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Homeland Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

Nicholas  Brody is dreaming that he is burying a soldier in a hole he has dug. His captors are holding a gun to his head and I think they want him to say something from the Quran. He starts singing the Marine Corp Hymn instead. The gun at his head goes off. He wakes up.  

Carrie Mathison is still watching him.

Nicholas goes into the kitchen where his wife is trying to get ready for work and get the kids to school. She is a little jumpy. He says it happened again didn't it. She says about 4am you woke up screaming something in Arabic and grabbed my arm really hard, you wouldn't let go. Her arm is all bruised.

The phone rings. Dana (the daughter) answers it. It's CBS news. Nicholas says tell them I'm not here. So she tells them. He says he's not here and hangs up. LOL The daughter seems to be a teenage rebellion stage.

The wife and kids leave. Nicholas is having flashbacks of being in his cell. He hears reporters outside. He opens the door, looks at them for a minute or so and closes the door. One of the reporters screams is it true you are going to reenlist? He goes back inside the phone rings. He goes and stands in the corner, he slumps down in a ball like he used to do in his cell. I guess he must have gotten some comfort in his cell. 

Some guy is trying to analyze Nicholas' finger movements on the news recordings.

Saul is meeting with a judge trying to get a surveillance warrant on an unspecified subject. The judge asks him when he is ever going to let him off the hook. Saul tells him this is about the law your honor. (Jeffery) The judge hands him an envelope.

Carrie is getting dressed. She goes to take her medicine and only has one pill left. She calls someone named Maggie, says she's just calling to catch up. Saul walks in her apartment. He tells her the doorbell is broken. He hands her the envelope the judge gave him. Its a FISA warrant. He tells her she has 4 weeks and that this is not a way to wage a personal war. He brings up that she lied to him and came on to him. He's still not happy about that. She apologizes again.

Carrie shows Saul the video of Brody in the corner. She says he's been having nightmares begging someone to kill him in Arabic. She says he has been in the corner for five hours. Saul says it all makes complete sense after 8 years in captivity. Carrie thinks it's more than that. Saul thinks if he had been turned he would be out in front of the cameras and be playing the hero card. Carrie thinks it may not be easy for him. Saul tells her to clean her apartment and eat some real food and leaves.

Lynne is interviewing a woman named Stacy who is standing in front of her in nothing but her underpants. Lynne, Stacy if you get this job you will make in two years what it takes most people twenty to make. Lynne tells her she will have to appear confident at all times, so stop asking questions and answer my questions. Do you enjoy anal sex? Stacy, excuse me. Lynne, how about other woman. Stacy, sure both. Lynne continues asking personal questions. She walks over and puts her hand between Stacy's legs and tells her she needs to wax. Hair down there is not an option for his highness. What kind of job interview is this? It sounds like maybe for a harem. Lynne tells Stacey she is through to the final interview. She can go get dressed now.

There is a man that has been standing in the room watching the entire time. Lynne and he are dressed in suits. Lynne makes a call. The man asks who she is calling? She says she needs to get a wax too, before the Prince gets in town. She offers the phone to him and asks if he wants to book the appointment for her. There is music on hold. She asks for the phone back and tells him to get the next girl. Someone answers the phone. She says this is Lynne Reed. She was referred by one of their clients Carrie. She needs to book a Brazilian wax for noon tomorrow. She tells the woman that is the only time she can make it. She is talking to what looks like a Homeland operator. The operator calls Carrie and tells her she had an asset call.

Jessica arrives home from work. Brody gets out of the corner and turns on the light. Jessica asks how was his day. He says great.

Mike is meeting with some other military people who want a situation report on Brody. Mike tells them it is going to take him some time before he's willing to come out of his shell, let alone his house. One of the men in uniform says Brody represents a significant victory on the war on terror thanks to the CIA. Really, I thought they found him by accident. And I'm not sure how that is a victory when he was held for eight years. Sgt Brody owes them his life. Americans need to think this war is coming to an end. A guy in a suit says we need Brody out there reminding Americans that this is far from over. Mike, what if he is not up for it psychologically? The guy in uniform says F it, move on. You are a captain, do you want me to report up the chain you can't give a Sgt a direct order? The guy in the suit, I get he is your friend. How is his wife doing? If not for us Brody should do it for his wife and kids. Guy in uniform, DOD is offering a very nice reenlistment package that could pull them out of debt. Suit guy, give you friend advice. Make it happen. I'm thinking Brody should get eight years back pay.

Brody is attempting to make pancakes. His son Chris asks him what it is like to kill someone. He doesn't answer. He looks outside and sees a reporter in the back yard. He tells him to leave, the guy doesn't. He punches him in the throat. He turns and sees his son watching. He looks around and goes into the woods. Carrie sends men to keep an eye on him. Jessica finds the pan burning on the stove.

Brody is walking around town now. It looks like he went in a mall.

Virgil has arrived at Carrie's to watch the surveillance while she goes to meet Lynne. 

Lynne tells Carrie she is in DC pre-screening girls for the Prince's harem. I thought that must be what was going on. Carrie asks what's the code red? She says she was with Prince Farid Bin Abud on his yacht five days ago in Cypress. Flash to her having sex with the Prince. She says the Princes Majordomo, Latif Bin Walid announces to the Prince he has a surprise visitor. Carrie asks who was it? Lynne, you know they stone women like me to death if we get caught doing anything we aren't supposed to. Lynne shows Carrie a picture. It is Abu Nazir. Lynne wants out. She is just some girl from Ohio that Carrie talked into helping her.

Carrie calls Saul and tells him she has a game changer assemble the group.

Mike shows up at the house and Chris tells him his dad beat the crap out of somebody. Mike sees Jessica has bruises also.

Carrie tells Saul this is the first confirmed sighting in seven years. She wants some extra bodies on Brody. Saul tells her the dots are there but she hasn't connected them yet.

They do not have Brody in sight. Carrie is concerned she says all it takes is a 15 second meeting.

Carrie meets with her boss David Estes. He wants her to have Lynn get the data off Prince Farid's blackberry. Carrie tells David Lynn is scared out of her mind. He asks if a four man fry team would do it. Carrie, great! yeah! David, for an escort you recruited in Bahrain? He won't do it because they don't know who is watching. He says if she needs backup you're it.

Brody is in a hardware store looking at everything. I would say a lot has changed in the last eight years. It's probably a little freaky for him in stores.

Chris asks Mike sense he is a captain and his dad is a sargent is he the boss.

Brody is taking a bag in the garage. There is no camera in the garage still. Jessica asks him where he's been. He tells her out walking. She questions him about the reporter. He says he'll live. They go in the house. Chris says prays before dinner and asks God to make his dad a captain just like Mike.

After dinner Mike starts telling Brody he needs to take the calls from CBS. They are going to give you a promotion. Hollywood is going to make a movie about you. In the process you get to provide for Jess and the kids. Brody, I'm not going to be a poster boy for their BS war. You can go back and tell them the days I take orders from the military or government are over. What I need is the last eight years back.

Brody apologizes to his son for him seeing him punch the reporter.

The Prince has arrived. The majordomo and Lynne are walking through a hotel lobby . Someone spills coffee on Lynne. The majordomo tells Lynne she has three minutes to clean up. Lynne goes to the bathroom and Carrie gives her a compact with a usb device in it to do the download from the Prince's blackberry.

Lynne is scared but she agrees to do it. For any soap fans out there, the part of Lynne is being played by crazy Lisa from General Hospital. 

Carrie goes to her sisters house. Her two nieces run out to greet her. She has a late birthday present for one of them. The sister (Maggie) comes out and calls the girls in the house for dinner. They go in. Carrie says that's impressive. The sister says I beat them. LOL She asks if Carrie is staying for dinner and tells her dad and I worry about you. Carrie asks how dad is doing. Her sister says considering he has the same illness as you, he is under my roof now going for regular therapy and treatment. He's good now. Carrie, are you finished? Ease up. Maggie gives her a bottle of seven pills. Carrie questions it. Maggie says she is jeopardizing her license giving her samples. She tells her to come see her in a week, not a month. Or to behave like a normal person and go to a doctor. Carrie says she can't or they will pull her security. Carrie promises to stay for dinner next time and leaves.

I am having issues with this whole schizophrenia thing. 

1. How does someone with schizophrenia work this long in the CIA? Because you know they background check your whole family. They had to know her dad had it. And you would think they would be watching her for signs of it or just not take the risk in hiring her or at least putting her in the field in the first place. 

2. How long has her sister been giving her these pills. They give us the impression Carrie has been an agent for years. So how has she gotten her pills when she's say over in Iraq and why now all of a sudden does the sister have a problem giving them to her.

3. It's a shame she has to hide the disease and not be able to get the treatment she needs. I understand she would probably be pulled from the field. But I don't understand her fear of losing her security clearance. It seems like if a doctor cleared her for work she should still be able to work for the agency in another capacity. 

4. If they make this show to end up being a schizophrenic delusion. I'm going to be PO'd.

Brody is remembering being in his cell and discovering a small door or something in the cell that opens. He is going out to his garage remembering walking out of his cell into the sun light. He gets to the garage and is doing something to the garage door opener. He flashes back to walking into a room full of Muslim men praying. Back in the garage he unrolls a prayer mat and starts praying in Arabic.

After the sun has risen he goes in the house and tells Jessica he was cleaning out the garage. He fixed the door. Then they cut to him going out the front door of his house in uniform. He stops on the front steps and asks are you people ready? The reporters start screaming questions like are you going to reenlist, are you going back to Iraq?

Carrie calls Saul and says it's happening, exactly like you said. He's out there playing the hero card.

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