Monday, October 10, 2011

Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew Is Canceled?

Well CRAP! Another good show is gone!

At least that is what TMZ is reporting. Dr. Drew is leaving Celebrity Rehab.

If this keeps up I will get caught up on my reading. What the heck I wonder if Dr. Drew is too busy with his new show on HLN? I really liked Celebrity Rehab darn it!

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  1. Oh now this is devestating news, I love me some Dr. Drew...He is so darn sexy. I also love me some crazy celebrity drama

  2. Hey Momma Hunt! I did see something this morning that the show is just on the back burner.

    That Dr. Drew is having some scheduling problems with the HLN show and his afternoon show. I'm not sure what the afternoon show is. Maybe his radio show. ?? So while it is off for now, it doesn't sound like it is completely out. :)


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