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Big Brother After Dark Recap July 21, 2011

The houseguests appear to have a pool tournament going on again tonight.

Shelly Moore and Jordan Lloyd are sitting outside on the couch. Shelly, I can talk to Adam Poch. I won’t let him put you up. Jordan, I was talking to Kalia Booker the other night trying to get a feel for where Adam and Dominic Briones are at. Shelly, it’s Brendon and Rachel not you guys at all. No one not one person has said your name. Adam said if he gets it he and he would like to put up Lawon Exum and Kalia Booker and if they win power of veto he would put up Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas. He thinks everything through tenfold.

Jordan, me and Jeff are thinking if we get past the next two weeks we’ve really got to start thinking.

You know another person is Daniele, Jeff Schroeder said nobody ever even says her name. She is almost like untouchable. I was like I know, I know. Shelly, I think she is trying to team up with, Dominic. I think Dominic is trying to pair up with her. Jordan, on his side? Shelley Moore, yeah like when we get the singles he would pare up with her. Jordan, that’s what I told Jeff that she said no. And Jeff was like what's she going to say yes? Jordan to you because that would put a target on her back. Shelly, she’s strong we have to watch her for sure. Jordan, I know because I could see her going very far. Shelly, absolutely.

Shelly, I don’t think Adam will win very many challenges. I think Dominic Briones can. Jordan, yeah I know. Cassi comes over and sits down on the couch.

Jordan Lloyd is talking to Shelly about her and Jeff. She says we have to figure out where we’re going to live but I have to have a commitment before I do anything. Because if you’re living as a married couple nobody is ever going to do anything about it. Shelly, you are 100% correct. You are smart. There’s no doubt in my mind that that is his intention. Jordan, I know he would, it’s just for me for my own satisfaction. Shelly, it’s the right thing to do Jordan. I did the same thing with my husband. The conversation continues about marriage, relationships and commitment.

Back to the discussion on the couch. Shelly, how many years has it been? Jordan, almost two. Shelly, that’s when we got engaged after two. Jordan, I’ve said something about it sometimes that he. Shelly, does he shy away from it? Jordan, yeah. Shelly, nervous? Jordan, I don’t know. Rachel, that doesn’t mean he’s not thinking about it. Shelly, guys are weird about that stuff. Jordan, I don’t want to pressure him I want to make sure he knows, I want him to be sure. Rachel, you guys are perfect. Shelly, I can’t imagine you guys not being together.

I noticed they are using spoons in the jellybean bowls today instead of their fingers.

They’re all discussing their dogs on the couch. Worms, grooming, poop you know all the stuff that comes with having a dog.

Rachel and Porsche are in the bathroom counting stuff.

There is not a lot of game talk going on today; maybe I can get caught up.

Porsche is picking black heads in the mirror and is wondering if there’s a camera behind it, has she never watched the show?

Now Porsche Briggs and Rachel are trying to figure out which competitions were which days. You know day one was this, day two was that.

Daniele is asking the other houseguests about bringing the weights inside the house. She says that way they will have them when they’re on lockdown for the next three days. I wonder why they are getting locked down for three days? That’s going to stink for the smokers. It should make it interesting.

Daniele Donato and Kalia Booker are upstairs playing chess. Daniele thinks the only one that has any balls to put up one of the power couples is Adam Poch. She thinks he will put up Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly before Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd. He thinks he is in good with them. He is too. If he gets put up next week they are voting him out. I hate when they whisper it makes it so hard to hear. Kalia, Lawon was talking to Jordan yesterday and telling her how much he likes me, and how we’re going to be friends for a long time. Kalia is also eating the skin off of grapes at the same time as she is talking.

Dominic comes upstairs and tells Daniele they cannot bring the weights into the parlor.

Rachel Reilly and Porsche Briggs are going through the different rooms counting stuff.

Rachel just walked into the kitchen and Dominic and Daniele are bombing her with grapes from upstairs.

Rachel Reilly, Daniele Donato, Kalia Booker, and Jordan Lloyd are in the HOH. Rachel, what is Lawon thinking? Kalia, nothing. Rachel, well, I’m getting nervous. Daniele, you are paranoid in general you need to chill.

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