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Private Practice Recap October 20, 2011

"Remember Me"

Addison Montgomery has a patient that is pregnant. The patient, Jodi was in a car accident and doesn't remember getting pregnant. See has some very serious short term memory loss. She didn't know how she got pregnant and she didn't know who Addison was at the end of the exam. The husband is talking to Sheldon. Wow what a hard situation. I guess that would be like a wife that has Alzheimer's.

Cooper is talking to Erica the woman who showed up with her son Mason at the end of the last show. Cooper is asking her if she is sure. She tells him you might want to rethink calling the mother of your child a whore. Which isn't what he meant. He asks why she shows up now? That was my question too. She says the boy is older now and wondering about his dad. Cooper says he wishes she would have let him know when she got pregnant. She says why so you could tell me to take care of it? Wow give the guy a break! He had no clue!

Erica says you are a pediatrician do you want to start with a check up and go from there? Cooper says what? Erica, do you want to meet your son?

Violet is in the office to update Sheldon on her patients and Pete is mad she is there.

Violet runs into Jodi who doesn't remember she is pregnant again. The husband reminds her how they met. He then asks Violet to take Jodi to the waiting room. He tells Addison after the birth he is taking the baby and leaving Jodi. I guess he's just using her as a human incubator. He seems to be treating her well, but wow!

The husband's name is Zach. They are all in the kitchen discussing the situation. Amelia says Jodi is very sweet but it is kind of like living with a parrot. Pete says Jodi won't even remember the kid. Jake, that's not going to matter to the kid at least not for a while anyway. The child needs a mother to bond too. Addison, says he married her, what if she had cancer. Sheldon, cancer is often a death sentence. Living with Jodi is like life without parole. Violet, Sheldon in many months talking to Zach he never said he wanted to leave now suddenly talking to you. Sheldon, I'm certain Zach contemplated it before now, and maybe he would have told you if you hadn't confused your own convictions with the patients needs. Sheldon walks out. Amelia, maybe he is in an angry phase too. Wow Amelia has lost her edit mode. LOL

Cooper goes in to meet Mason and get's in a pokemon debate. The boy hasn't had an examine in a while they have no health insurance. Ut-oh. Cooper draws blood without Mason feeling it and does a magic trick for him. He's winning points so far.

Addison and Sam are discussing bed sheets. Addison asks him if he would leave her the minute she has a baby if she has a brain injury. Sam thinks somethings wrong with her brain, then thinks she is talking about her. He wasn't in the kitchen when they were discussing Jodi. The conversation gets all awkward. Sam thinks she's asking if he will leave her when she is pregnant.

Cooper goes and tells Charlotte he has an eight year old son. Cooper says it's a mini me and calls him an idiot for not taking a paternity test. LOL I guess he better add that to the blood panel.

Violet Turner goes and tracks down Sheldon who was hiding from her. He apologizes for letting her have it in front of everyone. But then reminds her she implied publicly that he would tell a patient what to do with his marriage. So she apologizes for that. They discuss the patients. Sheldon tells her her notes were very sparse. She says she is updating them. How was she supposed to know he was going to take over her patients? Isn't that the purpose of notes, so someone can pick them up and know what's going on when you aren't there? Bad Violet.

Pete walks by and tells Sheldon she's like a dog with a bone, she won't stop so at some point you've got to keep on walking. Oh wow! Sheldon asks Violet if she is okay. Violet, he's in anger it's a necessary phase. Sheldon, it can't be easy being the target though.

Cooper is telling the guys he has a son.

Addison is talking to Amelia about Jodi's brain risks during surgery. They have a C-Section planned. Amelia and Addison get texts that Cooper has a kid. Charlotte is sitting there. She says him and his big mouth. Violet comes in and says did you hear? Cooper's going to be a great dad. Charlotte, that is a stupid thing to say. Charlotte doesn't believe Cooper is the only one Erica slept with. Cooper's a sucker. Violet, would it really kill you to be his other mommy? Amelia, might kill the kid. Charlotte, we don't even know if it's his kid.

Cooper thinks because the kid looks like him and the lady remembers his name after nine years it must be true.

Sam goes in to see if Charlotte is okay. He says you do have a choice you know. Charlotte, I choose Cooper and that means taking whatever comes with him.

Violet is talking to Cooper. Cooper says he doesn't have any blood relatives. Violet, you want to wait to take the paternity test so you can think he is yours for just a little while longer, don't you.

Amelia is talking to Sheldon. She has been sober for three days. She asks Sheldon what's wrong? She says we always download to you, but you have a secret, you need to let it out don't you. Sheldon, I want to strangle Violet. Amelia, you'd better hurray before Pete beats you to it. Sheldon, she can't stop micromanaging and trying to tell me how to run the cases. Amelia, did you tell her to back off. Sheldon, yes. Amelia, then whats the problem? Sheldon, she's Violet. She's not done.

Violet goes to Addison, her new friend to try and get her to convince Zach not to leave Jodi.

Addison goes to see Zach. They are sitting in his kitchen talking. Jodi is outside on the porch. Jodi comes in and Zach says do you want to see what staying looks like. He turns to Jodi and says honey you're pregnant. Jodi, What that's amazing. Zach, but I'm leaving you and I'm taking the baby. Jodie, but you can't. I can't live without you. Addison starts to say something to Zach. Jodi has turned around. Zach, this is what it's like everyday.  He calls to his wife she turns around he says the same things to her, he gets the same responses.
Addison tells him to stop it. Zach says this is his life, he hates what his life has become and he hates her. He says he can't take of them both. Jodi's water breaks.

Jodi is in delivering the baby. Amelia and Violet are in the delivery. Amelia says her ICP is raising. Zach is not in the delivery room which is odd. You would think he would want to see his baby born.

Erica is telling Cooper that Mason doesn't know who he is. ?? The kid was sitting right there when she told Cooper. The boy is getting junk food for being good at the doctors. Cooper has three shakes vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. Mason asks for the strawberry one. Cooper says that's his favorite too. The boy pops the top off of the shake sticks his fry in it and eats it. Cooper just watches. I guess he does that too.

Cooper goes to see Charlotte, he says you're never going to believe this. Charlotte, you have another kid. He tells her about the shake and fries. Cooper wants to go buy toys for the kid because he doesn't think they have a lot of money. He asks Charlotte what she thinks. She tells him whatever you think Coop.

Addison goes out and finds Zach. Jodies going to get her memory back I'm thinking. Addison, Jodie the unlucky one with the brain injury that has carried your kid for the last nine months is scared. Addison tells Zach he should be the man he promised her to be for the next twelve hours. Then he can go.

Charlotte is meeting with Erica Mason's mom. Charlotte called her. She wants her to explain why she never told Cooper about Mason. Erica says she liked to party while she was tending bar. Erica says she thought about telling Cooper but if he wasn't that man he would be stuck in their lives forever. She was protecting her son. Charlotte gives her a check for $20,000. Tells her that should go a long way. If she runs out to let her know. Otherwise stay the hell away from us. Charlotte gets up and leaves. Oh you know this is going to be trouble.

Sam and Jake are playing basketball. Sam asks Jake to tell him about women on IVF. He wants to know if it is PMS crazy or what. Jake says, padded room, hide the show laces crazy. Sam needs to break up with Addison.

Cooper is home with new toys waiting on Erica and Mason who is twenty minutes late. Charlotte comes in and says she kept this for almost a decade. What makes you think she is reliable?

They are in delivery. Zach just showed up he is trying to convince Jodi to push. He starts telling her about when they met. He gets her heart rate down and gets her to push. He tells Addison as soon as she delivers you have to give her the baby right away before she forgets. They deliver the baby and put him in her arms. She says what a beautiful baby. Whose baby is this? Oh how sad. I wanted her to get her memory back. Like Izzy.

Sheldon and Pete are walking down the hall of the hospital discussing Violet. Sheldon says she has a right to be angry. They come up on Violet sitting in a chair. She tells them she is there because Jodi went into labor and needed her. Sheldon tells her she is walking a thin line. Pete chimes in she not your patient so you had no business. Violet goes off on Pete telling him he is not in the argument, he is not a therapist and he doesn't get an opinion. And if he did get one why doesn't he ever take her side. He is her husband and he never takes her side. Pete says who's in the angry phase now? and walks off.

Cooper is back at the office. Erica comes in. Cooper tells her he thought she bailed. That he deserves a chance. She says she thought about it, she thought he deserved a chance too until she met his wife. She throws the check at him and says do you know what I could do with that? Get a car, a better place, but I'm not a whore. She turns to leave. He tells her he had nothing to do with this and promises never to hurt Mason.

Zach is holding his baby.  He hasn't left yet. He says he loves Jodi. Addison says maybe she wasn't right, maybe she just wanted a happy ending. He's decided to stay until he can't anymore.

Cooper goes into Charlotte's office and asks her what the hell is wrong with her. Charlotte, one of us had to be an adult here and you couldn't. Cooper, she gave the check back. Charlotte because she knew you would be ready to giver her everything without taking a test. Cooper, is that why you tried to ruin this for me because she gave me something you won't. Yeah Charlotte you married an idiot. A man who is excited about being a father, a man who loves kids more than anything. A man who loves you enough to wait, to put it off. Yeah, you married an idiot. I married a miserable bitch!

Sheldon goes into Pete. I'm your friend not your therapist and since the lines are already blurred here. Pete, say whatever you want Sheldon. Sheldon, you are being an ass to Violet. You say she won't stop shrinking you. But when she does stop and she finally breaks you just walk away. Pete, great you are on her side. Sheldon, it's not about sides. It's about you getting that you are going to burn down the one thing you care about. You are burning down Lucas's happy home. Pete, I don't know how to stop. I feel like I hate her. Sheldon, you have a lot of rage and she is right. This is a necessary phase but you have to find a new place to direct it. Because Violet is flawed and you are about to drive her away, if you break up Lucas' home. You are on a brink and if you go over I don't know if you'll ever get it back. You need to get a therapist. Pete, you don't want to hear it huh? Sheldon, I do want to hear it but as a friend so I can talk back like this. Like a friend because you are going to need one of those too. Go home to your wife. Try to remember what you love about her.

Addison goes to Jake and wants to ask him a question as a male friend, because she thinks he will understand the female perspective too. She is going to say things to him that she hasn't even said to Sam and that feels weird. Jake tells her about himself. He is the oldest of four he has three sisters. His father left when he was nine. He waited for college because he didn't want to break up his family. Mother died when he was 18. He put himself through med school. There have been a lot of women but he has only been in love once. She asks him if Sam is going to leave her if she goes crazy on hormones. He says he can tell her about both sides. He talks about Sam's basketball and say's Sam's always seemed like a standup guy to me. She says okay and gets up to leave. Jake says hey Addison what you are asking, your instinct is probably going to be a better guide than any guess I could make.

Pete gets home. When did they move to Violet's house from the apartment I thought they were living in an apartment? Okay that one snuck by me. Pete sits down next to Violet and says I like your haircut. Violet says thanks it's easier to handle. Then he says I'm going to go to bed. Violet, says good night.

Cooper is home drinking. Charlotte comes in and tells Cooper she took his toothbrush and did the paternity test. He was right, he is a dad. Hmm so it's okay for Charlotte to break the rules when it suits her, but not for Cooper or anyone else too?

Addison is in bed with Sam he is reading. She tells him she is worried he will leave her if she has a baby. Sam, says I know. Nothing else.

Addison talking to the shrink says now she thinks love is about wanting the other person to be happy. Even if you have to let them go. So it sounds like she is going to break up with Sam. One of them needs to do something cause Sam has made it clear he doesn't want anymore kids.

Next week should be interesting. Addison starts hormones and Amelia helps her friend to commit suicide.

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  1. Who do you think runs Private Practice? Each of these doctors certainly are specialized and own an interest in the practice but when do you think they discuss staff issues, budget, casework, or are they all so rich they don't have to worry about medical facility compliance, etc?


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