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Big Brother After Dark Recap July 10, 2011

For those of you still on the "Where is Evel Dick" mission. The rumor today seemed to be his brother was in a car accident. He doesn't have a brother. So that's not it either. LOL

Yea, the back yard is open. First time this season for After Dark.

Dominic Briones is wearing a towel like superman and something on his head. Maybe cow horns from the competition.??

Brendon Villegas is in his red unitard and cape again, he just came out of the house with a broom. with a red mask tied around his eyes. Brandon, we need to go over the chapters to the short story here. I have a feeling this is going to be a long night. It usually is when Brendon or Rachel has an idea. Dominic, I don't do anything stupid so we have to make sure this is planned well. Adam Poch, Are you kidding me? Have you seen what you are wearing? Jokingly.

So they have divided this story into four parts. They are acting out scenes twice so they have alternate scenes for the DVD and production can use it for the gag reel. Lawon Exum is the narrator. Cassi Colvin is screaming end scene or cut at the end of each chapter. Captain Wedgie is the super heroes name. It's not even about wedgies  Captain Wedgie is fishing and Dominic the villain comes and steals his pet turtle.

DOG, Daniele Rachel please put on your microphone. Now they have to start the scene over.

This is what I hate about reality TV now. All this play acting for the cameras. It used you be real reality. Now everyone is playing to the cameras. Star want to be's. Not near as exciting. I would much rather hear them discussing game and plotting against each other or even learning something about them.

Daniele Donato and Rachel Reilly are upstairs in the HOH discussing what Rachel should wear.

Now they are checking to see if that was on Showtime or not. All for the cameras. Shaking my head.

Kalia Booker is telling him now he's going to start getting calls from Spielberg and such. Oh Geez.

Jordan Lloyd is doing dishes, because she doesn't cook. Rachel is eating something.

Keith Henderson is telling Adam Poch he thinks they spend so much time together they made a deal. Adam, Could be paranoia. Keith, What do you think? No? I don't know what he said after that. Adam, I'll think about that. I'll see what happens. With all of the conversations I've had with Dom don't lead be to believe that but what's happening and what you see and what you hear. I've told him watch it with her. Keith, But you know what they haven't stopped cutting deals. So he knows he's safe. Adam, Whatever happens after the veto then we take it from there. If they cut a deal they still gotta come through. It's what they say and what they do. I'm more of a believer in what they do. I hear you and I've thought of that. We'll see what happens.

Adam, Shelly Moore and I have been saying those two have been getting awfully chummy and I told him be careful with that cause Brendon Rachel, Jeff Jordan, couples get targeted. So I'm like be careful with that cause it could turn out to hurt you more than help. I hear what you are saying. It makes perfect sense. We will see. If that happens then we will see who has who's back. If I get voted out of here like seven to 3. If I get voted out 5-5 then I know it's her. Dude! You may know but it will be too late then. Until then keep it chill.

That's why I told you this morning when you said you wanted to talk to Lawon. I told you not now. All that did was make your target bigger. Keith, On who? Adam, On you. Keith, Why? Adam, because it's causing drama in the house. Keith, but I was trying to save myself. Adam, you don't even know if you need to be saved. You know what I'm saying? There will be time for that. Nominations are just nominations. After the veto then it's on the block. That's why I said yesterday. You don't want to play hard, don't play hard. We shall see. I know you are trying to save yourself, but you don't know if you need to be saved. Cause even before all that **** she/he said they might be using the veto. And you don't want to change his/her mind on that. And now he/she might not use the veto and you might be the target.

You can't live your life with what if's at least that's how I live my life. If they doubted you and you push it on Lawon Exum and it created doubt on him, but it didn't take the doubt off of you. All it did was create more doubt. Keith, On me? Adam, No in the house. It might not have helped you as much as it hurt him, but in the overall scheme of things if there is a little bit of doubt on you a little bit of doubt on him, little bit of doubt on Kalia. Crack, Crack, Crack. Keep family business in the family. If you want to vent your frustrations on us that's one thing. You vent frustrations on them that gives them an in. They already doubt Lawon It just creates more doubt. It doesn't help you as much as it hurts the rest of the house and the rest of us. What you said makes perfect sense. They may feel safe, but actions speak louder than words. Clearly something happened this morning we don't know about. And Adam Poch thinks he is the Big Brother know it all. It will be interesting to see how far he gets.

Back in the kitchen. Daniele Donato is doing dishes now.

Back outside. They are discussing blooper reels and whether the skit was on Showtime again. Adam, At the very least it was on the live feeds. They live for us to do something stupid or so I've heard.

Rachel and Porsche Briggs are talking. Porsche, It's the truth you know. I wasn't hear to make friends. It's like yeah you are my partner, but he's been my partner for a week and he already tried to f up my actual one so it's like. Rachel, this week has been insane hopefully next week will be better. Porsche, I mean obviously do what you want to do, I'll support it but I don't want to be partners with him. Even if we do stay and I have to go through another week with him chances are people will find me more friendly than him but it's just like having a pee and doing all that kind of stuff and pretending I'm with a partner. I just don't want to have a sh$tty summer. I'm like that's how I felt about it. I really wanted to talk to you guys today and I couldn't get to you. It was like one sentence and you ran right out there and I'm like ahhh! Rachel, sorry about that. So we have no hard feelings. Porsche, No. They hug. Keith & Porsche are partners just in case you don't have all the partners straight yet.

I'm thinking I like Daniele better with the dark hair. She's cute either way, but just saying.

DOG, Rachel please go to the diary room. Shelly, How does he do that voice all the time? Is that all prerecorded stuff? So he doesn't have to do that for all the different things. DUH has she watched the show?

They have a game in the back yard. It's like a box low to the ground with a hole in it. They are trying to throw bean bags in the hole.

Dominic Briones is in the shower. In the shower you can see the word "Have" I'm thinking there is a not in there somewhere. I don't remember seeing that last year.

Kalia Booker, I'm f'ng over this game. I suck at it. Keith, my partners don't quit just so you know. What's he talking about Kalia isn't his partner? I guess he's talking about right at this moment playing the game. Kalia, I'm not gonna quit I'm just so competitive. Keith, You quit you are a quitter. Jeff, You're competitive and you're going to quit. What the F is that? Jeff, we are winning now cry baby. Kalia, You were winning before weren't you?. Jeff, We're on the same team. Kalia, I thought I was on the team with him, pointing to Keith. Jeff, no you are on my team. Kalia is laughing. Jeff, After this game we don't talk for two hours you just got a two hour ban from Big Jeff. Kalia, I'm sorry. Laughing

Jordan Lloyd still is not talking hardly. A word here and there. I think the only time she has really had a conversation was last night when she was in the bedroom with Jeff telling him why she was in bed early. I remember the season they were on and Jeff kept getting on her for talking to people afraid she was going to give stuff away. Towards the end of that season she wasn't talking to hardly anyone. Now after being with him for two years, maybe has she learned not to talk. This is a shame. I liked listening to Jordan talk. I mean it's only been a couple of days, but seriously she just sits there and listens but hasn't said anything hardly all season. It's very weird. She was so talkative in the first season.

After all that Jordan just sat down on the couch and started talking about a Snoop Dogg concert she went to where Snoop Dogg walked across the stage with his posse and never performed. Shelly, said his body guard is huge. She flew with him on a flight from Atlanta to Baton Rouge.

Dominic and Keith Henderson are in a bedroom. If you don't put us up, we don't put you up. Keith, I know first day. So therefore that one time earlier. Dominic, before nominations. Keith, yeah that's what I'm talking about. That's why you're playing me. You're going to vote with them. So that's two extra votes, that's you and Cassie Colvin. Dominic, No all I said. Keith, It took me a while to figure it out and you know what, it's never gonna personal but you got me. Dominic, Keith I'm 100% with you. Keith, All right. Dominic, I told you from day one. Keith, All right, you playing me. Dominic, Why would I do that. Keith, Because you have too. Dominic, How is that good for me? Keith, I'm telling you how. You gotta go against them. You gotta vote, If I stay on the block. Dominic, I'm voting Porsche. Keith, Yes, No you are voting me. Dominic, I will tell you 100% honest. I've told you this since day one. Keith, It's never going to be anything personal. Dominic, I told you from day one I'm voting for Porsche. If I vote for you I will tell you, but I'm not. Keith, but you are going to half to, if you align with them you made a deal.

Dominic, They said to me you don't put us up we won't put you up. Keith, You're good. You're good. But you played me. Dominic, Keith. What makes you say that? Keith, I'm just a smart guy. Dominic, I'm telling you to your face. Cassi just came in the room. Keith, I don't even want you to tell me to my face cause you ain't being honest. It's my fault for believing you. I played myself. Dominic, You can believe what you want. I told you from day one. Dominic is walking out of the room. Keith, We still good. Dominic, We're still good but I told you from day one I'm voting for Porsche. He walks out of the room. Wow, talk about paranoid. Maybe something happened during the day I didn't see (I don't do live feeds) but I haven't seen any reason for Keith to doubt Dominic. If he keeps this up until Thursday, he's going to cause himself to get voted out.

Keith, It took me a while to figure it out, but he played me. Cassi, You think everyone is. Why do you think he is? Cassi, because we talk in the yellow room? Keith, No that isn't it. It's never anything personal just know that. Cassi, I know that. What is it though? Do you think it could be paranoia or are you totally confident? Keith, No I'm confident in what I know. Cassi, Why do you feel that way I'm trying to talk it out with you. What is it? Keith, I'm going home. Cassi, I'm telling you I think you're going to be surprised with the outcome. Keith leaves. Cassi, Wow! He's not talking to you either cause he thinks you're in on it to. I wonder if Keith thinks this is some kind of reverse psychology, or playing poor me or if he's really just that paranoid?

Keith and Dominic have come back in the room with Cassi. They were already having a conversation walking into the room. Dominic, I'm serious why wouldn't I have just told you something. I didn't tall anyone about your job. I didn't tell anyone about something. If I was against you why wouldn't I have done that. Keith, I'm just saying if I'm on the block eventually you are going to have to be against me. That's what I am trying to get you to figure out. Dominic, Not right now. The only thing I told Brendon and Rachel is I won't put them up next week. If they don't put me up this week. I won't put them up next week. That's all I said. Keith, Did ya'' talk about to vote? Dominic, No. I haven't talked anything to them about how to vote.

Cassi, Honestly I don't think they've talked to anyone about that. Dominic, Why does it matter if I talked to them about the vote? They don't have the majority. Keith, They do. Dominic, We do. I told you from the get go I'd tell you. Cassi, Lawon Exum is even still planning on voting for you, even though you really pissed him off earlier. Dominic, I don't like her. Even the game aside. She switched my f'ng mattress. Don't touch my mattress. I'll tell you to your face. I told you from day one. Dominic, leaves.

Keith, Hey, Hey. Dominic, Stop threatening me with that. Keith, What? Dominic, Don't do what you're doing. You are getting to nervous and you're pissing people off. Keith, I hear what you're saying. Dominic, I'm cool with you. Keith, and I wasn't trying to threaten you. Dominic, I'm just saying. Cassi, We are all still good. I've just been spending less time with you and more with everyone else cause I don't want to draw attention to that. That hasn't changed my mind. Dominic what did she/he say about the veto? When you guys talked outside. Did she/he tell you what they are going to do? Keith, No, hunt a. How about you? Dominic, She/he said I'm probably gonna use it, that was this morning before she/he talked to someone couldn't hear and understand what he said. Cassi, that's the last I heard too. So she/he is planning on using it. Dominic, Which is good for you. Then you are back in the game. Keith, If I have the votes though. Dominic, You wouldn't need the votes cause then you would be off. Keith, Oh yeah. Dominic, Then if you win HOH you could even go after them. Cassi, In the mean time you gotta settle down. Dominic, I gotta eat. He leaves. Cassi, You can't be pointing fingers at everyone in our group, cause something. Keith, I ain't pointing no fingers at anybody I just came in that's all. Cassie, Lawon and Kalia. Keith, Well that was because of what happened earlier with him. Cassi is brushing her hair which is making it hard to hear her. Loud wet hair.

Adam Poch and Porsche Briggs are playing chess.

Kalia got called to the DR. One of the guys said Kalia is high maintenance. Not sure who said it. Maybe Dominic or Lawon.

Jordan Lloyd, Jeff Schroeder, Daniele Donato, Rachel Reilly, Lawon Exum, Shelly Moore, and Cassi Colvin are all outside on the couch. They are watching a slow bee die. Dominic came out.

DOG, Please stop singing. Kalia must be singing.

Adam is whispering to Porsche. I can't hear anything at all either of them are saying. Close caption got nothing either. Wow. 

Shelly and Cassi are by the pool. Cassi, Even though she's on the block, at least she's pleasant and still comes around. Shelly, Yeah I don't get any of that at all. Some people just make it so like obvious to get a target. Like I can tell she is driving Jeff and Jordan and those people nuts. Cassi, he is or she is? Shelly, Kalia.

Cassi is saying something about talking to someone in the kitchen about Dom, he brought it up. I said let me squash that right now. Shelly, they are afraid that you will target the other people and I squashed it. Cassi, I keep telling them I'm a grown woman. I'm going to do what's best for me and us. Shelly, I squashed it too cause they asked me straight up what The people on the couch are being loud I'm having trouble hearing Shelly and Cassi. Shelly, Unless I'm getting totally snookered she's going home. Cassi, That's what sucks in here. Shelly, It's one person. Cassi, Everything is just your words. You've got the words of twelve other people. Shelly, They just think we are alike and they feel like they can trust us, nobody else is going on their side.

Cassi, I told them about the story of Porsche too. I told Porsche straight out, no it's not that we have anything in common its that I have been avoiding you intentionally. And I told him that and he's like okay. I said I'm not this person. I'm not going to go home and watch this on TV and be damn I look like an asshole, like a liar I'm not going to do that. I'd rather get kicked out before that happens.

Shelly,  They said straight up they wouldn't even put us up as pawns at all. Cassi, So we're safe all four weeks? Shelly, Till the finally eight. Cassi, Eight? Shelly - Brendon, Rachel, Jeff, Jordan, Daniele, you and me. So seven after that everyone is on their own and everybody does their own thing. Cassie, Why are they so sure they are going to make it to the final. Shelly, Well they are not, but if they keep getting power they get to pick. They just said they will have to do something if you get HOH. Cassi, Like what? Shelly, If we get HOH Cassi, Like something in return right? Shelly, Absolutely and nobody else in here has that deal.

Cassi, That's still scary though. Shelly, It's scary without a doubt. Cassi, Getting down to the final eight because they are all very strong. Shelly, You're right. Cassi, We'll just have to fight tooth and nail. I don't want to consider myself weak now and be like that's the safest bet now and then us be number 8 and 7 to go home. Shelly, I agree. Over these first three weeks if they want to play I'm in. Cassi, Yeah the first four weeks I'm down with. Shelly, to get to the point that we can just start cranking them out.

Cassi, We gotta hope in the mean time that our group doesn't win HOH. Cause we're safe with our group. Shelly, and putting themselves as a target not us. So we stay hands off which is the best of both worlds. Cause that's exactly, well that's the way I'm playing it. I mean I'm going to bust my a$$ to win it  But here's the thing if you tell one lie it's over. I don't lie, I haven't lied to anyone. Those people if they want to gun me, they can gun me. I don't want to be on that list. Now I'm not gonna put up Dom or Adam, I have no desire too but Kalia and the other two absolutely without a problem. Those two will be the last two. I mean I will put them up to save myself. I'm not going to save them in spite of me, but I like them. Cassi, Yeah. Shelly, Right now the way it is we have plenty of time. Shelly, When she talks to everyone she just tries to be their ear. A genuine ear.

So it's looking like Shelly has flipped to the veteran's side. I'm not so sure Cassi has. I think Cassi is just getting information from her, and Shelly is her partner, so she has to play along to some extent. 

I think it's stupid to go with the veterans. The newbies have the numbers to get them out now.  The veterans I think have more of a physical advantage over the newbies, mentally they know how the house works and they've played the game before. If the veterans were gone I think Cassi, Dominic or maybe Adam could take this thing. I don't really see Lawon, Kalia, Porsche, or Keith as a threat in the physical challenges. Maybe Keith but he's already losing it. Shelly is questionable but she has flipped sides. Cassi can use that against her. If the challenge is something you need size for Adam would be good, but size can also play against you in some of the challenges. For the mental side of it again Porsche, Lawon and Kalia I don't see as threats, Keith is already freaking out. That just leaves Dom and Adam with Cassi.

If they don't get the veterans out now, I see the veterans sitting in the final five. Daniele already has a key so they can't take her out for a while. And if you think about it if the newbies win HOH next week they nominate either Jeff & Jordan or Rachel & Brendon. Say Rachel & Brendon just because I'd like to see that. So they nominate Rachel & Brendon, vote Rachel out. Yeah, I want to see that. Brendon has a golden key. The newbies win again the next week nominate Jeff & Jordan one of them leaves one gets a key.  So now all of the veterans left have a golden key. 

If the newbies don't win HOH the next three weeks it will be. Five newbies against five veterans. Hummm

Rachel is doing really loud cheers. DOG, Please stop singing. Rachel, Is that singing? DOG, yes.

Shelly, So they have buttons up there that they just push, they got that all prerecorded. Duh! Shelly we had this conversation already.

Shelly, That's the biggest thing. They said if we find out you're running back it's over. It's done and they will. Cassi, oh yeah fair enough. Shelly, I told them I gave them my word. I said I will not lie to you. I won't be a  two faced horses a$$ to people. Cassi, and after all that earlier Brendon pulled me aside and said I just thought it was best to get the two people it's about together and stop the he said she said. Cassi, I totally agree with that. Shelly, That whole thing was orchestrated today you understand that. Cassi, by them. Shelly, They wanted to make sure everyone saw. See I don't roll that way. I don't want to embarrass somebody or make somebody cry or fell bad. But as far as I'm concerned if they want to do that and get the other people upset. Then those people happen to win HOH then we don't have to do it. Cassi, yeah.

Shelly, wouldn't it be too funny if it at the end of the day it's just you and I sitting there. Wouldn't you just die. That's just funny. The chances of that happening are slim to none and I'm completely aware of that. If it came down to you and me I'd be thrilled for you to do it. Cause I'm older. I mean. Cassi, They told me in the box I have good game. Shelly, Oh you mean in the DR. That's good. Shelly, They've said we're a good team. You guys are tight. DOG, Cassi you are not allowed to talk about your diary room sessions with other house guests.  Everyone's going ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Cassi, say's sorry. She's busted. We run out of stuff to talk about. Someone from the couch is saying SO? SO?

Shelly can't wait until Thursday so they can have a normal week. She asks Cassi do you really think they aren't going to let us eat until Thursday?

The group on the couch is getting really loud again so it's hard to hear but Shelly, I'm not going to be on their team for another food competition.  I can't do that I'll tell you right now.

They must have some place for them to smoke when they are on lock down because no one mentioned not being able to go out and smoke the last two days. Shelly is chain smoking right now. I'm surprised they weren't climbing the walls to get out.

Daniele, Jordan, Porsche, Rachel, Kalia and Brandon just all got up and went out to the center of the yard.
Jordan is saying to Daniele, she is going to have you on the waist and she's going to have you on your front. Daniele is saying Big Brother save me tell them to stop. Kalia is saying use your arms. They are trying to lift Daniele like a cheerleader and have her throw her arms up in the air. What do we have a squad of cheerleaders here? Daniele puts her foot in Rachel and Jordan's hand and DOG says Stop that. LOL Kalia starts to walk away. Someone says no it's not this. I think Daniele says Big Brother is it this. DOG, yes. Daniele says thanks Big Brother. Rachel, why won't they let us cheer.

Kalia, Somebody do some jumps. Rachel, I did a Russian and a hurkey earlier. Jordan, yeah she's good.LOL The camera went as far off of Rachel as it could when she did her jump. So none of them were on camera. They showed the end of the last jump she did. It was kind of odd. Shelly, that's really good. I couldn't do that if I tried and had a lift. Kalia is listing jumps she must have been a cheerleader.

Rachel is teaching Adam a jump. I think he pulled a groin muscle. Jordan is now standing.

Kalia is telling Keith she will vote with the majority, because she needs to for herself. This house is weird. Keith, what do you mean. Kalia This house is weird I've said that since the beginning it's a great human experiment. People are already getting tired and the fasad's are dropping. Even what he is doing right now is not very smart. Just sitting there looking all mad and evil. I can't control anybody but me so. I can be there I'm his friend. I can't really do anything else. I can accept his apology. Next time your ever confused about anything I say just ask me. What's this you don't work in match making. Keith, I was just messing, I told him that to see if he would say anything. Kalia, Boy I would give anything if my boyfriend could be here and I would have someone I could lay in the hammock with and trust. Jeff and Jordan are in the hammock. I'm pretty sure they were talking about Lawon. It's interesting today she is saying she's his friend, when yesterday she was talking trash about him and saying she wanted him to fall off of upstairs. I'm pretty sure I don't want a friend like that.

Brendon, Daniele and Rachel have turned the fortune teller on. She still has a cigarette hanging out her mouth. The fortune teller just moves her head around. Rachel says go get your quarter and put it there. DOG, Daniele stop that. Daniele, but it's so cool. Daniele, It has to say something it has all those speakers on it. Brendon, they're controlling it.

Keith, I would start back from day one and do a showmance with Porsche and I would probably. It probably would have made more sense for us to go make a deal with HOH then we could have stayed in the house longer. Kalia, Why would a showmance keep you in the house longer. Keith, because it would have at least a week. Kalia, Showmance's usually make you a target. Keith, Not if you make your alliance with the right people. Kalia, you gotta get past the first week. Keith, That's what I'm saying you gotta.I would have played it different. Went up to HOH and tried to cut a deal. Now I'll probably go home. Kalia, You don't know that. No one has come to me and said they are going to vote you out. I think you should make the rounds. A couple of people have said they are going to wait and see with the veto. Except Lawon who was definitely voting to keep you. That was early this morning. I guess I just need to keep on doing what I'm doing. Whatever that is.

Kalia, Showmances can work in your favor. Like with Jeff and Jordan they just became friends and were getting to know each other. But with Brendon and Rachel they became targets. They were lucky cause they are strong. Do you know how lucky they are, she was on the block the first week. The number of times people tried to get them out of the house. Kalia, for me I would really prefer not to have that kind of stuff on camera. And there's no room for emotion in this game. Even if you say it's going to be fake and not whatever, you know emotional sh$t. Like Daniele said she fell in love with Nick and that's why she was so emotional the whole season because it was real.

Keith, asked about Jeff and Jordan. Kalia, everyone thought they were just really good friends. Everyone else has had it easier cause they didn't have a houseful of disasters right off the bat. Everyone here just relatively gets along. Keith, Were they in the bed and stuff? Kalia, No Jordan wouldn't do that. Even now she said you won't see us do nothing other than hug and kiss. Keith, did they show them laying in the bed in the old show. Kalia, No well they laid in the bed on top of the covers talking but it is like what they are doing now. You won't see them under the covers. Jordan made it very clear she didn't want that. Which makes sense. Even now I was like joking with them I don't want to hear any noises coming out of the bed. DOG, Porsche Rachel stop that. Kalia, Everyone's in there trying to maneuver some kind of liquor situation. They are looking for coffee, but who knows what they are doing now. I was like I don't want to hear anything coming from the bed and they were like that's just not going to happen.

Keith, Did you see All Stars with Mike and. Kaila, and then you see a classic case of when you get played on TV. That was one of the things I really liked, when Erica and Janelle finally got their wits about them and kicked out Will. The girls always get run of the house cause they always think the guys are going to carry them to the end. No they never do. Even if you are quote unquote friends they never do. You're always the one sitting at home third out. I don't even think this game is about strategy for sure, so much of it is about luck. Cause it isn't just about strategy.

Porsche says the popcorn is moldy.  Daniele is doing an imitation of Lawon. Daniele wants blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries. Rachel's eating M&M's. Daniele, I can't wait until people start getting on each others nerves. Porsche, What are they going to do? Daniele, Kill each other.

Dominic, She's so cool. Cassi, I lucked out with my partner.Dominic, I did too. Cassi, I know Adam's good. It's so funny that Keith was so insistent on getting Porsche you know because of her looks and it bit him in the a$$. He saw big boobs and blonde, now look what's going on. Shelly, I just don't look at her like wow, I don't. Me either Shelly. Cassi, What sets it over for me to say dang she's a really beautiful cool girl. Shelly, I think you gotta hear them talk. Same thing with a man they can be very handsome on the outside but if they can't open their mouth and be funny and kind. It changes everything. Dominic, Absolutely. The other thing that bugs me is if someone takes themselves too seriously. I can't stand that. It's like a number one flaw. I'm done. It's nice to meet you. Peace. Shelly, or if someone is a downer all the time always something to complain about. Cassi and Dominic both agree. It's not my typing Shelly has a knack for cutting people off mid sentence.

Shelly, She has a beautiful face. Maybe I think that because of all the other stuff that has gone on that makes it frustrating. That she really didn't want to bond with any of us or it could be all the other stuff that plays to. Cassi, She does have a beautiful face.

Shelly, My Tony would be in saying you gotta do better than this with the pool. Cassi, My Tony. Dominic, My Tony. Cassi, I'm stoked about what you said about my dad and stuff. Shelly, I mean that. That's a slam dunk. Cassi, Even if nothing comes of it at least to check it out, you know send his resume over and get it looked at. Shelly, Absolutely it's a slam dunk. Hopefully he goes on line and looks me up. If he Googles me he's going to go right to our site. The camera cuts away after the shout out and job hook up. LOL

Brendon's last name is Villegas like Vegas. I never made that connection before. 

DOG, House guest please check the store room. Some one Woo Hoo's. Rachel gets up from her conversation with Brendon, Jeff, and Jordan and leaves. Brendon, Adam don't drop the beers. Jeff see you later losers. Nice conversation, later dorks. Jordan, Oh my gosh Jeff. Jeff, my best friends here. Mr. Budweiser.

Someone with a live feed please tell us what kind of fight happened in the morning.

Smokers: Adam Poch, Dominic Briones, Daniele Donato, Shelly Moore, Cassi Colvin

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