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Big Brother After Dark Recap July 19, 2011

Adam Poch and Dominic Briones are whispering in the have not room. Adam Poch, We definitely saw the crack in the armor with Rachel Reilly shooting her mouth off. I know Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd are not going to want to keep them around too long. If they get a chance after the merge they will. Daniele Donato sticks her head in the door. Daniele Donato asks Dominic to go outside and spot her while she works out.

Cassi Colvin is outside on the couch talking to Brendon Villegas. And what I’ve endured with other girls and stuff has made me what I am. Sometimes I can see one red flag and shut down. Brendon, yeah. Cassi, And that’s what I do in the real world, that’s why I don’t have confrontations with girls and stuff, because I just walk away from it and it doesn’t get to that point. In here obviously you can’t just hide from one another. Brendon, this is a whole different place. For me nothing is ever personal.

Brendon, I am someone that will always admit even in the heat of the moment even Rachel got upset in the competition that is her competitiveness. And she gets caught up in the moment and doesn’t think about what she’s saying. For her there wasn’t anything you just happened to and she made a mistake and she knew it and came to grips with it. Cassi, and I felt that today she’s been very sweet today. Brendon, we both still have a lot of feelings from last season that never went away and even though we were good together as a couple we still deal with a lot of stuff that went on last year. So walking back in this house in a way is overwhelming. All that stuff starts to come back kind of you know. That’s part of it. Even with you or anyone else that doesn’t like her that’s not your battle. Cassi, I don’t harbor hate in my heart for anyone. If there were anybody for me to deeply dislike it would be my ex, and even him. The cameras cut away.

Cassi Colvin, Is she doing it simply for that or does she legitimately want a connection? Brendon Villegas, I always say the same thing if no one talks to you until they need something in this game it makes you wonder.

Daniele, I'm just super paranoid right now so be careful. Dominic, could he see in? When was this? Daniele, in the kitchen. Dominic, you know you’re my big brother consultant right?

Brendon Villegas, no matter who you are. Cassi, I am also a big girl and can admit when I’m wrong. Brendon, we all want a leave this game with our integrity. Cassi, that’s the most important thing my integrity and my character. That would be terrible for Rachel Reilly to get out of here and read bad things I wouldn’t wish that on anybody. For one, if Rachel doesn’t want to read bad things she shouldn’t get online and read it, and two she shouldn’t do bad things then there would be nothing for people to write about. Brendon, well good thank you. I’m sure at some point if Rachel hasn’t talked to today she will come around at some point. There’s no reason for any of us to leave here with huge amounts of anger towards anybody.

Dominic Briones, I have the Adam Poch setup on a line. Daniele, what does that mean? Dominic, don’t you know any code? It’s hard to hear a plane is flying over. Dominic, as soon as there is a split. Daniele, something. Dominic, no he wants to team up with Shelly Moore. He wants me to be with you. He’s like you and Danny, me and Shelly Moore. Daniele, I think Adam Poch likes me but I feel like he wants me out just as bad as he wants to work with me. Dominic, no he wants me to pick you up he doesn’t have you as a target at all or so he tells me. Adams neither here nor there I’m not sure what he’s trying to do.

Either way you’re not being targeted if he goes up I wouldn’t let that happen. I have to protect you. Daniele, I don’t need you to protect me. Dominic, you are on a high horse. Daniele, You just think you own me? Daniele, do you want him on the jury? I can’t hear what they’re saying something about Rachel Reilly wants to protect him and she doesn’t want, Dominic and Adam up next week. Dominic, forget it we will just talk about this later when we are in the hammock later. Daniele, who says I’m going to hang out with you later?

Cassi Colvin, I said my vote for Keith was not personal. I heard you wanted me out and I understood why. Even though I cared nothing for Keith and really thought he showed his butt, he had even called me out saying the Cassi and Shelly they are not out here because they are with them. It was purely we weren’t with anyone we just stayed in the kitchen because we didn’t want to be part of the upheaval.

Brendon Villegas, Big Brother paranoia has been already started. Every time you do something it’s got some meaning behind it. What are they talking about? What are they doing? It’s funny. It’s horrible but true. Cassi, I didn't come in here thinking I was gonna win a half million dollars. If that happens great of course, but did I actually think I was going to be the last man standing? No, not for a moment. I would have liked to have made it far just for the experience of course. And this isn’t something I’ve even imagined. I didn’t seek this out it just all kind of came together. I said the big man upstairs is telling me to give it a shot.

Brendon, Cassi, and Adam are sitting on the couch discussing whether people are the same in the house as they are out of the house. I think this is Brendon's round about way of trying to make them think Rachel is really a nice person out of the house and try and make up for what she did. I’m not buying it I wonder if Adam and Cassi are? Rachel's a big girl she needs to clean up her own mess. It's a a shame her behavior affects all the other veterans.

Dominic Briones and Daniele Donato are discussing school. Dominic tells Daniele she would do good in San Francisco. Daniele, yeah I love hippies and gays.

Lawon Exum and Porsche Briggs are cleaning in the kitchen. It’s nice to see more people cleaning this season instead of just a few of them.

Cassi Colvin used to date Lee Brice the guy who wrote the song Crazy Girl. She said the song is about her. But every time she starts to talk about him the cameras cut away.

They have livations. They’re excited.

It sounds like Cassi and Shelly Moore are on the block but no one has said that for sure.

Jordan Lloyd and Kalia Booker have come into the kitchen. Jordan looks like she just woke up.

Daniele Donato, it’s funny how Porsche is like the alcohol computer. Dominic, she’s like the alcohol Nazi. Daniele, Porsche came up to me after Keith was voted out and said I went up to Dominic and told him he can flirt with me too now. Daniele, I was like that’s the saddest thing I’ve ever heard. Dominic, she thinks she is smoking hot. She thinks she’s a solid nine. Daniele, so what would you give her? Dominic, possibly a four. Daniele, really? Dominic Briones, I don’t like blonds, I don’t like big boobs and I don’t like personalities like that.

Daniele, I’m too ugly to play bocce ball? What are you the diary room? They told me three times to go beautify myself. I’ve never thought too highly of myself but I’ve never thought the lowly about myself either. Dominic, well you just dress kinda like a homeless person.

Dominic, I didn’t trust Adam until Porsche let it slip that he voted Keith to stay. She told me that he voted for her to go. Daniele, how does she know? Dominic, because he went up and apologized to her afterwards. Daniele, how did she let it slip? Dominic, we was laying in the hammock and she let it slip and acted like I wasn’t supposed to know. Daniele, it’s funny her game is thinking she’s playing tricks on everybody and outwitting everybody else. She has no game. Dominic, she’s like time bomb ready to explode and everybody’s laughing at her. It is like lit, and we are like look look its halfway there.

Jordan Lloyd is in the kitchen talking to Cassi. She is apologizing and said if she didn’t do it, she was afraid they would have put her up next week because she cannot play in the next HOH competition. Cassi, when I said no hard feelings I meant it.

Jordan Lloyd is telling Cassi how mean the last cast she was with was. Not just to the houseguests but to the production staff as well.

Jordan says Porsche Brigss wants a cooking show. Jeff Schroeder, I want a cooking show.

Kalia Booker is telling Cassi Colvin she could vote either way, she likes both of them. Cassi, Shelly Moore keeps telling me to campaign for votes. I don’t know if she’s telling me that because she knows she’s safe or if she’s okay with going home. Kalia Booker, I think she’s okay with going home. Cassi, I told her I am not going to campaign against her.

Cassi Colvin has been sleeping in the HOH room since day four.

That’s it for tonight. They basically sat around chatting about nothing and playing bocce ball.

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