on your side. Brendon, we just can’t make the mistake of thinking someone is on our side and them turning. Daniele, you could say that about anybody. I totally know what you are saying their promise. I don’t trust anybody either. Brendon, Dominic is very good at hiding his feelings and putting on a façade so it is going to be very hard to tell if he is lying to us.

Daniele, you can say that about anybody. Rachel was the one who just asked Jordan on the hammock who said they would back door us? Jordan said nobody and Shelley was the one who said it. I mean come on. Do you know what I mean? Brendon, how did you hear? Who said that? Daniele, she said it in the room down there with everybody down there. Brendon, who told you that? Daniele, Dominic and Kalia. Rachel, Porsche told me that to. Brendon, I know Shelly she’s very very smart. Daniele, you need to look at the bigger picture no matter what you say I get it five. I told her it’s Big Brother no matter what you say it’s not gonna come down to the five. It is not. You just have to set yourself up for ways that it doesn’t. Brendon, I’d rather have it bite me in the butt on week 7 when I have a better shot. Daniele, at the same time you are trusting Jeff and Jordan who are. Brendon, no Daniele, at the same time you're in an alliance with people who are setting you up to fail. You have to understand that.

Rachel, I’m going to go grab some stuff from downstairs. This is my opinion. I think it is obvious that we need to nominate Dominic and Adam. I thought we were all going to be able to go for Lawon this week. Brendon, Lawon? Rachel, to get rid of Lawon. Daniele, that’s what everyone was talking about. Rachel is going to be in trouble for talking game without Brendon again. Daniele, That’s what everyone was talking about originally. Rachel, yeah. Brendon, who? The people down there? Daniele, Everybody. Rachel, no everybody. Brendon, Jeff and Jordan? Rachel, for sure. But no I don’t think that’s a smart idea. Brendon, that is a stupid move for anybody. Rachel, I think we definitely. Brendon, We let them waste one of their HOH’s on Lawon and Kalia. It’s not going to be us. Rachel, we need to see who is going to be coming after us more. I think that Adam is not going to work with us. Daniele, who is more likely to be on your team Adam or Dominic period.

Brendon, Dominic for sure. Rachel, If we make a deal with him. Daniele, you already have a deal with him. I’m telling you guys and that’s the thing. You keep going to him and saying you have to do this blah blah. Just bring him up hear and make him feel like he is a part of your team. If you go to him and keep threatening him. Brendon, that’s not me, it’s Jeff. Daniele, I’m just saying with the deals and stuff, he is already working with you guys I promise. You have to make him comfortable with that.

Brendon, when I talk to people I can tell who they are, and with Dominic I have a hard time pin pointing who he is. Daniele laughs, because he’s a fifteen year old. (House joke) But it makes me uncomfortable to trust someone if they are not upfront with me the whole time. I’m not talking about just being honest, I’m talking about his personality. Brendon and Daniele keep going back and forth.

Rachel comes back upstairs and says everybody is outside talking to Jeff and Jordan and I just won HOH isn’t that weird. Daniele, Everybody doesn’t want to appear to be butt kissing, it’s not you. Quick thinking Daniele. Brendon, you can expect everybody to come running. You’re gonna complain if they do and you’re gonna complain if they don’t.

Brendon, I have no problem making him feel comfortable. Daniele, take him as far as you can and then drop him off when you need too. Brendon, just don’t get attached to him like a little puppy. Daniele, Shut up, I will punch you in the face right now. A – You’re not my mom and B - Shut the heck up. Brendon, when we got to take him back to the pound I don’t want you to cry. Brendon, I just don’t want anybody and Rachel this is why you got to be careful not to talk anyone in saying the wrong thing. I don't want anybody to get wind that  we are starting to double cross Jeff and Jordan. What makes Brendon think he's in charge of the group? Daniele, It’s not even double crossing Jeff and Jordan. You’re just looking ahead. Like they are doing. Brendon, we need to think how we are going to craft our argument to Jeff, because he is going to want to keep Adam. And Rachel please please please don’t talk game up here with other people when I am not here. Daniele, Rachel just do what I told you before. Just listen to what people have to say, but don’t say anything.

Brendon, do you honestly think with POV, I wanted to win POV but then when I found out it was individual it was a different story. I needed Jeff not to win it. Adam or Dominic needed to win it. Daniele, Of course. I don’t care that Dominic won. Was he going in it trusting of us? Daniele, Of course. Why would Dominic need to trust you? He was taking himself off of the block. What was there to trust? Daniele, I promise. Rachel, I told Dominic that morning that he needed to win it. Brendon, baby don’t be telling people this. Don’t be having game talk. I'm afraid you're going to say the wrong thing and just blow any chance we have of working deals and stuff. Rachel rolls her eyes, Daniele would you like some sushi?

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