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Deadliest Catch Season 7 Episode 6 Recap

"Exit Wounds"

What the heck the show cut off early had to record it twice to get the ending of the show.

When we left off last week Lynn Guitard had fallen asleep at the wheel of the Wizard. We start this week with Lynn sleeping and Captain Keith waking him up. He yells at him for a little bit and then says "I've been there". Wow I don't know what I was expecting, but I was expecting so much more than that. Captain Keith didn't even hardly yell at him. Must be because he hadn't had coffee yet.  I mean did the boat roll and Captain Keith get thrown out of bed? What woke him up? Was it just time for Captain Keith's watch again? Just expecting something more there. 

Woo Hoo! Time Bandit boys! Finally catching some crab. The weather is getting ugly. Wow Mike Fourtner got knocked on his butt by a 30 foot wave and went for a serious ride. To top it off he was caught up in the pot line when he went sailing. Scary. I sure am glad Captain Johnathan Hillstrand decided to pulled them all inside.

The Kodiak - Captain Wild Bill Wichrowski is checking on Jake Jolibois' back. He is still laid out in the bed. The boat hydraulics are fixed now so the guys don't have to keep pushing crab totes and pots. That's good. Adam McCalden is dragging all the guys down Captain Bill tells him to settle down. Six hours later Adam is slamming the crew again. They are working short handed so I would imagine everyone is tired, but Adam seems to be the one grumbling about it. The crew goes into eat. They go back out, they are catching crab and Adam starts in again. Captain Bill calls him to the wheel house. Adam walks up to the wheel house window, Captain Bill starts talking, he's just asking what's wrong with him and Adam just walks off. Captain Bill tells him to get off their asses. Adam turns around flips him a double birdie and says absolutely. Wild Bill is still talking to Adam over the speaker, Adam goes and tears the speaker out and Captain Bill tells him to get off deck. Now they are down to three guys on deck.  I hate to see that happening. I've also gotta wonder if Adam doesn't have something personal going on or maybe he doesn't feel good. On a side note did anyone else notice the crabs on Captain Bills shirt sleeves. Very cool.

On the Cornelia Marie. They have off loaded their blue crab. The last delivery was 16,000 pounds which means they didn't make any money. They are headed back out. Boat owners Jake and Josh Harris are down in the galley with the crew. They have called a meeting. Jake Harris says the window that we had to catch the catch the crab is past, it's already gone by. If he, meaning Captain Derrick, wants to try a couple more spots well cool, but I don't want to pay for him to try a couple more spots. Jake Harris asks the crew if they are comfortable out here not making any money?  Freddie Maughtai says he's trying to lose some weight and some money.

Josh Harris goes up to the wheel house and tells Derrick they are running out of money. He says if they spend all of their money on this season and they strike out, they can't bring the boat back up for Opies and he is not willing to take that risk. Josh Harris is coming up the stairs to the wheel house. Derrick says the only way to solve that problem is to keep fishing. Josh Harris - We just don't have the ability. Jake Harris - We don't have it to put out anymore. Derrick wants to stay out another day or two. Josh says if we can start seeing some big numbers things can change, but we gotta see something.

Steve Ward says it doesn't matter where the bleep we go cause he can't catch his ass with both hands. Josh Harris says he knows his dad could do it, he would figure it out. Aww, I miss Captain Phil Harris too.

They pull up the first pot and it has two dead Halibut in the pot. Hum wonder why the fish were dead? Jake Harris says they are called the elusive blue crab cause you can't catch the bleep. Second pot is empty, they are all empty. Someone says the Captain doesn't know what he is doing. The narrator says Jake and Josh are dropping two thousand dollars a day on fuel and food. Right now they are getting nothing in return. Josh tells the crew out on deck, the boat is not fishing anymore. Derrick is listening in the wheel house to the conversation. Josh says we tried. We can only take it so far. Jake says we're losing money Freddie. We're losing money out of our pocket. It's like thousands and thousands a day. Josh Harris says we were supposed to spend one hundred and fifty thousand tops.We are at one hundred and sixty seven thousand now.  We don't have anymore money. We don't have the time. Since we gotta catch the red crab we can't bleep around here. Steve says you gotta do what you gotta do Josh. Captain Derrick back in the wheel house says I can't believe we are quitting after eight days of fishing. We are calling it quits. It comes back to you gotta have money to make money.

I see both sides of this Jake and Josh are being adult about watching what they are doing and not spending all their money. On Derrick's side I can see him wanting to fish to make up for the money. BUT they aren't catching any crab. The Seabrooke doesn't seem to be having a problem, they pulled in quit a lot of Blue Crab. I still don't understand why they are even fishing for blue crab especially when they know they are hard to catch and they are low on funds. Why didn't they just go for the Red Crab?

Back on the Wizard. Captain Keith is headed back in to off load he is worried because they have been out for two weeks.  The crab are at risk of dying. Lynn's future aboard the Wizard is also on the line. Lynn goes up and apologizes to Captain Keith. He tells Captain Keith he wants to be a great crabber. Captain Keith tells him "if" he takes another watch and falls asleep that's it he's done. Captain Keith is being awfully calm about all this. I wonder if someone put Xanax in his coffee?

On the Seabrooke, the greenhorn Josh Fullmer is still not working. They have eighteen hours until their next off load. They are getting very low numbers. Josh Fullmer says he doesn't have the mental strength to get over this hand thing. He's in watching movies while the other guys are working. Captain Scott Campbell says he would be embarrassed and hiding in his bunk. The rest of the crew get mad and say Josh is bad juju and throw all his wet gear down stairs. I hope that wasn't the engine room. I don't think I would want to throw bad juju down there. The Captain "Junior" says it's pretty clear Josh Fullmer will be a quitter all his life.

Back to the Time Bandit. It's been twenty six hours since the crew went inside. The narrator says the crab might have moved on. I don't get that. If the pots are down there and the crab crawled in they shouldn't be able to get out, unless someone didn't tie the pot right. I think the narrator is just trying to create some drama. Come on Mike Rowe, we've been watching to long for that.  They pull up the pot and they've got riders. Of course they do. They reset. I'd be concerned about the reset. Not knowing if the crab they just caught crawled into the pots before the storm or after.

The Seabrooke is in port, they have a new greenhorn on board, his name is Josh "Stroker" Graves, 25 years old. I can't believe it's another Josh. What the heck? Do you have to be named Josh or Jake to be on the show?  They have pulled in two hundred and fifty thousand dollars worth of Blue Crab. This is what I was saying, What was Derrick Ray's problem? JR tells Josh good luck in lifes adventures. Josh says he through adventuring. Haha I love Mac he had some evil looking eyes there as Josh Fullmer left. Well I guess the crew doesn't have to learn a new name for the greenhorn since it's the same as the last one. Ut Oh, the greenhorn has sea sickness.

The Crab Count

Ramlin' Rose
Time Bandit
Cornelia Marie

The Wizard is headed in to off load. Captain Keith is trying to get everyone in high speed. It's been almost sixteen days on some of the crab.  The crab on top are alive, as they move closer to the bottom the dead loss gets worse. About $20,000 worth of crab are dead. Captain Keith says he won't stay out 15 days again in the future. I guess not.

Back on the Cornelia Marie. Five miles north of Dutch Harbor. Captain Derrick says he's ready to go red crab fishing. Steve Ward says this used to be a family here, it's just not anymore. Jake Harris says "Ain't nobody seeing eye to eye right now, at all". Josh Harris - We need to regroup and try to work something out. I don't know what that is going to entail. Something's gotta happen. Steve Ward - I ain't coming back for this guy. Freddy - If any of you guys quit I quit too, you know?  I have that much pride, that much loyalty about me, I'm serious you know? I'm serious. Jake - One guy goes they all go that's how a team works. That's exactly what's happening right now. If we don't have a crew we don't have nothing. Josh - I just want to f'ng fish. I want to fish I wanna learn how to fish. 

Captain Derrick Ray goes down to the galley. Josh asks him if he has talked to the kid yet this morning. Derrick says no what's up? Josh - I've talked to a couple of the guys - I'm just waking up to all this too. Derrick - What's going on? Josh - A couple of the guys don't want to be on here anymore, they're tired. Derrick - Tired after nine days of crab fishing. Josh - Mentally tired, and they want to get off when we get to town. Derrick - Does that mean we are not going red crab fishing is that what that means? Josh - As of right now that's what it is looking like. Derrick - I'm not a happy camper right now. Josh - I'm not. Do you see me doing a. Derrick - I busted my ass to get crab for this boat, I got blue crab for the boat, you turned around and f'd me on that deal. Josh had there been more crab in the f'ng pots then we wouldn't be in this situation. Derrick - Right there you shut me down. Derrick walked off. Come on Derrick had to know funds were limited and he would have to produce the crab.

Derrick goes to the wheel house and says to Jake so what's the story Jake you don't want to go fishing anymore. Jake - The whole moral of the crew and everything you know, things aren't really working right now, you know. Guys are already talking about jumping off the boat already as we hit the dock. Josh is now in the wheel house. Derrick says to them you made a commitment to me and now your backing out on it. You backed out on the Blue Crab and now your are backing out of Red Crab. Jake - so you're saying we are the ones that quit for blue Crab? Derrick - You did.  Jake we didn't see crab the whole time we are out there. Derrick - Don't you turn this shit around on me. It is on him he's the Captain. Jake I'm not trying to turn nothing around. You're trying to turn it around on us. Steve and Ryan are in the galley listening.  Jake - You are trying to tell us. Jake - It's getting worse and worse as it goes on, the fighting. We're sticking daggers in each other. I'm not trying to fight with you. Derrick - You do cause you know you like to turn around and bring up the past and throw shit at people. I can't believe those words just came out of Derrick Ray's mouth, after all of his nasty comments about Phil. Jake - You're sitting there saying I smell like weed. Derrick - You did. Jake - That's all I keep hearing out of your mouth. Derrick - You did. Jake - Smell me Derrick. You wanna smell my undies too? I don't f'g smell like weed and you keep bring up stuff like that, if you wanna keep coming down on me and make me look bad. Derrick interrupts I don't make you look bad you make yourself look bad. Jake - I don't make myself look bad. You are sitting over there and you bring up all this stuff. Derrick - See your starting up on this stuff again. Josh - bottom line... They are talking over each other. Derrick - See your starting again step back and listen to yourself. Jake - No you keep on bringing it up and its going to get me in f'ng trouble. And that's the last thing I need. I mean what the f' Derrick drop it. Derrick - You can sit there and say what you want but you are the only one that knows the truth. Jake - I didn't want this I mean... Jake - Leaves the wheel house. Derrick - He's walking off. See big boys don't walk off.  Derrick walked off from Josh earlier. Derrick turns around telling Josh your little brother has gotta get a grip on himself, and when he turns around Josh is gone too. Derrick laughs, he says we wants it the way it used to be. Well yea, dude have a little sympathy. Derrick should have known there would need to be some patience and some adjustment in running this boat from a different boat. I mean he has two of Captain Phil's son's on the boat and a crew that worked with him for a long time.

Jake says the absence of my old man is at the back of everybody's head. We just gotta find a way to make things work without him here. Cause he was the dude just holding everything together. We don't want that kind of energy just to be lost you know we want that feeling on the boat still. It takes certain kind of personalities to bring that kind of team feeling together and Derrick's not the guy for the job. It's apparent to everybody on the boat. Episode ends.

The whole Cornelia Marie thing is breaking my heart. Watching the boys want to learn and Captain Derrick. I mean what can you say. One minute Derrick is talking to them like a dad and the next being as mean as a rattlesnake. Like I said above this would be a tough job for any Captain to walk into. I think going for the blue crab was a mistake. If a good average pot is only 10-15 crab and the crab are known as elusive, it's just gotta make you wonder what they were thinking. I said last week I wondered if Derrick was changing the subject to avoid the fact that he wasn't catching crab. After this week I'm convinced that is a subject he's not willing to address. In my opinion it's the Captain's job to find the crab, keep the crew motivated and safe. While Derrick did keep them safe, he failed to catch the crab and motivate the crew.

I did miss the Northwestern this week, but I must say I didn't miss Captain Elliot Neese on the Ramblin' Rose. I wonder if he got fired for not catching his quota?

*** Spoiler Alert ***

For those of you who have read the blog prior to the season beginning. You already know Captain Derrick Ray is replaced by Captain Tony Lara, that Derrick Ray called the police on Jake Harris, and Freddie goes to the Wizard. So I'm wondering now if this will all happen when they get to Dutch Harbor next week. I'm not sure if they said what happens with Steve Ward. I'll have to look back through my own posts I guess.

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