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Big Brother After Dark Recap July 18, 2011

Well we’re gonna start off tonight’s show with Rachel Reilly whining up in the head of household with Jordan Lloyd.

Rachel, She’s the type of girl that will mess with your head so you turn on the people that are working with you. Jordan Lloyd, I have told all of you guys that I am with them until we have to turn on each other. The whole issue with you and Jeff that’s squashed I don’t care about that. Whatever else is going on in the house I’m not going to use that against you, because we all need to stick together and it's stupid.

This is like high school I swear I feel like I am in high school again with all the cattiness. People’s feelings are just hurt. All the girls in this house is just the emotions. We’ll need to just get it together and all get along Cassi Colvin is just upset right now because she’s going home. You all either need to talk or just stay away from each other until Thursday. I think she’s just mad because she’s going I didn’t tell her she just has an idea.

Rachel is fake crying again, I know what it feels like to get picked on I was picked on and all last summer. Jordan, Rachel you are sweet you mean well but you just got to control your mouth with certain things you can’t just throw little jabs at people. If that was someone else, if that was Cassi or Shelley Moore or someone else with HOH and if you have made that comment to one of their teammates this could easily be you and Brendon Villegas getting back doored. You know what I mean? Let Porsche go, you don’t have to fight her battles. Nobody else is picking on her. I think people just think I mean she does come off a little crazy. She lies about everything. I think outside this house she’s a nice girl but I keep my distance from her because everything I say I feel like she would twist it around and I don’t want to get involved in all of that. With Cassi I would just talked to her. She seems like someone I would hang around with outside the house. She seems pretty cool.

Jordan Lloyd, It’s not just me. I think other people are getting aggravated with things you are saying too. You know how sometimes, you are just like me and Brendon are doing this, me and Brendon, me and Brendon. I think people are like oh my God! I am just being honest with you. I’m not being mean. Don’t think I’m being mean to you, you just gotta watch. You just gotta watch your attitude and the things you say. Just ‘cause it does, come across sometimes as not very nice. I know you don’t mean it. You just get caught up in the moment. You have a very big personality. You like to have fun and things and I think that’s fine. I mean we’ve been in this house sixteen days and there’s tension between everybody. I know I’m up here and I can get away from everyone else. You just gotta watch what you say and watch your comments, because people do get agitated.

Jordan, The other day I was a little irritated with you. Just with some of the stuff you were saying and I was like oh my god. I’m just telling you just in case, because what you say because we’re in an alliance it is going to affect us all. Comments that you make are going to bring us all down, and we need you and Brendon here. I don’t want to see you piss someone off and you and Brendon get back doored. I’m not saying me and Jeff I’m saying someone else. I’m not saying I’ve talked to anybody that’s going to do it I am just saying.

Rachel, like what comment? Jordan, I don’t know like they said you talked to Dominic Briones and he said you guys did good or you said he did good and then he said Brendan was close to me and you said by two. Rachel, I don’t know why that’s mean though? Jordan, people are just getting aggravated. Like god leave it alone. You are so competitive you have to win you know what I mean. Am I making sense? Like they feel like he won just drop it, don’t be like Brendon was close Brendon almost won by two. I think that just annoys people. Jordan goes on and she finally says, just watch your mouth with the comments that you make because you are going to make enemies. That was too funny I’m seriously laughing out loud. If Jordan isn’t a shrink she should be, especially after all that.

They cut away from HOH and came back again. Jordan, when you went to the room and said that about Porsche will be here three more weeks you probably shouldn’t have said that. Like that was kind of like there was no need that. I’m just giving you an example of something like that. Just walk away. Rachel, Would you expect me to say I don’t like Porsche? Jordan, yeah, yeah. That’s how all this stuff gets started. We’re complete opposites, because in here I would just walk away. If it was real life outside of this house I probably would say shut up you don’t know what you’re talking about. But in here I wouldn’t say anything because you have to keep your mouth shut. I’m not trying to be mean I’m trying to help. We do all have to stick together. I don’t want us or you to get back doored. Rachel’s head looks like it’s gonna explode I can’t believe she’s sitting here quiet all this time. Cassi is upset, you are upset I think you just need to stay away from each other tonight or there is just going to be a big fight.

Rachel is now crying and telling Jordan how mean people were to her last season. Rachel Reilly, I had a girl calling me a slut and telling me I looked like a prostitute and had S. T. D’s day one for how I look. And then some girl was saying she wanted to abort me and Brendon’s babies, and she hopes Brendon gets permanently disfigured. We had really really mean girls in our season. I was scared to death to come back and do this. I was scared to death. I’ve had the worst year of my life. I came back to play fair and to have a second chance so people wouldn’t hate me. Rachel is doing all this crying but there are no tears.

Jordan Lloyd, Rachel this is the new season it’s a new cast. It is time to change the way people look at you. Just don’t say rude comments. With Cassie just don’t even say anything or tell her you wanna talk to her as an adult. Rachel, I told her I liked her she was pretty and fun and I think I’d like to hang out with her outside the house but you have bad game play. Yeah Rachel that was really nice. That’s me talking to her is an adult. She was arguing back with me. Jordan, I think that’s ‘cause she’s already mad and hurt. Jordan wants to bring Cassi up to the room to talk to the two of them together. Rachel doesn’t want to do it. Rachel says Cassi’s playing a role trying to make her look bad. She wants me to look like a villain so everyone will turn on me.

Jordan, Don’t even listen to the stuff on the Internet. Rachel, no I’m not talking about that. Porsche was totally destroying Cassi the other night. I was like don’t say that and I changed the subject. Jordan, Well Porsche will bring you down she’s a follower. She’s up your butt she will do whatever you say. Rachel, apparently she’s told people to back door me and Brendon. Jordan, yeah she’s crazy. Rachel, she’s not anybody’s friend. Jordan, But you know not to trust her?

Jordan, Rachel you are not a bad person. I think like when you said you and Brendon have sex upstairs and people you know if this is on television. Daniele Donato just came upstairs. Rachel, I know but they asked.

Daniele Donato, What’s wrong with me now? Rachel, I told Cassi I thought she was nice and liked her that I thought we would have fun outside the house but that she has bad game play. She told me I was catty and didn’t like girls. She left the room saying she was on my side my season but now she gets why people don’t like me. Daniele, Why do you let that bug you? Rachel, She used every single one of my weaknesses against me. Daniele, So why are you gonna let that bother you? She’s gonna be gone on Thursday. What’s the point of this? If she’s gonna call you out and say all this mean stuff that makes her look bad.

Rachel, I know but then she makes me look like the villain. Jordan tells Daniele what she told Rachel. Daniele says I’ve already told her that. Rachel, And I agree I’ve been trying to watch my mouth and lay low. I haven’t been doing, trust me like I don’t even know what to say. I’m sorry. You should be that’s at least three people now telling you to keep your mouth shut. Now she’s fake crying again. I’m serious not one tear, not one tissue this whole time.

Rachel, People ask about Brendon and I having sex I don’t mean to annoy people by saying Brendon come here. Jordan, No, no, no I’m saying you want to change the way people think about you on your season… We go to commercial. WOW First thought Rachel, Jordan is trying to tell you quit having sex on the cameras and maybe people won’t call you a slut. Secondly, boy am I glad I don’t have live feeds. My eyeballs might have been burned out of my head. I sure hope Showtime doesn’t show them having sex. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Shelly Moore, Jeff Schroeder and Cassi Colvin are at the hot tub. Cassi said oh another thing she told me was I never talked to Jordan until she got HOH. I said not true. The same reason I didn’t go up to your room until day five. I didn’t want to be just sitting up there with a pillow because you won HOH. She kept throwing this stuff at me and I rebutted. Then she said well Jordan’s feelings toward you are because you never attempted to be her friend until now, and I said I sincerely doubt Jordan feels that way. Jeff, well let her speak for her.

Cassi Colvin, I had already told you and Jordan early on about those words early on coming out of my mouth about getting a power couple out. She tried to call me on that and I said I’ve already told that to Jeff and Jordan. Jeff said something about not thinking that. Cassi, Right so have I got terrible game play? That seems pretty wise to me. And that’s before I knew either of you two couples and that’s when I came to you and said I respect the way you slide and I’d like to be in the end what you. Jeff, Oh Rachel. Cassi, she is something else I will tell you that. Jeff, We will see how it pans out. Cassi, I didn’t call her in there to stir up stuff. I don’t like drama and B. S. I called her in there because I wanted to hear from the horse’s mouth why it is she wanted me out because I knew it all started with her. I said with everyone in here why am I the likely candidate to get out next.

Jeff Schroeder, Trust me I know exactly what you’re saying and I said it on your behalf as well. Cassi, I understand why you all don’t want to ruffle feathers and carry out her wishes. I get that. Jeff, What it boils down to is you and Dominic needed to be split  so the house wasn’t divided any more. So people could pick and choose where they wanted to go. Cassi, well I just wanted you to know since I’ve made a deal with you I’ve been on your side. This isn’t a last minute plea, I just wanted you to know that. I think I sealed my grave there. Jeff, you might have saved it.

Cassi, I just couldn’t not hear what she had to say. When she said I had terrible game play I said in what way. Your friend runs around here cooking because she thinks that’s going to save her. Porsche told me I learned how to cook meat balls before I came in here, from my Italian friend, so I could cook for everybody and they would like me. Jeff, She put Rosemary in the meat balls what was that all about? I’m like what are you doing?
Cassi, I know I’m going home. When you get out of here, you go home and watch the footage. I said the way they feel about you on the outside that’s on you. You said you came in here to change your perspective maybe they’ll have you back to third time. I walked out of the room. Jeff, meow. Like I said wait and see what comes from this.

Jeff, it’s like every day it’s a new episode.

Now Brendon is up in the HOH and Rachel’s whining to him. Jordan wants to go down and get Cassi so they can all talk. Rachel doesn’t want to. Rachel, I told her she had bad game play. She said I told you guys you could trust me. But then I said then you went downstairs and said you had to get us out. Your own partner told me that.She outed Shelley Moore to Cassi? Brendon we already know Cassi is two faced and a backstabber. Stay away from Cassi. It doesn’t matter. Why are you getting upset about it? She’s going to be watching the rest of the show from home. We’re not here to make friends for life. The people that we trust we all came in together. The people that we don’t trust are all sitting here waiting for us. Take a timeout. Gather your emotions. You’re so worried about how you’re gonna be perceived that you’re letting it drive your own perception. And you're going to be a self fulfilled prophecy because you’re so bothered and it’s gonna get to you. Rachel cuts him off and asks him to go downstairs and get her microphone. She’s not even listening to him. I don’t think she was hearing what the other girls were telling her either.

Showtime Rachel might like all this camera time, I don’t like the Rachel Show stop it. Enough already.

Cassi so I walked out of the room and then she started crying and and then she went and got Jordan and started a club meeting upstairs like a dam tree house. Lawon Exum, that’s why you’re so damn calm, I knew something was going on. Now she’s telling the story to Lawon. She said all or your people have come to us and said you were leading the new troops saying how somebody had to have the balls to put one of the two power couples up. I said yeah I said that. I said was I the only one that felt that way? Obviously not. Obviously anyone watching this game, playing this game knows that one of ya’Il has to go up in order for us to have the chance. Yeah those words have come out of my mouth but I was honest about it, I told Jeff and Jordan over a week ago.
Jeff Schroeder and Brendon Villegas are now up in the HOH room with Rachel repeating the same story over again.

Jordan Lloyd and Daniele Donato escape down to the purple room. Jordan, I hate so much drama. Daniele, I know I can’t handle it. Daniele, She knows she’s going home. Jordan, I know she said she doesn’t understand, she hasn’t done anything wrong. Daniele, but she has and she’s lying about it. Jordan, I know I never know what to say I’m always so nervous about it. People think you’re gonna slide through here or maybe it's personal. I didn’t it but I was thinking it with Rachel. Because she made a comment to me. Do you ever see her hanging out with Jeff and Brendon a lot? I didn’t even think about that. Maybe she just wants her out because of Brendon. Now she’s up there crying and I feel bad because I thought that, but I couldn’t help think it.

Daniele, it’s just too much drama. Jordan, I told her I was a little annoyed by her the other day and that’s why I’ve been staying up here so much to stay away from it all. I said I think a lot of other people in the house are getting annoyed with you too because you make comments. Jordan, I think if everybody just goes up there and talks and gets it out. Daniele, I think I’d stay out of it. Jordan, You think they’ll work it out in four days. Daniele, No I think they can stay away from each other for four days. Jordan, Now I don’t wanna go outside because I know Jeff and Cassi are out there. Daniele, You don’t want to deal with it.

Daniele Donato, I told her I hated her. I watched her season and wanted her gone every week. But I told her I like her now. Jordan, Me to she’s just too much. Daniele, she thinks the whole world is coming to get me. If you didn’t have the whole attitude in life that the world was coming to get you you would be a lot more laid back. Not so uptight and emotional.

Jordan Lloyd, if she’s so concerned about her season last time why did she even come back. If you’re trying to change it your acting exactly how you did last season. And I told her too saying your upstairs having sex with Brendon. I was like whatever if that's what you want to do that's fine, but all the live feed people can see that. Daniele, I know they tried to ask me different questions and call me out too. They are like you have to answer, blah blah blah. And I'm like yeah and I don't want all my personal business out on the internet forever. If you want it that's fine but I've been through this and I know how it works and no. Jordan, And she's like he's my fiance. Daniele, but you don't want video's of you having sex. If you are trying to change it, you wouldn't be having sex upstairs and announcing it to everyone you are doing it upstairs. That just makes you look on TV. Daniele, Just tacky. Jordan, Exactly. I'm not judging her if she does that, that's her own preference whatever. But that's how other people are going to perceive it, as its trashy. But she was like he's my fiance. So I was like well go do it. I don't care. I'm just saying I think that is how I see it. That other people will just think she's trashy. I just can't even imagine have sex, knowing there is a live feed and all your family and friends might be watching. My mom and dad would have a coronary on the spot. And you know people are recording it. Nope not happening here. Jordan, But at least I told her so now she knows. You are a good person Jordan Lloyd.

Now Cassi Colvin is telling Adam Poch everything. Adam, I’ll stop you right there you can’t be rational with your irrational people.

Jordan is now telling Cassi Colvin what she and Rachel Reilly talked about.

Okay, I’m fast forwarding it can take Rachel and her show anymore. She is just repeating herself.

They have gourmet jelly beans. Jeff Schroeder likes the black licorice ones, the blueberry ones. not so much. Adam Poch likes the buttered popcorn flavor. Jeff says he doesn’t like it but then said that he has never tried it. Jeff tried a buttered popcorn jelly bean and he said it tastes like an oil ball. He says I feel like I just got super fat. I like popcorn just not my in my jelly beans, I like peanuts but not in my Chinese food.

Daniele Donato and Dominic Briggs are making pictures on the counter with jelly beans.

Brendon Villegas and Dominic Briggs are now playing pool. They’re breaking balls towards the house so that cue ball can fly up and easily take out a window, instead of breaking towards the yard. They should probably switch that.

Now Rachel Reilly is telling Porsche Briggs about what happened.

Daniele Donato and Jeff Schroeder are now doing jelly bean art.

The house is having a pool tournament. Rachel Reilly and Cassi Colvin have to play each other. So far they are playing nice with each other.

Kalia Booker is now upstairs with Jordan Lloyd in the HOH room getting all the details of the Cassi Rachel fight.

Kalia Booker, Cassi came down to the kitchen and was like I’m sorry if everyone feels awkward I don’t mean to cause drama. I was like I don’t care. Daniele was like I don’t care either. And then she turned to Porsche Briggs and said obviously our beef is over. We’ve squashed it. It’s done and she was like okay. And then when Cassi left Porsche was like that was weird. Kalia, I was like why? Because she reminded you she doesn’t have a beef with you? Especially if she is going home on Thursday she just wanted to make sure everything was good. Porsche, maybe she told me it was fine but ever since then she hasn’t talked me.

Kalia Booker, some people just don’t mix and maybe she realized that they’re not gonna be friends so what’s the point of being fake. I was like this isn’t my fight to have. Porsche you’re so young and immature. I’m like you don’t have to be friends with everybody. And you’re not going to be friends with everybody. Everyone is not going to like you and there are a lot of people in this house that you get on their nerves you know what I mean and Daniele was like I don’t know why you bother?

Jordan, I just told her, she needs to hear it. The problem is I think she heard you but I don’t think she listened. Kalia, I don’t think she’s a bad person I just think whatever persona she operates under, she thinks it comes off as cute and ditzy. When instead it just comes off as Jordan, annoying. Kalia, annoying and not that smart and not the cute ditzy but like what?? Do you know what I mean? And that’s just the kind of girl that would be intimidated. Jordan, oh my god I felt like Dr Phil like a therapist or something.

Jordan If we backdoor Rachel and Brendon it would affect everybody it would affect our whole alliance. It would give her and Dominic an advantage. She was like I promise I would be with you guys. But how do you know? Rachel comes in. She wants toilet paper. Kalia, There’s cotton balls in the storage room. Rachel, I just wanted to come up here and talk.

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