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Big Brother 13 Episode 7 July 21, 2011

I would love to be a bug on the wall when Rachel Reilly watches this show.

I can’t wait until you don’t get your way Rachel Reilly. She is such a brat. Jordan Lloyd should have really put her up.

No Shelley Moore you cannot tell her. If you tell Cassi Colvin and she blows up everyone in the house will know you voted Keith.

Poor Jordan. She is such a sweetheart.

You go Cassi Colvin! You tell her. You hit the nail on the head. That is one jealous redhead. Rachel reminds me of the girls in high school to good to talk to anybody else. I don’t think she ever grew up.

I’m tired of hearing about all Rachel’s weaknesses being used against her. If you know you have weaknesses being used against you, then fix the problem.

Doctor Jordan. Well they certainly cut that shrink episode short. Jordan was probably in the HOH room with Rachel for an hour before Daniele and Brendon came into the room. Jordan was brutally honest with Rachel about how annoying she is. She pointed out how Rachel makes little jabs at people and several other things. Including telling her having sex in the HOH while the live feeds are on is trashy. LOL The whole time also telling her she wasn't trying to be mean, but she needed to know.  So now, Jordan, Brendon and Daniele have told Rachel her mouth is causing trouble.

I don’t understand why Brendon doesn’t believe Cassi when she swears on the Bible on her daddy. She is telling the truth and he won’t believe her, interesting. And now he says that isn't a deal, that’s big brother? So it’s OK for him to lie but he’s calling her a liar when she hasn’t lied? Looks like Rachel’s rubbing off on Brendon.

Man I hope Rachel or Brendon are back doored this week.

Kalia Booker totally faked that that shoulder injury just to get out of being a have not. The night of the competition she was throwing beanbags in the backyard perfectly fine.

While Julie Chan was talking to Rachel I just wanted to reach through the TV and slap Rachel. She just brings out the ugly in me I can’t help it, I don't usually talk this way about people.

I like that PB&J. Pretty boy and Jew.

I think Cassi’s going to be heart broken when she finds out Shelly voted for Keith and has been lying to her all this time.

Let the voting begin. Wow nine to zero I didn’t see that coming.

I thought for sure Julie Chen would point out to Cassi that Shelly Moore was one of the ones who voted for Keith. I can’t believe she didn’t bring it up.

I sure hope a newbie wins this HOH competition.

Question one: Which houseguest would you rather get mouth to mouth resuscitation from?

A Jeff or B Brendon. My answer A Jeff. Jeff is the correct answer That was just too easy. I know at least one person who said Brendon, and it wasn't Rachel. Will. LOL

Question two: Which houseguest is more likely to warm the pool with something other than their charm?

A Adam Poch or B Kalia Booker. My answer A Adam. The correct answer is Adam.

Question three: Which houseguest is more likely to steal someone’s lover? I see Rachel rolling her eyes already. She knows she’s the answer.

A Rachel Reilly or B Porsche Briggs. My answer, yep you guessed it. Rachel. The correct answer is B Porsche. Ohhhhhh.

I see a fight coming. Since Kalia Booker got it wrong, Rachel is going to know Kalia thinks she would steal someone’s lover. And now Porsche knows everybody else in the house thinks she would. LOL

Question four: Which houseguest is more likely to save someone from a burning building?

A Shelly Moore or B Brendon Villegas. I think that one is a tossup probably either one of them would. The correct answer is B Brendon

Question five: Which houseguest would they rather see spend the entire summer wearing a bikini?

A Porsche Briggs or B Daniele Donato. My answer Daniele. The correct answer is B. Daniele. So take that Ms. Porsche that thinks she’s so hot. I guess America told you.

OMG!(Yelling) stick a fork in me, I’m done. I can’t believe Brendon and Rachel are the only ones that got that right. Now one of them are head of household again. I can’t believe this is happening. Maybe I will just quit watching until Rachel is voted off.

Question six: Which houseguest would America rather cheat off of on a test? A Jordan Lloyd or B Lawon Exum. My answer Jordan. They both choose Lawon. The correct answer Jordan.

Questions seven: Which house guest is more likely to go bananas in the big brother house? A. Adam or B Dominic My answer A Adam. The correct answer is Adam.

Rachel is the new head of household. All I can do is shake my head. I just can’t believe it.

I am really scared for Jeff and Jordan right now.

Interesting. I wonder what they’re going to do to cause the houseguests to rethink their strategy. That certainly has my curiosity peaked.

I’m going to cry in the corner now.

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