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Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew Season 5 Episode 4 Triggers and Regret

Triggers and Regret

It’s day seven. The celebrities are in group out on the patio where we left them on the last show.

Dr. Drew goes and gets Steven Adler and tells him he needs to talk to him. Steven Adler, That lying, denial bitch Amy Fisher. Dr. Drew, Be careful. Steven, I am going to put her down today. Dr. Drew, Here’s the deal you are interfering with my treatment of her. What I know about her is she is a very fragile person. And if you go a little too hard on her she will bolt. Steven, She’s not fragile. She does "XXX porn".

Amy Fisher, I feel like I did something to him and I don’t know what it was. Shelly Sprague, A lot of this is detox for him. It has nothing to do with you. Nothing to do with you whatsoever.

Dr. Drew, Be very gentle please. This is a fragile person. If you need to address it please do so kindly, not with the Steven flare.

Dr. Drew, The drama between Amy and Steven can easily distract the rest of the patients so today in process group I need to get things back on track. Dr. Drew says there’s a flow to every group and this group processes much better with Amy in it. Which is why I don’t want you attacking her. One of the reasons.

Dr. Drew then asks Jessica to tell us why she’s there as she has only been with us a few days. Jessica “Sugar” Kiper, says she has been drinking and doing pot since she was fifteen. The only time she took a break was when she was on Survivor. Then I was dumb and did it again. Something really bad happened after I did it the second time. Dr. Drew, What happened? Jessica I was the first one out and they were talking stuff about me. Then there was sort of an attempt of some sort. Dr. Drew, An attempt? Jessica, I was really wasted because I was just plotty with alcohol. Then everybody went to sleep and I went and got aspirin out of the medical thing. I figured out how many I needed. I had them piled up in little piles. I wanted to hurt myself. Dr. Drew Wow. Michael Lohan, That give me the shakes. Sean young, Wow. Jessica, I thought about my little brother and nieces and nephews and I thought maybe I shouldn’t. Dr. Drew, How about for you?

Bob Forest, Here’s the thing about alcoholism and suicide. It is not that you want to die, it’s that you can’t bear to go on living how you are living. Jessica, I knew I didn’t wanna to die. Dr. Drew, Are you motivated now ? You wanna get well? Jessica, yes I do. Dr. Drew, Just follow directions we have a very simple plan and it’s a very simple way of doing it. Steven, You are awesome Sugar.

Steven Adler, Amy Fisher needs to take some lessons. Bob Forest, Oh my God. Dr. Drew, Steven listen to me. Steven, I respect her for being honest. Dr. Drew, I get where you are coming from I hear you. Steven, I’ve been dealing with dishonesty my whole life. It bothers me. Everyone is starting to talk on top of each other. Dr. Drew, Hold on gosh darn it. Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever heard Dr. Drew cuss. Steven, When your aggression affects other members of the group it causes the group not to function. Now I have somebody shut down and she was participating. You may have scared the stuff out of her. Steven, BS she ain’t done nothing.

Michael Lohan, Have compassion. Steven, All I’m saying is that it's so awesome to have somebody who does care and is being open. Dr. Drew, I get it resistance makes you crazy. Steven, No lying does. Michael Lohan, When she’s ready to talk she will. Steven, Lying whore. Dr. Drew, That’s abusive one more outburst and I have to have you out of group. Amy’s crying. Dr. Drew, Steven is being aggressive you’re reacting what’s going on? Steven, I didn’t start out aggressive. Bob Forest, Hold on. What is it that you’re thinking about? Whatever it is. Dr. Drew, She’s disassociating. Dr. Drew, Where in your life have you learned to shut down that much? Dr. Drew, Steven and I cannot work with that. Amy can we support you in any way? Amy shakes her head.

Jessica, I used to do that all the time with my ex husband. I was like that. Bob Forest, And what happened how did you get out of it. I decided I wanted help and that’s why I’m letting people in.

Dr. Drew, Disassociation is not a normal brain mechanism. It’s something that trauma survivors do. And it becomes a mechanism for dealing with all the overwhelming feelings. It’s dysfunctional. Bob Forest, You can do it mildly, moderately or severely. What we’re seeing is a pretty pretty serious disconnect from reality. Dr. Drew, But it is something that is not normal, it’s a survival mechanism of last resort that gets indoctrinated into children when they’re being abused. But when adults use it, it makes it impossible to build regulation. You guys get it? Bob Forest, Do you get that Amy? Dr. Drew, See she is in it, you gotta get back in your body.

Michael Lohan, Honey please understand one thing, one thing, all this time we’re spending here maybe you’ll get something out of it. But you won’t get the full effect and really be free to resolve all your problems unless you start to open up honey on your time. Think about opening up honey for you. Bob Forest, You trust drew right? That’s enough for now. Then we’ll go little by little by little.

It is day seven and the patients have overcome a lot of the physical withdrawal symptoms but the most painful part is yet to come.

Dwight Gooden has a lot of guilt especially about his children.

Dwight Gooden goes into Dr. Drew’s office. He says his youngest son was born in 1986 and in 2004 they spent time in jail together. Dwight says he had dreams of one day playing on the same team with his son not wearing the same orange jumpsuits. Dr. Drew, Does he blame you for this? Dwight knows he’s hurt his kids. Dr. Drew, One of the things that addicts do with their kids is isolate from them because they don’t want them to be around the drugs. But the isolating hurts the kids. They want you to be around them even if you use. Do you want to see him? Dwight nods. Dr. Drew, Well we will see what we can do to get him down here. Dr. Drew hopes reconnecting with his son will help him get rid of some of the guilt he carries.

Dwight goes back to his room and Jennifer Gimenez comes in, she wants him to write a letter to his kids.

Jennifer Gimenez, He doesn’t have to do anything with the letter he just has to write it. He reads the letter and apologizes to his kids for divorcing them for drugs. He’s crying, he says he’s just trying to do whatever he can to get better for his kids. His life’s on the line.

Day eight. Dr. Drew has arranged for the patients to meet a family that can attest to the heartbreaking affects drugs have. The family’s name is Franz. They lost their son Patrick to drugs. He started using alcohol and marijuana when he was in seventh grade. In high school they learned he was taking Oxycontin. They noticed things like tin foil being missing, and plastic pens with the insides taken out. Then all of a sudden they noticed the spoons disappearing. She found out this was for melting pills and heroin liquidity to inject it.

He went to treatment then he left early to go to come to his sisters graduation on May 29, 2010. Patrick was staying it his grandmothers. His father went over to get him and found him in the bedroom sitting up against a dresser on the edge of the bed, with one hand on his leg and one on the dresser. He yelled to him what's up? Wake up and then he touched him and he was cold. He called his wife screaming over the phone Patrick’s dead, oh my God Patrick is dead. All his wife could think about was how she’s going to tell her daughter. What a way to ruin graduation day.

Mrs. Franz said no parent should ever have to bury a child. There are no words to describe the depth of grief. The loss is permanent. She says she cries every day. Her heart will never be whole again. She will never stop missing him and this is what happens to the people left behind. He had just turned 21, 19 days earlier.

Steven Adler, I did heroin for twenty years, you gotta know he wasn’t doing it to hurt you. He couldn’t control himself. It’s very terrible, it’s very difficult. Every time he did it he wasn’t thinking I’m gonna hurt my family. Steven is such a sweetie when he isn't using. 

Jessica Kiper is crying because her little brother has been arrested and is getting in trouble and she can’t be there for him. Dr. Drew, Jessica your recovery will speak volumes to him. As you know you can’t convince anybody out of this but your recovery is really huge.

Steven Adler is talking to Jessica kipper out on the patio. Steven says he is shaking inside. Jessica asks why? Steven says because we are a group and there’s strength in numbers. And if you have one person that is lying and deceiving it makes the group not as strong. She is like a weak link. Jessica, But I think she wants help though. Steven, No she doesn’t. It’s interfering with what I’m doing. It takes concentration away from myself. Jessica, How is it interfering? Steven, She just keeps saying I don’t have a problem I don’t have a problem. I have a feeling it’s going to be one hell of a day.

It’s the afternoon of day nine and Dr. Drew has arranged for Dwight Gooden to meet with his son. Dr. Drew has asked his colleague Dr. John Sharp Psychiatrist from the Department of Psychiatry at the Harvard University Medical School to join him. He is going to be overseeing Dwight’s aftercare.

This will be the first time Dwight has seen his son while sober in many years. His son was in jail for trafficking drugs not using. Dwight apologizes to his son.

It’s the morning of day ten. Amy Fisher has been opening up to Dr. Drew in one on one sessions, but has yet to open up and identify as an addict to the group. They’re going around saying hello and identifying. Amy says hello I have a problem with alcohol, everyone claps. She says I only say that to make Steven happy. Steven, F you then. I take my clap back. Michael Lohan, I'm the triple crown winner. Amy Fisher, I like to get him all riled up. Shelly Sprague asks someone to read. Steven interrupts I have got to ask if you’re not an addict or an alcoholic then why are you here?

Shelly, Steven wait. Steven no. Steven tells Shelley to be quiet. Shelley says what? Steve screaming no I want to know, because somebody that wants help could be sitting here. Steven keep screaming no no no. Shelly gets up to calm him down and he grabbed her arm. Shelly, Why are you grabbing me? He lets go. This isn’t how we handle things. Steven, That’s how I approach it. Steven is now screaming at Amy why are you here repeatedly because she is not answering.

Dr. Drew, Stevens agitation with Amy is caused by a combination of factors. He perceives her distrust to the group as an arrogance and aloofness in denial and that’s a trigger for him. Because these are his issues. That combined with his cannabis marijuana withdrawal, and as we’ve seen in the past Steven gets aggressive when he’s detoxing. Michael Lohan interjects I don’t think she has a problem. I think she hasn’t come to terms with it yet. Steven, This whole thing is a problem. Michael, She hasn’t come to terms with it yet. She’s in denial she told me yesterday. Steven, Oh B. S. Michael, She told me she has to numb herself every time she goes to work. Steven, You got four bleeps in your face you’re gonna have to be numb. Steven is walking off. Shelly says you’re being disruptive and interrupting the group.

Steven Adler and Bai Ling go off in the corner. Steven, I just wanted to punch her in the forehead. Shelly Sprague tells Bai Ling she needs to return to group. Amy Fisher says he’s mentally ill he’s sick. Well she started it, she said she liked to get him all riled up. Shelley Sprague tells the group this is the deal. Everyone needs to pay attention to their own recovery. Amy says she is afraid because she knows the man has attacked people before. Shelly Sprague, But that was a different situation. Well if you know he’s attacked people before where you instigating him? Amy Fisher, He just does this out of nowhere. That’s not true you instigated it. Shelly ends group and sends them to process group.

Shelly Sprague, Amy does have issues. She’s been struggling with this process. For Steve to be bullying her into admitting she is an addict is none of his business.

Steven is still sitting in the corner having a cigarette. Michael tells him he needs to leave Amy alone. Steven, I can’t take it, I'm going to stand up for it for once.

Shelly Sprague, Just wants everyone to go to group so Dr. Drew can deal with the situation. Amy is in a room crying, saying she doesn’t want to go to group because she doesn’t know what Steven is going to do to her. Maybe she should think twice before she starts something with Steven again. Shelly tries to explain to Amy that when he attacked someone before it was a totally different situation. Amy says he’s not in his right mind. Amy agrees to go to group if she can walk out separately.

Dr. Drew is sitting in a room with a bunch of empty chairs. Steven comes in rather quickly. Dr. Drew says look Steven has a head of steam, here he comes. Woo! Not knowing Steven is in a mood. Steven, I’ve just begun. Dr. Drew, Ut oh. Dr. Drew please you make it hard on me. Steven takes a big breath throws his arms up in the air and brings them down as he exhales. Dr. Drew asked how everyone’s feeling? Sean young, I think Amy‘s feeling a little traumatized. Steven, That’s B.S. She’s a weak link in this group. I know you say it takes people a long time to open up. Dr. Drew, It took you three years. Steven tells Dr. Drew what happened in group. Amy says she was just joking with him. Dr. Drew says that’s what set you off? Stevens says yes. She’s a liar and in denial and a bamboozler, and I hate liars and bamboozlers. Dr. Drew, what’s wrong with denial? Steven, somebody’s gonna died today because she’s here wasting everybody’s time and somebody who really wants help isn’t going to get it. Michael Lohan, She’s made a lot of progress. Steven, No she hasn’t. Steven, I can’t deal with this it’s either her or me you gotta make the choice. Steven gets up and as he’s leaving the room he says I want the help and she doesn’t.

Amy is in group crying and wants to know if everybody needs to know her whole history and all the drugs she has done to make them feel better? Dr. Drew, They feel cheated when you don’t share. Amy, But I told you. Dr. Drew I know. The thing I would really like to see you talk about is the drug and alcohol piece.

Steven is in his room with his hat and coat on he says they can keep all his stuff, I’m sorry. It looks like he’s leaving. Shelly sees Steven and asks what’s going on?

Back in group Amy is saying she doesn’t understand how it will help everyone to know all of her history. Sean young says just Steven. Dr. Drew, I think identifying as a drug addict and alcoholic would help you. Amy says I’ve had a problem with pills my whole life I just really like them and I knew it wasn’t good for me so I discovered alcohol. I was able to put down the pills but I picked up the alcohol and justified that it’s legal. It’s just excuses. Michael Lohan, You’ve been telling us all a long b$tch you only have a half of glass of wine. Amy, All right it's more than that. Everyone laughs. Jeremy Jackson says this one’s for Steven finally! Finally! Amy, he’s so abusive I don’t wanna talk to him.

Out in the lounge Steven is making a phone call. Shelley Sprague tells Steven you’re very compulsive right now. Why? Steven, Because it’s been building up for a long time. Shelly, No you wanna use. Steven, You can say that all you want it is possible. Shelley, What do you mean it is possible? Steven, Because it is possible I’m not dying to use. Shelly, Yes you are. You’ve been smoking pot since you were eleven. Steven, And I’m not freaking out on that. Shelly, Yes you are. Steven, You can say that all you want. Shelly, You’re gonna use if you leave. Steven, Fine I’m going to use. Does that make you feel better? Steven tells Shelley he wants his phone. Shelley says no she’s not giving him his phone he’s acting irrational. Shelly, You just want to use that’s the problem. Steven, You can keep the bleeping phone. He walks out the front door.

Steven outside to rehab center, I just can’t bleeping take it.

I don’t think Bai Ling said anything the whole episode. I noticed in the previews Steven is back.

This show is really sad, but it is really addictive. Do you think Dr. Drew we’ll have a rehab for being addicted to Celebrity Rehab?

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