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Private Practice Season Finale May 19 2011

Wow What an ending!

But wait! First Addison Montgomery is seeing a shrink. I guess after everything she has been through lately that's probably a good idea.

Now Addison is at the grocery store. Enter Benjamin Bratt. I like him better clean shaven. She's making change. She asks him about her pineapples. Oh Geez!

Naomi Bennett and Betsy discuss Gabriel Fife. Betsy likes him.

Violet Turner finds out she is getting suspended and the medical board is now after the practice.

All of the doctors are discussing the medical board. I'm still having problems with this storyline. So what, the doctors in the same practice are discussing patient care. It happens all the time, and I still think the patients should expect it when they go to a practice like this. A little bit of fine print, problem solved.

Charlotte King gets called to the hospital. I am still amazed she runs the hospital and has time to work at the practice.

Addison tells Sam Bennett if something happens to the practice, this job is her whole life.

The patient that Charlotte King was called in for is a rape victim, Charlotte is now part of the rape crisis team. Charlotte goes in to see patient, she looks very similar to the way Charlotte looked when she was raped. The patient also doesn't want to have a rape kit done. The patient tells her she doesn't know what this is like. Charlotte doesn't say anything.

Back at the office. One of Cooper's patients, a little girl is having a seizure. Pete is helping. The little girl has Juvenile Krabbe's Disease she has degeneration of her neurological system. They had reduced her meds. The little girl has lost most her hearing and part of her sight and she is having trouble controlling her movements. Sheldon has been working with them to deal with the disease. Pete has heard of a stem cell treatment. Cooper says its never been used on someone this advanced.

Naomi and Addison are standing at the front desk catching up when Neal Chaplin from the medical board gets off the elevator. He wants to sit down with all the doctors. Sam comes up and wants to know if they have to talk to him. Mr Chaplin says absolutely not, but then you can all call your lawyers and set up times which are convenient for everyone which could become very time consuming. Naomi says please don't come in to our office and threaten us. Mr Chaplin says he has a job to do and then threatens to send in a team of people to copy all their records. Then he says judging by what they got from Dr. Turners records they should have plenty to work with. Sam tells him to turn around and get the hell out of our office. Gotta love the bureaucrats.

Naomi says Sam just made him mad. Sam says they circling like sharks. Addison says we're still going to have to talk to them. Sam thinks nobody is trying to fight for the practice. They all agree to call the lawyers and that they will do whatever the lawyers tell them.

Charlotte goes up to Amelia and says I could use a meeting want to join me? Amelia has a trauma. She says she will go tomorrow.

Cooper Freedman, Pete Wilder and Sheldon Wallace are discussing the surgery with the girls parent's. They tell them the surgery could give her two or three more years or make it worse.  The dad (Josh Molina) wants to know what Pete would do. Sheldon jumps in and says its not about what anybody else would do. Boy lately Sheldon has gotten I don't know if I want to call it pushy or aggressive. I don't think I like it.

Addison is back at the grocery store in a tight red dress, last time she was in sweats. She runs into Benjamin again they go out for coffee. She tells him she wants to make a change, she doesn't want to tell him about her boyfriend or do any of the usual things she does. She just wants to live in the present. He says okay no names, no games just the here and now. He's starring at her, she thinks she has something on her mouth. He says he was just wondering what it would be like to kiss those lips. She says she can''t we're in public. He says we are in the here and now, we are in the present. Then he kisses her. He says best date ever, so far.  Not as hot as I thought it would be. hummm

They have gotten the lawyers instructions. They have to make lists of all the patients they have discussed either medically or for sport. The lawyers say either fight or dissolve the practice and hope the medical board doesn't come after them individually.

Addison is back at the shrink. She tells him she met a guy and it makes her feel like her life is changing. They aren't showing the shrinks face which is kind of weird.

Violet tells Pete if she can't practice medicine she is nothing. He tells her she is a mother. She says she can't do the mommy play group and stuff. She would get dark and sad. Pete says what are you trying to tell me. She tells him she wants to go on a book tour for 3 or 4 weeks. She could take Lucas and a nanny. Pete tells her she can't run away from her problems. She says I know that Pete I'm a shrink, oh wait I'm not anymore.

Pete and Cooper are doing the procedure on the little girl and discussing Violet, all the monitors go off. Pete and Cooper tell the parents she had an allergic reaction and her brain was deprived of oxygen. Now she is brain dead. The father blames them for talking them into the procedure.

Fife shows up in Naomi's office, says he's not going to get all mushy but he's leaving tomorrow and thought he would give it one more shot. Naomi says she can't because the practice is falling apart and she can't uproot Betsy before she even gets settled. Fife says okay nice knowing you Naomi and leaves.

The girls father apologizes to Cooper Freedman. Then asks him to kill his daughter, to end her suffering.

Naomi is eating chocolate, Addison comes in and tells her she kissed pineapple guy. Naomi tells her Fife came back and she told him no again. Maya got into Columbia. She starts trying not to cry. Addison says for the next ten minutes I'm going to be the responsible one you cry. She puts her arm around her and Naomi cries.

Addison back home on her balcony, Sam comes out on his and he wants to sit down and try and figure out something about the practice. She tells him she can't she has a date. She says she didn't want to lie. Sam says go have fun on your date. Then she says maybe we shouldn't fight it maybe we should just let the practice die and go our separate ways.

Cooper comes home and tells Charlotte about the little girl and her father. Charlotte tells him about the rape victim and how she can't share like Violet. Charlotte says he's looking for the same thing she is. Someone to tell her how hard to push. Someone to tell her how to untangle her patients best interest from her own. Charlotte says we do what we have always done. Cooper says we put our patients needs above everything else and take care of our patients.

Addison and Benjamin are on a date again. He is trying to guess what she does. They still haven't told each other their names. She promises on the next date. He says he doesn't know if he can wait two weeks. He's going to Fiji. Addison says she's jealous. He tells her he'll bring her a gift or she can go with him.

Violet is at home. Pete comes in she says you don't look so good and feels his forehead. He says he's felt better, he's had a tough day. We need to finish talking about the book thing. Violet says she needs to do this thing. Pete wants to know if it matters what he thinks? Violet says I hope what you think is your wife needs this and because she needs it you'll support her. Pete says that's not what he thinks. He thinks she is being selfish, its about what she needs its not about what he and Lucas needs. Violet says this book is important to her. Pete says the book is tearing the practice apart, do want it to tear our family apart too. Violet says now your blaming the book, the one good thing that came out of Katie slicing me open. Pete says Lucas is the one good thing. Violet - you know what I mean. It's only three weeks and Lucas can come with me. Pete says Lucas is not going. Pete says if you run away again I swear. Violet Again? Pete - You dropped Lucas in my lap and you ran.Violet - because I needed to. Pete screaming - Once again this is not just about you. If you run. Violet says just stop it Pete just stop it because what is about to come out of your mouth sounds like an ultimatum and I do not respond well to ultimatums. This isn't the past, I know my leaving triggers you, just be silent for a moment just stand here with me. Then Violet says I'm going. Pete says I know, Violet I love you but right now I am done with you. Violet walks away. I think into another room. I didn't hear a door close.

Amelia is calling Charlotte, she is leaving a message saying the whole thing with the practice has caught her off guard, that she really should have met her for that meeting this morning, now she has this tricky surgery on motorcycle dummy.

Cooper tells the little girls father he can't euthanize her. The dad says you don't have to do it just give me some pills. Cooper tells him he is the one suffering and ending her life won't end his suffering. That's crossing an uncrossable line and it will destroy him. He tells him to love his daughter for as long as she has and we will be there every step of the way.

Charlotte goes to her rape victim and tells her she is not a victim but a survivor.

Naomi tells Sam Fife is gone and she didn't go with him. Sam says if I could have made it work with Addison I would have. I wish that we were still together. Naomi - that makes me feel so much better. Sam - I'm sorry I'm just saying it's hard and you find happiness wherever you can if that's with Fife if he makes you happy. Naomi - its not that easy. Sam its exactly that easy. Naomi is giving him excuses. Sam says I am the father of your child I am standing here telling you to run off and be happy with another man. Now you need to listen to me because this is the only time I'm going to say this. You are making excuses not to be loved. Don't stick around for the practice, maybe it's time to let it go. And Betsy all a child needs is to be loved as long as you two are together she can be loved by you anywhere. But you and god knows why but I guess you can only be loved the way you need to be loved with Fife. You deserve to be happy. You deserve to be loved. You should go.

Charlotte greets Amelia as she is coming out of surgery. She apologizes for missing her phone call. Amelia says she is good now. Charlotte says breathe on me. Amelia does. Charlotte says you've been drinking, you operated on a patient after drinking. Amelia says she isn't drunk, she just slipped and then she got paged. I had a slip you get that right. Charlotte revokes her surgical privileges and then says you and I are going to a meeting right now. Amelia says screw you Charlotte. Okay that's probably not a good thing to say to your boss.

Addison is talking to the shrink again, she tells him she thinks she is going to go. She said Sam is gone the practice is dying, why should I hang out here when I can be with a gorgeous guy in Fiji. You said make change I think its good I do.

Violet is all packed and leaving. She tells Lucas she will see him everyday when she calls on the computer and to take care of daddy while she's gone. Pete doesn't want to look at her, he doesn't kiss her good bye, and he doesn't tell her he loves her.

Charlotte tells Cooper she just came from a meeting and there's something they say there that might help him. She says the serenity prayer.

At the airport Addison is all decked out with her sun dress and hat. She sees Violet and asks her what she is doing there. Violet says I'm going on a book tour. What are you doing? Addison says I'm going on a date. They tell each other good luck. Then Addison sees Naomi who's all in a panic trying to find the right gate for Fife. Naomi tells Addison she loves her, she will always be just a phone call away and  she is her best friend. Addison says she is happy for her. To go get her happy ending.

Naomi runs up to the counter and the girl tells her she is sorry but the gate is closed. Naomi says there is somebody on that plane that I really really need to speak to. The lady says I'm sorry there is nothing I can do. Then you hear Fife say she really can't  (he has rolled back up the hallway) open that door TSA regulations are very strict. Naomi asks him why he isn't on that plane. He says because I knew you would come running after me. It was easier this way. Naomi - I can't believe how cocky you are. Fife - Can you still call me cocky if I'm right? She goes over and kisses him. He says you'll have to forgive me for not going down on one knee and pulls out a ring box. Naomi turns around and looks at Addison, then turns back to Fife and says yes, yes, yes and kisses him. But she tells him I'm not going to DC with you, we're moving to New York. I've already decided. You me and Betsy. Maya is gonna be at Columbia with Olivia and I'm going to open a foundation that we can work together in. Fife says Touche.

Addison starts walking through the airport and just stops. Everyone is moving around her. She is having a flash of a meeting where she tells everyone they can fight it, what's happening to us, block their interrogations, bar the doors or we can accept it. Or we can change it. I would like us to officially dissolve Oceanside Wellness Group. Sam is saying wait a second hold on. Addison continues and open a new practice. I'll use my money I'll fund it meanwhile we hire a consultant. One that has been a medical investigator. Someone from the inside to help us figure this out. But OWG as we know it it doesn't exist anymore. We start over we start clean we stay a family but we change. Make a change for the better. Everyone is smiling and seems happy with this decision. I'm not sure if that was a flash forward or a flash back.

Next Addison is in bed with Sam telling him she still wants a baby. She'll get a sperm donor or something but he will have to love her with her baby. Or at least love her for right now. She asks him if he can do that. He says he'll try.

Amelia Sheppard is at a bar playing pool having a beer.

Pete Wilder is picking up Lucas' toys, he grabs his chest turns all red in the face and collapses. Show ends.

Wow did Pete have a heart attack or is he sick? Is he dead? What will happen to Lucas while he is laying there? I don't think he is old enough to call 911. I thought Pete was a health food nut, it would be kind of odd for him to have a heart attack, although there is a family history, his mom just died of a heart condition. But he was sick before. Was that signs of a heart attack or something else? What would cause symptoms that look like a heart attack? Pete can't be dead that would just be wrong.

I did accidentally read last week that Naomi (Audra McDonald) will not be coming back as a regular. In real life she lives in New York and has been traveling to California for the show, but she needs to be home now with her family. So hopefully we will see her return for guest spots.

I guess this means Naomi won't be the one helping Addison to get pregnant. They will have to replace her and possibly Pete. I had thought they would have to replace Violet but they won't because Sheldon is there. Of course when Violet's suspension is up she can return, but will she if Pete is dead?

I'm thinking Benjamin Bratt is going to be the medical consultant. I don't know if he will be hired as the consultant or as the bad guy state medical investigator. I'm leaning towards the consultant. I'm thinking a state medical investigator probably can't afford a trip to Fiji. But on the other hand if he is single, maybe he could, or maybe he takes bribes. And Mr Chaplin has already been introduced as at least one bad guy investigator. So yes, I'm thinking he will be the consultant or if they really kill off Pete then he might be Pete's replacement. I don't want Pete to be dead though, that would be horrible.

I have not caught up with Shonda Rhimes yet, I still need to have that discussion with her about Taye Diggs doing push ups every show. I must do that before they start filming the next season.  hehe

So many unanswered questions.

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