Thursday, July 21, 2011

Big Brother 13 Episode 6 July 20, 2011

Jordan Lloyd had nominated DominicBriones and Adam Poch. Rachel Reilly is saying what are you doing, Cassi is the target. No Rachel, Cassi Colvin is your target not Jordan’s.

Poor Adam everybody thinks he was the other vote and it was really Shelly Moore.

I don’t think I can remember another season where they keep throwing the competitions this much. I mean I haven’t watched every season but it still seems excessive.

I love how Rachel Reilly is calling Cassi Colvin a floater just because she doesn’t like her and she’s jealous. I think Cassi was playing a pretty good game until the votes flipped.

Daniele Donato is the one in this game that’s really playing everybody. I haven’t quite figured out her game yet. I don’t think she’s aligned with anyone, at least not said she’s aligned with them. I never hear her making promises to anyone but at the same time she is manipulating everyone. I just don't see her end game. Maybe she is that good.

LOL Jeff I need some Rachel off too.

I’m not sure why Rachel keep’s saying Cassi Colvin is a liar. I cannot think of anything she’s lied about.

Rachel says if HOH isn’t playing maybe we shouldn’t be. She is such a brat.

Ms. Gymnast falls not once but twice. And she’s off crying in the corner again. I wonder if there are tears this time? I think I have to agree with Kalia on this one. Don't write a check...

I thought when Rachel went in the bushes they were on lockdown from the house but they’re not, she just likes the bushes I guess.

Why aren’t Lawon and Kalia an option to put up? Me, I would put Rachel and Brendon up, she is too annoying for me. I think they could get promises in the house from two people to make up for Brendon and/or Rachel’s vote in the alliance.

Rachel and Brendon are both good at competitions they need to look at getting them out now. Plus the atmosphere would be so much nicer. I think Shelly and Cassi would agree to align with Jeff and Jordan for two or three weeks just to keep them off the block this week. So would Dominic and Daniele I think.

I don’t know why Daniele is so Gung Ho on keeping Dominic in the game when she knows a showmance ruined her game last time. If she’s just trying to team up with him for his physical competition she should still be making friends with others to beef up the numbers for whatever she is planning but she’s not doing that.

I hate to say it but I think Jordan is going to live to regret her decision to keep Rachel.

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