Wednesday, September 8, 2010

One Life To Live Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Roxie lets Natalie into John's apartment, tells her she just visited Skylar in Pentonville. Roxie's cleaning John's room thinks the baby should be named after her. Reminds Natalie she was the one that made her write the letter to have John meet her at midnight. Roxie, Glad you didn't do anything stupid. Natalie, actually I did do something stupid that night. John returns and fills in Natalie. John tells Natalie he doesn't get it, lying never works. John, tells Natalie if something is bothering you, I wanna hear about it. Natalie, I guess I should tell you then.

Rex and Gigi go on a picnic. Rex has his silver brief case. It's loaded with school supplies for Gigi, but she can't have the case. LOL Gigi's filling out her grant paperwork. Rex, wants to go for a swim, Gigi tells him to go, while she finishes grant. He runs into Kelly in his swimsuit. She says what is it with you and clothes or lack there of. LOL She's on a bridge with Melinda's ashes. She dumps the ashes over.

Destiny hears Greg calling Eli, but doesn't know who he's calling. Love Destiny's hat. They are at diner, Destiny see's Layla and Christian tells them Tea died. Now Greg found out Eli died. Greg said he knew him from Matthews case. Christian tells Layla she has to take the job in Paris. Both are trying to delay their jobs for the other.

Jack goes to see Dani, tells her he's very sorry about her mom and gives her a hug. Awwwwwwwww Who knew Jack had it in him? Jack says he liked Tea better than Eli, Todd tells him he won't have to worry about Eli anymore. Dani says Eli is kind of her uncle. Dani finds out Eli is dead. She thinks he was a nice guy. Todd tells Dani all the people Eli killed. She decides she's not going to trust anybody whose going to leave you and aren't even who they say they are.

Blair arrives home, says she's been a bride, a widower, and a murder its good to be home. Blair is going to take a shower for a year and a half. LOL John tells Kelly what happened. Guess Blair decided not to stay in the shower that long. Now she's thanking Kelly. Kelly wants to know what Eli said. Blair tells her Melinda apparently saw a picture of Blair and Eli in the paper and showed it to Rodney who recognized him as Bennett Thompson, Melinda called Blair to warn her and Eli answered the phone, so he flew there and killed her. ???? I thought Eli said before he dated Melinda, I think they screwed that one up. Blair is going to check on Dani, Kelly tells her Tea died.

Jessica and Broddy go to doctor. Vivian the Dr brings Jessica in alone and tells her she's made arrangements for the Rh shot, she'll do it while Brody isn't around.  Brody getting all excited about ultrasound. Jessica appears to be freaking out on the inside. Brody starts talking about how he didn't have any family then he thought he had Shane and lost him, but this baby no one can ever take that from him. Jessica, I can't do this anymore.I can't keep on lying. I love you more than anything else in the world. Your gonna hate me when I tell you this. There's a chance this baby might not be yours.

Blair goes to see Dani, heartbreaking. Blair asks Todd what do you need, he says Tea. Blair, we were both widowed in same week. Todd, Married him huh? Blair and then I shot him. Dani is going home with Blair. Todd is left alone. Greg arrives at Todd's and says I need to tell you something about Tea.

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