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Homeland Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

So is anyone watching Homeland the new show on Showtime?

I've been watching it. It comes on after Dexter one of my favorites so I thought I would give it shot. I'm trying to figure out how they are going to go with the plot on this one and keep it on the air. I've got lots of questions, so I thought I would add it to the blog and see what you guys think is going on.

So here goes.

The show starts out with a Homeland Security agent named Carrie Mathison (Played by Claire Danes) who is trying to get inside a prison to talk to a prisoner in the middle east somewhere. She bribes her way into the prison. The prisoner has told her he has information on an attack by Abu Nazir. But her boss won't let her offer him anything for the information so now he doesn't want to talk. She tells him she will personally protect his family who is in hiding.

The guards find out she is there and come to drag her out, but right before they do he whispers something in her ear.

Back at her apartment they show a bulletin board of information and pictures. There is a triangle of pictures. Abu Nazir is at the top. Carrie runs in washes up takes a pill and leaves.

She heads to the CIA offices. She is late for a briefing. The head honcho is briefing them on a mission they had done overseas, where they found a US prisoner of war. Marine Sargent Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis). He has been MIA since 2003, presumed dead until now. Carrie asks about his partner Corporal Thomas Walker. The bossman tells her according to Brody, Walker is dead.

Carrie is outside talking to someone (played by Mandy Patinkin) She tells him the prisoner in Iraq told her an American prisoner of war has been turned. She tells him he meant turned working for Abu Nazir. He want's to know why she is just telling him now. She says because until ten minutes ago she didn't know there were any POW's in Iraq or Iran. The man (Mandy) says why not just release him on a street corner. Why risk 13 fighters. Carries says because Abu Nazir is playing the long game. This way no one suspects anything.

Brody is due back in the states in 22 hours. Carrie wants to set up wiretaps and surveillance to monitor him before he gets back. Carrie says David won't authorize it on a hunch. (Mandy) Says he isn't going over David's head not on a hunch. Carrie, if he is a terrorist we need eyes on him from the minute he steps off the plane.

Carrie says what do I have to do? (Mandy) says prove that the safe house leak was planted. That must be where they found Brody. Or at least give me reason to doubt it's authenticity.

Sargent Brody is now getting all cleaned up. He no longer looks like a caveman. An officer comes in and wants to debrief him. Brody want's to call his wife first. His wife is in bed with another man. They aren't sleeping. She answers the phone thinking it's one of her kids. Her name is Jessica. Of course she's freaked out he is a live.

Jessica arrives home to tell her two kids and catches the daughter upstairs with a boy the mom doesn't know and a bong.

Brody is on a plane headed home. An officer tells him he will have some time with his family and then he will meet the vice president and all the media.

Brody and Jessica have a son Chris and a daughter Dana. The son says he doesn't really remember him. It has been eight years.

The wife and kids go to meet dad and Carrie and three guys invade Brody's house to set up surveillance.

Brody is in the plane vomiting. Someone on the ground says he'd better be ready, waving like a hero in a Macy's Day parade.

Brody meets his family and finds out his mom died while he was held captive. Brody, his family and the VP walk through all the media, do a press conference. He thanks the special forces team that saved his life.

The guys that set up surveillance at Brody's house are now at Carrie's apartment setting up stuff on her end. One of the guys comes out and asks the head man Virgil about Carrie since they are breaking about 12 federal laws. I guess she didn't get permission and set up surveillance on her own. Virgil tells him she is a little intense. The guy shows him a pill he found in her aspirin bottle. He said he had a migraine and found it. Virgil takes the pill and says he doesn't know what it is.

Brody is going to the car with his wife and kids. He runs into a guy named Mike who welcomes him back. They hug. I think it is the guy Jessica was in bed with. Brody asks Mike about his wife. Mike says she is long gone. Mike has been working military intelligence and tells Brody that Langley wants to do a follow up briefing. Brody wants to get it over with. They hug a couple of more times. Seems to be a good friend.

They finally get home and the house is surrounded by people. Carrie is upset because her stuff isn't up and running yet. Brody notices the house has been painted. Chris tell's him Mike's brother did it.

Carrie calls (Mandy) she wants in on the debriefing. Okay Saul is the name of the man played by Mandy Patinkin. He tells her if she promises to behave he'll get her in. Her video is now up and running.

Brody and Jessica are getting ready for bed. They start making out and she see's all of his scars. Looks pretty bad. He has scars all over his back and chest.

The guy helping Carrie shows up the next morning. She tells him two hang up calls came in. Both times the wife answered. The calls were blocked.

Brody gets debriefed. Carrie asks him about what happened the first couple of days. Sgt Brody says his SEAR training was excellent he didn't give anything up. Carrie asks him about Walker. Brody says they were never interrogated together. Carries says the information enemies get the first 72 hours is critical. She is wondering why he was kept alive for eight years. He says he often wondered that himself.

Carrie asks about his interrogator. Brody says it was an Al Qaeda commander named Zayadi. Carrie questions that. Brody says that's what he told me his name was anyway. Carrie shows him a picture and asks if that was him. It is a picture of Abu Nazir. He says he's never seen him. They show a flashback of Brody hanging naked in a room and then a man coming in and giving him water. He recognizes that man in one of the pictures. I think it was him, but Brody says he never met him.

Carries boss David shuts her questions down.

The family is home planning a BBQ. Brody calls Jessica from a car and tells her he is stuck in a meeting. Carrie thinks he is making contact since he just lied to his wife.

David questions Saul about Carrie being in the debriefing. Saul says he's surprised David didn't invite her since she is the only one that has been in country. David says he doesn't have a problem with her resume. She turned the debriefing into a cross examination about Abu Nazir. Last time he saw her like this she bribed her way into an Iraqi prison and caused an international incident. David, what did I say when I agreed to give her one more chance. Saul, you said only if I agreed to babysit. David, I said it would end badly. You have a blind spot where she is concerned. I did too. Now my wife lives in Palm Beach and I only see my kids twice a year.

Brody goes to the park and meets with Walkers wife. The man who was held captive with him. She had Mike set up the meeting. Brody asks why she didn't just call him, she said she did twice and his wife answered so she hung up. That his wife hates her because she got remarried. She want's to know how her husband died and no one will talk to her. Brody tells her he was beaten to death. She asks if he was there, he tells her no but he is having flashbacks of someone punching Walker and him standing there. She thanks him for telling her.

Carrie, Virgil and his brother are in the van listening. Virgil asks her about the pill. He has found out it is clozapine.(often used for schizophrenia) He wants to know if he is risking federal prison for a crazy person. Carrie says she has a mood disorder. He tells her he looked it up it's an anti-psychotic. She says she's been dealing with it since she was 22. He asks if Saul knows. She tells him no one does. He tells her none of this is making him feel any better. She tells him he's in it up to his neck now, so is his little brother.

Carrie gets home, Saul is there and  has found all the surveillance equipment. He tells her get a lawyer cause she is going to need one. She says she is trying to make sure we don't get hit again. She missed something once before, she doesn't want it to happen again. Saul, everyone missed something that day.

Carrie tells him tell me what I can do to make this right between us. She gets real close to him. Saul says what the F are you doing? She backs up. Saul says goodbye. She goes and takes a pill.

She has an engagement ring that she took off earlier and threw in a bowl. Now she has put it back on and is going through different outfits trying to figure out what to wear.

Back at the BBQ. Brody is outside talking to the guys. Mike goes inside to talk to Jessica. He tells her he understands she wants to do the right thing. A few days ago they were ready to tell the kids. He says if you want me to forget it, all you have to do is tell me it wasn't great between us. Jessica, he's my husband Mike. She reaches over and touches his hand. Brody is watching. He turns around and starts questions Chris about Mike being around.

Carrie is at a bar watching Brody on the news. A guy is trying to pick her up but thinks she is married. She tells him no, she just isn't looking. She is going to leave with the guy, but before she goes she starts watching the band and their fingers. She looks up at Brody on the TV and sees his hand at his side moving his fingers.

Carrie goes to Sauls house and shows him. He says it's nerves. Carrie says it's a pattern it repeats. He did it outside his house and on camera at Andrews AFB. She says he is making contact, a handler, a sleeper cell, somebody. She asks if she is still going to jail. Saul says not just yet.

Back at Brody's house Jessica is sleeping. She wakes up and Brody is gone. He is running in the park. Thinking about his conversation with Walkers wife. He is having flashbacks of punching Walker in the face. So he lied to Walkers wife. The flashback shows Brody repeatedly punching Walker, he starts crying and then Abu Nazir puts Brody's head on his shoulder to comfort him.

Brody stops running in front of Capitol Hill and just stares at the building. The show ends.

So I'm wondering are they basing this whole show on the dream of a schizophrenic? That would be pretty lame. 

If Brody is a terrorist and they are already watching him, they will either catch him or he'll blow something up and still get caught probably. What's that one season? Two at the most?

Maybe Walker isn't dead and he's the one who was turned. There was no body to come home. I'm a soap watcher I'm just saying if there isn't a body he may not be dead. And if David Hayward is anywhere around.... I'm just saying.

How is it this Carrie is schizophrenic or has a mental issues that weren't caught it in a background check?

And to Homeland Security if these keywords trigger a visit from you, we are just discussing a TV show. Nothing else. LOL

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