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Grey's Anatomy Recap October 13, 2011

I must say I wasn't wow'd by this episode but here goes.

Meredith Grey is sorting clothes. Derrick comes in and says I guess I should take the crib down. Meredith says no she is just sorting out the clothes Zola has out grown. Derrick, we haven't heard anything in weeks. Meredith, Janet said it would take a while.

Christine Yang is dancing and cooking in her kitchen. Owen comes in and says you don’t cook. Christina, sometimes I do I cooked these almost entirely with my left hand. Teddy told her the best cardio surgeons have two dominant hands. So she is training. Owen takes a bite of eggs and picks some eggshell out.

Lexie Grey has her bags packed and is leaving town. She is going to see Molly for two days. She tells Meredith Jackson arranged it. Meredith says oh. Lexie, you say that like he just arranged it to get me out of town at the exact same time his mother is coming into town. I guess he’s not that into you otherwise he’d want you to meet his mother like a normal person. Meredith, no you had a mother. Jackson and I had surgeons who procreated. It’s complicated. It’s sweet he wanted you to get out of the line of fire. Lexie, I should stay. Meredith, I think you should get out while you have the chance. Lexie leaves.

Doctor Warren goes up to Bailey and tells her he is going to be in her OR today. He asked if that’s going to be a problem. Bailey says no. Doctor Warren, good because I’ve been avoiding you. He has been bringing some dude named Pierre lattes so he can stay out of her surgeries. He said he wanted to make it easier for her since she is being held together by tape and glue. But now that she is being held together by a male nurse. He is going to let Pierre gets his own lattes. He says see you in surgery and walks off.

Teddy Altman comes up and asks Bailey if she’ll see her a dinner tonight. Bailey is watching Doctor Warren go down the hall. Teddy says and is it just you and Eli or will Doctor Warren’s butt be joining us too? Bailey turns around and gives Teddy an evil eye. Teddy, it was just a joke. I will assume it’s just two and walks off.

Richard Webber, comes up to Bailey and points out that she is doing three islet surgeries and has the follow-up on Henry to do. He ask if she’s spreading it a little thin. She starts accusing him of micromanaging her. He tells her Meredith is no longer in Neuro and has free time on her hands. I wouldn’t think the FDA would let Meredith near another trial I am kind of surprised he even suggests that. Bailey tells him no.Oh yeah, I just remembered. Richard took the blame so the FDA doesn't know it was Meredith.

Everyone has gathered in the auditorium for a guest speaker. It’s Jackson’s mother Catherine Avery. April says she is amazing. Jackson says she’s a lunatic. She is toxic. She’s a meddler my mom knows no boundaries. Alex, is that why you shipped Lexie out of state? Christina, what? Wow. Who hides his girlfriend under a rock when his mom comes to town? Meredith, someone who has a hypercritical surgeon for a mom. I get it.

Christina is playing with a hand exerciser to strengthen her left hand. Jackson turns to April, so how often do you talk to my mom? April, we’re Facebook friends. She’s a brilliant surgeon and woman. She’s a trailblazer. Meredith, and she has a stalker.

Callie Torres asks Teddy if they should bring anything. Mark asks to where? Callie tells him he’s not invited. Mark asks why. Arizona, you’re the babysitter.

Avery’s mom comes out onto the stage. She makes a comment about the people not wanting to be there and there not being enough coffee in Brazil for this. But not today because she is going to change a life, she wants to know who is going to step into the future with her. April hollers Woo from the auditorium. LOL Everyone turns and looks at her. April takes her hand down and ducks down into her seat. Catherine Avery, that’s a start. She calls a man out onto the stage named Ryan; he’s wearing a bath robe. Catherine asks Ryan to show everybody what we’re here to do today. He drops his bathrobe and everyone is gasping and ewwing and awing. Alex has the look of pain on his face.

Catherine Avery, ladies and gentlemen I’d like to invite a few very lucky residents to scrub in on this country’s first penis transplant. Ryan had penis cancer and had it cut off. She asks who wants in on the surgery, everyone raises their hand now.

Mark Sloan stands up and asks why a transplant. Why not do reconstructions surgery? Catherine, do you like your penis? Mark, it does the job. Catherine, if one day it wasn’t there would you want it back? Or would you be satisfied with the reconstructed organ that has very little function. Mark, no but. Catherine, well neither does Ryan. He wants to advance science and health, others along the way. Then she screams now let’s give Brian of penis. Avery is now all the scooched down in his seat.

Jackson Avery goes up and tells his mom hi. She tells him he looks skinny and where is she? Meaning Lexie. Another question. What kind of name is Lexie? Avery, I never told you her name. Catherine, I have my ways. Where is she? Avery, She’s not here. Catherine, I come into town and you smuggle her across state lines? Are you ashamed of me?

Mark Sloan comes up and says he is all for standing up for the Johnson, but this is a 28 year old man and he starts going on about the risk of rejection. My boy here and I can make. Catherine, you’re working with him? You didn’t mention that. Mark, this kid has a great set of hands you should be proud. Catherine, why don’t you scrub in with me and you can tell me all the reasons why. Avery doesn’t want to compete for the surgery because he will have to spend twelve hours in the OR with his mother. Mark tells him to man up. This kind of thing will look good on your boards.

All of the residents have to perform a procedure on a chicken. Whoever does best gets to assist in the operation. April is told no first. Catherine tells her she is too tense and wound up. Christina’s told her left hand is shaking like a motel bed spring she is out.

Bailey is finishing up surgery with Doctor Warren. She asked him if there is a problem because she is doing her best to be pleasant. He is upset because she told him to wait for her that she wasn’t ready for a relationship. She says she wasn’t ready for what they were considering doing. What I am doing right now is nothing like that. Dr. Warren, then what is it. Bailey, if you have a problem working with me take it up with Pierre.

Alex gets paged in the middle of the contest; he looks at Meredith and says he has to leave. Meredith and Avery have won the contest. Christina, he’s your son and you are the judge isn’t there some rule against that? Catherine, nepotism is for the weak. Avery, that’s what my birthday cards always say. Poor Avery. He really has a set of talented parents to be compared too.

Alex and Arizona are running down the hall. Alex ask what the heck happened? Does anybody else know about this? Arizona, I don’t think so. They go into a room as Zola is laying there on the table. Janet says she had a seizure.

Ryan is back in his room with his brother Chad, Catherine, Mark, Meredith and Avery. Chad, it’s going to be big right. Ryan, Chad. Chad, what? I’m just saying you could be trading up. Have you seen it? Catherine, the donor organ? Meredith, yes. Chad, how’s it measure up? Nothing to be embarrassed about? Ryan, Chad shut up. Chad, I’m just saying my brother is a good looking kid. Avery, he is going to be happy with it. Chad, and it’s going to work? Not just the plumbing it’s going to stand up? Ryan, Chad I swear to god.

Catherine, That’s the point of doing the transplant to hopefully restore full urinary and sexual function. Mark offers the reconstruction option again. Ryan, I saw the signs for months before I finely saw a doctor. By the time I finally saw someone they tell me it’s cancer. It’s too far gone and I have to lose it. I’m tired of every time I looked down being reminded of what a coward I am. This gives me a second chance, and like she said if you can learn something from this. It might help out the next guy. I can feel pretty good about that too.

Zola has a temp of 103. Alex says he’s going to page Grey and Shepherd. Janet tells him he can’t. Their custody was suspended and it would be a breach of patient confidentiality. The last thing they need is a breach of protocol that could jeopardize the adoption.

Catherine asks Meredith what she is specializing in. Meredith, I was thinking about Neuro, But I’m making a change. Mark, Jackson had a chance at Neuro but he turned it down to follow me into plastics. Catherine, you had an opportunity to work with Derek Shepard and you turned it down for plastics? Jackson Avery who raised you when I wasn’t looking? Mark, I’m right here. Catherine, this isn’t about you.

They roll Ryan up on the gurney. His brother Chad tells him as soon as this is over he’s going to take him to test drive it in every strip club in Long Island. Ryan tells him to stop that’s all they’ve talked about for the last year. He misses talking about the Nicks, when this is over he can never mention his penis again. Chad promises.

Alex is looking at Zola’s xrays. Derek comes in and says that’s a pretty nasty bowel obstruction. Derek, are you running alone with that? Alex, no Robbin’s. He leaves the room with the xray.

Catherine is harvesting the organ with April. She is asking her how it is going. April is going on about boards and how much she has to get done. Catherine asks so how long before you have sex with a man? April’s eyes get really big. Catherine, so when are you gonna get that done? April, I’m sorry what? Catherine, I don’t know why you’re waiting here, but unless you have a good reason I say do it you’re all wound up. It will get you unwound. It will make you a better surgeon. That’s a nice dorsal vein easy to graft. April, is it really that obvious? Catherine, you’re looking at this thing like it’s going to bite you.

Richard goes into the scrub room where Catherine is. They kiss and say hello. Then she starts giving him a hard time about how she sent him her son to him and he let him go into plastics. She says he is her son greatness is his legacy. Richard, you can’t force people to do what they don’t want to do. Catherine talks about their previous meeting and how she flirted with Richard and he was married. He tells her he still married.

Christina, what? I was about to do an art line with my left hand. Alex, Zola has a bowel obstruction. Christina, where’s Mer? Alex, they can’t know. If social services finds out and gets involved then the adoption is shot. Christina, is she stable? Alex, for the moment. That’s the right call right we don’t tell them? Christina, You just told me it was. Alex, but I am right. Right? Christina, it’ll blow the adoption. Yeah we can’t tell them. Alex, all right that's your decision. Christina, you just called me down here so I could take responsibility for your decision? How small are your balls? Alex, Meredith didn’t talk to me for weeks because I screwed her life. The balls are pretty small right now. The nurse comes out into the hallway and hollers at Alex the baby is seizing again. Alex scream’s page Robbins, as he’s running for Zola’s room, and we’re telling Mer? Christina, you bet your ass we are.

Catherine, Dr. Grey easy on the suction hun. Meredith, like that? Catherine, perfect. Dr. Grey it seems you’ve inherited the hands of your mother. Meredith, thank you. Catherine, did your sister Lexie inherit the same skills? Mark, Dr. Avery. Meredith, I am my mother’s only child. Lexie and I are half sisters. Catherine, sounds like someone picked the wrong Grey. Jackson, Mom! Meredith, Lexie is very talented. Mark, Lexie is great.

Christina Yang comes in and says I need to speak to Dr. Grey right now. Catherine, Dr Grey is busy making history right now. Christina, says Meredith. No response. She says Meredith again. Meredith looks at her and knows she needs to leave without Christina saying a word why. Catherine, Ellis Grey is rolling in her grave right now. Meredith leaves. April steps in to assist.

Bailey is in telling Henry if his blood is clean he is a free man. Henry, good because I’m marinating the fish for tonight and if it stays in the thing too long it turns into mush. Teddy and Henry are having a dinner party. Bailey and Eli are supposed to be attending but Bailey forgot to invite Eli. Bailey awkwardly invites him. Eli says that was the worst invite ever and leaves the room.

Back in the surgery, Catherine is giving Avery a hard time about going into plastics. She calls Mark a tummy tuck king. While they are arguing April suctions the dorsal vein into the suction tube. It gets stuck in the tube and rips off.

April and Derek are in with Arizona and Alex asking about her shunt. Derek figures out that the xray Alex was looking at earlier was Zola’s. Owen comes in. He tells Derek and Meredith they cannot see Zola. Meredith says she is probably terrified. Arizona assures them Zola is not alone, that she has a herd of nurses holding her and singing to her. Derek says he put in the shunt he should do it. Arizona says she can. Then Derek looks at Alex and says very sternly, Karev look at me. Where is she? Alex tells him. Derek leaves the room. Owen follows him. Everyone goes out into the hallway. Meredith convinces him not to go and risk the adoption. Derek then starts grilling Arizona on the procedure and what if’s. She passes. LOL Derek looks like he wants to hit something. He’d better go get his hammer. 

Derek is in the hallway sitting on the steps. Owen comes out and tells him they just started the surgery. Derek teels him he knows he should be with Meredith but he can't. He can bearly look at her. This is all her fault. Everytime I start to forgive her something else comes up and I'm right back where I started. Owen, Christina and I just went through something. I know how you feel. They don't make it easy.

Richard to Bailey. Did you hear Zola came in with a bowel obstruction. That can't be easy on Meredith. Bailey, you are not really using Meredith's sick baby to guilt me into putting her on my trial. Richard, she lacks judgement. You are the moral compass of this hospital. You could help her. Bailey, I am the moral compass of nothing. I am using one man like a play thing and got another one bribing a scheduler. Richard, I don't want to know. Bailey, like a play thing. Often and enthusiastically. Richard, maybe you should stop. Did I mention I promised Ellis on her death bed I would take care of Meredith? Bailey, I am still not putting that girl on my trial. Richard gives her a look and walks away.

Back in the surgery they are trying to figure out what to do. Mark suggests the flap he taught Avery last week. Catherine, well if you feel comfortable doing it. Mark, I feel comfortable letting your kid do it.

Christina is outside practicing single handed left handed ties and talking to Meredith. She tells Meredith to try it to take her mind off Zola's surgery. Meredith does it on the first try.  Derrick comes out and says every thing looks good so far. He picks up the gadget and ties the knot first try. Christina says oh I hate you people.

In Zola's surgery Alex starts questioning Arizona about whether she has any rights if Sophia gets sick.

Ryan has a pink penis, everyone is happy in that surgery.

Alex is telling Derek and Meredith they got all of the adhesion's. Zola is going to be fine. Christina says she will stay with Zola tonight. If there are any problems she will call. So don't call every five minutes. Meredith starts crying.

Teddy, do I need to set a place for Eli? I hear you forgot to invite him. Bailey, why do people forget to invite someone? I need to break up with him. Teddy, don't do it at my party. Bailey, last time I broke up with a man I asked him to wait for me and apparently he did, and he bought latte's for Pierre. Teddy, is that slang for something I don't know about. Bailey, I try to preserve the dignity of others and that's the problem. Teddy, use short declaritive sentences. I'm ending this. All the best to you. Oh and do it before the party. Bailey, no doing it before the party is rude and depriving the man of a meal. Teddy, I have to serve dinner to a dead man walking? Bailey, it's your husband's fault because he couldn't shut up about the sauce. Buck up, you can handle it.

Meredith and Derek are in the elevator. Meredith's face is all tear stained she has her head laying on Derek's shoulder. The elevator doors open. Janet is standing there. They all look at each other. Janet kind of smiles but none of them say anything. The elevator doors close. They work in the hospital Janet can't really expect that they wouldn't find out. At least they didn't see her, so if Janet goes asking questions they should be good. Janet shouldn't have had Zola taken to the hospital where they worked if she really didn't want them to find out.

Ryan is back in his room. The surgery was a success.

Christina and Owen are in Zola's room. Christina tells Owen he should go to the party. He says no he'll stay Christina is talking to Zola telling her how she is going to be a surgeon one day like her mom and dad. Owen can't take watching it and decides to go to the party. I love that Christina is so great with Zola even though she doesn't want kids of her own.

Bailey and Eli are leaving for the party. She says I can't do this. I need to tell you something and I need to be clear, because apparently I wasn't clear in the past. Eli says you're ending this. Whatever this is. Bailey says yes. Eli, you are clear perfectly clear. You do not have a clarity problem. You've been trying to tell me everyday for weeks now. I should have walked away a long time ago but I didn't because you are different from any woman I know. So that's my fault. I can blame you for many things but a lack of clarity is not one of them. Bailey, I'm sorry. Eli gives her a kiss, hands her the bottle of wine he was carrying, tells her have fun at the party and walks away. Awww I hate this. I like Bailey and Eli together. It must be rough having two guys fighting over you. LOL

Catherine, my son tells me I have a problem admitting when I'm wrong. So this is the place where I say that was an impressive save. Mark, of course it was. He's a good kid. Probably because you give him such a complex. But for whatever the reason let him find his own way. He'll do good. Don't count out Lexie Grey until you meet her. She's smart, she's beautiful, she's perfect. A guy couldn't do any better.

Bailey is sitting outside on the bench. Dr. Warren comes out and says Dr. Bailey, kind of nods and keeps walking. Bailey, wait you are going to hear about something because everybody hears everything around here. Eli and I have ended things. You are going to think it is about you. But I want to be extremely clear it doesn't have anything to do with you. He kind of snickers and smiles and starts walking off. Bailey screaming at him. Ben Warren I am being very clear with you. Are you listening to me? Still walking away he says see you tomorrow. Bailey, no that is not what I said Benjamin Warren.

At the bar. Catherine is telling April she needs to relax. She is making a good day feel bad. A man walks up and thanks April for the drink. April all stuttering. Catherine, I think he has the drink you sent him. April catching on now says oh! Catherine, now this is the part where you get up and go play darts with him. April takes another drink and gets up and leaves with the man. Avery, why are you such a meddler? Catherine, I'm using my powers for good. They both laugh.

At the party. Arizona comes in and tells Callie she wants a piece of paper that says Sophia's mine. We always say we are going to do it and we don't. I'm her momma. Callie see's Arizona's concern and tells her they will do it.

Catherine, tell me about plastics. Avery, I'm tired. I don't want to spend all night trying to convince you it's a legitimate specialty. Catherine, I'm asking you to share your interests. Or you can tell me about the girl you shipped off to a different time zone in honor of my arrival. Avery, are you kidding me? Look how you were all over Sloan. Catherine, Sloan can take it. Avery, I like her. A lot. Catherine, I'm only going to meddle one more time. Be careful of Sloan, be careful of him if you really like her. Avery, why? Catherine, because he talks about her like you should. Avery, they had a thing it's over now. Catherine, are you in love with her? Avery, we are not going to talk about this.

Christina calls Meredith and Derek so they can talk to Zola on the phone. They sing her itsy bitsy spider. Awww. Chrisitina is such a good God mother.

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