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Private Practice Recap October 13, 2011

Yes, I'm behind. I'll try and remedy that today! :)

This episode is called "Deal With it". LOL

The show starts out with Addison Montgomery talking about sex with Sam Bennett and the wonderful thing he does with his tongue. Hmm

Amelia Sheppard is at an AA meeting talking about waking up with a hangover again and how she can't stay sober after being sober for almost a decade. She is back at day one with a lot to lose.

Addison meets with a patient who was born without a uterus, but has good ovaries. Her Gammy is going to give her her uterus.

Violet Turner has Lucas with Cooper Freedman getting his ears checked. Violet asks Cooper where the cool mommies are. She needs some adult time.

Pete Wilder is talking to Sheldon because he is free. LOL Everyone's trying to save a buck. Pete is mad because he did everything right. He exercised, never smoked, cut back on red meat and dairy, caffeine and he still had a heart attack. I'd be mad too! And he had a stroke.

Charlotte is still mad at Cooper. Amelia comes in to the office and Charlotte says late night? Amelia says Chief of Staff and curfew police, you're a busy woman. Jake Reilly arrives. Addison comes in hollering at Jake because he wants to try a uterine transplant. Going on about how he wants to put her 66 year old grandmother thru an unnecessary procedure. Cooper says she's probably not using it. LOL Jake thinks its worth a shot.

Amelia Sheppard has a teacher who has Parkinson Disease. The patient took it upon herself to increase her meds. This causes impulsive behaviors. It turns out the lady has been having impulsive sex with strangers. OOPS! The husband is in with Sam and finds out he has Gonorrhea. He goes in and yells at the wife cause he hasn't had sex with anyone else. 

The teacher had sex with one of her students single parents in the closet of her classroom, the janitor in his supply closet, and the plumber.

Sam, Sheldon, and Amelia are all cracking jokes about it. Charlotte doesn't buy the drugs as an excuse. Amelia wants to do deep brain stimulation to fix the problem.

Sam goes into Addison's office for a quickie but she is going to interviewing IVF specialists. Sam didn't bring a condom with him anyway. Like there isn't one in the office. Jake comes in and sees all Addison's uterine transplant info. He wants her to assist in the surgery. He asks her to go talk to the patient. He says if she still doesn't want to do it he will leave her alone.

Violet goes to a mommy and me group. One mom has an issue with her child still sleeping in the bed with her. Another has a child that's biting. Violet starts getting all shrinky and the other moms decide they don't like her. They've all read her book too.

Jake is setting up his new office. Sam, and Sheldon come in. They all comment on him having a bigger office. He is unpacking a box of booze. He gives them each one. Jake says it's a little unorthodox but sometimes a woman needs a drink after you tell her she's infertile. Cooper comes in and the guys start harassing him about being in trouble with Charlotte.

Jake says guys try to fix it that's how they are built. Apologize, find the problem and fix it. That is so true! For women the words don't mean anything to them. You gotta get where it's coming from. Jake says he's in the business of knowing women. That sounds like words that will come back and bit him. LOL Cooper says it kind of makes you sound like a pimp though. Sam and Sheldon agree.

Pete Wilder has been cleared for all physical activity. Violet says thank you god. LOL They strip down and have sex on the couch.

Cooper is sleeping on the couch. Charlotte is up and dressed for work already. Cooper wakes up and says I understand where you are coming from I get it. I get you. It's a science not a philosophy our relationship. I hear you and I understand. I am sorry for everything. Charlotte says what exactly is it you understand? Cooper says I have no idea. Charlotte says that's why you are still sleeping on the couch. Too funny. I guess he should have thought that out a little more. 

Sam Bennett talks to Laura's (the Parkinson patient) husband. Sam isn't sure if the meds could cause all of the problems, the lying and sex with his wife. He tells the man he should listen to Dr. Sheppard.

Addison Montgomery goes to the hospital to talk to the woman who wants a uterine transplant. Addison talks to her about the risks. The lady says all the things Addison is also feeling and convinces Addison to go through with it.

Amelia is talking to Laura and her patient. The patient is worried about the surgery and the risks. Her husband wants her to have it so he doesn't have to worry about her sleeping around.

Pete is talking to Sheldon telling him when he had sex with Violet he could have been sleeping with a prostitute for all he knew. He didn't feel anything. He said sex between him and Violet has always been about connecting. Sheldon thinks Pete was angry Violet wanted to have sex with him.

Violet is home talking to Lucas about her sex with Pete. LOL He throws spinach at her head.

Jake Reilly left a bottle of wine on Amelia's desk. Sheldon comes in and offers to take it. Amelia says no, its a $100 bottle. Even sober people have dinner parties.

Laura goes into the office and tells Amelia she doesn't want to have the surgery. Not because it's scary but because she loves her meds. For the first time in her life she doesn't care what other people think about her. She is completely uninhibited. She met a man at the grocery store, 5 minutes later they were doing it where they store the produce. She feels sexy and alive. She promises to use condoms but she wants Amelia to tell her husband that the surgery is not an option. Amelia asks her how much she is willing to give up for that high? Laura points out that she is 40, has Parkinson's and doesn't really have all that much left to lose.

Violet cut her hair off she said she was bored. She invites Addison to have lunch with them. They all go to the park. Violet is hiding from the mothers at the mommy group at the park.Violet tells Addison the mommies didn't like her. Addison points out that she has nothing in common with them. Addison says she misses Naomi and they decide to become friends.

Amelia is telling Sam, Cooper and Charlotte that Laura doesn't want the surgery, she wants to sleep around. They all discuss it. Charlotte says wants you betray your partner it's hard to get that trust back. Cooper throws his head back on the couch. Amelia says wow you are a bitch to me and Cooper. Who knew you had such range? Charlotte gets up and leaves. LOL

Addison and Jake are doing the uterine transplant. Addison is asking Jake his opinion on different IVF patients. There is a problem with the surgery. They couldn't complete the transplant or the patient would have died. He saved her, but now has to tell her it didn't work.

Violet wants to write another book. She needs something else in her life. Pete gets mad and accuses her of being bored with motherhood. He leaves for work.

Jake tells his patient she will get her baby somehow, thru surrogacy or adoption. Somehow. He tells her wonderful things and makes her feel better.

Sam meets with Laura to question her decision. Laura tells him basically that her husband does the same old thing in bed and does not always satisfy her. LOL I think Sam wishes he hadn't started this conversation as Laura no longer has an editing mechanism. She tells him not to judge her, he is not inside her marriage. Appearances mean nothing.

Pete tells Sheldon Violet wants to write another book. Sheldon tells him not to be such a baby. Sheldon says you want free, with that comes the truth.

Charlotte tells Cooper he made her be the sheriff. She doesn't mind that because it's her job, but not with her husband. Cooper apologizes again and Charlotte appears to accept.

Sam apologizes to Addison for not letting her talk about the IVF earlier and asks her if she wants to talk about it.

Violet gets in bed with Pete and he rollover away from her. Violet says I'm afraid you think I'm a bad mother and don't love Lucas enough. Pete says I'm afraid I'll die before I'm done raising Lucas. There it is, the truth. I guess he doesn't trust Violet to raise Lucas without him?

Addison renamed the practice to Seaside Health and Wellness.

Cooper is walking into the office. There is a woman there with an eight year old boy. The woman's name is Erica they had sex in a parking lot. Her son's name is Mason and she tells Cooper Mason is his son. Wow his past catches up with him. OOPS! Cooper will make a great dad, but I'm wondering why this woman has just now showed up after eight years. Is she dying or the kid sick? Cause you know there's something there.

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