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Big Brother After Dark Recap July 20, 2011

Cassi Colvin is talking to Adam Poch trying to convince him she wants to stay. He is not saying anything bad about Shelly Moore. She is using the I just want to get to jury house I don’t even care if I win line. They never really believed people when they say that.

Rachel Riley has made some kind of little slop cakes one with balsamic vinegar, one with olives, and one with soy sauce. She is also frying pickles in slop again.

It looks like the other houseguests are having some kind of fish maybe baked salmon, grilled onions, and salad.

The Adam Poch is chowing down on some slop cakes he says he is starving.

Rachel has come out with a new batch of slop cakes. And we now have garlic flavored, Asian Dijon honey mustard, and one with relish and pickles.

Shelly Moore is talking to Jordan Lloyd, she’s telling her she is nervous that the whole house is going to flip. Jordan says she went up to the HOH and told someone she didn’t want them to get HOH just because she really wants to make it to the jury house and she was afraid they would put her up. I wonder if that means they had a HOH competition today.

Shelly Moore says everyone keeps telling her she is fine. She’s concerned they’re just telling her that so she won’t be nervous.

Rachel Riley and Dominic Briones are laying in the hammock. Dominic asks Rachel what she was doing before Big Brother? She tells him she was a cocktail waitress in Vegas and making way too much money. She told him she was making $1,200.00 a day. He said she made a bunch of money and saved it, but she’s spent it all last year moving to L.A. to be with Brendon.

Brendon Villegas and Jeff Schroeder are in the HOH bathroom. Jeff is putting on a face mask. Brendon says he hasn’t had a chance to talk to Adam because in the morning every time he’s out there Shelley’s out there. Jeff, he said last time I talked to him we are all good right. He was like you would tell me if something is going on right. Jordan brought Rachel up here and said we’re on the same page right. Brendon, yeah that’s what Rachel said. We all know what we need to do. We just need to figure out where everybody else is that. Kalia Booker came up to me and said we are all good right? I have a feeling I’m going to be gone next week. She was talking fast. When people talk fast it makes me uncomfortable.

Brendon, I was thinking about it if we win HOH we’re going to have to put them right back up. Jeff, yeah I know. Jeff, this time we gotta use the back door. That’s what Jordan said if we would’ve put up Cassi and what’s her name to begin with. Brendon, that they could have very easily have won POV and taken them off. Sometimes it’s better to take the safe route. Brendon, I am thinking that we put up Lawon Exum and Kalia Booker, then pull one of them aside and tell them they’re safe. If they win POV and pull themselves off than we can put up Adam and Dominic.

Jeff, what are they going to do have once everyone’s partner is gone? Brendon, they’re either going to start regrouping or they’re going to split sides. Brendon, no matter what we all have to trust each other. Brendon even if you and I and Rachel and Jordan want to get each other out of here that would be the stupidest move we could make. Brendon, once we start warring against each other it’s over. We need to make it to final five.
Jeff, I just wish Dominic had not won that POV. Brendon, honestly dude I’m not going to lie I still wouldn’t trust Cassi. Jeff, yeah I do not care I’d rather have Dominic out first but. The thing is he’s in love with Daniele Donato. Jeff, I know now he is. Brendon, she can pull strings. That’s what we need to figure out. Who would we keep? Dominic is a strong player but I don’t trust Adam. Jeff, that’s true. Brendon, Rachel and I agree they are all going to try and send us home. So we have to stick together. Jeff, With these keys they can put all four of us up in one week.

Brendon, today is Tuesday we need to be studying. We only have two more days before the quiz. I hate that they know how these competitions are going to go. I mean they don't know for sure, but they usually get pretty close. Big Brother needs to really switch it up on them. I don’t know what it’s going to be but we just need to review everything that’s gone on here. Rachel has been counting stuff downstairs. Jeff, so have I. Jeff, it’s too early for that POV HOH thing. Brendon doesn’t think they will do majority rules.

Now Cassi Colvin is up in the HOH with the two boys putting on a face mask.

Evidently Jordan and Cassi were told to “shut up” Jeff’s words by DOG, ten times in a row. Cassi Colvin has been told she cannot speak about her ex.

Brendon just came in the kitchen with his red unitard on, a purple cape, a yellow hat with antenna’s like a bug and an all day sucker. Daniele Donato, you shouldn’t wear the unitard you should just where the underwear. Kalia, he’s such a character. Daniele, he’s one of those guys that is super funny and super cute but I never get him ever.

Jordan Lloyd now has a mask on. Cassi is telling Jordan how much she looks like Reese Witherspoon. Jordan says no one has ever told her that.

Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas are whispering in the purple room.

Daniele, is in the HOH room telling Jordan that Brendon and Rachel were fighting over how much they spent on groceries at dinner. That she was standing at the sink pouting about it. They are watching them in the purple room on the monitor.

Jeff, it’s like every day. Daniele, it's all day. They are trying to decide if they are fighting or not. Jeff thinks they are.

The camera goes to the purple room where Brendon and Rachel are. They aren’t saying anything.

Jeff, did anyone make fun of her while she was down there? Daniele, literally five minutes ago she was having a piggyback ride outside. Jeff, maybe she’s mad because he was running around in that thing. Jeff, maybe they are just doing it because they know we are watching. Daniele, I think they are just trying to get away from everything. Jeff, so what’s the problem? Jordan, they were fighting in the hammock today. Daniele, they need to stop fighting or their whole edit is just going to be them fighting. Jeff, But that’s all they do. They fight about the dumbest stuff though. Daniele, maybe he put her in timeout. He has to stay with her to make sure she stays.

Porsche Briggs just went in the purple room. Rachel says she’s just thinking. Brendon is thinking up stories to tell.

Dominic is outside the HOH room playing chess. He hollers in, you guys are still watching that. Daniele, it’s kind of like watching TV. Jeff, they still are not even talking. Jeff starts ad-libbing voice to the monitor. Look what I just found. It’s my personality. I gotta get out of here.

They send Lawon down to check out what’s going on.

Lawon Exum goes in the purple room and does a dance. He asked them what they’re doing. Brendon, I’m making up a story.

Lawon goes back up to HOH and tells them Brendon is making up the story. Jeff doesn’t believe it he’s going downstairs to see for himself.

Jeff goes down to the purple room. Brendon tells him he’s making up a scary story. Jeff tells them they were watching them on the monitor upstairs. Rachel, can anyone read lips? Jeff closes the door. Rachel whispers to him I was just telling him I don’t think it’s going to be a quiz this week.

Everyone keeps putting their hands in the bowl of jelly beans and playing with them, taking out the flavors that they like. I think I’d have to get my own bag.

Rachel Reilly is now in the bathroom with Shelly Moore. She says legit it’s not personal. Shelly, I know but did you guys all flip? They both laugh.

Shelly Moore and Jordan Lloyd are outside on the couch. Jordan says I’ve been trying to distance myself from her. Because she’s allowed to have friends but if I talk to other people she gets mad. Shelley, she’s all over Dominic. Is she trying to pull him in with them? Jordan whispers that’s what me and Jeff are trying to figure out. If Jeff wins HOH we’re gonna put Lawon and Kalia just to be safe and then if Dominic wins the veto we’re going to back door someone. She’s whispering I couldn’t understand what she said. It can’t be Dominic because if he wins the veto they cannot put him up.

Jordan, if Dominic wins HOH, you will have a golden key, he can put up Lawon and Kalia and then back door one of us. With these key things you’re limited so much. It would’ve worked better if I would’ve nominated you and Cassi, you won the veto and we put up Dominic. With the key thing everybody is stuck. Nobody has any more options so if they do win we’re screwed. Rachel has just walked up. She says we have a really good chance of winning. Shelly you don’t have the numbers but you’ve got strong players. Rachel, A quiz anybody can win though.

Jordan, I think this is still going to be one of the hardest weeks. Shelly, it’s the key thing that messes it all up. Shelley, I just wanna make sure all of us stay golden and nobody gets any lame brain ideas. Jordan, I don’t know where Adam and Dominic’s heads are. I don’t know what Lawon would do. Shelly, I don’t either. He’s a wild card. Cassi comes out and sits on the couch. Jordan, anybody can get back doored. Shelly, it’s going to get nasty. Jordan, that’s when it gets nuts, I’m regretting it.

Back on the couch Cassi is crying and Shelly is giving her a hug. Rachel, it’s only a game. Cassi, it’s not just a game I was playing for my family. Rachel, you’re so pretty Cassi. You’re going to have so many opportunities and the week’s not even over. I guess Jordan left the couch during the commercial. Cassi has been going around the last couple days with no makeup and not having her hair done. I think she’s trying to play the sympathy card on Shelly now.

Cassi goes inside to go to the bathroom. Shelly, this is the worst part of the game. It’s people involved and emotions, I hate seeing people get hurt. Rachel, you just have to remember it’s just a game. I hope somebody reminds you of that when you are on the block Rachel. I remember what last year was like. And really Cassi is so beautiful she is going to have so many opportunities. Shelly, the hard part for me is it’s for her family, her dad and her brother. Rachel, does her family not have money? Shelley, her dad is unemployed and her brother is in prison. Rachel, Wow. Shelly, They were looking for a bone.

Kalia says she isn’t gonna try hard for HOH because I think collectively a lot of people want me to go up so Lawon can go home. She was like I feel like maybe we should try and put up Adam and Dominic again. I don’t know who Kalia was talking to because the cameras cut in on the middle of the conversation. I was like for what? Without Cassi here Dominic doesn’t have anybody. If anything he is really close to Daniele he could be pulled to us. Apparently there was an alliance between Dominic, Cassi, Lawon and Keith. They made it the second day here. Once Cassi is gone, Keith is already gone, nobody trusts Lawon so Dominic is a sitting duck all by himself. And Adam is whatever. Then it can just be an easy week. Lawon goes, the last key is given, we are in singles or at least that’s what we all assume. Porsche told me she doesn’t want to be in the jury if we’re going to send her home send her home now. That makes no sense Porsche has a key so she’s going to be on the jury. She doesn’t want to sit in a house all summer into nothing. Jordan, what? Kalia, that’s what she said. Jordan, really? That is so crazy.

DOG, Kalia please do not obstruct your microphone. Kalia takes her microphone off she’s holding it in her hand. Kalia reattachs her microphone. DOG, Kalia please reattach your microphone. Kalia, I did. DOG, do not obstruct your microphone. Kalia I didn’t I moved it. DOG, please reattach your microphone. Wow, that was like back to back DOG messages. Jeff, see you play with them. Jordan, they mean business this year. Kalia, I didn’t do anything. Jeff, it’s because you talk back. They were prepared for you because you talk back no matter what.

Jordan, Kalia walked down to the pool today and said to you guys think that I'm negative? Kalia, and you guys each had a nice way of saying that’s just who I am. Kalia, you were like yeah but I think you’re funny and Daniele was like it is just a part of you and I get it. Kalia, some people don’t get my non sugarcoated sarcasm, and that I have very little patience.

Brendon came into the HOH room and turned off the lights so he could tell his ghost story. DOG, Brendon I said the bedroom lights must remain on during the day. DOG is on a tear tonight.

Lawon and Dominic are out at the hot tub. Lawon, I don’t think I’ve ever seen this happen. Dominic, what? Lawon, were both people are so nice they will not campaign against each other. You know that right, that’s never happened. I don't think that's true, I'll have to think about that. Kathy comes to mind. Dominic, I’ve got respect for it though. Dawon and Philip (Their alter egos) would come out swinging.

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