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Grey's Anatomy Recap October 20, 2011

"Poker Face" 

Meredith Grey is delivering a baby. New specialty?

Arizona Robbins is waking Callie Torres up with a kiss on the cheek. Mark Sloan comes in with breakfast on a tray. Eggs Benedict. Callie just want's coffee. Arizona puts a fork full of eggs in her mouth.

Richard Webber is trying to enter the research lab. His key doesn't work so he knocks on the door. Bailey comes out tells him it's because she changed the locks. LOL She says it's her mouse lab. April is with the mice. She says 20 % of them are hyperglycemic again, they should really tell Dr. Webber. Bailey says no.

Bailey tells Kepner she picked her special. April says you picked me cause Christina, Alex and Jackson all said no. Bailey goes on trying to convince her she chose her because she goes above and beyond. That she is a problem solver.

Owen Hunt is talking to the fifth years. Meredith arrives late. Jackson whispers to her OB now? The mighty have fallen. Alex, she misses Zola, her uterus hurts. Christina, leave her alone dirt bag. Christina tells Meredith she is embarrassing her. Slumming in OB for a few weeks is okay but wearing the vagina squad scrubs in public? Meredith is in pink scrubs.

Owen Hunt is telling the residents if they have more than 10 bad outcomes he will get an email. April Kepner arrives late. She tells Hunt she was with Bailey. He says he doesn't care about that, he cares that she has 2 bad outcomes in her OR. Alex says loser. Hunt tells Alex that's nothing compared to his 5 bad outcomes. Hunt tells them to keep their bad outcomes to a minimum or they won't be able to find fellowships next year. Christina is texting Owen while he is speaking. Hunt looks at his phone and says Dr. Yang are you sure you are getting all this down? Christina assures him she has, that bad outcomes are bad which is why she has zero. She plans to do her ortho rotation this week because no one dies during hip replacement. Owen says let's hope so.

Lexie Grey is walking down the hall with Derek Sheppard. Yea! Lexie's back. About time. Lexie is apologizing for the nurse not organizing his instruments correctly. Derek tells her to leave now. She then runs into Meredith and asks her to go have sex with him and make him nicer. Meredith, I told you he is going to be hard on you until you learn all of his quirks. Lexie, they are not quirks. They are scary nit picky rules to make me crazy. Meredith, if I give you all the answers you'll never learn on your own. Lexie tells her you're just as mean as he is.

Derek gives Meredith kisses but says they can't talk about Neuro. Meredith tells him no kissing in the hospital. They seem to be getting along better.

Callie is getting off the elevator telling Christina she should be happy Mark and Arizona are getting along better, but all they do is talk about food. Christina is texting someone. Christina shows Callie the text. Callie asks why'd you show me this. Christina, my husband can't get enough of me. Jealous? Callie says yes her and Arizona haven't had any alone time.

Callie and Christina have a case. Christina starts asking what it is and listing routine surgeries. Callie says this is your first rotation with me. You think I'm going to bore you with routine crap? Christina looks concerned. Their patient has cervical spondylosis. The man's head is bent down so his chin touches his chest. He can't look up. Callie says they are going to fix him with a 3 part 3 day surgery.

Meredith is up in OB. A woman has arrived in labor two weeks early. Her doctor is an emergency C-section. Meredith checks and says she crowning. I'm getting worried now that this is going to be a show with a lot of bad outcomes. The woman is screaming at her husband. She wants him to put the video camera down. Then she says she is calling brain tumor on the video camera. He says you can't call brain tumor right now.  She says she made the rule. Meredith, brain tumor? The husband tells Meredith she has a grade four astrocytoma. Meredith, you could have lead with that. The husband, it's been a little hectic.

Meredith looks between the lady's legs and say head.

They come back from commercial and the lady is holding her baby in her room with her husband. Meredith is outside the room telling Lexie the lady has what they call a butterfly tumor. It's called that because it covers both sides of the brain. The lady has six months to live. Meredith has gotten all the lady's scans and wants Lexie to take them to Derek because she can't discuss Neuro with Derek. Lexie tells her she is using her like a tumor mule. Meredith tells her if you want him to stop yelling at you he needs to be inspired.

Christina is talking to Alex about the neck surgery. He tells her she is just afraid of tanking her winning streak and that she just want's back on the easy train. Teddy Altman walks up and asks what easy train. Christina tells her that's what Alex calls her service. Alex, that's cause your patients never die it's a compliment. Teddy, it has nothing to do with you piling up bad outcomes? Alex, they were dud patients.

Teddy and Alex go into a patients room. The man had come into the ER with a syncopal episode. Alex tells him they need to do open heart surgery and replace a heart valve. The man who is being played by Lee Majors, you remember the six million dollar man, doesn't want to have the surgery because it will leave a scar. LOL He doesn't want to have a future of doctors appointments and bad sex. Teddy tells him they will investigate other alternatives.

Derek goes and tells Owen he needs a whole new crop of residents. Lexie is drowning. No one is going to be Meredith. Owen asks Derek if he knows how to read the budget reports? Derek, why do you think I gave up this job? Mark Sloan comes in with baked goods. LOL That man needs to get laid.

Mark is going on about the baking procedure and Owen turns to Derek and asks how's the house coming? Mark says he knows he's a bore but Avery is doing all his surgeries until the next big case comes in. A nurse comes and gets Derek for Lexie.

Callie and Christina are doing surgery. Christina is being extra cautious. Callie tells her to get in there. Christina phone starts going off. Callie tells the nurse to read the message aloud. Christina doesn't want her too. Callie, it could be important, it could be the Chief Hunt. He could need Christina on an urgent matter. The nurse reaches for the phone. Christina hollers at her not to touch the phone, then tells her just turn it off.

Christina goes in the conference room and tells Owen no more texting her in the OR. They start kissing, Christina says she has to check on her patient. She doesn't want Callie to give her a bad outcome. Richard walks in on them. LOL Christina leaves. Richard starts yelling at Hunt. You are Chief now to act like it.

Derek is giving Lexie a hard time about an article he wants. Lexie tries to tell him about the patient with a butterfly tumor. He asks her if she paged him so he could tell a woman her tumor was inoperable. Tells her to find the article and gets on the elevator and leaves.  Lexie tells April she can't cover the ER tonight because she has to do research for Sheppard.

Bailey asks Keptner where her mouse labs are. April apologizes because she has been in the OR all day. Bailey, so you'd rather fall behind in my opinion of you. It's hard to be a team when only one player cares.

Callie tells the patient they have removed all the old hardware and they will put in the cage tomorrow. The parents of the patient are standing over him arguing. Callie tells them visiting  hours are over, they leave. Callie tells the patient surgery brings out the worst in people. The patient says marriage brings out the worst in them. The second he is better he is moving out. He needs some peace and quite. The patient goes to sleep when Christina comes in and wakes him up. She says she is going to have to check his reflexes every half hour to make sure there is no nerve damage. Poor guy will never get any sleep.

Derek goes home. Meredith is brushing her teeth and asks him if his day got any better? He doesn't bring up the butterfly. She asks if there are any interesting cases tomorrow. He won't talk to her about work. Meredith leaves and goes to yell at Lexie who is in the shower to see why she didn't tell Derek about the tumor. She tells her she tried, but she's naked and wet in the shower. Meredith says she will write it down.

Alex is trying to get lab results from the lab yelling at the lab guy. April comes up and asks him to work the ER tonight. He tells her no. She says can't you just be a person for once? He tells her this is why you don't deserve this job. You are bad at it. You get all frantic, your voice gets all nasally and you have no authority. He walks off leaving April there looking like she is ready to cry. I guess they are going to leave us in the dark about dart guy.

Christina has slept with the patient all night. He tells her she snores. Christina tells him she has been told it's adorable. The parents come in arguing the mother wants the patient to eat a doughnut, says one won't hurt. Christina says no food.

Derek gets off the elevator. Lexie is waiting for him. She says I know you are going to ask me about the article but look butterfly tumor and sticks the xray in his face. LOL He smiles. Derek tells the patient he wants to run another set of scans.

Christina is in April's office feeding a mouse doughnuts. April and Meredith come in, April gets upset because Christina is giving the diabetic mouse a doughnut. April wants Meredith to run tests on the mouse. April wants Meredith to do the tests in secret so Bailey doesn't know. She doesn't have time to run the tests herself. April says I am Chief Resident doctor Grey. Christina and Meredith both laugh hysterically. April, which means if you cross me I will make your life a living hell. I will put you on call every night, give you dumb interns and make sure I give you every exploding bowel and rotting limb that comes into this hospital and turns around to leave. Meredith, okay I'll do it. April turns back around and says it was because I made my voice different. Right? That's why you are doing it? Christina, go before you embarrass yourself.

Christina gets another text from Owen. Meredith asks are you two talking yet or is it just sex? Christina says not just sex. Hot dirty stand on my head sex. Meredith, I'll take that as a no. Christina starts giving Meredith a hard time about doing OB. Meredith asks if she really stands on her head. Christina kind of dances and says I'm very talented.

Alex is showing his patient different pictures of chests and scar sizes. The patient holds up his tablet and says he wants it done through his groin like his friend and shows him a picture of his friends scar. LOL He had the friend email him a picture. He had what is called a TAVI done. Alex says that a very experimental surgery. The man says he is the one paying for it, he wants a TAVI. Alex getting angry tells him to wear a rash guard at the pool no one will see his scar. The man says clearly you've never been to Palm Beach. Only fatties wear rash guards. Alex turns to Teddy and says I can't get through to this guy. Teddy, he wants a TAVI. Look into it and see if he is a good candidate.

Richard catches Meredith leaving the mouse lab. He says he saw Keptner take a mouse into the room. He wants to know what is going on. Meredith says she doesn't know anything. He breaks her, she makes him promise not to tell Bailey. He tells her what to do.

Callie and Christina are attempting to put a cage in their patient. It won't fit. Christina wants to just do the fusion. Callie says no, they will close him up and she'll figure out another way. Mean while Arizona and Mark are in the OR discussing ribs and chicken. Callie tells them to shut up.

Derek is telling the patient he thinks he can remove her tumor. The woman is all ready to do the surgery. The husband says if you get to call brain tumor I get to call Emma. The man wants his daughter to have the six months with her mom.

Alex tells his patient he won't do the TAVI on him. He says I took you for a guy with a pair on him. Alex says it's a stupid scar, do you really want to die because of it?

Callie comes home and starts kissing Arizona. They fall down on the couch and Mark walks in with food. Arizona jumps up and runs over to Mark. Callie doesn't look happy.

Meredith's patient's husband is outside trying to put a car seat in the car. He's having trouble. Meredith reaches in the car and attaches the baby seat. She says you just have to line up the arrows. Then she asks him about Dr. Sheppard's visit. He tells her they've seen a lot of great surgeons, that they've just had a baby and he just wants to have a good day. Meredith explains his wife want's more time with the baby. He says he wants more time with his wife.

They come back from commercial and Meredith's patient is on her way into surgery picking out new wives for her husband. Okay so I guess the husband decided to go along with it.

Callie and Christina are doing the surgery. Christina is still wanting to do the fusion, she tells Callie she is taking her name off the case. Callie discovers there was just an electrode off. The patient is fine. She tells Christina fine you are off the case. Callie starts to use a cobalt rod. Christina questions it excitedly. Callie says what do you care you are off the case? Christina leaves.

Meredith and Richard are in a dark room discussing the mice. They decide it might be rejection. Richard says bump me. They fist bump and she leaves.

Meredith goes in and tells April to tell Bailey to look for signs of rejection. Bailey comes in behind her and starts yelling who do you think you are God? You are either God or you are the most reckless, arrogant resident I have ever seen in my life. To put your hands on another trial after you already ruined one is a level of stupidity. April interrupts, I delegated this. Bailey tells her she is fired and to give her back her mouse. Meredith won't let her have the mouse until she reads her research. Meredith says very sternly to Bailey. Read my research. Bailey looks a little startled takes the mouse and the research and leaves. Meredith turns to April and says hey that kind of works.

Christina goes in and tells Callie she is in her fifth year. She has to defend every move she makes to the board. Callie tells her she picked her because she was a risk taker in the OR but the last three days she has been safe, boring, the b- version of herself. Callie, I get it. But if you aren't careful. You are going to wake up one day and realize you are no longer the bad ass, hardcore, spontaneous, take charge, crazy, fun person you thought you were. You'll be some fife who stays home and talks about food every night like it's an orgasm and it's clearly not. An orgasm is an orgasm. Christina says I'm sorry what? Callie tells her don't let fifth year get to you.

Meredith sits with her patient's husband. Derek is in surgery there is a problem he has to go in blind. Of course Derek was a rock star, he got the whole tumor.

Teddy is going to do the TAVI on Alex patients. Alex is upset about it. Teddy tells Alex the only thing worse than a bad surgeon is a scared one.

Callie's patient surgery went well. He screams at his parents who are bickering again to get a divorce. Callie has them leave the room again and asks him how that felt. He says awesome.

Bailey finally tells Richard about the trial and that Meredith figured it out. Now she has all this work to do and she fired Kepner. Richard says you'll get help. Bailey says she ain't putting Meredith on the trial. Richard tells her to go home and get some rest the work will be here in the morning. He tells mouse Q, don't worry I got your back. So Richard I guess wants to work for Bailey?

Lexie is at the bar telling Jackson and Alex how Derek went in blind and it was the most incredible thing she ever seen. Jackson, all Sloan taught me today was to brine a chicken. Alex, Altman called me a chicken.  April comes in and takes Alex's drink away. She tells him what he said to her the other day was mean. Alex, you are doing it again. You are like a fricking mosquito. Lexie laughs. April says well thats all about to change. Lexie, you are leading pre rounds tomorrow. Jackson, you are touring med students and Alex you got nights in the ER the next week. Any of you argue with me and I'll take you off the OR board indefinitely. She takes a big gulp of Alex's beer. She says I on the other hand just got fired off of Bailey's trial so I am going to spend the night drinking and flirting with boys. She downs the rest of Alex's beer. LOL Go April!

Christina goes outside and grabs Owen. Owen says we have to stop doing this. Having sex at the hospital. I'm Chief now I have to act like it. Do you want to go have dinner. Everything is awkward again. Christina says or we could just go home and have sex there. Owen, let's do that. Yeah, let's do that.

Callie gets home, she has brought pizza. Mark has made Coq au vin for dinner. Callie throws it in the trash, pan and all. Then she throws Mark out and tells him she is going to have pizza and beer in bed with her wife and have lots of sex. They are parents but they are adults too. He has to start having sex again but not tonight because he is babysitting. Mark says can I at least have some pizza. Callie takes a piece out of the box and hands it to him. Then points to the door. Arizona says that's incredibly hot.

Derek goes home and tells Meredith he has such a good day he is going to break a rule and tell her about it. She tells him don't. He still has no idea she set the surgery up for him.

Still no word on Zola. Shondra is making us wait with Derek and Meredith. That's not right. The previews look good for next week. Meredith and Bailey still fighting. Teddy telling Christina she is done. I wondered why Christina wasn't with Teddy this week. She was finally teaching her then all of a sudden she is with Callie. A little confusing. And why aren't the fifth years wearing dark blue yet? Yep that's still bugging me.

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